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Nah. This is another puff piece on the #WaitingList pilot, details of which @NHSEngland published - without daring to mention @PalantirTech - over ten months ago...…
To be clear, 30 individual NHS Trusts* are using #Palantir #Foundry to manage elective care waiting lists, not patients' entire medical histories - largely by what Ministers have called "cleansing" the data:

*Though @NHSEngland won't say which ones...
The timing (and placement) of the piece is, however, quite obvious - with the tender for @NHEngland's "#FederatedDataPlatform" imminent.

And the #FDP - whether awarded to #Palantir or otherwise - is most definitely something people will have concerns about, especially given...
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This headline 👇 will be no surprise to anyone who's been following @NHSEngland's plans (and actions) for a while.

But @JonUngoedThomas's article reveals some crucial details about what's intended for your #NHS #HealthRecords that are worth unpacking...… Controversial £360m NHS Eng...
First, and possibly most significantly, is @NHSEngland officials' confirmation that its '#FederatedDataPlatform' will incorporate patients across England's #SharedCareRecords: Health officials confirmed ...
Why is this so important? Because #SharedCareRecords - which every new #ICS* is supposed to have - include your #GPdata, which @NHSEngland has been trying to get hold of for years (most recently last summer)...

*#IntegratedCareSystem explainer here:… Map 1: The 42 integrated ca...
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The #LebedevScandal “is beginning to seem as if it could – & should – become the defining legacy of @BorisJohnson’s premiership” @carolecadwalla

It is “of another order to Wallpapergate or Partygate or the Chris Pincher scandal” #Lebedev #BorisJohnson…
In 2019, during the investigation into Russian collusion in the US election/#Trump victory, @DevinNunes told Mueller

“What we’re trying to figure out here is if our Nato allies or @BorisJohnson has been compromised

The photo is of Johnson & Joseph Mifsud
From the start, Russia has always been in the corner of this diagram mapping my investigation of a #DataGrab for population-wide genomic data👇

Russian interference in the 2016 #Trump election & #Brexit vote made perfect sense

The #RussiaReport suggested M16 chose to look away
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18/. Wow!

#Palantir has hired former Head of AI at NHSX & member of SAGE Indra Joshi (who left in March) as it bids for £360 million NHS Federated Data Platform

Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data & have interest in genomic data…
19/. They’re not MAGA

They’re not QAnon

Curtis Yarvin & the rising right are crafting a different strain of conservative politics

How does billionaire #Palantir founder, Peter Thiel, fit into the plot? #PalantirPlan #DataGrab #Genomics #ThisIsNotADrill…
20/. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

“A pandemic & war in Europe have now conspired to shatter our collective illusions of stability & perpetual peace. #Palantir have spent nearly two decades preparing for this moment. This is our time & we intend to seize it”…
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The PM breaking #COVID19 lockdown rules then lying about it is serious

But there are MUCH bigger scandals than #Partygate (many of which I broke)

5/3/20 - #TakeItOnTheChin #HerdImmunityScandal

3/2/20 #GreenwichSpeech👇

15/5/20 #CarehomeScandal

👉the #DataGrab / #PalantirPlan
For me, my investigation began by chance on 8/3/20 when I stumbled on @BorisJohnson’s interview with @Schofe & @hollywills where he said “one theory is we could #TakeItOnTheChin

I clipped it & it went viral

Ironically, this was also the same day as first Briton died of #COVID
As #COVID19 hit, every epidemiologist/virologist made clear #HerdImmunity without a vaccine was an “outcome” not a “strategy”

Every behaviourist made clear “behavioural fatigue” was unscientific

Every expert knew about asymptomatic spread in Feb 2020

Then the penny dropped
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17/. Last August, #Palantir purchased $50 million of physical gold

If any other tech company did this, it would be notable, but it’s especially notable for a data analytics company

Was the #RussianUkrainianWar predicted?

Does it fit with #PalantirPlan?…
18/. Wow!

#Palantir has hired former Head of AI at NHSX & member of SAGE Indra Joshi (who left in March) as it bids for £360 million NHS Federated Data Platform

Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data & have interest in genomic data…
19/. They’re not MAGA

They’re not QAnon

Curtis Yarvin & the rising right are crafting a different strain of conservative politics

How does billionaire #Palantir founder, Peter Thiel, fit into the plot? #PalantirPlan #DataGrab #Genomics #ThisIsNotADrill…
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1/. “We want to make the UK fully autonomous, from a regulatory and geopolitical point of view”

Palantir, the shadowy data, surveillance & genomics, that run the NHS COVID data store, plans to shift its entire UK data processing operation from the US!…
2/. “Are you aware that #Palantir & #FacultyAI have links to the discredited #CambridgeAnalytica?”

