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If you’re the parent of an autistic child or adult, and also horrified by MAGA-style disinformation, please know you should be just as skeptical about getting autism information from “autism grievance parents.” Thread:…

#AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism

"Autism grievance parents" brand themselves as autism experts, yet promote reactionary ideas about autism and resentment towards autistic advocates, while encouraging followers to become too upset about having autistic children to question autism misinformation.

Who are these grievance parents? They are generally—like me (@shannonrosa)—parents of autistic children with significant disabilities. Except instead of targeting “the libs,” grievance parents and the forums they run target autistic, disability, and #neurodiversity activists. 3/
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Let's be clear: Well-connected autism parent lobbying via media & research outlets for a "profound" autism label is not the same thing as making that label official. Also, creating that label would lead to segregation—not progress. Here's why, at TPGA:… 1/
It’s not surprising that certain parents of high-support autistic people are seeking to segregate their own children via the label “profound autism.” Parents often aren’t given good info on how to support children who have speech or intellectual disabilities along with autism. 2/
Parents may also feel isolated when autistic kids get lumped together, as when your kids' disabilities are obvious, it can be hard to recognize how they share autistic traits like a need for consistency or sensory sensitivities with kids whose support needs are less obvious. 3/
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I’m confused… because I see parents label themselves as “autism mom” and I get offended by a neurotypical person using their child’s diagnosis as an identity.
Our diagnosis isn’t neurotypical peoples identity.
#autism #autistic #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAcceptance
When you use a disability or condition as your identity that you do NOT have it’s called identity appropriation.
Parents calling themselves “Autism Mum” “Autism dad” “Autism parent” is offensive and harmful As they’re using their child’s Autism diagnosis as their own identity when they have no right to. What if the child doesn’t want people to know they’re Autistic? They’re outing their……
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Yes… this disgusting comment was on a post about an Autistic girls poem. Are people really this uneducated and ignorant about Autism? Especially Autistic girls?
Link to the post…

#autism #autistic #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance… This child has been fed thi...
This was the poem. ImageImageImageImage
this is just a poem describing some of what she goes through. It doesn't explain every single thing she experiences and struggles with.
Do people not actually know how hard it is to get diagnosed as autistic?
How thorough and long and intense the ASD diagnostic testing is?
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Reminder as Autism Acceptance/ Awareness Month/week/day approaches. Please share this around. I’ve added some links that can be educational to those that don’t understand about Autism Speaks and the Puzzle Piece symbol and ABA Therapy and why they are harmful and offensive to the……
There’s rumours being spread by the Anti-Neurodiversity bullies online trying to silence Autistic people and our voices by trying to convince people that everyone who uses the ActuallyAutistic tag is self-diagnosed, faking being autistic or “fauxtistic” as……
So here goes for the following written information…. Just because you haven’t heard about any of this... doesn’t make it not true. And just because you like “x,y and z”and you’re autistic or a parent of an autistic person... it doesn’t make the following not true. Please don’t……
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Things need to change. We need services to start realising Autistic people need support. And being “high functioning” shouldn’t be a reason to deny an Autistic person support they need. Social services judgements on Autistic people are KILLING US. They believe if you’re……
Link to research about Autism and su*cide…
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This upcoming April for Autism Acceptance if you want to donate or raise funds and support charities that ACTUALLY HELP AUTISTIC PEOPLE then here is a thread full of awesome charities to support! #autism #autistic #allautistics #ActuallyAutistic…
ASAN, Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a great organisation to support. They do so much amazing work for Autistic people @autselfadvocacy
Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network @awnnetwork_
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So let this be a reminder as Autism Awareness/ acceptance week/ month is coming up… DO NOT SUPPORT National Autistic Society in the UK. @Autism #autism #autistic #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #actuallyautistic #allautistics
If you want to learn more about this therapy and how harmful it is then here’s a link to a document explaining what it is and how it’s harmful and it includes links to the research studies that prove ABA/ PBS therapy is harmful…

