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#PublicOrderBill explainer🧵

When Gov says Parliament must have the final say on laws, apparently that's only if Gov likes the result.

One House of Parliament famously binned their worst anti-protest proposals in Jan.

Now Gov's brought them back.

(brace yourself, it’s long) a black and white image of ...
Gov's anti-protest Policing Bill saw the #KillTheBill movement develop as Gov faced a whole year of resistance.

In an attempt to hide from accountability for its actions, Gov wanted to give police more powers to shut down protests it doesn't like and criminalise demonstrators.
When Gov shoved new dangerous and discriminatory proposals into the Bill at the last minute to avoid scrutiny, the people and the House of Lords said 'no'.

Protest isn't a gift from the State. It's OUR RIGHT.

The Lords scrapped each and every one.
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🚨NEW: The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is back in the Commons today, as disputes over the amendments on the right to protest continue to ‘ping-pong’ between the two houses throughout the week:…
On 28 Feb, MPs voted to reinstate the Bill, in an attempt to overturn amendments suggested by the Lords after the initial reading.

Government disagreed with proposed amendments, notably those looking to alter restrictions it would place on protest rights.
Critics have called the Bill “draconian”, saying It hobbles rights to free and peacefully assembly by giving police powers to intervene if an event is deemed to be too noisy or cause “annoyance”…
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Dozens of mainly young #killthebill protesters have been charged by the Police & CPS, which appears to be the biggest use of riot charges against demonstrators since the 80s, giving the impression of “revenge policing” & giving in to political influences.…
The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on democracy and the constitution also heard that the police’s use of force, including deploying dogs, batons, and shield strikes, known as “blading”, was often considered disproportionate in the days that followed.
At least 62 protesters reported injuries over the course of the week, including 22 with head wounds & seven who required hospital treatment.

38 protesters charged with riot could face jail terms of up to 10 years. Only 22 people have been convicted of riot since 2011.
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Dr. @NafeezAhmed analyses eight bills which, taken as a whole, reveal an unprecedented and undemocratic ethno-nationalist power grab.…
#NationalityandBordersBill #KilltheBill
The focus on PM Boris Johnson’s lockdown party antics has allowed the Tory Party to accelerate its pursuit of unprecedented legal powers across a system of 8 new bills – one of which has already been passed into law. 2/3
The new regime could put up to 15 million Britons – a quarter of the population – at risk.' - @NafeezAhmed…
#KilltheBill Image
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The British government has passed so many awful, authoritarian laws this past year: allowing undercover police to spy on, kill or torture people, giving British troops immunity for war crimes, stripping people of their citizenship without notice.
Unsurprisingly, the media barely covered or opposed any of this. If you ask anyone on the street, I'd wager most Brits have no idea.
Can you really call it a democracy when the public hasn't been properly informed of the (very reactionary) laws imposed them?
If you want to learn about these laws:

Nationality and Borders bill:

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill:

Overseas Operations:

Spy Cops bill:
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Along with hundreds of scientists who support the non-violent civil resistance of @ExtinctionR and @InsulateLove , I am, according to UK Home Secretary @pritipatel, a vandal and a thug. Are you with me?
#KillTheBill #PolicingBill…
This is a new low for the UK right-wing, btw.
We are used to their name calling by now: PM @BorisJohnson 's "uncooperative crusties" and "tree-hugging mung bean-munching ecofreaks", their favoured "think tank" @Policy_Exchange called us "extremists".…
Now @pritipatel shows her true colours. Who are the real thugs and vandals: the industries, politicians and financiers destroying the living world, and driving us in to cataclysm, or the nonviolent movements trying to avert this cataclysm?
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The Govt's draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill is authoritarian, antidemocratic, anti-free speech, & anti-British.

It is an insult to all the brave people who gave their lives in WWII to protect our freedoms.

It MUST be resisted.

#KillTheBill #PoliceBill
Former Director of Policy for PM David Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, today stated that Britain is "sleepwalking into a police state."

She said that MPs claiming facemasks "is an imposition on civil liberties, have waved through these provisions" effectively criminalising protest.
Since the 296 page #PoliceBill passed through the House of Commons, Priti Patel has brought in an ADDITIONAL 18 pages at the last second (effectively an additional Bill) which has had ZERO scrutiny from MPs, & which bring in further draconian provisions.