“ don't think I'm aware of that, no”

@DawnButlerBrent tells @MattHancock that Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalyica to scrape data!👇
3/. Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says that Palantir showed #CambridgeAnalytica how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote

Palantir run the NHS’s #COVID19 data store with #FacultyAI (linked to Vote Leave & rprtdly to Cambridge Analytica)

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If I had a spare $10,800 I might spend it on dinner with #PeterThiel, the man behind the data/surveillance/genomics #Palantir who are behind the unparalleled #datagrab in the UK & globally

I’ve been investigating Palantir for 18 months & have a few questions I’d like to ask him! Image
So what would I ask Peter Thiel on our dinner date?

Is it true that #Palantir taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data?

Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says Palantir showed them how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote.
Emails link #CambridgeAnalytica & #Palantir’s psychographic project in data mining Facebook for electioneering in Brexit & in US in 2016

@chrisinsilico says “senior Palantir employees that were also working on the Facebook data”

Is this true?…
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Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele tells @haynesdeborah about Russian interference in #Brexit

Palantir who rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data run the NHS #COVID19 data store with Cummings-linked Vote Leave firm, #FacultyAI
Christopher Steele also compiled a dossier alleging collusion btw Russia & the 2016 Trump election campaign

Were Brexit & Trump part of an intelligence-backed, right-wing plan for power through genomic data?

The #PalantirThree & #RussiaReport offer clues
Earlier this week, #ChristopherSteele told @GStephanopoulos that he’s speaking out now because “the problems we identified back in 2016 haven’t gone away, & arguably have actually got worse."

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In the mid-20th century, satellites helped us determine the exact circumference of the Earth: 40,030km

But 2000+ years earlier, Eratosthenes
a Greek mathematician, came up with nearly the exact same figure using two sticks & his brain

Carl Sagan explains
I once asked “how is it that all scientists aren’t mystics, all cosmologists not poets?”

Carl Sagan was both of these

This passage - Pale Blue Dot - was inspired by the photo of Earth taken in 1990, by the Voyager 1 from a distance of about 6 billion km.
Scientists are like mystics in that they can travel in time explaining the past, seeing into the future

In this 1974 interview, Arthur Clarke makes precise predictions about the Internet & PC

And below James Burke predicts the rise of #CambridgeAnalytica
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It’s amazing what you can find if you look closely!
(Video & artwork by @rokubunnnoichi)
It’s amazing what you can see if you look close enough (artwork by @Coldwar_Steve)
#NigelFarage #DonaldTrump #ThisIsNotADrill #NeoNazis #Fascism
It’s amazing what you can see when you look closely

The NHS = the most trusted brand in the UK

Cambridge Analytica = the least trusted

And yet #Palantir & #FacultyAI who run our #COVID19 data store, rprtdly have links with #CambridgeAnalytica

#GenomeUK #PalantirPlan #Genomics
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After not hearing a peep from Michael Gove for months, eye-watering videos of him dancing in a club above a pub last night have emerged

He turned up alone & tried to avoid paying the £5 entry fee

“He was saying he shouldn't have to pay,” the manager said
Unverified footage shows #Gove leaving the club in the early hours of the morning

We may laugh, but he’s a key architect of Brexit & champion of Cummings

Did his “Bell Curve bookshelf stunt”hint at his Involvement with the #GenomeUK plan & #PalantirPlan?
The #PalantirPlan & #GenomeUK plan are summarised below👇

Our society is based on science & technology, but few people understand anything about science & technology

As Carl Sagan said this is a“combustible mixture that will one day blow up in our faces”
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24/. It may be tempting to frame this as “a battle btw democracies & autocracies” BUT the problem of malign surveillance is inseparable from the wider assaults on our privacy that are intrinsic to our daily online life.
#Pegasus #PegasusProject @NewYorker… ImageImageImageImage
25/. “My work to expose the crimes of the Saudi regime led to a hacking attempt on my phone. Today, I am overwhelmed by feelings of vulnerability & intrusion.”

