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Nerd time. 🧵

2023 EPS projection.☀️

Spoiler alert:
Modest projection gives $6.50-$7.00 EPS.
$CSIQ 2/n

1Q23 EPS was $1.19 on $1.7bn revenue at 18.7% gross margin.

I've seen projection of $2.5bn revenue at 20.5% gross margin.

It would be reasonable to expect that most additional gross margin translates to net profit.

Net profit margin in 1Q was 4.94%.
$CSIQ 3/n

Let's be cautious and say that 2Q net profit margin goes to 6% (rather than 6.64%).

In 1Q, CSIQ owned 80% of CSI Solar.

Now the share is likely at 62% (and now they have around $1 bn extra in cash).
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Canadian Solar IPO🧵

So Canadian Solar $CSIQ is going to raise RMB 6 billion ($850 million) by selling 15% of CSI Solar.…

First off, market cap / valuation:

CSI Solar is probably about 80% of $CSIQ total business (other 20% is Recurrent Energy).

So Chinese market values Canadian Solar as approx $7bn company.

But what will the money be used for?

$CSIQ has already announced plan to build polysilicon plant.

By my modest calculations, 80,000MT of polysilicon capacity - at cost price of $10/kg - can save Canadian Solar anywhere from $400m to over $1bn per year.

Should be massive for the bottom line.
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Getting in early to high-quality projects can be life-changing.

But where to find them?

Don't worry frens, I got you.

Here are my top 5 high-quality, unreleased #utility projects, that have absolutely HUGE potential.

You want to know about these! 👇 Image
1. @JennyCoInc $JCO

@JennyCoInc has created the world's first decentralised healthcare data exchange.

Users will be able to take full ownership of their health data and get paid for providing it to the exchange, clinical trials and market research.

Huge potential. Image
2. @ForeProtocol $FORE

FORE Protocol has created a decentralised token economy network that will enable collective problem-solving at scale.

Centralised entities have been leveraging the power of the collective, but until now, this hasn't been rewarded.

Solid use case. Image
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This project has MASSIVE potential.

Better yet... it hasn't even launched yet.

This is a great pre-sale opportunity 👇
@mayfairfund is the world's first & only Smart Beta DTFs Issuer launching on the 22nd of May.

What is that you say?

Let's dive into it... Image
In the traditional finance world, you can invest in ETF's.

ETF's, or exchange Trade Funds, are a bundle of different assets in one fund.

This means that investors can have exposure to certain investments opportunities, without having direct exposure.
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Meme season has created some incredible buying opportunities.

Here are my top 5 #utility gems under $15m Market cap, that I think will at least 100x in the bull run.

You want these on your list, trust me. 🧵👇 Image
So many people have been selling their crypto bags in chase of overnight gains in meme season.

For those of us focused on our #utility plays, this has provided an amazing opportunity to scoop up undervalued projects.

Now is the time to strike.

Let's dive in.
1. @TheopetraLabs $THEO

This will be no surprise to those who actively follow me.

$THEO is literally revolutionising the housing industry, utilising #DeFi to create affordable homes for the masses.

It is an insanely #bullish project.

Mcap = $1m(criminal)
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#Ethereum's #revenue sees fourth consecutive monthly increase, reaching $208m, but underperforms compared to #Bitcoin as global #crypto market faces #bearish trends. 🧵👇

Sub to our TG for the latest:… Image
1/10: #Ethereum's monthly #revenue has improved for the fourth consecutive month to $208m, but is still low. When monthly revenue began ramping up in 2021 and eclipsed >200m for the first time, #ETH was trading around $1,300. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin (#BTC) price is $28,048, above the 50d MA of $27,963, which is #bullish. #Ethereum (#ETH) price is $1,828, below the 50d MA $1,854, which is #bearish, with the price #WoW decreasing by -1.9%.
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#Ethereum update for April 26th, 2023🧵

#crypto #cryptoTA #trading Image
#Ethereum 1H chart has created a strong bullish divergence on RSI. The 1st #divergence fas relatively flat, but the 2nd is quite strong. That's why we are seeing a #pump.
The price is inside EMA Ribbon, so we might see some resistance here. But overall #bulls are in control now. Image
#Ethereum 1H chart. MACD also had a double divergence from the price, which is fairly bullish. It also crossed into the positive momentum side, leading to the price pump we are seeing right now. Image
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From #bearish to #bullish: #crypto trends signal a potential buying opportunity at $27,500 for #Bitcoin and #Ethereum outperformance 🧵🧵

Sub to our TG for the latest:… Image
#Crypto #sentiment has cooled off, with our #Bitcoin Greed & Fear Index dropping to 44 (for #Ethereum, 46). Buying half a position at $27,500 could be a good re-entry level, with the possibility of the price dropping to $25,000 for the second half.
The decline in #stablecoin #marketcap suggests money is leaving the ecosystem, with #USDC and #BUSD dropping below $30bn and $6.5bn, respectively. Negative #funding rates for #Binance #BNB could indicate potential negative news.
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New DeFi narrative are coming up everyday, moving along with the trends.

But i bet you didn't know about the
synthetic narrative.

