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Tomorrow I'll be turning myself in the Metropolitan Police to be charged with a public order offense pertaining to my role in the May #KillTheBill protest against expanded police powers. Here's why this is good news.…
Info on our various projects, link to Project PM and so forth:

... and background on arrest, asylum claim, and the decade-long conflict between Project PM and the US/UK intelligence community, wherein this run-in with Met and Home Office is just the latest skirmish in a broader war I'm too arrogant to stop fighting…
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We know that Diana Johnson MP tabled amendments to the Police and Crime bill today in an attempt to bring in the Nordic Model on sex work. We think it’s very unlikely that these amendments will pass: it doesn’t seem to be a government priority right now and it would require (1/8)
serious funding to enforce. However, we still need to keep showing our opposition to the Nordic Model. Our open letter against the Nordic Model has been signed by nearly 250 organisations, academics, journalists and activists, as well as over 1,600 individual signatories. (2/8)
We know the harms of the Nordic Model: @MdM_France research shows that the Nordic Model law in France “had a detrimental effect on sex workers’ safety, health and overall living conditions”. @uglymugsie reported that crimes against sex workers almost doubled in the two years (3/8
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If you wonder why those of a traveller Ethnicity suffer worse mental health than the average.

Let me give you some examples.

What if an elected Mayor, posted on her Facebook account:

"There's a few black families staying up at parkhill, make sure you lock up your sheds and vans."

Would they still be in a job?
Would @N_landCouncil protect them?

Who knows, 'cos she said it about travellers.

Today, the Local Government Ombudsman refused to investigate my complaint against her any further and claimed the Council's apology for their repeated delays (of many months) was acceptable.

Because, you know, travellers...

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Today a senior officer has testified in court that after approx 90mins of our printworks protest, Priti Patel & Boris Johnson were taking an active interest

Just after midnight on 4th September 2020, the Home Sec rang the Hertfordshire Chief Constable...
We do not know what was discussed, other than there was pressure to move the protest ASAP

This informed the police behaviour;
👉protestors had stated from the start that they would leave willingly at 11am
👉the protestors on the roof of the vans & suspended in the bamboo structures, came down at 11am on the dot to be arrested
👉at this point, the 2 vans and 2 8metre tall tensegrity structures were still in the road (the protest could have continued for many more hours)
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Some earnest thoughts on the events in #Glasgow #Pollokshields.

What happened there today epitomises everything that's wrong with the Home Office and this Government - but also shows us how we can oppose them. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
When the Home Office chose to send immigration enforcement vans on Eid, it wasn't an accident. Raids rely on foreseeing a person's location. They're also intended to be incredibly distressing, disorientating and confusing. Imagine being torn from your family on Xmas day.
The conflation between policing and immigration enforcement is something to be extremely concerned about. The classification of people as "illegal" is what makes it absolutely fine for 20 police officers to enter your home, trash it and shove you in the back of a van.
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'HN304' (aka 'Graham Coates') gave evidence at the #SpyCopsInquiry today.
"Would more formal training have helped?"
He replied:
"Yes, I think so"
Luckily that now exists, created by @out_of_lives Image
@out_of_lives Watch @siobhni and @MPeakeOfficial explain #InstitutionalSexism - privacy - consent - & the right to protest (words by @out_of_lives ) as part of this new #spycops training resource.

#ACAB Image
@out_of_lives @siobhni @MPeakeOfficial Watch @tamdeanburn explain the kind of dilemmas #spycops might face in the field - and show how role-play can be used to find solutions to a selection of scenarios Image
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West Yorkshire, as you head to the polls today, we've got a few things to say to our future Mayor...
@TracyBrabin @MrMatt_Robinson @GoltonStewart @clrandrewcooper @BobBuxtonYorksP, ARE YOU LISTENING?

and @SexWorkHive and SUPPORT SERVICES LIKE @BasisSexWork!
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Great to see #spycops placards and signs at yesterday's #KillTheBill demo in London
The #SpyCopsInquiry hearings recommence on Tuesday morning - catch up on the last few weeks at and
@out_of_lives ImageImage
@out_of_lives We don't trust the police.
Nobody can.
We remember the #SpyCops

