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1/n.👇The wire. Classic 🤨
👇2/n Times now hypos #AntiHinduMedia
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One of the achievements #Modi is mocked for highlighting is one that many of us take for granted - a bank account -
As a nomad who lived out of suitcase in the nascency of netbanking, I know how hard it was to pay a simple BSNL bill when they didn't have online banking yet
My college was so strict they wouldn't let us out except on Sundays, so paying it myself was ruled out.
My parents couldn't pay as they were in another State and BSNL there wouldn't collect bills meant for here!
As to why BSNL, my folks understandably grew up in a license raj that accepted a six-year waitlist for a scooter or phone connection. Deep distrust of new private players like Airtel, and Airtel fully justified it too when we briefly tried them!😀
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Mulayam govt in 2007 made Yogi Adityanath cry 😭😭😭


To hurt a Sadhu so deeply is surely not going to be without consequences ☠️

Delving into the story below in the thread explaining the incredibly sad video 💔😢

#Yogiroxx #HarHarMahadev
This video was after Yogiji had been jailed in 2007 for 11 days. He vented in parliament after the whole 11 day jail incident.


Sadhvi Pragya, Yogi Adityanath, Swami Aseemanand


Isn't the hatred for Hindu Sadhus and Hinduphobia obvious?
Yogiji broke down in the Parliament after the then Speaker Somnath Chatterjee had asked him to speak.

He spoke about a political conspiracy and claimed that he was only being attacked because he openly spoke about the corrupt ISI-Nepal nexus in the Indo-Nepal border.
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Supreme Court is hearing petition filed by Republic TV Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami seeking quashing of FIR against him, this time in relation to disturbing communal harmony after the Bandra migrant incident.

Senior Counsel Harish Salve representing Goswami takes the Court through the two incidents in relation to which FIRs and subsequently petitions before the Supreme Court came to filed.

First set of FIRs pertained to Goswami's statements on Sonia Gandhi after #PalgharMobLynching in April this year.

Salve tells the Court that Goswami was interrogated for 12 hours by the Mumbai Police, says nature of the FIR shows it was an "arm twisting tactic"

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Today I am reminded of @RudraVS and his fight for the truth despite torture.
Ab zara gyan suniye.

1st family will probably try to pull out stuff from Arnab’s past.... ab... kitna hai, kya hai.. imho won’t make any difference.
Channel owes loans... probably there will be pressure to take these back. Pressure toh ayega... I am sure he will not blink.
Yeh sab tactics pata hai... koi pharak nahi padna ab...
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SC bench comprising Justices D Y Chandrachud and M R Shah to consider shortly the writ petition filed by Republic TV Editor-in-Chief, #ArnabGoswami, seeking to quash the FIRs registered against him in various states over his news debate on #PalgharMobLynching case.

Senior Adv. Mukul Rohatgi & Siddhartha Bhatnagar appearing for #ArnabGoswami.
8 lawyers on screen including Senior Advs @VTankha for Chhattisgarh, @KapilSibal for Maharashtra & @DrAMSinghvi for Rajasthan, on VC hearing.

Justice Chandrachud: "Why so many lawyers?"

Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi begins:

"There is a place called #Palghar in Maharashtra, where persons were lynched in the presence of 12 police client (#ArnavGoswami) bought out this incident on his daily show for 45 Minutes...."

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#PalgharLynchingTruth + #ArnabGoswami ATTACK ALL CONNECTED TO THIS

(Pls don't copy graphic I created it)
There are 4 key factors to look at in the #PalgharMobLynching incident -

1. PESA Act
2. Pathalgadi Movement
3. Pradip Prabhu - Kashtakari Sang.
4. #bar_dancer_antonio_maino

In the thread below I will be exposing all of these Breaking India forces and their anti-Hindu agenda.
Quoting information with sources mentioned in the end.

"There is a general perception in India that the biggest threat to India’s national security comes from our two hostile neighbours i.e. is Pakistan and China. But the truth is that the most serious threat to India’s security
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Here's why #PalgharMobLynching case is NOT COMMUNAL ACCORDING TO @OfficeofUT Govt & Why they lynched Sadhus.
CPM & Kashtakari Sanghatna used to be rivals ages ago. They settled the scores & became partners in crime. Fully sponsored & supported by NCP, Congress & ISI.
Moto "Conversion" & "Break India" newly termed as BHARAT TERE TUKDE HONGE INSHALLAH INSHALLAH.
They are Anti Hindu & idea of India. All terror attacks were permitted by #AntoniaMaino. Mumbai suffered the most because of @PawarSpeaks. ISI,Dawood Con NCP are friends with benefits.
@OfficeofUT is nothing but a puppet. Bullet Train project was scrapped for Brian Lobo, Pradip Prabhu who is backed by CPM, NCP, Congress. All #UrbanNaxals like #GautamNavlakha #AnandTeltumbde #ArundhatiRoy etc. are funded by the same people for same agenda.
Bottom line samjhlo.
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The way #ArnabExposesSonia diverted the attention from #PalgharMobLynching explains why no action is ever taken on Maa - Beta combo. Arnab isnt useful for Hindus as some are projecting him. The facts spoken by Arnab yest have been spoken a no of times by leaders like Jaya
Arnab is no more than a sellout who shouts everyday as per the orders of his master. The BJP supporters accusing Hindus for stating this fact should remember how he carried out various meaningless hitjobs on BJP leaders like @SushmaSwaraj during his days in Times Now
Pragmatic politics? Unless this episode leads to punishment of Maa-Beta combo for their misdeeds, there is ntg to gain by jumping into this issue for the support of a guy who praise Pinarayi Vijayan not so long ago
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This recent #Islamophobia_In_India trend is yet another conspiracy by Pakistan to destabilise India. I'm compiling proof for it in this thread. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia Kindly take up this issue seriously

