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#NewsAlert | Who is Indira Jaising to me and why is she making an appeal to me to forgive rapists. She is making money on human rights' ground. I don't need her suggestion: Asha Devi on Indira Jaising's appeal to her to forgive convicts.

#JusticeForNirbhaya | #HangThemNow
#NewsAlert | If this brutal rape had happened with Indira Jaising or with her daughter, would she have forgiven the ones responsible: Asha Devi on Indira Jaising's appeal to her to forgive convicts.

#JusticeForNirbhaya | #HangThemNow
#NewsAlert | We do not need suggestion from Indira Jaising. She is wrong. We are fighting for justice and will continue to do so: Nirbhaya’s father on Indira Jaising's appeal to her to forgive convicts.

#JusticeForNirbhaya | #HangThemNow
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#NewsAlert: There is no active shooter at the McGhee Tyson air base.

#US #Military #Base
#Update: Just in - A brief report of a active shooter sparked massive police responds at the McGhee Tyson air base in #Tennessee. But on further investigation in the airbase no one saw a shooter.

#US #Military #Base
#Update: There were only reports of a active shooter NO ONE saw a person with a gun, they only thought someone had gun but there was none.
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Pentagon resignation # 1

Defense Dept Senior Adviser, Ambassador Tina Kaidanow, a longtime State Department official who began working in her Pentagon role in September 2018, resigned on Dec. 16
Pentagon resignation # 2
A top Asia policy official Randall Schriver to leave after two years on the job

Pentagon resignation # 3
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
leader Steven Walker will leave in January.
Pentagon resignation # 4
Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Kari Bingen submitted her resignation on Dec. 5

Pentagon resignation # 5
A top official in charge of personnel and readiness,
Jimmy Stewart resigned after taking the role in October 2018
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#NewsAlert: At least 5 dead after a fierce gun battle between a suspect and police officers in Jersey City, when a police officer approached a guy who was wanted for homicide and got killed in his crossfire and went near a store and shot more people.

#US #JerseyCityShooting
#Update: Stats of the shooting at Jersey City

- One police officer dead
- 3 civilians died in a shop
- 2 suspects killed
- one alleged suspect arrested

#US #JerseyCityShooting
#Update: Video of the shocking shoot-out, of a police officer been shot at and got injured near the kosher supermarket, when at least 2-3 suspect with weapons were shooting at cops and at civilians inside the supermarket.

#US #JerseyCityShooting
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#Breaking: Just in - A Christian church in the Dutch town of #Duindorp is reportedly on fire.
#Update: Just in - I looks like youths are on a vandalism path in the Dutch town of #Duindorp, they are fighting people causing havoc and are starting fires. Dutch riot police deployed to the area.

