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मनुष्य जाति के अस्तित्व का आधार है, राष्ट्र।
"वयं तुभ्यं बलिहृतः स्याम।"- अथर्व०
हम सब मातृभूमि के लिए बलिदान देने वाले हों।
"माता भूमिः पुत्रो अहं पृथिव्याः"-अथर्व०
भूमि मेरी माता है और मैं उस मातृभूमि का.1/3 #वंदेमातरम 🙏 🇮🇳
#IndependenceDayIndia ध्वजारोहण 🇮🇳तुलसी पौधारौपण 🌳
पुत्र हूँ ।
"उपस्थास्ते अनमीवा अयक्ष्मा अस्मभ्यं सन्तु पृथिवि प्रसूता:
दीर्घं न आयु: प्रतिबुध्यमाना वयं तुभ्यं बलिहृत: स्याम।" -अथर्व०
हे मातृभूमि! हम सर्व रोगरहित और स्वस्थ होकर तेरी सेवा में सदा उपस्थित रहें. 2/3 #वंदेमातरम 🇮🇳🙏 #IndependenceDayIndia
#IndependenceDay2020 ImageImage
तेरे अंदर ही उत्पन्न किए स्वदेशी पदार्थ हमारे उपयोग में सदा आते रहें। हमारी आयु दीर्घ हो। हम ज्ञान-सम्पन्न होकर, आवश्यकता पड़ने पर तेरे लिए प्राणों तक की बलि को लाने वाले हों। #वंदेमातरम
🇮🇳 Imageनशामुक्त समाज का संकल्प 👨🏻‍💻
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1. During his #IndependenceDay2020 speech, PM @narendramodi again highlighted the necessity of #AtmaNirbharBharat. We went one step ahead asking us to move from #MakeInIndia to #MakeForWorld.

I wonder, why can't the same apply for NGO sector?
2. Do we have dearth of our homegrown NGOs that we need international NGOs to occupy our space in India, who primarily exist here to take benefits of the funding now available in India, including the #CSR funding?
3. We have a rich history of the CSOs, playing important role before the independence and afterwards. That has been undermined due to the heavy presence of international NGOs through their country offices.
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Citizens living in highly polluted NCR cities urge @moefcc & Haryana govt on #IndependenceDayIndia to FREE OUR FORESTS from illegal encroachments.This film shows modus operandi of how land mafia are eating away our Aravallis

@HaryanaTweets #AravalliBachao Image
180+ illegal encroachments thriving in F'bad Aravallis

@yashpalmurar Last few months during #Covidlockdown land mafia has been very active & cases of illegal felling of trees & encroachments have risen. Please carry out an effective demolition drive immediately
#AravalliBachao ImageImageImageImage
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Heart touching story on #15thAugust2020
Village in MP named Depalpur, Pil Pipiriya .
Mohan singh suner,BSF jawan posted in Tripura got martyred while fighting with terrorist on 31st Dec 1992
Family of 3 earning mere 700₹ a day by doing labour jobs n living in poverty
Cont.. Image
Goverment didn't bothered much about the (Rajubai) Widow of shaheed mohan Singh,
Youngsters of Village saw the struggle and decided to contribute her by raising funds And raised 11 lakh₹
And renovated the old house into brand new one (below pic)👇
@MajorPoonia @True_Shrotriya ImageImage
Most interesting part is they all tied rakhi on rakshabandhan from the Widow of Shaheed MS. And gifted the house to her by
laying their hands on ground and askng her to step on hands and do the grah pravesh of her newly made home.
#IndependenceDay ImageImage
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74th Independence Day & Future Of India
India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day this year. The advent of #COVID19 has changed the dynamics of world. Let’s have a look at the birth chart of India for future opportunities and challenges.

In India’s foundation Image
chart, #Rahu in Lagan and #Ketu in 7th gives disputes with neighbouring countries. It also symbolises that western culture will prevail over the nation and Indian culture will face lot of degradation. #India is currently going through moon dasha which will continue till 2025.
Moon is located in 3rd house of chart with ascendant lord and 3 other planets. No doubt moon is placed in own house but still it is not able to deliver promising results due to conjunction with natural malefics.

