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¿No os ha pasado nunca que lleváis unos días malos y necesitáis descargar energías negativas con alguien? Pero con alguien que se lo merezca, ¡¡¡claro!!! 😬
hilo de troleo a un scammer #scam #whatscam #whasapp ... 🧵
En realidad, se trata de transformar las vibraciones negativas en algo positivo. Ahí te descargas y ya ... 😎
No es habitual, que conste, pero a veces me guardo algunos IOC's de cosas malas. En este caso me guardé el teléfono de un #scammer, por si algún otro día salía la oportunidad.
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Oh? Your screenshot tweets are fake? Thank God for tweet stamps.


#cryptowhale #scammer #cryptorandy Image

No announcement was made. Image
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So I almost got scammed today. Please report this mf: @andrew_dhaenens I just wanted some Olivia Rodrigo tickets 😭 #sourtour #oliviarodrigo #scammer @oliviarodrigo @DailyRodrigo
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The #RugPullMafia is constantly changing their usernames. Thanks to my new friend @SoftNez, now I will track their Twitter IDS instead, which should not changed no matter how much they change their names. So Here is a new list of 30 #Scammer Accounts
1/User 1 Markᵉᵗʰᵉʳᵉᵘᵐ :…

User 2 Ken Griffin:…

User 3 David | MetaKrypt :…

User 4 Gordan Moore :…

User 5 Simon·ʲᵖᵉᵍ :…
2/User 6 Jeff·ʲᵖᵉᵍ ( Ambassador):…

User 7: Gavin Wood·ᵍᵐ…

User 8 Ray Cyrus :…

User 9 Sun Yajun :…

User 10 Cyrus Rockefeller:…
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Below are all user(s) CONFIRMED to be scammers. We provide beyond a reasonable doubt that such information is wholly truthful and accurate. Such CAN be confirmed quickly through evidence. Information provided here is not to be used for solicitation or harassment. #habbo
🕵️‍♂️ BEWARE: The user AntFood is a known quick trade scammer, please be cautious while trading with him. He's scammed many & continues to do so. RT to spread awareness.

picture credit: @number24_habbo

#AntFood #habbo #scams #habboscammers #endhabboscams #EHS #scammer #ScamAlert ImageImage
🕵️ BEWARE: The user ashwinb11 many user(s) paid for his "giveaway" and when people started to win he then :kickedall. RT to spread awareness.

picture credit: @ReeceGamingTV

#ashwinb11 #habbo #scams #habboscammers #endhabboscams #EHS #scammer #ScamAlert ImageImage
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🧵(1 / 12) Two days ago I got scammed.

This thief is raking in victims by the minute, with no sign of slowing down.
Please retweet and warn the #NFT community.…

The silver lining is this gave me an amazing idea...
(2 / 12) I saw a Discord dm, thought it was an announcement, I was distracted, clicked mint. I know, I know, the opposite of what you're supposed to do - I feel your judgement...
(3 / 12) As I reflected on my faith in #web3, I had to consider if #crypto would truly manage to self-regulate, and that's when I had the 💡 moment. Web2 does it all the time: ask users to provide their own opinions (e.g. likes, thumbs-up, stars...).
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There were lots of comments on this post. I was expecting to see at least a few of #DruthersNews followers calling out the grift. I was wrong. #Omicron #COVID19 #WearAMask ImageImage
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Just read your article on optionsxo
I concur with your thoughts on #tomerlevi he was central to these scams
#tomerlevi was named as the owner in court filing against #toromedia #binaryoptions #scam… Image
I came across these thieves while looking at $isx customer Insightgroup OU. #isignthis was (I guess still is) seeking $1.6m damages from @ASX why? apparently #insightgroup was so infuriated by the "false" #ASX claims against #isignthis it terminated its services. @FinTelegram Image
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Why regulation is key for the future infrastructure of Crypto!