#NewsAlert: The youths are now reportedly shooting fireworks towards the riot police squad unite in a district of #TheHague called #Duindorp in the #Netherlands.
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#NewsAlert: Multiple Muslim migrants with machetes have entered a cinema in #Birmingham in the #UK has sparked lot of police precence at the site.
#Update: Reports that a fight has broken out a cinema in #Birmingham in the #UK, and have pulled their machetes out while entering the cinema complex.
#Update: Most of the suspect are minors when a fight broke out at the cinema complex in #Birmingham in the #UK.
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#NewsAlert: Yesterday around 9AM in the morning in #Germany in the town of #Limburg, a gruesome act of violence has been taken place, a 32 year old Tunisian migrant killed and drove over his Ex-wife took a Axe out of the crashed car and tried to behead her, she had 2 Children.
#Update: There is a video of the gruesome act of violence of the Tunisian trying to behead his Ex-Wife with the axe but i will not share it. #Limburg #Germany
German police had threatened action against anyone who shared the #Limburg video. Because of the new #UN migration pact a new #EU law has been put in place that they can subject every European citizens to be prosecuted for sharing the Truth of Migrant violence in Europe. #Germany
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#NewsAlert: Crazy footage of in #Dallas, #Texas last night when a tornado passed by a civilian captured crazy video footage last night, when the Tornado passed by him. This is not what you are supposed to do when a tornado passes by you need to go and seek shelter.
The Tornado in #Dallas, #Texas caused major damage at buildings when the Tornado passed by them.
#Update: New released pictures of the damages from the Tornado last night captured in day time, seeing major damages of when the Tornados passed by in #Dallas in #Texas.
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#NewsAlert: Big heavy violent clashes with riot police and protestors enters the 2nd day in #Barcelona, after #Spain prosecutors sentenced 13 politicians up to a +120 years in Prison. #Catalonia
#Update: Total shocking anarchy in the city of #Barcelona in #Spain as it enters it's second day with heavy clashes and violence, with protestors and riot police violently fighting each other.
#Breaking: Just in - Spanish Riot police reportedly shooting with live round bullets on protestors in #Barcelona in #Spain, Shooting them in the leg to avoiding life treating conditions... This is a bloody European country shooting them with live bullets? #EU
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#NewsAlert: Meanwhile in #Barcelona in #Spain, heavy clashes with riot police officers, after Spanish prosecutors sentenced 12 politicians all together to a prison sentence of up 120 years, or approx 10 years each. Making this the first Political prisoners in #Europe. #EU
#Update: Also due to the heavy clashes and protests hundreds of flight needed to be cancelled today towards #Barcelona, because protestors occupied the main airport in the City for hours, tempting riot police officers to go and get them out of there. #Spain #Catalonia
#Update: This is a air picture of drone showing thousands of protestors occupying the airport in #Barcelona in #Spain, protesting against Spanish prosecutors sentencing the 12 politicians up to 120 years all combined, resulting in heavy clashed at the airport. #Catalonia
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#Breaking: Just in - French foreign Minister "Jean-Yves Le Drian" has cancelled his meeting with #Turkey's foreign minister today amid the invasion into #Syria, and arms deal withdrawn for the country. #France
#Update: Some reports says that the entire summit with the meeting with #Turkey/#France will be cancelled entirely. And that it might be moved after Turkey stops it's invasion into #Syria.
#Breaking: Reports says that the #UN has withdrawn all of their staff members who were monitoring and providing humanitarian aid at the #ISIS camps, and refugee camps in the Northern part of #Syria, in case of an all out war between #Turkey.
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#Breaking: Reports coming out from a #SDF spokesperson, that they have agreed with #Russia and the Assad regime to hand over control of border cities of #Manbij and #Kobane in #Syria, amid the Turkish invasion into the country. #Turkey
#Update: Also the report says that SDF fighters will leave the area of #Manbij and #Kobane within hours to let the Assad regime Syrian Arab Army #SAA control the area.
#Update: Statement from a #SDF spokesperson allowing the Syrian Arab Army, who is controlled by the Assad regime and is the country main army force. To hand over control of the cities of #Manbij and #Kobani, to the Russians and Assad, to protect them from the Invasion of #Turkey
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#Breaking: Just in - A shooting in a mall in #Finland left at least 3 people injured, suspect has been arrested according to local reports.
#Breaking: Update - At least one person dead 10 people injured and 2 in serious critical condition, after a shooting near a mall in #Finland.
#NewsAlert: The suspect in #Finland who killed one person and injured 10 people used a sword like weapon and police shot at the suspect what was the shooting. #StoryUpdate
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#PuneRains wreck havoc in #Sahakarnagar.
Pune collector has declared a holiday for schools and colleges today.
Due to yesterday’s rains #Padmavati pumping station is affected. There will be no #water supply at Satara road, Kondhawa, Bibwewadi, Sahakarnagar, Marketyard, Balajinagar, Dhankawadi
#PuneRains | This senior citizen was among 5 rescued from Gururaj Society, Padmavati in #Sahakarnagar
