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@iltalehti_fi @heljasalonen '#Terveystoimittaja': Toisen rokotteen voimaa.
#Hus:in diagnostiikkajohtaja #LasseLehtonen rohkeni lähteä #Venäjä-Pietariin katsomaan jalkapallon EM-ottelua.
Lehtosella oli jo se toinen ja hän katsoi, että hänellä oli lupa lähteä.… Image
@iltalehti_fi @heljasalonen #Mediapooli. Tuottamukselliset terveyden ja hengen vaarantamiset, #rokotekuolemat.
#Korruptio -rahaa vastaan, 2 vuotta valehdelleen "#toimittaja'n" asema #Nuremberg'n lavalla, kun #SpandauBallet -biisi alkaa.
- #Tuonela noutaa... ikuiseen tanssiin...… ImageImage
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Omdat het International Fact Checking Day is wil ik kort ingaan op bezwaren die er nog steeds zijn mbt #corona en #coronamaatregelen, die op niets anders dan verdachtmakingen, ongenoegen en onderbuikgevoel gebaseerd zijn. Want daar moeten we eens mee ophouden. 1/n #IFCD #IFCN
Ik blijf sommige verklaringen die worden aangedragen toch erg bijzonder vinden. En begrijp me niet verkeerd, twijfelen mag maar waarop baseer je die twijfel en sta je wel open voor een gesprek hierover? Daarom enkele voorbeelden. 2/n #IFCD #IFCN
Het verhaal dat kinderen en jongeren geleden hebben onder de #coronamaatregelen. Want er zijn nu veel meer psychologische problemen… Tsja, die waren voor de #pandemie ook al groeiende en waarom de aanname dat de jongeren alleen last hebben gehad van maatregelen? 3/n #IFCD #IFCN
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#RSNA2022 diaries:
Conversations between C-arm & MP
C-arm: Hey doc! I see that you are heading to @RSNA mtg.
MP: How did u know buddy?
C-arm: Well my cousin in Chicago told that they are expecting a large crowd coming to town. Also I see you humming & running


C-arm: when you are there doc, check out the #AI lane of exhibits
MP: why are you interested?
C-arm: it’s a long story doc. First we heard that they are putting on #AI in our new cousins telling it will make them less noisy
MP: why do you think it is bad?

MP: Doesn’t it allow you to less #radiation which will help our patients & bring y’all good name?
C-arm: Doc, if it was only that, we are happy. But #AI guys have gone too far
C-arm: Doc, didn’t you see recent study from #Finland
MP: Yes, I read it

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#tweetorial on our #openaccess paper @BMJMedicine

👉Trials of new medicines often include younger, healthier people than in general population
👉There may be concern that older people with multiple medical conditions may be less able to complete #trials
👉We looked at individual participant-level data from 92 trials of 20 medical conditions testing 17 different drug classes
👉We assessed whether age, sex and number of medical conditions was associated with attrition (dropout) from these trials
The *bad* news 😬
Individuals with multimorbidity are less likely to complete participation in clinical trials

The *good* news 😅
The effect is modest (and consistent across medical conditions and drug classes)
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July 2021 #mdpi
#covid19 Key Emphasis on #Melatonin Safety and Therapeutic Efficacy

"it likely that multi-tasking melatonin will provide multi-protection, maintaining its efficacy against the virus variants that are already emerging and will emerge"…
"Melatonin is a systemic dealer that".."brings into play its cooperative triad, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulant backbone, to stop the infective cycle of SARS-CoV-2 or any other endogenous or exogenous threat.
"In COVID-19, the corporal propagation of
SARS-CoV-2 involves an exacerbated oxidative activity and therefore the overproduction of great amounts of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS)."
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Just a friendly reminder @moderna_tx told the @SECGov that the @US_FDA defines #mRNA as gene therapy. And called it an unprecedented new category of #medicines tho they really want that #vaccine classification anyways for liability protections & fear the public wouldn’t take it.
They know the #COVID19 #vaccine isn’t a vaccine but human #gene #therapy.
The @US_FDA #fda reaffirmed their definition of modified viral #nucleic acid that alters #CELL Jan 30th 2020 #COVID ImageImageImageImage
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It’s no secret that #EVT for AIS has been a complete game changer for the field resulting in dramatic reduction in death & disability

Join us to explore the #history of EVT in collaboration with @SVINJournal, to celebrate the inaugural issue Image
Many thanks to @Mahmoudneuro, #RaulNogueira and @DiogoHaussen whose review entitled:
👉“Tx Advancements in the Endovascular Management of Stroke” celebrates the advances in #ETV

🆓 #openaccess…
1st #Fun fact: Interventional treatment of AIS dates all the way back to 1950s‼️
Sussman & Fitch reported 3 cases of IA infusion of fibrinolytics
Didn’t work 😫. Probably because they were performed in a non-hyperacute fashion
But this laid the foundation for years of refinement Image
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Het hele interview gaat over de Amerikaanse situatie met betrekking tot #Corona/#covid19.

Aan het woord zijn 3 wetenschappers: Links meneer dr. Malone, de uitvinder van mRNA vaccins (de vaccins die nu worden gebruikt tegen corona),
2/13 midden dr. Weinstein, een evolutionair bioloog en rechts mr. Kirsch een onderzoeker met betrekking tot bijwerkingen.