It is here to stay for a long time

Let's talk about @synthr_defi
#SYNTHRI #Bullish

Synthetic assets are onchain derivatives that track the price of the underlying real world assets whilst being interoperable and
present on public ledger.

Let's say

I can buy a synthetic tesla stock rather than a real tesla stock.

♦️ 2️⃣4️⃣ hours Trading:

Synthetic don't have to follow rules of the real world since it is on the blockchain.

Buying tesla stock or other financial instrument would have it rules in the real world
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This could become one of the most valuable projects on both @arbitrum and @zksync .

What's even better? It hasn't even IDO'd yet.

A great opportunity is up for grabs here in the next 4 days 👇🧵 Image

Array is a platform that helps projects raise capital in a decentralised and permissionless way on the Arbitrum and zkSync networks.

It combines a Launchpad, DEX and Venture Fund.
How It works:

The decentralised and permissionless environment creates extremely low barriers to entry.

This provides an extremely easy & valuable place to launch a project, promoting more adoption.

In addition, both @arbitrum and @zksync networks are hot right now.
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#Pulsechain, la #blockchain L1 destinada al éxito + El Air-Drop mas grande del mundo.

Pulsechain es una nueva cadena de bloques que planea traer consigo TODO #Ethereum (transacciones, contratos, tokens y todo Ethereum, duplicado en Pulsechain)
Tecnología subyacente
#PulseChain implementa un algoritmo de consenso de Proof Of Stake (#PoS) mejor al de #Ethereum.
Ya que en Ethereum hay pocos nodos debido a lo costoso que es tener uno y la mayoria de estos, estan regulados por la #OFAC.
#Pulsechain tendra como moneda nativa #Pulse ($PLS).
Pulse es #deflacionaria, tiene 0% de inflación.
Los validadores solo ganan de las comisiones por transaccion y el 25% de los fees se queman para reducir el suministro circulante.
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🚨🚨🚨 Degen Zoo Testnet v3 is LIVE! 🚨🚨🚨

🎉 Full simulation of mainnet! 25,000 wallets will get testnet tokens!

💻 Check out this article from @TheBlock__…

Аll reasons why $DZOO #BULLISH! 👇👇
1️⃣ Complex innovative testnet built in 30 days!
2️⃣ Improved sustainability of DEFI with lottery APR and Negative ARP.
3️⃣ 1200 handcrafted beautiful wildlife images.
4️⃣ First Gamfi to introduce a speedup function for players to burn tokens to speed up evolutions.
5️⃣ Top-notch user UI, better than most other Gamefi and NFT projects.
6️⃣ 220% more registrations than our 1-year record on DAO Maker (StepAPP)
7️⃣ Over 100,000 non-toxic telegram users and 400,000 messages!
8️⃣ First truly trustless onchain blockchain NFT game.

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It's not often you come across a project that knocks you back in your seat.

- @FinanceChainge is one of those projects.

$CHNG could be described as a decentralised bank & trading platform, all in one.

And it's still SO early anon!

100x EASY!

A 🧵 you don't want to miss 👇 Image

@FinanceChainge is the ultimate liquidity aggregating, cross-chain DEX, with decentralised spot, futures and options trading, built on @FUSIONProtocol.

$CHNG grants users complete control over their assets as well as providing never before seen $ making opportunities. Image
Let's break down exactly what $CHNG offers.

1. Cross-chain swaps.

$CHNG offers fast & cost-effective cross-chain swaps across 10 chains.

They are the first liquidity aggregating DEX that has access to over $70bn in liquidity.

That's right... $70bn!
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Get ready for another #Bitcoin rally!🚀

Get all the deets in our 🧵⏬

Also, it's best to sub to our TG…

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #investing Image
1/10: Our Greed & Fear index dropped to mid-level last week, setting the market up for another #rally. With #Bitcoin still driven by #US #trading hours and a US public holiday on Monday, we expect US institutions to lift prices above 25,000 from Tuesday night onwards. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin and #Ethereum prices are both above their 50-day moving averages, which is a #bullish sign. The global #crypto market cap increased by 10.9% WoW to $1.17 trillion, with Bitcoin dominance at 40.4% for the week. Overall, the trend is up and the market is #bullish.
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A few people have asked me why after 6 years being #bearish #natgas I’ve become vocally and aggressively #bullish - I know I give off the impression of a degenerate gambler but I do have a thesis underlying my view, I’ll do my best to share and summarise in the comments below…
1) despite common misconception, it’s not because of the weather… I’m not one to tweet about vortexes (you know who you are), crazy weather patterns, climate change or hurricanes. That’s all short term, I typically take a 9-12 month #natgas position absent of leverage…
2) it’s not to do with LNG, #freeportlng etc. - one can’t deny that has had an effect in 2022/23. But that’s exacerbated what was already in effect IMO. All upcoming projects have been priced in the contango curve (2024 earliest) and prod has reacted (drilling, DUC increase etc)
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This is honestly one of the most intriguing #Utility projects I've come across.

- @koinosnetwork $KOIN

Crypto Mass Adoption
Only $10m Market Cap
Huge 500x potential

The best thing? It hasn't pumped yet.

