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This thread explains how to accomplish #opDeathEaters Long Term Goal 4: Create a database tool for researchers and use it to map relationships and scale.
Please support our development with funding and any other assistance you can provide. Read the links in the thread below to understand the importance of Getgee.
Read the links in the attached thread to understand how the internet and #opDeathEaters are inextricably linked and we cannot address the paedosadism and trafficking industries without addressing the internet.
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France & Ireland threatening to veto EU-Mercosur trade deal with Brazil over Bolsonaro's ongoing attempt to destroy the Amazon rainforest, which produces 20% of earth's oxygen. #OpCanary…
A couple of hours after France and Ireland threaten to veto the EU-Mercosur trade deal Brazil's Bolsonaro has issued an emergency declaration for the military to help put out the Amazon fires. #OpCanary
If the EU-Mercosur veto were to have failed to persuade Brazil's Bolsonaro to put out the Amazon fires global sanctions would have been issued followed by international military intervention. That's how close this got, now we need to monitor the Brazilian response. #OpCanary
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We can hashtag all the outrage we want but it will mean nothing if it is not targeted towards the resource corporations behind the environmental atrocities worldwide. The alternative is the use of militant force against the corporations and CEOs behind it.
Historically speaking propaganda of the deed seems to gain a lot of attention in relation to the termination of powerful officials, royals, businessmen, or military personnel. We do not advocate such acts but do see a future where this may return on a global scale.
While the planet (our lives) is in peril and yes names can be attributed to its destruction there are still nonviolent alternatives on the table such as regulating resource corporations, arresting individuals purposely harming the environment for profit, and other legal options.
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Meet John Casablancas, founder of Elite Model Management, prolific child rapist, and trafficker. He was Ivanka Trump's manager, was a close associate of U.S. President Trump, and sat on the board of Trump Realty Brazil. #OpDeathEaters
#Epstein used modeling agency connections Jean Luc #Brunel of MC2 Models and Les #Wexner of L Brands (Victoria's secret) to target young girls. #Trump started a modeling agency, Trump Model Management, in 1999 cloned after #Casablanca's own Elite Model Management. #OpDeathEaters
John Casablancas was born in New York in 1942, attended Le Rosey boarding school in Switzerland which educates children of the global elite including names below. Several names will be familiar to #OpDeatheaters researchers.…
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Our extinction is not coming fast enough, so here comes a "massive increase of mandatory exposure to wireless radiation" in the form of planet covering 5G technology, with no consent or consultation. #opCanary
Contrary to widespread media reporting today, evidence has never shown that pre-existing levels of pollution from cell towers or even electrical power poles are safe. Here are a couple thousand sorted studies to start with. #opCanary
Over 230 scientists from more than 40 countries expressed their “serious concerns” to the UN and WHO regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices in 2015, prior to a 5G rollout plan. #opCanary…
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The following threads collect information on under-reported stories or angles for #opDeathEaters Long Term Goal 6: Work with journalists to create more libel-protected coverage of unreported stories.
If there is one thing you can set your watch on, it is that if the establishment media are finally breaking a story they have sat on forever, they are hiding something worse. #OpDeatheaters #OpCanary…
The other stories don't distract if you realize they are all one story: the global genocide of the powerless by the powerful. #OpDeatheaters #OpCanary
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What is #OpDeathEaters, what are our goals, and what have we achieved so far? A thread index to our work.
#OpDeathEaters was founded by Heather Marsh (@GeorgieBC) in 2014 as a continuation and amalgamation of earlier operations such as #OpGabon, #OpRohingya, #OpCanary, #OpGtmo, and many others she had previously initiated.…
@GeorgieBC #OpDeathEaters was initially supported by a wide variety of regional accounts and human rights groups and received extensive international media coverage.
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Educational thread on the ultrawealthy paedosadist cult #NXIVM and its ties to the #Bronfman family, one of Canada's most powerful families linked to PM Justin Trudeau. #Cdnpoli #OpNXIVM #OpCanary #OpDeathEaters,
2018: The founder of #NXIVM Keith Raniere arrested for child trafficking and the rape of children as young as 12-years-old. #Cdnpoli #OpNXIVM #OpDeathEaters…
Keith Raniere has a decades-long history of trafficking and raping women and children - including "repeated (rapes of) multiple teenage girls" as young as 12, according to a court document. #Cdnpoli #OpNXIVM #NXIVM #OpDeathEaters
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He's promised to murder indigenous people, strip them of their land rights and destroy the Amazon, so Canada is pretty happy. @CBCAlerts #JairBolsonaro #brazilelection #cdnpoli
The true Canada: #OpCanary. Environment caregivers had better show solidarity with Brazil's indigenous like never before.
Nazi cheerleaders everywhere. BBC calls torture and indigenous genocide refreshing. CBC gushes over fresh opportunities for planetary destruction.. Buzzfeed says the pig Bolsonaro is 'borderline' fascist, like he hasn't quite hit their bar.
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