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@Momentum_6 portfolio company @_parastate has been referred to as “#Ethereum on steroids.” ParaState offers advanced #tech to tackle some of the challenges facing #developers today.

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Contributor ✍🏾: @crypto_clarke
1/ ParaState VM’s distinguishing feature is its compatibility with Ethereum code allowing projects already running on Ethereum to migrate to the Polkadot ecosystem with just a few or no changes to the code.
2/ Developers creating products for Ethereum can opt to deploy their products in the #multichain @Polkadot ecosystem. What’s more, these developers can migrate non-Ethereum projects to #WASM and not worry about security or speed.
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#Arweave 的话题度真的是好低啊,连推上搜话题都跳不出多少来,还是简单梳理一下最近看到的#Arweave 的技术总结吧。
1. #Arweave#Filecoin 基本一致的地方就是都由数百个链上节点去存储一个文件,主要不同在于 #Arweave 是预付制的,你要为自己的一次存储提前支付永久服务的费用。
2. #Arweave 有非常特殊的激励机制,保存有更稀缺文件的矿工会比其他矿工拥有更大的算力优势(因为其他的矿工需要消耗更多的算力解决PoW难题),所以用户会跟积极保存更为稀缺的数据。
3. #Arweave 具有极强的扩展性,可以将共识范式下的程序联动交互,使其业务数据都保存在一个区块链内,由 #Arweave 的检测器结算。譬如 #everpay 可以直接读取 #AMM 的存储数据。
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🚆I see the #webassembly train quickly gaining momentum. Here is a summary of all the action in this space over the last week. Exciting times! 🧵
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Tauri : A toolkit that helps developers make applications for the major desktop platforms - using virtually any frontend framework in existence.

A Thread !

#rustlang #Rust #wasm #desktop #developers
The core is built with Rust and the CLI leverages Node.js making Tauri a genuinely polyglot approach to creating and maintaining great apps.
Bundle size of a Tauri App can be less than 600KB
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🧵 Here's my top 5 internet technologies of the year and a brief note about why I chose each one (see the article for full rationale & context)...…
1. WebAssembly; #WASM was the winner of @TheOfficialACM's 2021 SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award (see attached citation). What’s most intriguing about WASM is the future possibilities it opens up — some have suggested it may even eliminate the file system.
2. Figma; @figmadesign is a collaborative interface design tool & it demonstrates that modern web browsers are capable of running incredibly rich, interactive content. Reminds me of 2004-2005, when startups like Writely and JotSpot came out with innovative “web office” products.
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#unrugged as a new trend 🔥 in #cryptocurrency market #LUNAtics

#smartcontracts on @terra_money are migratable means that at any time the owner can change the logic of its operation while keeping the same contract address
- indicating the admin address in the constructor (when instantiating the #smartcontract)
- implemented migrate function in the #smartcontract
sending #tokens (native, cw20 or LP) for a given contract without the possibility of confirming that it is not migratable does not mean anything and should not be considered as evidence
⁉️so watch out
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4 years ago I started implementing an entire #linux #wayland display server in the browser because "wouldn't it be cool if ...", but I never really shared my experiences that eventually lead me to implement a #kubernetes powered cloud desktop computer. 🧵👇
I'll try to keep these posts chronologically but most comes from memory so I apologize in advance. ;)
It basically started with a discussion in #wayland on #irc where it was suggested that one should use (s)rtp for real time video stream. The browser lacking such things, only offers WebRTC so first thing was to check if that could be utilized.
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The foundation of any #blockchain is in its Virtual Machine.
What is a Virtual Machine and how is @ElrondNetwork’s VM different in the blockchain field?
Thread 👇
Essentially, a blockchain’s Virtual Machine is the computational layer of a blockchain. It allows code to be read, relayed, and executed. It is the ‘World Computer’ component of #Ethereum. It allows a #blockchain to act as a virtual computer and executes smart contracts.
Elrond’s Virtual Machine, #Arwen, uses is own custom-built K Framework back end and is built on WASM. This allows it to support three assembly languages: #IELE VM (LLVM built in K), #KEVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine built in K) and #WASM… Image
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1/10 Today in @cosmos:
✅read how in order to detect failures, we are testing Stargate with software simulations 👉…
@interchain_io's latest bi-weekly update focuses on #IBC, #wasm, #Stargate and more. Recap here 👉…
2/10 Today in @cosmos:
@zmanian and @LewisTaariq were invited by @dogemos as guests in the last "Future of the Cosmos Hub" call to discuss the #ATOM2021 initiative and the plans on @unifidao. Catch up with the talk here 🎥
3/10 Today in @cosmos:
@confio_tech is launching a new chain within the @Cosmos ecosystem called Tardigrade, having their @CosmWasm smart contract engine at the center. Want to know more a/ what's coming? Here is the recap of their AMA w/ @StakingHub
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0/ Left feeling glum after yet another strong #cryptocurrency sell-off? Then this thread's for you!

Below are 22 #blockchain-related things that caught my eye over the past ~24 hours.

Regardless of price performance, this #crypto space just keeps on developing!
1/ 🎮 @ThetaToken parent @SLIVERtv360 formed a partnership with Tencent Games to launch a 24-7 live #eSports channel powered by #Theta rewards.

@RoE_Tencent players can purchase in-game items and upgrade using the $THETA #crypto token!
2/ 💸 @AragonProject's six Nest grantees shared their project's quarterly progress reports.

See link for latest on @DAppNode, @EspressoOrg, @Frame_ETH, @Pando_Network, @PryLabs and @SpaceDecentral. All are improving the #Aragon and #Ethereum ecosystems!…
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