This one really could print millionaires 👇

$KOIN is a gasless blockchain that incorporates a unique consensus method called "Proof of Burn".

This creates a free-to-use & truly decentralised blockchain that maximises accessibility to end-users, developers, and node operators.

Allowing mass adoption.
The Problem:

For blockchain tech to go mainstream it has to be economically viable for businesses to use.

We've all experienced it. Trying to use Ethereum under a heavy load & it's charging you $500 for gas.

That is simply not possible for a regular business to use.
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The moment is here!

Our shopping list of 2023:

⚛️ Generational: $ATOM
⚛️ Real yield: $KUJI, $SWTH
⚛️ Modularity: $TIA, $DYM
⚛️ Money printers: $EVMOS, $TORI
⚛️ App & consumer chains: $GNOT, $SEI, $ARCH, $NTRN

Before we dive into the shopping list, let's get two things right from the get go.

First, recap what a shopping list is.

Second, review narratives.

Our shopping list strategy is based on the idea that every year there are big spikes up and down in the markets, where you don't have time to research individual assets “on the fly”.

If you try, you will most likely miss a buying opportunity.

Instead, have a plan in hand.

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🔥💰 Things are heating up! From bullish #Bitcoin & #Ethereum to underperforming #stablecoins & declining active addresses. Catch on these #alphatrades right here 🧵

Sub to our TG…
1/10 💡 The "Greed & Fear" indicator just dropped from 100 to 50. This indicator is based on the technical momentum of #crypto prices and shows a shift in sentiment.
2/10 🚀 #Bitcoin is currently 21,781 above the 50d MA of 20,308, and #Ethereum is 1,514 above the 50d MA of 1,465, both with a price change of -6.7% & -9.2% WoW respectively. The overall trend remains #bullish.
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Riding the Crypto Wave: Navigating Speculative Bubbles & Market Runs for Optimal ROI 💲🌊 #Crypto #markets
If you want to truly understand the world of #crypto, it is essential to study speculation and speculative bubbles. These phenomena occasionally, although less and less frequently, lead to #market-wide runs.
These runs are triggered by a large influx of people and money into the #crypto market, often driven by mainstream FOMO surrounding news of #bitcoin reaching new all-time highs or other major crypto developments.
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#Bitcoin saw a tremendous surge in value in January) with an impressive 40% increase🚀

This marked a significant moment for the #cryptocurrency and reinforced its position as a leading asset in the financial world

Let's dive deeper and take a closer look at the chart🧵
The Falling Wedge breakout was a major moment for Bitcoin, signaling a shift in market sentiment and paving the way for further gains.

#Bitcoin #Crypto #CryptoMarket #TechnicalAnalysis
Bitcoin is currently trading below the PREMIUM level and as the chart shows, it is an unusual occurrence for the cryptocurrency to trade under its long-term trendline. The market is currently encountering resistance at this level.

#Bitcoin #Crypto #TechnicalAnalysis
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What is Moving Average in Technical Analysis and why it is important to identify market trends? Our ace chartist @bbrijesh decodes the ways to implement Moving Averages. #TechnicalAnalysis
The moving average #MA is a simple technical analysis tool that smoothens the price data by creating a constantly updated average price. It can be applied on various time-frames like minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, and even years.
There are 3 types of #MA. 1) Simple Moving Average #SMA. 2) Exponential Moving Average #EMA. 3) Weighted Moving Average #WMA. The #SMA and #EMA are the widely used moving averages.
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(1/x) In 2023 @Schpoopel @bandalof17 and I will start sharing a bit more about what we're doing at #touchpoint.

But before we do, let's take a quick look at 2022 and what we learned in year 1 of Touchpoint 🧵

#shimmer #iota
(2/x) First off, Touchpoint 101:

Touchpoint is a network and community of #builders operating at the forefront of #web3. It's a decentralised support system and environment to network and build relationships.
(3/x) Touchpoint 2022 in numbers

With hardly any promotion, we received 200+ applications, onboarded 50 projects, and 15 expert groups and mentors.

We facilitated over 250 new relationships/connections, and hosted 15 knowledge sharing sessions and demos.
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Today's #blog covers why the #pain #trade is likely higher over the next few weeks as #sentiment improves and too much money is offside.…
#Bullish optimism is building around:
- #Fed cutting rates
- #Economy will avoid #recession
- #Employment remains strong.
- #Earnings have corrected enough
Risk to that view remains a recession.…
It is called the “#paintrade” because it is the opposite of how #investors are currently positioned. Investor sentiment remains historically #bearish despite improvement since the October lows.…
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It should surprise no one that @Bullish, an offshore exchange backed by the #EOS scammers at Block.One, uses $SI for banking.
Nor would it surprise anyone to know that as of Nov. 24th a little over 1/6th of $SI (16.73%) was owned by #B1 CEO #BrendanBlumer and @B1 itself.…
The #EOS situation is complicated but suffice it to say it is dodgy even by crypto standards. Bros cashed out $4bn selling a coin to retail in an ICO and then never delivered the product. Got fined only ~$24mm by #SEC... good take, right?

@EOS even admits it's a failure.
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