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If you support the #PolicingBill you have to be supremely confident that at no point in the future you or anyone you care about will disagree with any British government. This isn't just about silencing protests now. It silences them afterwards as well. #r4today 1/
That's the thing with freedom and rights. When you celebrate them being stripped from people you disagree with, you inevitably ignore they're also being stripped from you. That's why we need to #KilltheBill, because of the precedent it sets and dangers to freedom it creates. 2/
You can't, as @RobertBuckland attempted to do on #r4today, argue that "proportionality" would protect people when you look at the disproportionate use of force by the police already against some peaceful protesters, such as at the Sarah Everard vigil. 3/…
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Over the years we’ve backed football protests the length and breadth of England & beyond to defend our clubs as community assets. Now it’s time to get behind ⁦@killthebill_1#KillTheBill to defend the right to protest so we can keep it up.…
In 2017 #ColU fans backed #LOFC fans from the @LOFansTrust to get Becchetti out so #KilltheBill
In 2017 Blackpool fans from @BlackpoolST appeared on Colne Radio when their team played the #ColU and said Oyston Out so #KilltheBill 1/3 Image
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Here are five new laws for 2022 that you need to know about. First up is the #NationalityandBordersBill…
The #NationalityandBordersBill would redefine who can claim asylum in the UK. It marks certain routes as legal, and others - like small boat crossings - illegal. Priti Patel says controlling our borders is what British people voted for...… Image
🚨BUT 🚨
⚖️@FreefromTorture say #NationalityandBordersBill would break international human rights law
🚫 @UnseenUK has called it ‘catastrophic’ for victims of modern day slavery…
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As 2021 draws to a close, it's time to reflect back on what, for Netpol, has been an enormously busy - and worrying - twelve months
Having predicted new anti-protest legislation last year, we were ready in March 2021 to resist the government's alarming Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Our response was the launch of a new Charter for Freedom of Assembly Rights…
At the same time (and somewhat overshadowed by the bill), we also highlighted the release of a thematic review on “how effectively the police deal with protests” by @HMICFRS, which called for a huge increase in surveillance on protesters…
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It's happening in front of our eyes: the stifling of democracy in the UK, with even more dictator's powers being slipped into the Police Bill. Yet the entire Establishment looks the other way. We must fight this as if our lives depend on it. They might.…
Parliament should be in uproar. The press should be in uproar. Yet you could hear a pin drop. There have been roughly as many stories in the UK press about Nestlé’s Quality Street chocolates as there have been about this massive attack on democratic rights.
Opposition is left to a few peers in the House of Lords, Liberty, alternative news sites and protesters coming together under the #KillTheBill banner. There’s a demonstration in London this afternoon:
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This should be all over the front pages. The government's terminating our right to protest, through amendments sneaked into the Police Bill at the last minute.
It's the biggest assault on democracy in 70+ years, and hardly anyone seems to know.
My column…
Obviously, the Free Speech Union and all the other Freedom Warriors of the right are up in arms about this massive truncation of our liberties.
It's amazing isn't it, that they get so wound up about what students say, or about having to wear face masks, but say nothing about the biggest attack on civil liberties in the UK for at least 70 years. You could almost imagine that the only freedoms they believe in are their own
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Not content with just making it even harder for refugees to reach British shores, Priti Patel has also snuck in some new anti-protest laws at the last minute.

Get ready for this, they're bloody grim.

A #PritiFascist 🧵

New offences would impose up to a year’s jail on protesters who lock themselves to railings, gates or other objects.

Police would get sweeping new powers to stop and search protesters, even without suspicion a crime was committed.

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1/2 This is how the premier of Victoria, @DanielAndrewsMP, responds to legitimate and serious questions from the Opposition in Parliament House.

Listen to the way that he speaks, and the complete lack of respect that he has. Flog.

2/2 The nerve on you, @DanielAndrewsMP, to bring up Tim Smith's drink driving incident. Remember that time you and your wife were driving and you hit a 15 year old boy on a bicycle?
And the boy was seriously injured and when the police came to the scene of the accident they "forgot" to breath test your wife who (you said) was driving? And five years later you've never contacted him or reached out to apologise? @DanielAndrewsMP
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World of #GreatReset. Orcs vs Humans. Coming to your cinemas in 2021.

Orc Generals
Orc Magicians
Great Orc Chieftain
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Since the proposal of the anti LGBTQIA bill, violence against LGBTQIA+ persons in Ghana has increased drastically on daily basis. Almost everyday there is an alleged gay, lesbian or trans persons attacked either by mobs on the street or by blackmailers who pose as LGBTQIA+
They lure young people into isolated areas, abuse, rape and beat them.
The videos we receive daily are so disgusting, traumatising and inhumane to think about and we can not even share them. It's shockingly true to see people with clubs and cutlasses in videos....
ready to butcher this young guy (between the age of 17-19). Others heated electric iron to burn him while some perverse perpetrators screaming to video his genitals and share on social media.
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When the 68 uprising graffitied Paris with “Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible!” who thought this call to action would meet its alter ego years later in the UK?

