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I’m Fully Aware …
Grapes/Bread are the real [EVIL] Ones plaguing/enslaving this world, doing harm upon children/trafficking children …


There is only 1 “Nobody” that could turn water into wine & the story told of it was never something physical that happened ..
It has always been about KNOWING of all those that were/are pretending to be of light/God/Jesus but really the ones doing all the harm upon children/humanity as [they] have been …

Once [they] are all arrested, all the crimes exposed of what’s been happening for the last
5-10-25-60-89-99-500-1,755-2,000 years & Justice is served —Everything can go back to the way it was always meant to be before [they]/evil/the common enemy of Lucifer & Gods infiltrated …
I don’t care if ones chose the “Darkside”, those who chose the
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Good Morning!

So the community I’ve been interacting with that creates content for 2 of the most popular Skateboarding games to date, they’re starting to wake up little bit little.
I’m Noticing more & more conversations are being had like this one, only thing is—Little to None
I’ve interacted with know of what has really been happening all these many years outside of spying on citizens or data mining ones personal info …
The only name that’s been brought up for who they get their info from has been, Alex jones. ..
As soon as I was shown that
Name, all I could reply with was,“How has this guy not had A heart Attack or Stroke yet” …

I had/have nothing to say about him or the way he presents information. .
It’s ones like AJ that will end up causing people to destroy everything around them when finding out the
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The #Crumbling #Empire & its #EU #Vassals are #Locked in an #Economic #War of #Attrition with #Russia, which it did NOT #Expect & against which it has NO #Plan on how to #Win it.
The #Increase of ever #More #Sanctions on #Russia are #Hurting both the #US & even more>>
the #EU-part of the #Empire more than #Russia,
in a steady #Rising way, creating more & more #Resistance against it, both in the #US as in #Europe.
In the #Battlefield- #War-#Theatre however, its clear that the #Russian #Allies are slowly, but #Decisively & #Grindingly>>
#Destroying the #Ukraine #Army & its #Infrastructure, that was #Constructed, #Armed & #Trained by the #NATO-allies in the 8 years since the #Maidan #Coup & #Start of the #Ukraine #Civil #War in 2014.
When the #Policy of #Fighting instead of #Diplomacy continues,
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…And the Transmission just blew on the only vehicle had to do all that needs to be don for the babies on A daily basis, AWESOME !!!

No time to waste on what demons are saying on TV who aren’t real. What is real though, these children & they are way more important …
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I want to talk about the “7 Deadly Sins” ..

So much has been altered Throughout time that has basically kept everyone/MOST living in A state of fear of actually LIVING, divided & easily controlled .. Not to mention, so much contradiction was added.

Everyone makes mistakes,
Mistakes Can be learned from.
Sin is self reflection of the mind & soul, being able to forgive ones self is important for those who carry the weight of “sin”, but what it “sin” ?
The world has been separated by class, religion, race, Cree & so much more.

Think of this for an
Many poor Individuals see all these wealthy “stars”(some puppets doing all that they do/show the masses on purpose pushing them into agendas) living their extravagant life styles (by design) & want what they have. Many know they will never be able to achieve those riches
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“What’s a DAO?” — A 5 Minute Primer for Normal People

It feels weird writing about DAOs. The concept is simple but at the same time, the application of the concept is complex.

DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization.
Simply put, DAOs are communities of people who share the same interests, work on the same projects or in similar industries, or hold the same beliefs.
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…AND #NOW, I Love you the way you should have been loved from the very #START


HOME / Zzyzx Rd.

👞 👢
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Hi Everyone, the Stars are Aligned perfectly & from the Ashes Sh(W)e Rose ..
“Angel Has Fallen”
Angel Has Risen

The doc said if she wouldn’t have gotten in when she did, we would have lost her … The infection had spread to her kidneys at A rapid pace,it was the reason why ImageImage
She had to stay the night to be monitored. She was not able to receive any pain medication after surgery because of the state her kidneys were in. Blood tests this morning showed her levels were back to normal, she received fluids to help clean out everything & is now
Recovering in her bed comfortably (as comfortable as possible with the cone) all hopped up on doggy pain meds …

Thank you to ALL for the LOVE, Prayers & support given!-

…AND #NOW, WE Start #Transmission

#Satellite UP, LINK .. 33: .@DanScavino ImageImage
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When BACKPAGE.COM Went Down 4 Child Trafficking under "YRS of TUTELAGE" by JOHN WALSH's Nat. Cntr. 4 Missing/Exploited Children;

Google/FB/Apple/Microsoft/Amazon lobbied to Protect BP's "Criminal Sex Ads" claiming 1st Amendment violation...
Isn't it odd that ALL of those Big Tech Companies just happen to be HUGE $$ Corp. Sponsors for JOHN WALSH's NCMEC??

Take a look. (Fyi: Amazon has been "quietly" owned by Alphabet Inc, [GOOG] for some time now. Does NCMEC Really Protect Kids???

@MeghanWalsh_ 3) HOLY SH*T AGAIN!

