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About a year ago I came up with a beginner-friendly strategy for the @unusual_whales Hot Chains & Tickers page 🐳

Here's an updated thread on #FireFishing 🔥🎣 with recent examples + utilizing the new features UW has to offer 🧵
What is #FireFishing 🔥🎣?

It's a beginner-friendly strategy that utilizes the Hot Chains & Tickers page on @unusual_whales to find the most traded out-of-the-money contracts (cheaper plays) with the most volume/open interest 👀(people trading/holding them)
• Go to "🔥Hot Chains & Tickers"
• Find a ticker with 3 of the hottest chains 🥵
• Expiries must be within 14d ✅
• At least 1 of the chains has a strike OTM ✅

See $AAPL in this pic for reference (closed at $165.81 today)
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Chart Analysis On $BTC that

Why August Month Can Be Bullish ??

#Bitcoin Weekly close above the 200WMA✅
•MACD is about to have a #Bullish cross
•Weekly Macd Histogram is going to turn Green

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #Binance #Ethereum #ETH $ETH #BNB

$BTC Monthly closing above 50-Monthly MA
•50 Monthly MA is a great Support for #BTC

#Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #Crypto #ETH #Ethereum $ETH #BNB #binance #Binance #Solana #SOL $BNB

$BTC Broke its Weekly parabolic bearish curve ✅️

#Bitcoin #BTC #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #CryptoNews #Crypto #ETH $ETH $BNB #BNB #binance #Binance #Ethereum

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Why August month can be #Bullish for #cryptocurrency

•No #Fed / #FOMC Meeting in August So their might not be #interestrates hikes

#Crypto #CryptoNews #ETH $ETH #Ethereum #BTC #Bitcoin $BTC #Binance #BNB

Oil Price

•When You compare the #Oil price with june month,There is Fall of Oil Price in July month
•This affects #inflation
•That means #CPI Data of #USA can come down to 8.5% to 8.8% range

#Crypto #cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC #Bitcoin #ETH $ETH #Ethereum #binance #BNB

Consumer Spending

•Even though the #inflation is at peak the #USA Consumer Spending has not got reduced in June
•We can expect the same in July also
•This also affects the #inflation I.e, We Can see a Drop in #CPI

#Crypto #cryptocurrency #BTC #Bitcoin $BTC #ETH $ETH

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$AVAX is one of my favorite coins and I think it will hit 3 digits again one day. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the House of Avalanche where I was able to fully immerse myself in the $Avax ecosystem and learn a lot. (1/25)
This is a thread on $Avax and my key takeaways from this weekend!

Starting with what is Avalanche?

- Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, (2/25)
and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and green. So what is $Avax? (3/25)
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1/ #Perpetuals #futures contract has been the holy grail of derivatives in the #crypto market. We present you our latest #visualguide that breakdown complexity behind future market simplicity with our lead @minnymousegirl

#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL Image
2/ A #futures #contract is an agreement to buy or sell a commodity, currency, or another instrument at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. two counterparties will trade a contract, that defines the settlement at a future date. Image
3/ A #perpetual contract (Perp) is a special type of futures contract that doesn’t have an expiry date. So one can hold a position for as long as they like. Perp only exists in the #crypto market. Image
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#3AC , #Celsius, #finblox ont été les premiers. Le sang 🩸 n'a pas fini de couler.

🩸L'interconnexion des fonds d'investissements
🩸Les risques des boucles de prêts
🩸Les prêts non-collatéralisés

Le massacre à venir 👇 Image
Les stratégies d'investissement agressives et la mauvaise gestion des risques de #ThreeArrowsCapital ont contribué à son incapacité à maintenir des actifs liquides à court terme pour couvrir ses engagements.
Avec plus de 300 millions de dollars d'actifs liquidés depuis la mi-juin, la crise de liquidité du fonds spéculatif a contribué à un effet domino, provoquant une cascade de problèmes de liquidité parmi ses #investisseurs . Image
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Do we actually believe in a #Bitcoin pump soon?

The answer is: yes.

We get loads of comments like: "not in this recession" or "the economy is so bad, not gonna happen."

