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Why did Putin call Hope Hicks at 3am #ElectionDay2016? How did Putin get her personal cell #? What did he say? What did she say or promise? What did Kushner say to Putin? What did Ivanka say to Putin? What did Trump say to Putin? #SIGINT #muellerReport read it, listen to it!
Thank you!! I feel like my ranting seems crazy and annoying at times, your words help me continue to fight the good fight 🙌🏾🙋🏾‍♂️
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Le #breaking de la nuit US. 1ère défaite judiciaire de #Trump face à la Chambre démocrate: 1 juge fédéral de district ordonne à son commissaire aux comptes Mazars de fournir les documents financiers assignés.…
2) Politiquement, #Trump est furieux, mettant en cause la partialité de la justice puisque le juge Mehta a été nommé par le président #Obama et promettant implicitement un appel… #àvoir RT+
3) Juridiquement, le juge Mehta a tranché dans son arrêt: si la chambre démocrate a constitutionnellement le pouvoir d'enquêter sur le président en vue d'1 impeachment, pourquoi ne pourrait-elle pas aussi investiguer s'il y a eu malversation de #Trump?…
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I'm late to the party but have four thoughts on how this statement affects a number of the ongoing battles between #Trump and the #House -- including those relating to investigations, subpoenas, and obstruction of justice.
First, to the extent Trump disputes the accuracy of key facts in the #Mueller report, that massively enhances Congress's case for seeing the unredacted report, having #Mueller testify, having #McGahn testify, and having its subpoenas honored. So Trump shot himself in the foot.
Second, McGahn is a potentially dangerous witness for Trump, so Trump's pattern of attacking him (manifested yet again here) is very risky. Indeed, Trump's penchant for publicly blasting current and former officials may well cause him many more headaches going forward.
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🚨Trump sues Congress to keep his finances hidden from House Oversight. Complaint sounds like it was written by Sarah Sanders: “The Democrat Party…has declared all-out political war against President Donald J. Trump. Subpoenas are their weapon of choice.”…
Trump's hiding his national security abuses, ordering Carl Kline to defy a Congressional subpoena. This will lead to a contempt order. Where their stonewall strategy must lead. As w/ financial info, it's a delay tactic. But in the end it will result in more impeachable offenses.
🚨There you have it ➡️ White House plans to fight House subpoena of former counsel Donald #McGahn for testimony on #MuellerReport. Trump & his Roy Cohn gang stonewalled Mueller, now they’ll stonewall Congress. How much contempt can democracy bear from this contemptible POTUS?
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@emptywheel @maggieNYT “They do so even while describing a lawyer who represents three high-placed witnesses in the case (along w/#McGahn, #WilliamBurck represents #ReincePriebus and #SteveBannon) opining that the President’s legal exposure makes cooperation “insane.”…
@emptywheel @maggieNYT “Along the way, the story engages in other kinds of spin, all of which happens to make #DonMcGahn look far better than he should...” 👀See #Koch #FollowTheMoney #JonesDay 👉
@emptywheel @maggieNYT 🔥“#StephenBrogan, Managing Partner, #JonesDay
W/at least 13 of its lawyers positioned strategically throughout Trump administration, including #DonMcGahn, the firm has not been coy about its ties to Trump & exercises immense, unprecedented power in” D.C.…
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