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My number one advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Accept us as we are!

Verbal, non-verbal, non-speaking, speaking, stimming, meltdowns, shutdowns, echolalia, dependency, different social interaction...

ALL autisticness is valid.
My number two advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Autistic needs are individual, varying, and fluctuating!

When we communicate our needs, believe us & listen.

Do your best to accommodate our needs.
We do to our best to accommodate yours.
My number three advice for non-autistics on how to be an ally to #autistic people offline:

Learn about autism from autistic people!

Read our books, blogs, articles, watch our youtube videos, hear us speak at conferences...

If you have a platform - platform autistic people!
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Mini #AutismAwareness rant: One thing I really resent about the warrior mom / pro ABA narrative is how they've weaponized the term "evidence based". Their big thing about ABA is that it's "evidence based" - but the statement is extremely problematic without context.
"Evidence based" in the case, means "evidence that the behaviour has changed". Fair enough - they do change the kids. However, the change is a trauma reaction. If you break a kid down to where they bottle everything up, rather than self regulate? Not a good thing.
If you destroy a child's sense of autonomy, in order to elicit compliance - especially for things the child does NOT want? Leaving that kid with PTSD for life - a reality for most ABA survivors? Not good things.

None of this comes up when saying "evidence based", however.
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@serverusautismo @tclementsuk It’s a really interesting conversation. I must admit I can’t be arsed with celebrating ANY days except Christmas and family birthdays. Oh, and pancake day! But i do stuff to support bloggers if it’s the right message. Done a few things for this year and all are about kids with...
@serverusautismo @tclementsuk ...significant needs (careful with the language eh!). It’s showing the positives in their lives and ours as parents. I refuse to ‘celebrate’ autism but I don’t think that’s what it’s about, certainly among my huge circle of online friends. But we can’t just spend our lives in...
@serverusautismo @tclementsuk ...mourning. Not trying to one up anybody but I have it pretty tough, and Ben is certainly very severe, will need 24/7 care his entire life, mostly 2:1. But he’s also my son, he makes me laugh, we share magical moments even though he’s never muttered a single word. In his own...
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April is #AutismAwarenessMonth
Everyday, I would try to post something from our #autismjourney to spread #awareness #AutismAwareness #autismfamilies
How do you know if your child loves you/hates you, needs you/doesn’t care about you, is hungry/hurting etc? In #autism we usually guess the need of the child depending upon the intensity of the #meltdown or tantrum. #AutismAwareness #AutismAwarenessMonth #AutismFamilies @yaps9
Avani (my daughter) hadn’t started talking till 2 years of age. That got us worried and we were soon given the diagnosis that our child is on #autismspectrum Although she has speech, am still waiting for her to say ‘mumma’ minus any demand. #AutismAwareness #AutismAwarenessMonth
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Things that YOU can do to help #autistic children in school. A thread of ideas, titbits of info, things to consider and so on. I hope it's useful and even more importantly, hope it helps some kids cope with the waking nightmare that is 'Neuro-typical Academy' #autismacceptance /1
1. Have your lesson stick to a rigid routine as far as possible. This is good as it arguably is good for all kids, but is a huge benefit to #autistic student. At primary, have a clear daily routine if possible. /1
2. Only have posters and displays if they are actually useful, and don't make them too 'busy'! Simple colour schemes too, rather than rainbows, and if may be worth seating #autistic children away from particularly distracting or detailed displays. /2
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PDA in the world of neurology is an initialism standing for 'pathological demand avoidance'. It seems to be a type or subset of #autism as it shares some traits, but it is a bit of a mystery to be fair. #AutismAcceptance /1 THREAD
As it's name suggests, at the heart of PDA is a desperate wish to avoid having to do anything that could be seen as a demand. This could be rooted in fear of failure, fear of change, fear of any social situation or simply a need to be in control. #AutismAcceptance /2
But it's an interesting aspect of neuro-diversity for many reasons. Firstly, people with PDA tend to be much better at camouflaging their autistic tendencies (which they're likely to have a lot of). They can have excellent social ability, though only surface #AutismAcceptance /3
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I just have one thing to say about #AutismAwarenessWeek and that is this;
It’s fucking disgusting.
Look, I get you want to seem like you’re helping the autistic community, but so called ‘awareness’ is not the way to do that.
Most people are already aware of autism anyway.
What autistic people want is acceptance.
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