Also for YEARS the National Autistic Society’s young Autistic ambassadors have tried to get them to make a statement against PBS therapy and to STOP funding it and hiring ABA/PBS therapists but so far they’ve had zero luck. #autism #autistic #ActuallyAutistic…
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Sadly some parents of Autistic people decide to go after Autistic people on social media because they don’t believe we are Autistic as these parents are uneducated about Autism being a spectrum and the only presentation of Autism that exists to them is the one of their child’s.……
Bet it will blow their mind to learn some Autistic people are scientists, own businesses and are parents 😂🙄
the ignorance though.
If we don’t struggle in the same way as their autistic child or of other Autistic people they’ve met them to them you can’t possibly be Autistic. 🤣😂 it’s literally just uneducated ignorance. They really need to step away and go learn about Autism properly
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Thread: The way Autistic people are being held accountable for mistakes NEEDS to change as currently people are doing so in an ableist way and causing more harm.
#autism #ActuallyAutistic #allautistics #AutismAcceptance #autistic #accountability #bullying #dogpiling
there’s a few things I thought were important to talk about that me and other advocates in the community have been discussing. It seems that in this community if you do one thing wrong then there’s nothing you can do to stop people coming after you despite apologising
and publicly and learning from what you did wrong. It’s almost as if you get bullied and chased out of the community and there’s no recovering from if as people won’t let you. That isn’t okay. It pushes people out of the community and isolated them.
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1- Thread about #autism from an #ActuallyAutistic, that can relatate autism with the #PhantomOfTHeOpera
in 30 seconds.. The thing with #autism is that you, if you are 30 years without diagnosis, that is not the problem, it is to have been living 30 years of a lie =>
2 - So everything is a lie until proven truthful. Feeling abandonment is not a feeing, is a real REAL MANIFESTATION.
We do not feel things, we live things. It is not something like we can stop feeling is for some way or we can chose the result of any manifestation from other. =>
3 - It hurts, because is real, it hurts because you are living a life in which people are getting away because of your #autism. Not because of you. Because if they could been able to understand it, they would know the impact, the result, what they are doing to us. =>
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Hey Therapists, Stop telling clients you
"don't understand why they want to know if they're autistic because it wouldn't make a difference, anyway".
#TherapistTwitter #AutisticTwitter
Hey Therapists, Telling your clients "it wouldn't matter if they were Autistic or not" is - at best, dismissive and at worst, medical gaslighting and/or medical trauma - both common experiences in the Autism Community.
#LateDiagnosedAutistic #MentalHealthMatters
Hey Therapists, Stop telling clients they
"couldn't possibly be Autistic because (insert harmful stereotype here)."
It's inaccurate and causes harm to your clients and the Autistic community.
#AutismCommunity #AutismAssessment #AutismEvaluation #Therapy
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🧵about autism "treatment"

When I got my #autism dx (at 35) and started trying to figure this stuff out, I scoured the Internet, researched standard “treatment” options, and searched high and low for anything that would help.

#ActuallyAutistic #AutisticTwitter #AutismAcceptance
I was quickly frustrated that most autism services were only available to kids, but later learned that most of those were crap anyway. So, blessing in disguise.
That forced me to look for unorthodox solutions. To find my own way. And confront a lot of my assumptions, internalized ableism, and prejudice against using my emotions or body signals as any sort of useful information.
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🧵How to recover from autistic burnout.

Once you've figured out you're in #AutisticBurnout, the natural question becomes, how do you get out of it? How do you recover?

Here's my philosophy, in 5 parts.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD #AutismAcceptance
I've recovered from two severe, years-long burnouts, and several weeks-to-months-long ones. I've also been burnout free since 2015!

Over the last few years, I've been helping others create their own versions of this journey.
Everyone is unique, and every recovery journey is unique. Nevertheless, there are some pretty consistent patterns, and my pattern-loving brain has synthesized my own take on what it takes to get out of burnout, and stay out.
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Three things about autism I wish everyone knew:

• No two autistic people are alike.
• Autism doesn’t exist on a linear spectrum.
• Autism presents differently across genders.

#ActuallyAutistic #neurodivergent #AuDHD #AutismAcceptance
Embrace Autism has over a dozen self-assessments:
Three more things about autism I wish everyone knew:

• Autistic children become autistic adults.
• Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder present from birth and is highly genetic.
• Autistic masking accounts for many people being undx for years or decades.
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Thread: Black and White Empathy
#Autism #AutismAcceptance #autistic

People argue over the fact whether I have empathy or not.

Some people say I'm the most they've ever seen

Some people say I haven't got a drop

The fact is they're both right
Yep I have some for you You're going to get it all, you're going to see the brightest white light

If I don't have any for you, you will find yourself in the darkest coldest night
When people get empathy for me they tell me I'm the sweetest and they wouldn't believe that I could be the coldest as well

When people don't get everything from me they can't believe that I even have any

How could this be?
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Hey, parents of autistic kids! Here are five BIG, avoidable mistakes. A thread, at TPGA:… #autism #autistic #parenting #Neurodiversity #autismAcceptance #AutismAwareness 1/
Parents of autistic children (and adults) get advice thrown at their heads from every angle, all day long. If you’re one of these parents, you may be all done with advice. ALL DONE. And I hear you, because I am you. However... 2/
I have the good fortune to be connected with insightful autistic thinkers on this planet, who have transformed my parenting approach completely, and to the benefit of my son, as well as myself.

