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How I make tables like this with Figma.

A quick guide.

The table is made of сells, rows, and a header.

First, create a variant set to house all variations of your cells and header cell components.

Expose nested props to be able to control individual details from the component level.
Combine Header components into an auto layout group.

Customize and add your project information to the header of your table.
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Friday with @framer. ✨ Recently I realized that I bookmarked dozens of inspiring Framer resources & tutorials. Let me share them with you folks in this MEGA thread! 🧵

#framer #nocode #uidesign
1. Shimmer effect
Jurre Houtkamp (@jurrehoutkamp) shared a guide on how to add an impressive looping shimmer effect to your framer elements:

2. Adding effects with code without coding knowledge

This is one of the most interesting tutorials I've noticed recently. You do not have to learn to program to override code in Framer. Simply guide chatGPT to help you. By Nabeel Jawahir (@itsnotnabeel)

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1. Microsoft Copilot

GPT4 in powerpoint, excel, word, outlook, teams, more.…
2. Arcade Game

@thegarrettscott made a website that uses GPT-4 to code any arcade game you can think of and let you play it instantly.

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1. Google

Design and build beautiful, usable products with Material 3"
2. Apple

The Human Interface Guidelines contains guidance and best practices that can help you design a great experience for any Apple platform…
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📚 I wrote an article about my favorite UI design books.

I’m originally a designer with a strong focus on research / UX design.

Adding UI design to my skillset has been one of my professional goals since 2017.

These are the UI design books I really appreciate: 👇
1. Refactoring UI by @steveschoger and @adamwathan
The book is full of practical, directly applicable design knowledge greatly illustrated by bad and good examples.
2. Practical UI by @AdhamDannaway
Adham’s book complements Refactoring UI really well: there are a lot of additional aspects included, for instance next to visual design, it heavily focuses on usability and accessibility, too.
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Which type of designer are you? 🤔

Vote for left or right aligned buttons in dialog boxes and explain why.

#design #uidesign #uxdesign #uxui #productdesign #ux
Here are some button design tips from my book to avoid usability and accessibility issues 👇

Would love to hear your thoughts or feedback 🙂

💙If you love interface design details and are looking to learn a logic-driven approach to UI design, feel free to check out my book 👇
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UI Designer vs. UX Designer vs. Product Designer: A Comparative Analysis
See thread👇
#uidesign #UI #design #uxdesign #uiuxdesign #productdesign #musemind Image
What Does A Product Designer Do?

Product designers manage the design improvement process. Product designers brainstorm solutions to current pain points,take stakeholder input,bridge designers,engineers,and researchers. They understand the product's broad goals and its specifics. Image
What Does A UI Designer Do?

UI designers create the look and feel of digital product user interfaces. UI designers design both screens and their components.

Thus, they examine each screen's layout and its relationships with others. Image
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chatGPT for UI/UX design MEGA Thread🧵⚡️

Let's see how AI may help us, designers, in our daily workflow.

#uidesign #uxdesign #ChatGPT Image
Many of us have already tried to test AI chat to get some results usable for design work. Here is the 20 tips that will show you some practical use caes.
1. Generate copy for a website or section Image
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⚡️ UI design tip

I’ve been doing buttons wrong! 😱 Have you? 🤔

After nearly 2 decades looking at buttons, I've noticed that most of them have usability and accessibility issues.

Here are some quick and practical tips to avoid common mistakes 👇

#design #uidesign #uxdesign Image
✅ Define 3 buttons styles (primary, secondary and tertiary) to display actions of varying importance.

✅ Ensure buttons have a clear visual hierarchy that isn't reliant on colour alone.
✅ Ensure contrast ratio of the button shape is at least 3:1 to meet WCAG 2.1 level AA accessibility requirements.

✅ Ensure button text contrast ratio is at least 4.5:1.

✅ Use a large target area (at least 48pt by 48pt) to ensure people can easily select buttons.
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⚡️ UI design tip - Use the inverted pyramid

The inverted pyramid is a writing structure in which the most important information is placed at the start, followed by supporting information and smaller background details.

Learn why it's great for interface text 👇

#uidesign #uxui Image
✅ It gets to the point quickly, helping people understand information and make decisions faster.

✅ People who quickly skim the first sentence will still get the main point.

✅ Additional information is there for those who need it.
📘 PS If you like this tip, you’ll like my UI design book.

It's being released on 28 Nov 2022 (8am ET) 🥳.

Subscribe to get a discount code once the book's released
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UI/UX Design tips: Web design elements' size.


(Cc: its.dezinx IG) #uiux #uidesign #webdesigner
1) Top Navbar - Desktop version
2) Top navbar - Mobile version
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🤖 ¿La inteligencia artificial te reemplazará?

¡NO! Por ahora vino a hacerte tu trabajo de #developer y #UIDesigner más fácil.

✅ 7 utilidades de inteligencia artificial para #WebDevelopers

❤️ Ayudame con un RT

1️⃣ Copilot creado por @GitHub es un "autocompletado" de código que utiliza AI para ofrecerte sugerencias a tu código, pero completa una función completa solo con el nombre, por ejemplo.

Está en beta privada, anótate en la lista:
@github @tabnine parecido a Github Copilot, pero se puede usar en cualquier editor de código y no está en beta cerrada.

Tiene una versión paga y una gratis y promete ser mejor que Copilot.
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I found these ui guidelines really useful

Document by @its.dezinx
A thread 🧵
#uidesign #figma #uxdesign
More …
More …
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Some Figma’s Must-to-know shortcuts

Documented by @marina_uiux
#uiuxdesign #uidesign #figma
Shortcuts are absolutely very useful for speeding up your workflow and design process. Let’s see them ⬇️
Shortcuts for:

Tools, Text, Shape and Cursor
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Design System Checklist 🚀

Documented by Vamshi
#uiuxdesign #uidesign
Color 🎨
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UI/UX design tips: 4 pro tip for Auto-layout

Save thread 👇🪡.

#uidesign #figma (cc : marina_uiux )
1) Use of Absolute Position
Where to use absolute position
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Design Modern chat list bettter

Documented by @marina_uiux
#uidesign #uiuxdesign #figma
Let’s go…
Press F in figma to draw a frame, use codes below 👇🏿
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Most common ui elements you need to know.

Documented by @zeeuiux
#uiuxdesign #uidesign #figma
1. Toggle switch
2. Text fields
3. Drop-down list
4. Icons
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8 different types of cards in UI

Documented by @uiadrian

#uiuxdesign #uidesign #figma
01: Blog posts
02: Product cards (holds details of a product ie Product name, price, relevant icons eg favorites, and a CTA button )
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How to create an isometric design using #figma #design #uidesign Image
Page one ImageImage
Take your design and rotate it by -15° Image
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How to design Tab or Nav Bar

Documented by @pela_team

#uidesign #uiuxdesign #figma
We want to design a super easy and minimal tab or nav bar
Step 1: at the bottom of your frame, draw a rectangle with a distance of 24 to 32px from around.
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How to create Glassmorphism effect in @figma

Documented by @Shri.ui

#uidesign #uiuxdesign #figma
Create a rectangle with the right proportions and add corner radius of 30-40px
Add linear fill to the shape, check photo for details…
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💡One of the most important parts of visual app design is choosing the right color palette.
Here are 4 amazing color ideas for your UI&UX projects!
Check them out in the thread!🧵
#UI #uiux #uxdesign #uidesign Image
🚩Walletz - Money Wallet Landing Page UI Element >>> Image
🚩CryptoBuy Ui Template For Designer >>> Image
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