For what is Insulate Britain if not: Be Impossible, Demand the Realistic?

🧵A #Thread.
In the face of the #climate emergency happening now, XR recognises the need for disruptive actions that highlight the severity of the crisis. Insulate Britain is playing a vital role in shifting the Overton Window around public awareness and urgent government action. #ActNow
The recent attempt to ban a form of protest from happening anywhere in the UK is a warning to all of us who dare to stand up for truth; the UK government is coming for us all. It is also a complete vindication of our resistance.

#RightToProtest #RightToCare #RightToLife
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Ish. A lot of the failures of preventing to stop it imo are more placed within the strategic orientation of the movement itself.

A lot of the mobilising efforts were for organising one off (but country wide) "days of action".

That model isn't good enough.

The notion that the Bill could have been stopped by sporadic days of action is ludicrous. The orientation should have been towards consistent direct action/civil disobedience: sitting on train-tracks for days on end etc etc.

#killthebill #pcscbill
I emphasise the train-tracks point as an example of the kind of thing that was required. Generally speaking the tactics deployed by the movement were marches, rallies, and often actual sit-ins.

#killthebill #pcscbill
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As one of the authors of this 👇 open letter opposing criminalisation of climate activists, which has been signed by hundreds of climate and environmental scientists, this kind of heavy-handed silencing of dissent is exactly what we feared and object to.…
I think it's also important to remember the context of these attacks on dissent. In July 2019, the right-wing "think tank" Policy Exchange (really a cosy echo chamber of Tory talking points) published a report calling Extinction Rebellion "extreme" & demanding harsh suppression.
Simon Mair & I responded here 👇, debunking the accusations. But in Sept 2020, the UK govt forbid any teaching critical of capitalism in UK schools (this was one of the accusations of Policy Exchange: that criticism of capitalism is "extreme").…
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@NHSEngland today ran a webinar in which it was claimed that the @PalantirTech #Palantir #Foundry data platform used for the COVID-19 Data Store was "a contract awarded in open competition".

This contract had to be obtained by @openDemocracy through legal action.
If the contract itself was kept secret, it is hard to see how the contract could have been awarded in "open competition using normal procurement rules"…
When the contract was published it turned out that the original contract cost was £1. One pound.…

How exactly does an organisation like @NHSEngland think this fits with "normal procurement"?
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We know that Diana Johnson MP tabled amendments to the Police and Crime bill today in an attempt to bring in the Nordic Model on sex work. We think it’s very unlikely that these amendments will pass: it doesn’t seem to be a government priority right now and it would require (1/8)
serious funding to enforce. However, we still need to keep showing our opposition to the Nordic Model. Our open letter against the Nordic Model has been signed by nearly 250 organisations, academics, journalists and activists, as well as over 1,600 individual signatories. (2/8)
We know the harms of the Nordic Model: @MdM_France research shows that the Nordic Model law in France “had a detrimental effect on sex workers’ safety, health and overall living conditions”. @uglymugsie reported that crimes against sex workers almost doubled in the two years (3/8
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If you wonder why those of a traveller Ethnicity suffer worse mental health than the average.

Let me give you some examples.

What if an elected Mayor, posted on her Facebook account:

"There's a few black families staying up at parkhill, make sure you lock up your sheds and vans."

Would they still be in a job?
Would @N_landCouncil protect them?

Who knows, 'cos she said it about travellers.

Today, the Local Government Ombudsman refused to investigate my complaint against her any further and claimed the Council's apology for their repeated delays (of many months) was acceptable.

Because, you know, travellers...

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Today a senior officer has testified in court that after approx 90mins of our printworks protest, Priti Patel & Boris Johnson were taking an active interest

Just after midnight on 4th September 2020, the Home Sec rang the Hertfordshire Chief Constable...
We do not know what was discussed, other than there was pressure to move the protest ASAP

This informed the police behaviour;
👉protestors had stated from the start that they would leave willingly at 11am
👉the protestors on the roof of the vans & suspended in the bamboo structures, came down at 11am on the dot to be arrested
👉at this point, the 2 vans and 2 8metre tall tensegrity structures were still in the road (the protest could have continued for many more hours)
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