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After seeing @disclosetv cover the Pritzkers this morning, I figured it'd be good to do a long thread on architectural prize this family founded. #Pritzker #architecture #architectsagainsthumanity #modernism #postmodernism…
You've heard of the name Pritzker before, even if it was in passing. J. B. Pritzker is the current governor of Illinois. The family created the Pritzker Prize under Jay Pritzker, an architecture prize whose importance has called it the of "the Nobel Prize in Architecture."
More on this soon, but first some background. Jay Pritzker is the entrepreneur who purchased Hyatt from its original founders, Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dryer Couch. This would be where the family would make the bulk of their fortune before extending into philantropy.
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1/ #Catholicism is not an identity. There is no "#Catholic identity."

Catholicism is the proclamation of an encompassing message of transformation suited to all times & places.

Identity is a #postmodern preoccupation.
2/ As #Catholicism is suited to all times & places that's fine. But the assertion of #Catholic identity rarely (if ever) intends to embrace #postmodernism (or even modernity).
3/ Identity comes from the Latin "idem" for "same," which a casual historical exploration would tell us #Catholicism never is. It has had countless historical and cultural expressions.

At the most obvious level, today the #CatholicChurch is 23 rites.
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Alongside the #ExeterTehranConvos I’m been thinking about the nature of philosophy and research in #Iran within the context of the reception of #European philosophy - thread on #philosophy in #Iran 1/ Image
And the ways in which continental philosophy dominated in an earlier period due to the influence of the #Heideggerians and the circle of #AhmadFardid (1909-1994) many of whom became prominent in the committee for the cultural revolution after 1979 2/ Image
But since then - and it seems perhaps a bit of a surprise that #Soroush was a major figure in the support of #analytic_philosophy then - #Anglophone philosophy is gaining an upper hand 3/ Image
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The American “social justice” cancel cult operates outside the law with trial-by-media.

But it’s not even a trial, because only one side is “allowed” to argue their case! If you do anyhow, you are “supporting XYZ alleged crime,” which obviously begs the question.
2/ Begging the question, for those who don’t know, is a logical fallacy in which an argument assumes its own conclusion (circular reasoning).

But postmodernism actually denies that reason is real!! It’s “a tool of the oppressor,” “everything is subjective,” etc. #CrazyTown
3/ Putting this all together...

We now have a Western cult that is obsessed with “identity” (race/gender), operates outside of the law, is authoritarian allowing no other viewpoints, and flat out denies reason/reality as being real.

Yeah, this is totally normal. 😬
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Haha, #yleastudio ei vieläkään muista mainita, että kukaan ei edes pidä Valion turkkilaista jugurttia rasistisena, vaan koko juttu oli @YasaAnter läppä. #parodiahorisontti
Jugurtin ihmisoikeusaspektit mainittu!
Ja sitten palataan jälleen Valion ja jugurtin ihmisoikeuskysymyksiin, kun oikeita ilmiöitä jätetään avaamatta. #woke #sjw #mobrule #postmodernism…
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Let's take a look at how even the subject of modern dance has been infected with #CriticalRaceTheory from this #StruggleSession at Indiana University. Part 1...
Modern Dance is white supremacy according to #IndianaUniversity dance professor. Part 2:
This next part makes me particularly sad. While the arts are often left leaning, they've been one of the remaining areas of classical learning. You know, with an actually talented teacher who you work with as an apprentice. Imagine being a dance student under this:
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/05/2020-2…

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science - The New York Times…

#philosophy #postmodernism #Science
Leading with the Unknowns in COVID-19 Models - Scientific American Blog Network…

#models #uncertainty #DecisionMaking
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Here’s what I learned about architecture school and practice in my latest podcast with Zach (@cantradionalist): (0/6)
1. @wrathofgnon has likely turned more people in favour of traditional architecture with twitter than anything else today.

Except for, perhaps, the ugly buildings themselves.

2. The culture wars have reached architecture schools too. “Critical” architecture, just like Critical _________ Studies, seeks to subvert and revolutionize, not improve and support. (see @ConceptualJames for more)
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On #CriticalTheory

On this day some eat turkey, I read dry scholarship on #liberalism and #postmodernism. Oh, yeah. And I eat turkey, too.
I’ve seen a number of debates — some quite heated! — going back and forth about the validity, soundness, and compatibility of #Islam with #criticaltheory scholarship. Some advocate that it’s entirely incompatible with so-called traditional Islamic thought.
I for one do not subscribe to this on a metaphysical level (as some advocate) though I do find several problems with its claims when taken too far or its scoped expanded too wide. In fact, I think a thing — or a philosophy — is not so much incompatible with Islam
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#Postmodernism and the Muslim Today

In discussing the topic of postmodernism today with a colleague we arrived at a conclusion that the main opposition to #polygyny in today's postmodern world - including from Muslims - is rooted in the notion that (a) polygyny is a right
that men exclusively enjoy and (b) that men may enjoy that right unabashedly (that is, having legitimate sexual relationships with another woman).

The reason we touched on polygyny, a marital practice very few Muslims enjoin, is because of its "controversial" status in the minds
of those who claim #Islam to be a misogynistic religion. A claim now held by many Muslims who've been infected with postmodern sensibilities and methods of interpretation.

Our challenge to this was thus: postmodernism would tell us in general, and women in particular,
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"#Modernism can be characterized as the forceful imposition of rational administrative procedures into all facets of everyday life. Its subjects — you and I as individuated identities — crave both protection and authority.
You and I search for some measure of refuge in a totalized, secularized myth, a grand meta-narrative that accounts for everything, and this tendency towards #totalitarianism is worldwide.
The concern of the United States over its loss of market share in the service industries, and its concern over the quality of work by its subjects, are only symptoms of a much more pervasive and deeply rooted historical condition.
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