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Checked out Figjam new features yet?(Follow thread)
Figjam's birthday party was yesterday. Party was out of this world🎉

I traveled around the world via Zoom😂😂. Met Figmates from Europe, Asia, South America..💃💃
1/6 #Figma #uidesign #FIGJAM
Figjam clocked 1 yesterday and her first birthday gift was unboxed by
@rogie king-
First Box:
Sticker packs🎁
Believe me, you need to play around these stickers, they are fun, goofy and expressive. Figmates! Stickers has been added🔥
#uidesign #figma #FIGJAM
Second gift box was unboxed by @miggi from Figgi
The Fun chat feature🎁
What wowed me about this feature is how texts with multiple exclamation marks (!!!) Quake and shake as you increase it. This is just one amongst other features.
#uidesign #figma #FIGJAM
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Here are some rules of clean design you should always pay attention to and design like a pro.

Thread 👇🪡.
#uiux #uidesign
1) Use of White space
2) Use of Simple Typefaces
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8 great UI/UX design tips & tricks to make you a better designer.

Thread 🪡👇...

(Credit: @lubosvolkov )
#uiux #DesignThinking #uidesign #devs
Pro tip 1
Pro tip 2
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Was ich heute zum Thema PCR-Test gelernt habe:
1) in Lübeck gibt es nicht nur ein super nettes Drive-In-Testzentrum vom DRK
2) das PCR-Testergebnis gibt es dabei auch in <24 Stunden! Bei Inzidenz >1700. Stark!
... dabei ist mein Testergebnis ganz klar positiv - äh - negativ - äh - hä?
Also ich mein, andere haben einen CT Wert um 30 - meiner ist nur 20!
Mein Wert ist dabei aber fast höchtsmöglich, wenn ich mir meinen grünen Veggie-Hotdog so anschaue.
#uidesign & #InfoViz - bitte: für... Image
... eure Vorlesungen & Seminare ein schönes Beispiel für 'Bad Cognitive Ergonomics'.
Sieht das IMMER so katastrophal aus oder hat jemand schon einen verständlicheren Endbefund bekommen?
Ich habe mich jetzt mal belesen ...
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Yesterday @SpyWolfNetwork had an #AMA with @PoorQuack. It turned out to be a session full of valuable information, which deserves to be spread further around.

So here we go! Slightly edited here and there to save some space. Enjoy the ride!

$POOR #PoorQuack #CryptoNews
Intro by Gyro Gearloose, [9-3-2022 19:08]:
@PoorQuack is all in one #Ecosystem where we are attempting to make it easier for #investors to #research crypto projects and avoid #scams whilst allowing holders to earn via #DeFi.

$POOR #PoorQuack #cryptocurrency #Web3 #Metaverse
We also have entered the #NFT space with our own #NFTcollection and all of these will have #utility within our own #Ecosystem.

The #NFTmarketplace V2 will be released soon and this will allow third party #NFTs like the #OpenSeaMarket.

$POOR #PoorQuack
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Learn how to create a ɴᴇᴏɴ ɢʟᴀꜱꜱ effect using @sketch

How far can we take this tweet? 👀 Let's retweet and see how it goes 🚀

#MadeWithSketch #glass #NeonArt #effect #icon #design #designtwitter #uidesign #tutorial #Tips
@sketch Create a 200x200 rectangle and give it a corner radius of 65.
@sketch Remove the fill and apply a background blur
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Few UIUX design resources that I got to know about this last week which has been of help to my learning and improve my design

I found a treasure

please retweet, it might be of help to someone

#uidesign #uxdesign #uiuxdesign #ux #uiux #appdesign

If you are like me who always forget to add one or two elements in your design, this is for you
Sass landing page

I struggle with designing amazing landing page before I know about this website, which have amazing sass landing page design that converts
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#webdev #uidesign #uxdesign #books
¿Qué libros me han ayudado a crecer profesionalmente?

Se viene hilo con mis favoritos 🧵
Designing interface animation
Laws of UX
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UI/UX Design Tips: How to structure a good website homepage.

A homepage for a business is like actually telling a story, which unfolds step by step as the user scrolls the page. It has to follow a logical order.