The current #Jupiter’s transit from 8th house of
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Here’s how India’s 74th #IndependenceDay celebrations will take place this year…

#IndependenceDay2020 #IndependenceDayIndia #August15 ImageImageImageImage
This year, India’s 74th Independence day celebrations will be different due to the #coronaviruspandemic. People are requested to stay at home and celebrate the day.
While there will be small gatherings in the country, all the state governments have announced strict guidelines to prevent the spread of #COVID19.

#IndependenceDay2020 #IndependenceDayIndia #August15
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The Promise of Pakistan — A rare documentary produced by Times Inc. in 1950.

The Promise of Pakistan.

Clip 2/8.

The Promise of Pakistan.

Clip 3/8.
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This post is to raise awareness about the damage that the theft of cultural property does to sacred objects on the ground. In a series of images which I will post one a day till Aug 15th ... I hope to tell a story. #1 . #BringOurGodsHome #IndependenceDay Image
This post is to raise awareness about the damage that the theft of cultural property does to sacred objects on the ground. #2 In this series of images which I post one a day till Aug 15th ... I hope to tell a story. #2 . #BringOurGodsHome #IndependenceDay2020 Image
This post is to raise awareness about the damage that the theft of cultural property does to sacred objects on the ground. #3 In this series of images which I post one a day till Aug 15th ... I hope to tell a story. #3 . #BringOurGodsHome #IndependenceDayIndia Image
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Month oF Festivals - #Bhadrapad
Why the month of #Bhadrapada is important? Is it because that Shree Krishna was born in this month? Or is it because it falls in #Chaturmas? The month is devoted towards #spirituality, several #Hindufestivals that hold utmost importance Image
& relate with our religion fall in this month.

The month is auspicious and is also celebrated with equal divinity. To avail all it benefits people should be kind towards others and should have a balance between thoughts and deeds, they should meditate regularly and try to Image
devote more of their time towards the worship of Almighty.

Major Festivals of the Month-

• 6th August 2020 is celebrated as Kajali Satudi or Badi Teej. The festival falls on day three after #Rakshabandhan or 5 days before #Janmashtami. The day is celebrated with Image
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1/ “I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for that reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” - James Baldwin

Reflections on #4thofJuly2020

There is an attempt to cultivate fear that the movement pressing for racial justice,
2/ trying to fix our justice system, & remove symbols that reinforce white supremacy is REALLY trying to "destroy America" or erase its history or past. Fear is a powerful force. It stifles imagination, raises defenses & prohibits empathy. It causes us to hear things not there.
3/ When we say "systemic racism" or "America's original sin" or critique the paradoxically themed "Independence Day", other things are heard. Here's a quick rundown.

I recently had a conversation with a self described "middle aged, very conservative white guy."
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Everything created by people is imperfect, including America. But because something cannot be perfected does not mean we should not cherish it and strive together to make it better. #independenceday2020 @TPPF 1/5
The miracle of #IndependenceDay is that a group of people, many of them slaveholders, were able to agree upon this universal statement: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal... 2/5
...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." These words, from the #DeclarationOfIndependence allowed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to powerfully claim: 3/5
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Happy #IndependenceDay2020! Today, Washingtonians expect fireworks bursting high above the National Mall on the Fourth of July, but what would they have expected 150 years ago? 1/4

Image: White House Historical Association Image
As the traditions of the United States matured over the course of the nineteenth century, presidential administrations celebrated the Fourth of July in different ways. 2/4

Image: Library of Congress Image
In 1801, President Jefferson began a tradition of public receptions at the Executive Mansion that endured until after the Civil War. The President’s House was opened to the public, and the State Dining Room was filled with punch bowls and plates of sweets for all to enjoy. 3/4
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If you're looking for a reminder of who America is this #FourthofJuly, I highly recommend @PadmaLakshmi's show Taste the Nation. The thoughtful, loving profiles of 10 communities, from the Gullah Geechee to Native Americans to Mexicans, reflect our true strength--our diversity.
Not only does it cover the history of #immigration, both by choice and against one's will, it explores #ClimateChange, the challenges of being bi/multiracial, manifestations of racism, and more, all through the lens of food.
And of course, the food looks amazing. (Side note: someone should make a compilation of Padma's "oh my god" reaction shots.) The episode on the struggles of Thai women of Las Vegas had me crying and drooling at the same time.
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