Analyst @MadawiDr, on how #PegasusProject findings have affected her. #Pegasus @declassifiedUK…
26/. Alarmed by #PegasusProject revelations that #Pegasus has been used to facilitate worldwide human rights violations on a mass scale, 146 NGOs call on states to implement an immediate moratorium on the sale, transfer & use of surveillance technology… Image
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1/. Gross press freedom violations revealed by #PegasusProject can’t be met with impunity

Govts & agencies who’ve spied on journalists must provide answers on this misuse of NSO technology #Pegasus #PegasusSnoopgate @amnesty @globalfreemedia @pressfreedom…
2/. Journalists, MPs & human rights activists were selected as targets for surveillance by authoritarian regimes

#Pegasus is the spyware developed, marketed & licensed to govts around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group.
@citizenlab #PegasusProject
3/. In the months before he died & a year after his murder, people associated with Jamal Khashoggi, were selected for potential surveillance by clients of NSO

Hungary’s far-right govt is suspected of hacking phones of journalists & targeting owners
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1/. More than a year ago, I flagged this Dutch modelling for how the #COVID19 pandemic might impact with its final peak in early 2022

The Dutch were also following a #HerdImmunuity ‘strategy’

Today, the @DailyMailUK is talking about a 4th wave even before the 3rd wave as peaked
2/. All epidemiologists & virologists will tell you, #HereImmunity is an ‘outcome’ NEVER a ‘strategy’

The Dutch #COVID19 strategy mirrored that being used in the UK & was described as “a masterclass in framing & gaslighting”

So why did they go down this non-scientific path?👇
3/. We know the govt did NOT “stick to the science like glue”

#HerdImmunity - wasn’t science

#BehaviouralFatigue wasn’t science

They knew about asymptomatic spread in Jan

These were not “mistakes”

So why DID they do it?

Why are they STILL doing it?

Some answers below👇
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1/. @MattHancock on #r4today claims he pushed back the GP #DataGrab by two months

@MishalHusain fails to point out that it is 8 MONTHS since the FIRST deadline passed to “opt out” of another NHS patient data sharing scheme!

Our data iseven advertised by the Dept of Trade!👇
2/. The “opt out” from having your NHS patient data shared with pharmaceutical companies was 30 Sept 2020

It didn’t apply "when there is an overridinng public interest...for example, to help manage contagious diseases like #COVID19

So there was NO opt out & NO media coverage.
3/. Last Wednesday #MattHancock claimed that GP’s having exclusive control of patient data is “undemocratic”

Instead he says he wants every citizen to “control their own data” (!?)

That may sound great, but how would that work in practice?

I trust my GP

I don’t trust Hancock
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1/. Starting today, the most important courtroom drama the UK has ever seen

The PM challenged on grounds of national security following the findings of the #RussiaReport by
@BenPBradshaw @RhonddaBryant @CarolineLucas @LordStras @AlynSmith & @PJWheatcroft
2/. Last July - after much delay - the #RussiaReport was finally published

It’s findings were truly terrifying

It revealed the govt & intelligence agencies had actively avoided looking for evidence that Russia interfered in the Brexit vote

3/. The implications of the #RussiaReport fed into my ongoing investigation into what appears to be a global #DataGrab for population-wide genomic data

I’d already traced the plan back to 2015

Russian interference in the 2016 #Trump election & #Brexit vote made perfect sense!
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1/. I am at #CogX2021 for @MattHancock’s first public appearance - Live Tweeting from the front row

Oh dear! He’s just started & has lost his voice lost his voice

Short pause...
#MattHancock #COVID19 #coronavirus #Genomics #GenomeUK
2/. Matt’s back!

@MattHancock has regained his voice & is continuing his keynote address at #CogX2021

A friend just DMed:

“Maybe he lost his voice when he you in the front row & realised you’re going to ask him about the links btw #Palantir #FacultyAI & #CambridgeAnalytica!”
3/. #MattHancock says that he thinks that GP’s having exclusive control of patient data is “undemocratic”

Instead he says he wants every citizen to control their own data(!?)

He says people are enthusiastic about sharing their health data as long as privacy is assured #CogX2021
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“We were guided by the science. We didn't always follow the science" @MattHancock

So @BorisJohnson was lying when he said “we stuck to the science like glue”

Were they following the cod behavioural science of Halpern’s Nudge Unit & the ‘data science’ of #Palantir & #FacultyAI?
2/. On 13/5/20, I broke the #CareHomeScandal

On 2/4/20 the govt had INSTRUCTED hospitals to send people “who may have #COVID19” to care homes WITHOUT TESTING

The govt KNEW about asymptomatic transmission in Jan/Feb 2020

The question is which Minister signed off this directive.
3/. Hancock claims that no one knew about ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD

This is not true

The govt knew asymptomatic transmission of #COVID19 was likely in Jan & had this confirmed in Feb

SAGE minutes on 28 January 2020 state that early indications suggest there was asymptomatic spread.
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