Here's what we think about this. Let's take a look at this #recession Image
Typically, recessions have two things in common:

A) Unemployment rates hike or are at peak levels
B) The economy is weak (low Gross Domestic Product, GDP)

Let's take a look at all recessions during the 19th and 20th century.
Recessions usually last 6 - 18 months.

As you can see in the chart, unemployment rates are hiking or at peak levels during these recessions.

After the COVID recession, unemployment rates have constantly been declining!! Image
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Witnessing the collapse of a financial giant @terra_money when hit by a death spinral caused $UST to lose its peg and $LUNA to drop 97% it value, making #Lunacrash the top 1 trending search

What will the $USN of @NEARProtocol do if the market loses confidence in the stable coin? Image
@terra_money @NEARProtocol 1/ The article is referenced from: 👈

Here is the mechanism of $USN on #NEAR to avoid negative market impact 👇
@terra_money @NEARProtocol 2/ The stablecoin $USN is OVERCOLLATERALIZED. $USN combines on-chain arbitrage with a Reserve Fund that is DOUBLE-collaterized with $NEAR & $USDT to begin with. 🤑

In the worst-case situation, the @DcntrlBank may purchase back all of the $USN ever issued.
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SIMPLE Guide for buying any dip
Wait for the higher high....
#Bitcoin No HH thus not done trending down... More pain all round can be expected.
Realistically Your Alts will bleed more!
Momentum To the upside, stating the obvious here, but there's some more pain to be had.
Dominance going up: people Fleeing alts $luna made it quicker. Waiting for signs of weakness like seen in the $DXY
DXY Showing some hope the end is near....
Losing momentum after a flood to safety.
We need calm and boring everywhere and this might start coming down.
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New Thread 🧵

@unusual_whales Intraday Options Volume🐋

How to use it for scalping options on any ticker ⬇️
@unusual_whales For transparency: I'm an @unusual_whales affiliate

I used his services way before I became a partner & the team just keeps adding more amazing tools for retail traders.

If you want to sign up, do me a favor and use code "REDHOT" for 5% off. I get some $ and so do you✌️
To find the Intraday Options Volume tab:
• Go to
• Navigation (left-hand side)
• Intraday analyst
• Type any ticker in the search bar at the top
• Scroll down for the intraday options volume tab
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Today I'm down over $300K...

Maximum pain levels aren't even priced in...

In three weeks @frostyweb3 managed to make me comfy with daily @TwitterSpaces.

We're on track to raise over
$ X,XXX,XXX,XXX from grants and ecosystem sponsorships.

Here's How 🧵👇
Here's my backstory:

Fell ill in my senior of High School , was honors but still dropped out for crypto.

I bought $DOGE in 2014 because of my mumma always seeing it on her Stock Widget on iOS.

I leveraged family connections to ape whole #Bitcoins into countless shitcoins.
I picked up from CT OG's like @gainzxbt @TheCryptoDog @cobie to "trade".

YouTube videos were horrible back then as no one was making them.

My best strategy was to use my technical analysis skills from forex to margin trade $BTC futures.

Lost whole bitcoins doing that too 🥺
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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person sho...
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explainin...
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @Uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-you...
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Bullish or Bearish thread:
1/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Weekly timeframe.
It could find support at 35k over the next few days.
Or, it can dip to the highlight support zone of 29k-31k.

#cryptotrading #cryptotwitter #Cryptothoughts #Bitcoin #BTC #Binance BTCUSDT binance weekly chart
2/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Monthly timeframe.
Double top is visible but the bull structure isn't broken yet.
It can very well find recovery from these zones.

#Tradingview #Binance #Bitcoin #BTC #Bullish BTCUSDT binance monthly chart
3/5: meanwhile these things are also happening @CNBC on the legal side.
#CNBC #cryptocurrencies #ETF #BTC Cnbc SEC approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF - matter of when, not
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Pretty jazzed, took advantage of $Thor price slump and was able to accumulate enough $Thor to get another #Odin node this week. Best part, is I was able to use the rewards from all of my other projects and not a #penny extra was spent out of pocket. Here's what I did:
2/ If you follow me, I have pretty good exposure to each major blockchain (except #Ethereum because I hate it with a passion). I'm earning passive income on #FTM, #BNB, #AVAX, and #COSMOS. My goal is to eventually get to a point where I can dip into rewards and buy downtrends.
3/ Since starting this in February, this is the first time I was able to make a substantial dent in increasing my daily/$$ amount all from aggregating funds from the different chains onto one chain. In this case, the destination chain was #AVAX
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1/ #Bitcoin Supply and Demand🧐

Fiat currencies are a phase-out model and financial repression destroys much wealth. The latest inflation numbers shake up the bond markets. #Fed 2022 hawkishness hit another ATH after Employment Cost Index (ECI).