So this guy KahlownYasin was getting too much "love" from Indian Ms. Apparently he highlighted the old tweets of Sonu Nigam after which he had to deactivate his twitter. Turned out to be a Pakistani troll. He gained 24k followers in merely 2 days ImageImageImageImage
Now since Fault News has confirmed it so it had to be true🙃Apparently he changed his location from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. Currently his account is private with a different username.His personal details are also given below. He's from Faisalabad,Pakistan ImageImageImageImage
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१/ कोणाला वाटली पाहिजे लाज???

प्रत्येक हलगर्जीपणाचे खापर इतरांवर फोडणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

लोकांना घरातुन उचलून, कायदा हाती घेऊन मारहाण करणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

३० दिवसानंतर सुद्धा,अजूनही एकट्या मुंबईतील गर्दी न हाताळत्या येणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,
#Palghar #मराठी
जनतेला धारेवर धरून, पैसेवाल्यांना VIP treatment वाटत फिरणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

सपशेल यंत्रणा तोंडघशी पडताना, प्रत्येक गोष्टीत केंद्राच्या नावाने बोंब ठोकणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

गुंड मंत्र्यांवर कारवाई न करता, व्हाट्सअप्प वर ठराविक मेसेज केला म्हणून अटक करणाऱ्यांना
लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

४० दिवस सुध्दा लोकांना सांभाळता येत नाही म्हणून निधीच्या नावाने बोंब मारणार्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

जनतेला विश्वासात कमी अन दहशतीत जास्त ठेवणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,

५ किलो तांदूळ घेण्यासाठी मरमर करणाऱ्यांवर, AC त बसून भाष्य करणाऱ्यांना लाज वाटली पाहिजे,
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पालघर येथील काही स्थानिक बातमी वर आधारित

चींचले आंबोली शिसने गंजड हा पूर्ण २५ चौ. किमी चा क्षेत्रफळ असलेला परिसर पालघर जिल्ह्यामधे मोडतो. Image
काही दिवसांपूर्वी तिथे सरणी गावात एक डॉक्टर कैलास वळवी हे अन्नपदार्थ वाटप करण्यास आले होते .तेव्हा काही लोकांनी त्यांना त्या बाबत हटकले आणि बाचाबाची देखील झाली.
पोलिसांच्या मध्यस्थी नंतर प्रकरण मिटले.

परंतु त्या नंतर तिथे अफवा पसरवण्यात आली की असे काही दाढी वाले लोक वेगवेगळे वेश करून मोठ्या संख्येने परिसरात येऊन दरोडा टाकणार आहेत.
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2 Sadhus and 1 driver in presence of police got lynched by a bloodthirsty mob at #Palgarh Maharashtra.
No outrage like Dadri
They are HINDU saints & not a Muslim Mohammad Akhlaq or Chor Tabrej
Maharashtra is governed by Sonia Sena ImageImageImage
Entire incident is caught on camera. Cops are witnesses but not a single prestitute is gone to cover their story.
Nobody has met the families of Sadhus OR the driver.
No one has named and shamed the mob.
Why are HINDU lives so cheap?
What is the missing link?
The hand that was supposed to protect him pushed him in the centre of blood thirsty mob.
There was a whole battalion of cops. Not a single policeman came to the defence of a frail 70 yr old sadhu.
Let's us all hang our heads in shame.
Police are as culpable as the mob
#Palghar Image
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So here is the story why so much silence @ReallySwara @anuragkashyap72 and other Leftist twitter handles.

Dhabadhi, is a townlet which is part of constituency Dahnu, also the only seat CPI secured in 2019 MH elections.
Vinod Nikole is a ricebeg, got his due through Naxal- Missionary support.

Population here is mostly baptized and is involved in Armed loots in and around Dahnu.
These people found two men in Saffron and their hate aggravated started pelting stones and killed the driver first.
Two old Sadhus (70+) had no clue what to do as they can't drive, got beaten brutally. Small unit of police was informed, intervened but couldn't handle the bloodthirsty communists on killing spree. 100+ are arrested.
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