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I no longer have any problem calling all 357 Tory MPs fascists because...

Fascism involves the forceful suppression of opposition and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM just voted for police to arrest protesters who shout too loudly. #PoliceCrackdownBill #PolicingBill
Tory MP David Davis said the #PoliceCrackdownBill "actually does pose a grave threat to the fundamental right of protest" then voted for it!

Tory MP Jonathan Djanogly said the #PolicingBill would "reduce public safety" by encouraging the police to use force against peaceful protesters... THEN VOTED FOR IT!

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If you're wondering why people are still taking to the streets against the #PoliceCrackdownBill, here's what the Gov has in store for the people's right to protest:

[THREAD] screenshot of the title page of the Police, Crime, Sentencin

Currently a senior police officer can place 3 conditions on a static protest (that stays in one place):
1. place
2. duration
3. number of people

#PoliceCrackdownBill lets the officer place any condition "as appear to him necessary" - a dangerously broad power.

The #PoliceCrackdownBill says "noise generated by persons taking part" is a reason for police to impose conditions on a protest if the noise "may result in serious disruption to the activities of an organisation which are carried out in the vicinity". screenshot of the relevant section of the Bill
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MPs are starting to debate the 'Don't Criminalise Trespass' petition I started over a year ago.

The #PoliceCrackdownBill will criminalise trespass with intent to reside - severely impacting Travellers & homeless people, criminalising protest camps & potentially wild camping. 1/n
Katherine Fletcher MP (South Ribble) is opening the debate. She recounts how she's spoken to me, @GypsyTravellers & @RamblersGB, and also the NFU and CLA. 2/n…
Katherine Fletcher MP admits to occasionally trespassing herself, often with a mountain bike.


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People have begun rallying at Speakers Corner in London ahead of the #KillTheBill #PoliceCrackdownBill protest this afternoon.
“We’re from the Bargee Travellers Association, we live on boats that don’t have home moorings. We’re here in solidarity with other travellers and also for the right to protest.”

Olivia, right, 32, from Peterborough, at the #KillTheBill protest.
“I’m here dressed as the grim reaper to mourn what is in effect the death of democracy .... We need to stop this bill going through because it’s a complete erosion of our civil liberties.”

Name withheld. #KillTheBill #PoliceCrackdownBill
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1/ Met Deputy Chief Stephen House today criticised @SistersUncut and the #SarahEverard vigil for sharing what to do when faced with police oppression.

House basically has a problem with tweets like this (so you defo should RT it):
@SistersUncut 2/ House said the tweet was a “typical preparatory tweet before a demonstration, but not before a vigil”.

There is so much wrong with this arguement it is staggering. *Takes a deep breath.*
@SistersUncut 3/ Those preparing for the vigil were right to share information about what to do when faced with police repression. The Met had clearly indicated that they were going to crack down on the vigil.

No magic crystal balls needed.

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📣 THREAD | MPs will vote on the second reading of the #PoliceCrackdownBill TODAY

A vote for the Bill will place protest rights in a permanent lockdown.
⚠️When @theresa_may voices concern that the government's plans might be too authoritarian... something must be up!

And IT IS.

This #PoliceCrackdownBill is a serious threat to our right to protest. The protest restrictions must be opposed.
🪧 'Does she not see that handing over more draconian powers to the police when they have so badly misjudged this situation would be both foolish and dangerous?'

@CarolineLucas says the #PoliceCrackdownBill risks undoing our longstanding right to peacefully protest.
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The Police, Crime, Sentencing And Courts Bill  X Prison Expansion- What you need to know: #KillTheBill
#PoliceCrackdownBill goes beyond restrictions to protest and ever more draconian police powers... Harsher sentences, mandatory minimums and new parole restrictions mean more people will be in prison & for longer, and charities will get tax breaks for holding children in captivity
We know this legislation will predominantly affect those oppressed by racism, capitalism and ableism.
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Pay attention to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill—it is an attempt by the government to push Britain deeper into authoritarianism. It will restrict free protests in a way Russia and Turkey does. This is a vicious attack on freedom in the UK.…
“It will become a crime to fail to follow restrictions the protesters ‘ought’ to have known about, even if they have not received a direct order from an officer.”…
Under this bill you could get up to 10 years in prison for toppling a statute. Bare in mind the average jail time for a pedophile in Britain is less than 5 years. Image
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Things you wouldn’t have without the right to protest: No1

The vote.

Things you wouldn’t have without the right to protest: No2

Women’s vote.

Things you wouldn’t have without the right to protest: No3

Abolition of Slavery.

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The #PoliceCrackdownBill targets what makes our protest rights meaningful and gives the police even more powers to shut protests down.