Mega Thread about $LCX the most regulated and compliance Crypto Company world wide and the Lichtenstein Blockchain Act.

1/ An example why the market Leader #Binance $BNB is shady…
2/ History between $LCX and #Binance #Shady #CZ #Scammer

2018 Binance started a joint venture with $LCX to get the highly needed licenses of the Lichtenstein Blockchain Act…
How it startet.

LCX Vision was always to create the best regulatory foundation to built on. Monty wanted to help Binance to get compliance.
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@GoogleDE eure @GoogleAdsDE auf @YouTube bewerben illegales #Glücksspiel und #Betrug.

Zugleich erlaubt man entsprechende #Betrüger*n sowohl #Likes als auch #Kommentare zu deaktivieren.

Garniert wird das ganze mit geklauten Videos.

Selbe Masche, anderes Video!…

Cc: @GoogleDE @GoogleAdsDE @EventbriteDE macht was gegen diese #Betrügereien...
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Community Announcement!! @CrusherBob618 @ChartCrushers
Please all CT Traders give this Bob character a wide berth, he's already been exposed by @RealCryptoV and he is still at it scamming more people with fake results & banning paid members. #btc #eth #cryptotrading #scammer
He has no rebranded to @ChartCrushers but still the same scammer.
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#Carder #scam

அடுத்து ஏமாற போவது நீங்கள் தான்! உஷாரா இருங்க...

நான் கிட்டத்தட்ட 9 வருசமா இணையதளத்தை தொடர்ந்து பயன்படுத்திட்டு வாறேன். அதிகமா முகநூல், இன்ஸ்டாகிராம், யூ டியூப் மற்றும் Google products பயன்படுத்துவேன்.

எப்போதாவது Twitter வருவேன். Telegram பயன்படுத்தியதே கிடையாது Image
கொஞ்ச நாளைக்கு முன்னாடி தான் Twitter அதிகமா பயன்படுத்த ஆரம்பித்தேன். அதுல நிறைய திரைப்படங்களை பற்றிய விமா்சன பதிவுகள் இருந்தது. எனக்கு சினிமா ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும், அதனால நான் விமா்சனத்துல வர படங்களை தேடி பிடித்து prime,Netflix, Hotstarல பாா்ப்பேன்.

ஒரு சிலரோட விமா்சனத்துல, சில
Telegram Channel குடுத்து அதுல நிறைய படங்கள் இருக்கதா வரும். நீங்க அந்த மாதிரி Telegram channelல join பண்ணதுக்கு அப்புறம், அதுல வரும் விளம்பரங்கள்ல இருந்து தள்ளியே இருக்கனும் எப்பவுமே.

இந்த போட்டோல இருக்க குரூப்ல கிட்டத்தட்ட 34 லட்சம் பேரு இருக்காங்க. இதுல Google drive link HDனு Image
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Here is another #Scammer being busted. I hope you enjoy! Please warn others. They are planting seeds of destruction with their dishonesty. If you make it to the end I think you will be entertained.
#Scam #scammer #RESIST #TheResistance #Trump
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Panass! Back in 2016 saya dan 4 rakan saya disaman secara tiba-tiba oleh Plaintif iaitu Noor Shakila Shaari, pemilik butik Gorgeous Luxury dimana beliau ada 2 butik di Bangsar & Subang
Beliau dikenali ramai as a repubtable luxury & branded bags seller.

Tapi, tak ramai yang tahu yang ramai yang tertipu. Kena tipu dengan Noor Shakila Shaari ingat beli bag original tapi hakikatnya FAKE! Sedih sebab ramai yang tak tau langsung sampailah customer sedar sendiri
Jadi saya atas rasa bertanggungjawab & dgn niat nak create public awareness post 1 status di Facebook saya pada 16 August 2016.Ramai yang komen di status saya,some of them memang dah rasa pelik and ada yang terkejut tak sangka a reputable well known shop buat kerja jahat macam ni
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