Check out the new podcast series at ImageImageImage
@out_of_lives The police continue to spy on all kinds of campaigners, and curtail our right to protest.
This is why it's important to oppose the proposed new Police Crime & Sentencing Bill... ImageImage
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good afternoon, this is @bencsmoke reporting from trafalgar square for #killthebill third national day of action!
a frantic and confusing start here as police swamp the front of the bus which turned up blaring out skepta. crowd tried to follow and then told to get back into the square by stewards.
today there are actions in over 40 towns and cities today in protest of the incoming policing bill. to find out more about it here’s @jeremycorbyn telling us why he’s opposing the bill…
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4Front and #KillTheBill -- Why we oppose the Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill! #KilltheBill
Young people do not belong in cages. For those who are currently imprisoned, over half of whom are Black and brown, incidents of self harm, violence and suicide in prison at record levels, Despite this desperate situation, the Bill threatens to:
Create Secure Academies to imprison 16-19 year olds. These translate the widely discredited academy school model into the prison estate. Existing academy schools can set up or become ‘Secure Academies’. These youth prisons will be run by private companies.
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THREAD: 4Front and #KillTheBill --Why we oppose the Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill Image
Bring in new cautions that impose conditions of fines, forced unpaid work, reporting, contact restrictions and more. Breaching these could see young people arrested without a warrant.
Introduce ‘Serious Violence Reduction Orders (SVROs)’, allowing police to stop and search anyone with an SVRO whenever they’re in public without any reason or suspicion. The orders can be renewed indefinitely, if breached, can mean a young person faces up to two years in prison.
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THREAD: This Bill threatens to massively expand the surveillance, restrictions and racist policing that already damage the lives of many young people. The Bill threatens to:
Force local councils to answer to police on youth violence, giving police the power to control and fund how schools, colleges, health centres and youth offending teams approach the issue.
Allow police to instruct teachers, youth workers and paramedics to give up a young person’s phone in their possession, to take young people’s data and intercept their communications.
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Vaccine equity and universal access to vaccines are essential. It is immoral and selfish and unjust--and will prolong the pandemic--to oppose waiving patent production for #COVID19Vaccine production.
It’s horrendous that while so many are desperate for vaccines globally, there are antivaxxer fuckwits in US, UK - etc who co-opt “my body my choice” and co-opt the Holocaust to “justify” their fuckery. I made this in May 2020 🎥 @rerutled #FuckNormal
8 police officers were injured and 5 people arrested for assault after an anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park, London, over the weekend. More footage at @Urban_Pictures #COVID19

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MPs are starting to debate the 'Don't Criminalise Trespass' petition I started over a year ago.

The #PoliceCrackdownBill will criminalise trespass with intent to reside - severely impacting Travellers & homeless people, criminalising protest camps & potentially wild camping. 1/n
Katherine Fletcher MP (South Ribble) is opening the debate. She recounts how she's spoken to me, @GypsyTravellers & @RamblersGB, and also the NFU and CLA. 2/n…
Katherine Fletcher MP admits to occasionally trespassing herself, often with a mountain bike.


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Why were thousands marching today to #KillTheBill? One reason is the government's new policing bill "creates is a situation where far more protests, far more often, are likely to face the prospect of having conditions imposed on them"…
"We know from experience that the police are already quick to impose restrictions and conditions on protests, which is why any organisation that is likely to make its voice heard noisily should feel alarmed by the bill’s public order proposals"
"Furthermore, any trade union picket line or protest calling for an ethical boycott of a business that successfully persuades people from entering a company’s premises may find its owners starting to ask the police to shut down pickets or protests"
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Heading to a #KillTheBill protest in *England and Wales*? Have a read of our top legal tips. We need you to learn your rights and share this info with your fellow protestors. RTs appreciated!
If protesting in Scotland, check out @activists_legal [Lime green background with white text. Purple paint splatte
1. NO COMMENT! You’re usually not required to answer police questions, so don’t. Say ‘no comment’. This includes ‘friendly chats’, on the streets, in a police van & during interview. Police Liaison Officers (in blue bibs) are trained intelligence gatherers - remember ‘NO COMMENT’ [Lime green background with white text. Purple paint splatte
2. NO PERSONAL DETAILS! You DON’T legally have to give personal details when you’re being stopped & searched & you usually don’t need to give personal details to police anyway [Lime green background with white text. Purple paint splatte
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I follow this account and yet this post of #Bristol protesters claiming media bias in reporting the #KillTheBill protests has not appeared on my Twitter timeline. Has social media's algorithms been changed to show us a biased perspective of the news?
Nor has this post appeared on my Twitter timeline...
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Today is International Romani Day.