Breakdown of this dangerous Bill [THREAD]:

Currently a senior police officer can place 3 conditions on a static protest (that stays in one place):
1. place
2. duration
3. number of people

#PoliceCrackdownBill lets the officer place any condition "as appear to him necessary" - a dangerously broad power.

The #PoliceCrackdownBill says "noise generated by persons taking part" is a reason for police to impose conditions on a protest if the noise "may result in
serious disruption to the activities of an organisation which are carried out in the vicinity".
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US Libertarian billionaires pay #Spiked to divide UK society.

The irresponsible cranks at Spiked pretend they're for "greater freedom & democracy", but NOT ONCE have they mentioned the anti-freedom & anti-democracy 'Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill'.

Like #Breitbart, EVERY DAY they puke out divisive 'culture war' stories about 'dangerous cultural Marxists', 'the death of free speech', or how 'anti-racists are the REAL racists'.

It's pathetic & relentless. & it is paid simply to #divide voters, & thus help their rich funders.
A 2018 investigation revealed #Spiked received at least $300,000 between 2015 & 2018 from the Koch brothers — the right-wing libertarian US oil billionaires who have been at the heart of climate change denial in the USA.

#Spiked ARE 'the thought police'.…
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Hitler won mass support because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, & millions lost their jobs.

Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future - 'sunlit uplands', you might say.…
The poorest people in Germany voted for Hitler's opponents, notably the Communists & the moderate left-wing Social Democrats, but the lower-middle classes, the bourgeoisie, the unorganized workers, the rural masses, and the older traditionalists all gave their votes to Hitler. Image
Whereas other politicians seemed to dither or act as mere administrators, Hitler projected purpose & dynamism.

He proved a master at denouncing conventions & manipulating the media. He issued an endless stream of #slogans, & hammered them home to win potential supporters over. Image
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We are a police state, with poverty as deliberate policy, we defend apartheid & arm genocidal regimes, we ignore international law, we break treaties, we host global corruption, our covid-19 response failed, we promote racist hostility: we are a failed state. #ToryBritain
The reason the world is in such a mess is because morally bereft states like Britain conspire with others to accumulate all the wealth & power. The brazen confidence of this evil empire means we don't even try to hide mechanisms like permanent seats on the UN Security Council.
All attempts to break this hegemony, to live outside this international model, are destroyed in infancy by armed conflict, economic armageddon & illegal coups, with alternative philosophies demonised so effectively they are despised by the very people they seek to emancipate.
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Make no mistake, under the cover of #COVID19 this government is profiteering in terms of power. I've been trying to get people to wake up – eg article I wrote in Dec 2020…
But against the back drop of last night on #ClaphamCommon
And the #PoliceCrimeSentencingCourtsBill coming before #Parliament tomorrow/Tues, we need a social media storm before we end up with a police state where our silence results in our civil liberties eroded in ways that it will be almost impossible to claw back.
The Bill's factsheets are here… - but how can 300 pages was only published last Tuesday with the deadline for Mps to speak on Friday & with 2 days to debate not be undermining Parliament's sovereignty and our fundamental rights?
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Last night's scenes at Clapham Common show exactly why we can't let @pritipatel ram through a #PoliceCrackdownBill that would give her and police forces sweeping powers to shut down protest and silence dissenting voices.

@AnnelieseDodds I hope you'll speak out against it
Unless you want to lose the right to speak out freely and protest effectively, I urge everyone to write to your MP URGENTLY asking them to stop the #PoliceCrackdownBill in its track. There's a useful template here:…
You can read more about it in this thread: . Among many other things, it would enshrine in law a potential 10 year prison sentence for any kind of protest that the Home Office and @pritipatel considers 'disruptive' #PoliceCrackdownBill
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'upsetting' is all well and good @pritipatel but could you:

1. withdraw your #PoliceCrackdownBill from Parliament this week

2. support an urgent change to the lockdown regs to add an explicit protest exemption

platitudes won't cut it.
for everyone saying 'well BLM and other protests have been allowed to go ahead', please read this from @netpol which found that the policing of BLM protests was institutionally racist. people were kettled; people were unable to seek medical attention…
please also see what happened to asylum seekers protesting unsafe and undignified living conditions at Napier Barracks - they were threatened with enforcement…
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Thread: To all the women scared to #ReclaimTheseStreets as a result of police intimidation around £10k fines for covid-safe vigils. This is just the beginning... @pritipatel’s new Police & Crime Bill introduced this week will criminalise nearly all forms of effective protest..
They want to enshrine the limitations on civil liberties that we’ve seen under the pandemic in law and restrict the ways we can legally protest going forward. Noone knows about this bill yet…
Read more here and do everything you can to spread the word. Or this will become the new law of the land under the radar and we’ll wake up one day soon having lost our right to protest…
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