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#NewsAlert: A young women Football fan in #Iran who wanted to go and watch a game, has died after she set herself on fire in front of the court building, after she was detained dressed as a man entering the stadium and could serve a 6 month prison sentence.
#Update: World Football organisation #FIFA has put the question on the table of #Iran, who was in violation of basic human rights and vows if this won't stop that the country can be suspended for entering the World Cup and other competitions.
#Update: Flashback "#Iranian Girl Celebrates without her #Hijab in Freedom in #Russia at the #WorldCup Without being prosecuted" #Iran
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#NewsAlert: A test in the Dutch city of #Almere shows you harmful radio waves send by a #5G mast near a school, when the test was showing up to 1800 points of Radio waves being broadcasted of the mast causing cancer to people. #Netherlands Watch full here
#Update: The people performing the test in #Almere said the allowed radio waves from the #5G mast would be 200 points! But being exposed a long time of periods can cause damages or cancers to, people, bugs, animals and can be nasty in a child's growth development. #Netherlands
#Update: From another video of these people performing the #5G radio waves, shows you a test being performed in a apartment complex just across the mast showing you up to 3600 points in #Almere. #Netherlands Full video here:
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#Breaking: Just in - Hundreds of Proud boys have arrived in #Portland ahead of the rally and march today, also reports of 15 people with weapons not sure if the side of Proud Boys or not...
#Update: The Side of the Proud Boys erupt in a chanting of "USA USA USA" to get a respond or trigger from the other side in #Portland.
#Update: Portland police confiscating everything made of hard materials from the Proud Boys, Not sure if they will do the same with the other side of the counter protest. #Portland
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#NewsAlert: Crazy video footage of a police officer trying to beat one protestor, got beaten back by the protestors but pulls out a gun to protect himself at the International Airport in #HongKong. #China
#Update: Other video footage angle of where that police officer waved with his gun at protestors inside the international airport in #HongKong to protect himself. #China
#Update: Another longer shocking video footage angle showing the police officer pulling out his gun while being beaten by protestors in the international airport of #HongKong. #China
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#NewsAlert: Very Rare Tornado in #Luxembourg today caused major damage and havoc today in the small country, sending roof tiles and trees in the air, and causing partially power outages on some streets. #Europe
#Update: Here is some video that shows you the extensive damage of the very rare #Tornado that hit parts of #Luxembourg today on a street. #Europe
#Update: Also the #Netherlands in the city of #Amsterdam reported a forming of a Tornado but didn't caused much damage as the Tornado was forming over in a weak depression zone and disappeared quickly. But locals reported of heavy strong gust winds. #Europe weather
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#NewsAlert: A 5.4 magnitude #Earthquake has hit #California again today, following the 6.4 magnitude earthquake from yesterday. USGS says that a other earthquake of a 6,0 is 20% possible of hitting the region again.
#Update: Just in - Reports says that the 5.4 magnitude of a #Earthquake epicentre was near #ridgecrest in #California this morning, when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the region with the epicentre 11 miles out of that region yesterday. Reported image from ridgecrest today.
#Breaking: Just in - Reports that the Regional hospital in #ridgecrest will only provide ER services to locals in need. The other hospital patients have been transferred out of that hospital after the 5.4 magnitude of a #Earthquake made the hospital unsafe to stay in. #California
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#NewsAlert: Crazy video from early morning when a massive explosion took place in a town in #Arys where a military warehouse full of ammunition was. In the country of #Kazakhstan. Reason of the explosion is being investigated by police officials.
#Breaking: Update - One person confirmed dead and 16 other people injured in the town of #Arys where a military warehouse full of ammunition was exploded in #Kazakhstan! Some initial reports are floating around that the explosion happen due to the heat in the warehouse.
#Update: The military in the town of #Arys in #Kazakhstan confirms, that there had been a fire that broke out in one of the storage were they had ammunition, and that it exploded and send a chain reaction over multiple ammo depots. @tengrinewskz
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#NewsAlert: Today - Reports of a Man that have set himself on fire in front of the White House lawn, around 11:35AM this morning in Washington D.C. #US
#Update: Police authorities said the man who set himself on fire, in front of the White House lawn, was transported to the hospital with "life threatening" injuries.
#Update: The man who set himself on fire, suffered burns on 85% of his body. There was also a suspicious package on fire near the man which was also extinguished. Video: @TMZ
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#NEWSALERT: Watch the LIVE steam of British Prime Minister Theresa May addressing the nation today regarding #Brexit and the situation around it.
#POLL: Hard #Brexit on 29th of March yes no?
"Theresa May’s “statement”
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