So you don’t repeat my mistakes, here are 5 bonks I made & how you can avoid them. 3/
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today I’m heartbroken/angry😭 This is the reality of what happens to a lot of Autistic people. They’re murdered by parents/ carers. They see our lives to be unworthy, they see us as burdens…
#ActuallyAutistic #allautistics #autism #autismacceptance
People say “parents know what’s best for their Autistic child” and then wonder why Autistic people get angry… it’s because we know how many Autistic people are killed, abused and neglected by family members.
Autistic peoples lives are not YOUR right to take away just because you believe that’s what’s best and think they’re are a burden.
This was a 3 year old child with his whole life ahead of him.
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We are targeted by parents of Autistic kids, often because we can type, have friends, jobs, partners etc. It’s because their child’s Autism isn’t like ours they have added learning disabilities. So they become upset and frustrated and take it out on us! #actuallyautistic
They believe we shouldn’t have the same diagnosis as their child as we can do X, Y and Z and their child can’t. They don’t see Autism as a spectrum. They’re in their own little bubble of resentment, frustration and sadness.
Often it’s because they resent their child’s Autism and when they see Autistic adults who don’t have severe learning disabilities they become bitter, jealous and take all that resentment out on us.
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"There are legitimate situations where an autistic person needs to be able to put their autistic behaviours aside. For example, how about a job interview"--Bruce McIntosh

🤮… "There are legitimate situations where an autistic pers
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot to leave my autism at home for our job interview. Here, let me stick it in my purse, so as to make you more comfortable interacting with me, regardless of my actual qualifications for this job."
"put their autistic behaviours aside".

They're not "autistic behaviours", they're *human* behaviours from an Autistic human being. There is a difference: autism is our *neurology*. Being Autistic impacts one's entire brain & body. We can't just "set it aside" like an accessory.
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I’ve heard this said about my son on more than one occasion, “he seems to think he can do what he wants, and doesn’t have to do something if he doesn’t want to.”

Um, well, yes.

He’s a human being after all, with free will and autonomy.

#GentleParenting #Parenting #WritersLift
Certainly all of our actions have consequences, and I mean naturally-occurring consequences, not adult-imposed punishments.…

#MediumWriter #MediumBlogger #ParentingBlog #ParentingTips #ParentingAdvice #MentalHealthAwareness #ADHDAwareness #Oppositional
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The “Gold Standard” for Autistic Children.

So many Autistic people explain how & why ABA is abusive & harmful, yet many professionals continue to push it.…

#ADHD #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Writers #WritersLift
I have heard this line so many times: “They told me ABA therapy was the ‘gold standard’ for Autism.”…

#WritingCommunity #WritersSupportingWriters #ADHDSupport #CelebrateNeurodiversity #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #AutisticPride #AutisticPrideDay
Professionals need to explain exactly what they mean by that, because gold standard is subjective; it will mean different things to different people.

Successful supports (as opposed to "therapies") will mean different things to different people.

What does it mean to the CHILD?
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@AndreaHorwath you made a comment about autism finding in the middle of your answer to violence in schools. This is unacceptable. The association keeps the stigma going & it’s factually wrong. #Autistics are way more likely to be the victims in school than the doers. /1
We have been continually fighting for #AutismAcceptance and the understanding that our kids need acceptance & support in schools. Educators need to be trained & supported by programs like @ECHOAutismON that uses a multi-discipline approach to build capacity in educators. /2
Our kids need universal design classrooms where their educational & sensory needs are met. Where they aren’t siloed into “special education” and away from regular classrooms. This exclusion & segregation chips away over time & can effect their mental health. /3
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1/ ABA hasn’t been mentioned a lot in the Oireachtas. A few TD’s mentioned it last year in support of behavioural therapists.

How many of the TD’s that raised ABA or behavioural analysis in the Oireachtas actually knew what it was?

2/ @RBoydBarrett on 19 May 2021 raised whether behaviour analysis professionals could secure permanent positions so they may continue “supporting the education in special schools of children with autism”. Image
3/ @ReadaCronin on 5th May 2021 raised a similar question stating that behavioural analysts make “such a critical contribution to special education” Image
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