Open Thread👇....

#techtwitter #uidesign #uiuxdesign #DailyUI
Section 1: Value Proposition (also known as Hero section)

This is where you talk about the main value your business is providing using images , videos, illustrations , text and Closing it out with a CTA (call-to-action) button.
Section 2 : Social Proof

This is optional for new startups. This section builds credibility for the business and tell new customers/visitors that " People have used our company/product and they like it "

Social Proof includes reviews, stats by numbers, awards, Partners etc.
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¿Quieres saber cómo está el mercado de talento #tech en Latinoamérica? (incluyendo salarios)

@getonbrd lanzó su reporte anual con datos de:

23,000+ trabajos
900,000+ aplicaciones
250,000+ professionales

❤️ RT

🥷🏽 ¿Cuáles son los skills más solicitados por las empresas?

En programación en general:

💛 #JavaScript de primero (obvio Boby)

2️⃣ #CSS, #Git y #React peleándose el segundo lugar

🇺🇸 "English" en un sólido tercer lugar. Image
👩🏽‍🎨 En Diseño / #UX

El primer lugar es una pelea a cuchillo entre @figmadesign y @Adobe

Seguido de #UIDesign, #wireframes y @sketch

Y por supuesto Inglés. Image
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Storytime: How I switched my QA job to Product Design

more info in the thread 🧵

#careerchange #uxdesign #uxui #productdesign #userexperience #digitaldesign #uidesign #Webdesign
1 year ago, I started gaining a lot of interest in Product Design (I was a QA back then). So, I began learning as much as I could about this domain because I wanted to shift my career within the same company.
I did courses, daily UI challenges, read articles on Medium, followed designers on Twitter, watched tons of YouTube videos, and worked on side projects so I can create a portfolio worth showing to Sortlist's Head of Product. I could not ask for a switch in Design empty-handed.
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¿Eres #developer, pero te cuesta diseñar?

Hoy en "Diseño para desarrolladores": 10 pequeñas acciones para mejorar tus diseños

🚀 RT para salvar un #programador a la vez

#uidesign #ui #ux #webdesign #diseno #disparades

👇🏽 UN HILO 👇🏽
En tus textos usa al menos 1.5 de alto de línea.

Por ejemplo si el tamaño de fuente es 16, multiplícalo por 1.5 y te da 24 (o sencillamente usa line-height: 1.5 en css).
No deformes tus imágenes, cambia el tamaño sin cambiar el ratio o usa crop, pero nunca las deformes.
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For those who want to learn UI/UX design 🎨 I've got some resources and tutorials for.
RT for awareness

#uidesign #webdev #mobileapdesign #SpiderManNoWayHome
#NationalSTEMDay #technology #programming
#codingisfun #uiuxdesign #webdevelopment
🔷️ Brief explanation on UI/UX…
🛅 Tools/Software used for UI/UX design

Figma -


Adobe XD


Framer (for prototyping mostly also for design also) -

Lunacy (alternative to figma and adobe xd) -
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Here are my top 10 @figmadesign plugins that helped build and control my design system.

A thread.
Figma Tokens by @six7.

A must-have for all DS enthusiasts.

It lets you create tokens based on your styles and particular values.

Tokens allow theming, updating, and seeing changes applied to the whole system, selection, or particular value. 🤯
Batch Styler, another gem by @six.

Use it to change multiple text and color styles at once!

Ever wanted to update the font face on all text styles? With Batch Styles, it's super easy! 🍋…
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1/ I build the Customenu startup and I’ll #buildinpublic, using this thread.

What is #customenu?

A digital menu platform for #restaurant.

Instead of using boring paper were to check the #dishes, you can see a nice representation on your smartphone.
2/ This is the second release and this time I decided to share my journey on Twitter.

I started for the first time, one year ago in June. It was a pandemic situation and in #Romania, new rules were coming for the #restaurants' businesses.
3/ Only me thinking about this project.

What should do?