Stand with GRT (Gypsy, Roma and Traveller) folk against this horrendous bill.

Follow @ResistAntiTresp, share media, talk about it, hit the fucking streets.

1/ A picture of a traditional wagon with the test "Protect
66% percent of British people aren't even aware that GRT communities are a recognised ethnic group and the rampant bigotry runs deep in our culture, not just on the street but in the papers and in the halls of govenance.
2/ A family of  Welsh Romanies pitch camp, sat around a fire in
There is a vast derth of authorised pitches to the tune of thousands on waiting lists, yet the PCSCB will make criminals of those without a pitch and threatens fines of £2500, 3 months prison ( Even deportation if they can).

This change from civil to criminal response means 3/
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Here is a picture of Lord Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere with Hitler.

He founded the Daily Mail, which influenced British politics, to strongly support for the appeasement of Nazi Germany.

Now his Great Grandson of the Daily Mail supports Boris Johnson 🤷‍♂️ Photo of Hitler. In the 1930s Lord Rothermere used his newsp
"The Mail Online successfully lobbied the Government to delete a tweet denouncing one of its articles, a freedom of information request has revealed"

Sceptics against #Lockdown cited the misleading article that "95% of #Covid cases had underlying causes"… A Mail Online article that claims 95% of Covid deaths had un
The Daily Mail influenced many people to vote to Leave the EU with front page articles attacking migrants who were 'besieging' and 'swamping' the UK

Daily Mail readers actually upvoted comments taken from Hilter's quotes with 'Jew' replaced by 'Migrant':… Daily Mail front page covers condemning migrants
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At the risk of sounding even more of an illiberal apologist for the government than I have been of late, having read around the issue of clause 59 of the Police,Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#killthebill) the objections seem to me to be groundless.


The Bill is here

It is a product of this Law Commission Report, if you read cl 59 and the conclusions at pp 78-9 you'll see they're nearly identical.…

So, the clause is the produce of a Law Commission Report from 6 years ago.

The Law Commission is a technical law reform body set up in the 60s. It is indepedent of government.

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Secure schools have been snuck into the policing bill... Yet another sinister way in which the government would rather pump money into locking people up, in this case children, instead of dealing with systemic social issues that cause trauma in the first place #KilltheBill The policing bill & "secure schools" - what is goiWhen & where are “secure schools” being set up?    The fWhat will the bill do? Since the gov awarded Oasis the contrWhat can I do?   Join & support Black-led organisations work
Text on infographics reads - Infographic 1:
The policing bill & “secure schools”: what's going on?
What are “secure schools”?
“Secure schools” are part of the government’s planned reform of youth justice - essentially, a rebranded version of Young Offenders’ Institutions (YOIs)
The gov claims that “secure schools” will “take a child-focused & trauma-informed approach to youth custody”[1] as if incarcerating children could ever be child-focused or trauma informed! They also claim they will be building “schools with security, not prisons with education”
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It's going to Kick off in London... Guys, Look after Eachother #KillTheBill
More and More Police coming into WM.. Guys be Careful!. xxx
Even more arriving with helmets in hand... Be careful!!
about 40 odd police have just circled the Churchill Statue- Performative policing! #KillTheBill
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Here in Bristol reporting for @novaramedia on today's #KillTheBill protest, the city's fifth in two weeks.

Heavy police presence, inc forces bussed in from Lincolnshire. Officers approaching protesters saying they hope things stay peaceful, with no need for batons/shields.
Sylvia Jones, 77, has come from Bath to join a "Mums & Nanas" contingent whose aim is to show that support for the protests extends beyond young people. She says she's terrified of the UK’s slide into authoritarianism.
Flash mob! Carrying signs inc "nomadic life" and "free expression".
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good afternoon, this is @bencsmoke, Huck’s politics editor, reporting from central london where today’s #killthebill demonstration is underway. there’s a carnival atmosphere here as a crowd of thousands slowly make their way down Park Lane
today there are demonstrations due to take place in over 30 towns and cities across the country. they have come together under the #killthebill banner to demonstrate against the policing bill, which is making its way through parliament.
the bill has been met by fierce opposition on the streets and from some MPs. here @zarahsultana, labour MP for coventry south writes for Huck about why she’s opposing the bill. she’s due to address crowds in Parliament Square later…
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