Where Else Have you seen HUGE $$ "Donated by" GOOGLE, FB, Microsoft, Amazon & Apple?? Oh Yeah! They Donated 91% to Creepy Joe's 2020 DNC Stolen Election. 9% to Rinos. @MeghanWalsh_

PS: Is this Hunter Pic from the 2016 NCMEC Sexual Deviant Awards?
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Starting 'The Simpsons' Movie @ 10:10 ..
Will make thread 10 Minutes before #START ...

-1 Image
Tip the Door man well, he deserves it & has earned it ...
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1) ATT: Don't Forget EPSTEIN"S ISLAND!!!

Eyes on Epstein's Island. Ghislaine Trial Set for Nov. Here's one giant list from Epstein's black book, His plane, & Island Visitors. ISLAND VISITORS is the only one of importance. Many chartered his plane.…
2) Att: Don't Forget EPSTEIN'S ISLAND!!!

As most were trying to make sense of disinfo from people who ACT like they have AZ audit intel, a big Epstein Doc Drop happened. I haven't read it, but I have a feeling it's watered down. Not sure. Here it is.…
3) Att: Don't Forget EPSTEIN'S ISLAND!!!

Hot August? Red October? November to Remember??
Biden Admin Nat. Guard Bankrupt? Media/Big Tech/Hellywood & Open Secret Monopolies Drowning?

"FALL" of the "CABAL?"
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Apologies for the long reply in your thread.
It is what it is.

It's just, we live in A world where so many are trying to control what is/was never meant for any of you to control. It was meant for 1 person & 1 person only. That 1 person chose the ones who created it all,
Mastered it all & are controlling it all A certain way for A specific reason. You can only control yourselves & how you treat the ones around you. The ones trying to take control of something that was not meant for you to control, it's causing many to spiral OUT OF CONTROL
bringing others down around you without you even realizing what's happening.

It's all coming together as planned.
Do I care if you believe me, NO. All I care is that YOU believe in yourself & OTHERS.. All I care about is YOU understanding that if there was/is no darkness
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UN Freeze ...

Come back Queen.
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- A few days ago #ElonMusk shared a #SpaceX Crew video

- This video was a #message from the #Elite -

The #Crew mentions "45" days
(And has a hidden 5 & 1 in background)

- it appears to be a #hidden message about (5/1) & (5/4) 🤔

- 45 days from this video is = #June9th/10th 👀
I dont have it totally figured out yet...

I expect 5/1 to be the #start or #End of something & 5/4 to be the #end/ start

If we crash after the first... then possible signal to buy the #dip on the #4th

If we #pump hard after the #1st..... then maybe take some money on the #4th
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#Russia published its annual Foreign Policy Review, a 66 page document that highlights key events and issues in RUS foreign policy and diplomatic activity in 2020. Full text here (in RUS):…
A brief summary of relations w/ #US in this SHORT THREAD
1. Relations w/ #US & #Canada discussed on 1.5 pages. The FP review says "tensions w/ US continued to build up becuase of multifaceted American efforts to contain #Russia. Interaction was limited and ad hoc."
2. In 2020, Presidents (#Putin & #Trump) spoke on the phone 8 times, Foreign ministers spoke on the phone 6 times + 1 meeting @MunSecConf. Security Councils of #US & #Russia "maintained contacts". In April, Russia sent "humanitarian medical aid" to US, US sent to RUS ventilators.
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1/8 #ArmsControl #Russia Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey #Ryabkov:
We call on the #US administration to properly assess the flexibility that we have shown and to abandon their unfeasible demands or any excessive expectations. ( @USArmsControl
2/8 #ArmsControl #Ryabkov: At this stage, we can’t say that #Russia and #USA are on the verge of agreements on the New #START treaty.
3/8 #ArmsControl #Ryabkov: #Russia repeatedly explained to the Americans that verification is a derivative of an agreement #START itself
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NEW: US designating 6 #China-based media outlets as foreign missions, per @SecPompeo
MORE: @SecPompeo on nuke negotiations w/#Russia

"The New START Treaty, by itself, is not a good deal for America or its allies" per @SecPompeo, briefing reporters

Pompeo says US, Russian negotiators must get together as soon as possible to work on continued progress
Asked about #HunterBiden laptop/emails, @SecPompeo said he saw @DNI_Ratcliffe's statement about the intelligence community assessment

"I have every reason to believe he's got it exactly right" Pompeo said of @ODNIgov's Ratcliffe
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#Putin gave an interview yesterday where he spoke at length about #America's #DemocraticParty, his vision for working w/ @JoeBiden, if the latter is elected #POTUS.
Here's a short THREAD:
1."We hear rather sharp anti #Russia/n rhetoric frm #Biden.Sadly,we now used to it.But something worth mentioning.
-Dem Party traditionally closer to so-called liberal values,to Social Dem ideas,if compared to Europe. It was frm Social Dem environment that Communist Party evolved
2."After all,I was a member of Soviet Communist Party for nearly 20 years,more precisely 18 years.
I was a rank-&-file member,but I believed in the party’s ideas.I still like many of these left-wing values.Equality and fraternity. What is bad about them?.."
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