1. Scan a #QRCode
2. Open the #menu
3. Check #products in categories and subcategories
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2 Regras de Ouro para Criar Boas Interfaces que Todo Programador (a) Front-End deveria Saber 👇🏻

#programação #uidesign #frontend #reactjs
8pt Rule

Uma regra essencial para criar interfaces harmoniosas.
Essa regra diz que os espaçamentos entre elementos em uma interface devem ser divisíveis por 8.
1.5 Rule

Uma regra que irá trazer a hierarquia necessária para a tipografia da sua interface.
Essa regra diz que o tamanho das fontes na interfaces devem ser definidas multiplicando o tamanho atual por 1,5.
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5️⃣ Aprende con estos cinco cursos de #Google, gratuitos y cortos. Fortalece tu carrera como #frontend #developer

⭐️ BONUS al final
❤️ RT para ayudar a la comunidad

👇🏽 THREAD Down pointing backhand index

#webdev #code #programmer #html #css #javascript #CodeNewbie
Fundamentals of Graphic Design: Aprenderás los principios fundamentales del diseño gráfico: creación de imágenes, tipografía, composición, color y forma. Principios que puedes aplicar al diseño web.…

#graphicdesign #webdesign #ui #CodeNewbie
Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4: Aprenderás sobre grids y diseño responsivo, componentes CSS y JavaScript de #Bootstrap, además sobre los preprocesadores #CSS, #Less y #Sass.…

#responsivedesign #webdesign #boostrap #CodeNewbie
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Are you residing in Ilorin and its environs?

Let your kids have fun while learning how to Code & Design.

Our learning centre is very conducive and well structured to meet the need of the modern mind.

Age: 8 - 17

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There's a lot to getting your navigations right in terms of #UX, #accessibility & #uidesign

Check out my very first thread! (This will be in video format tomorrow on my youtube channel 'DesignCourse')

1. Differentiate between the logo and navigation.

👉 This helps avoid confusion and allows the user to clearly identify where the navigation exists on the navbar.
2. Design an Active State

👉 This gives a visual indicator to the user that they're on a particular page. You can achieve an active state through making the link bold, changing the background color, and/or adding an icon or border.
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Here are 7 #uidesign/#uxdesign #apps to supercharge your #productivity 🤓

Don't forget to bookmark 👇🧵
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Here’s a mini checklist of 30 different questions UI designers should ask themselves when designing quality products

☑️ Is it clear to users on how to complete their desired task

☑️ Are important features and information clearly visible

☑️ Are calls to action clear and self explanatory?
Interactive Design
☑️ Do you show alerts and prompt to users to avoid mistakes

☑️ Do they know how close they are to the end of a flow (progress bar)

☑️ Do your users receive error and success feedback from your app

☑️ Do they receive suggestions on the next actions to take
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Cursos gratis y cortos de #desarrolloweb de los desarrolladores más cracks que yo conozco:

- @wesbos
- @jensimmons
- @leeerob

❤️ RT comparte el amor!

👇🏽 HILO 👇🏽
El #javascript30 de @wesbos es un clásico son 30 videos de vanilla #JavaScript code challenges. Aprendes de todo, #arrays, #canva, sonido, etc.
Tambien de @wesbos tenemos para aprender #cssgrids en 25 videos y para aprender #flexbox en 20 videos.
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#UI #uidesign observation: while @ChrisHallbeck is funny, and he is certainly trying to do the right thing with the "Swipe for More" indications...
The "swipe <direction>" UI still defies easy explanation... 1/11
The same can be said for the std IG blue/gray dots under the picture... 2/11
By all this I mean, imagine the view presented is modeled as a camera looking down at a sheet of paper. 3/11
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Latest @ArtEaterPodcast is up! We take a deep dive into the mind blowing aesthetics of Guilty Gear Strive. Also @Beefy_Kunoichi and @Thomasorus provide some DEEP insights into the gameplay based on their experiences from the Beta Test!
Do you have some STRONG FEELINGS about the new UI from Guilty Gear Strive? Tune in to the latest @ArtEaterPodcast where top UI Designer @daborsk weighs in with some great insights! (and some STRONG OPINIONS of his own!)

#GuiltyGearStrive #UIdesign… ImageImageImage
If you have any interest in UI design, especially for games, you gotta listen to this podcast. @daborsk is one of the best UI designers in the industry and he shares some great wisdom as he breaks down what makes a good select screen and much more!…
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