Ze hebben het over veel dingen.
Ze hebben het over #ivermictine/#hydroxychloroquine en fluvoxamine (die beter werken dan #msm/#overheid ons doet geloven)...
3/13 de resultaten daarmee zijn effectief en veilig (wanneer mensen ziek worden van corona).

@RWMaloneMD en Kirsch hebben zelf ook vaccins laten zetten..maar ze hebben er nu spijt van...gezien alle bijwerkingen die steeds meer bekend zijn geworden. Ook zijn ze "slachtoffer" van
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/12/2020…
Biodiversity scientists must fight the creeping rise of extinction denial | Nature Ecology & Evolution…

#biodiversity #extinction #denial #ecology
COVID vaccine, treatment trials create monkey shortage for science…

#trials #COVID19 #vaccine #monkey #shortage #consequence
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This is a letter which has been sent out by the ICMR DG yesterday. Now that multiple folks have confirmed genuineness, let me raise some issues with this letter on #vaccine #trials during a pandemic, in this case #COVID19
What are the ethical issues in this letter? Read on.
For a vaccine for which pre-clinical development is still ongoing, as per the letter itself, how can clinical trial recruitment be starting on 07th July?
And that the vaccine will be launched on 15th August? A vaccine trial completed in little over a month, efficacy pre-decided?
How were the clinical trial sites mentioned in the appendix chosen--on what criteria? eligibility? From what list? was this selection done by ICMR or by BBIL? Some of these seem to be small nursing homes/hospitals- are they the apt place to run a pandemic #vaccine trial?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/05/2020-2…

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science - The New York Times…

#philosophy #postmodernism #Science
Leading with the Unknowns in COVID-19 Models - Scientific American Blog Network…

#models #uncertainty #DecisionMaking
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/31/2020-2…

The Privacy Dial - Render-from-betaworks…
Investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak in Germany resulting from a single travel-associated primary case: a case series - The Lancet Infectious Diseases…

#coronavirus #investigation #outbreak #Germany
Because Culture Matters, There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Exit Strategy from Covid-19 Lockdowns | naked capitalism…

#capitalism #lockdown #strategy #culture
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DEBATE: Should government #policy interventions evaluated in #stepped #wedge #trials be considered ‘research interventions’ and reviewed by the research ethics committee? An exchange in @ClinTrialsJ.
#researchethics #steppedwedge #REC
3/ “Our main point is that researchers should not have to obtain ethics committee approval for the intervention when they have had no part in its design and implementation but only want to evaluate it prospectively…”
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Coronavirus Showed That America Wasn't Up to the Task - The Atlantic…
Antibody testing will enhance the power and accuracy of COVID-19-prevention trials | Nature Medicine…
#testing #accuracy #trials #serological #antibody
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Randomization never ensures zero #confounding bias. It provides probabilistic bounds on confounding.

Therefore, by bad luck, the effect estimates from some perfectly conducted randomized #trials are substantially confounded. But we don't know which ones!

An eye-opening example:
In Denmark, 860 individuals were randomly allocated to either "intervention" or "control":
• No intervention was implemented
• Individuals were unaware of their allocation
• Mortality was higher in the intervention group with p=0.003

Keep this in mind when evaluating a trial.
Vass M (PhD Thesis). Prevention of functional decline in older people. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen 2010, p.120.

Thanks to Mikkel Zöllner Ankarfeldt for bringing this example to my attention.
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Two new postdoc positions now open to work in our group at @CCDD_HSPH
@CCDD_HSPH One is on a cool new project to incorporate pathogen #sequence data in to analysis of #vaccine #efficacy #trials .
Another on flexible topics including but not limited to #AMR (especially as it relates to #vaccines), dynamics of multistrain pathogens, or #vaccine #trial modeling
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Anyone who says “Z is an instrumental variable” doesn’t know what an instrumental variable is.

We can only say “Z is a proposed instrumental variable”, because we cannot ever verify that Z is an instrumental variable.

Not even in many randomized #trials.…
Of the 3 instrumental conditions an IV must meet
(1) is empirically verifiable
(2) isn't verifiable, but expected in double-blind trials
(3) isn't verifiable, but expected in randomized trials

Thus #IVestimation will be biased in many #trials because condition (2) doesn't hold. Image
Though we can't verify that a variable is an IV, we can sometimes falsify that a variable is an IV. @MariaGlymour et al explain how…

One would then expect all IV (eg, Mendelian randomization) studies try to falsify but, amazingly, most don’t. Malpractice.
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Jamie Robins and I argue @NEJM that (correct) per-protocol analyses are needed in pragmatic randomized #trials. Image
@NEJM Demystifying intention-to-treat analyses of randomized #trials: The 1st step to embrace sound per-protocol analyses. Image
@NEJM A simple rule for per-protocol analyses of #trials: Don't censor individuals who stop treatment for clinical reasons Image
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Join us at #ACTStat Baltimore. I look forward to discussing methods for #perprotocol effects in randomized #trials
Because, remember, intention-to-treat analyses may not be conservative when comparing two active treatments… Image
… and, in fact, intention-to-treat analyses may not be conservative even in #trials that compare active treatment vs. placebo Image
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