#BTC the safe haven? We're long on Bitcoin. Charts are our own opinion, not finan
2/ To understand the current stage of crypto development, we can use an analogy and compare the number of cryptousers with that of the Internet. We are in the year 2000 of the Internet👀👀👀
3/ There are a lot of indicators for trading.But the main thing is that more and more people are using crypto (demand/wallets⬆️), although after 3rd halving hardly any #BTC are being mined (supply).

This leads to scarcity and stronger demand than supply.Thus,#Bitcoin price rise! We're long on Bitcoin. Charts are our own opinion, not finan
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If you want to know what regulators think of crypto:

This high-level panel at IMF spring meetings is worth watching.


1. Private & public money will likely coexist.

2. Stablecoins are here to stay & could challenge monetary sovereignty of emerging mkt countries.
3. Private innovations in payments are awesome, but regulatory framework needs to catch up.

4. If public sector doesn't offer good solution for cross-border payment in next 2 yrs, existing private sector solutions will be entrenched & complicate monetary policy.
5. No consensus on how to regulate. India is adamant abt taxing crypto assets. Brazil warns against overly restrictive regulation, which could risk pushing crypto into underground & even harder to monitor.

6. Tokenization is a bigger revolution than securitization for finance.
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A *lot* has been said about @Grim__Syndicate, @JustinMezzell and @moonbirds_xyz lately but is this just a typical influencer pump or are we looking at a true sleeping giant?

A (long) thread... 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
Before we start let's get this straight: I have 4 grims, 2 daemons and I'm in charge of alpha collabs at Grim Syndicate.

I didn't mint but I'm a holder since December 2021, haven't sold any yet but have one of them listed.

So what's so special about Grims?
It all starts with a great team.

We all know @JustinMezzell by now, but what about all the others that help building this project every day?

Grims have a structure like very few have in NFTs, and especially in Solana. They cover everything from art, to financials, to growth. Image
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6 Pullback Trading Strategies for Beginners (🧵)
1. Trendlines: The Simplest of them all. After determining the trend's direction(quickly done using Swing High and Lows)👇
A sequence of higher highs, followed by a series of higher lows, constitute an #uptrend. Similarly, a line of lower lows and lower highs include a #downtrend👇
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1/ Where can we find the best #investments of the next 10 years?

Simple. We need to look where the world’s wealthiest action groups plan on investing $7 trillion to achieve their vision of a new world.

Lucky for us, they lay it all out in their "#SDGs for 2030" agenda: 🧵 Image
2/ In September 2015, 193 countries of the United Nations endorsed 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be attained by 2030. 🌍

“The #SDGs provide a common and agreed upon framework to advance the world's future by resolving our most pressing sustainability issues.”⏳ ImageImage
3/ To put it simply, the #SDGs act as a roadmap, directing the efforts of countries and global brands to achieve the UN’s vision for a better world.


…and It doesn’t take long to realize how massive this agenda is. #UnitedNations #Microsoft #Google #Samsung ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Amazing to watch @synthetix_io @Immutable @MyceliumCom @maplefinance @TracerDAO and their founders chatting with @BanklessHQ - some amazing thoughts being shared so far including...
@synthetix_io @Immutable @MyceliumCom @maplefinance @TracerDAO @BanklessHQ 2/ how Australia can be leaders in this space given how the market is structured here - also how for regulators there are lower stakes here compared to US (less conflict of interest)
3/ also, it was interesting seeing how they think our regulatory system could be copied by other regulators globally if we do it right
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Dent Wireless, creator of $DENT coin, will be a major player in the #crypto industry. I’ve been following the project for a while and wanted to create a 🧵 explaining what DENT is and why I’m so #bullish. ⚛️ [1] Image
$DENT was founded in June 2017 to liberate the global mobile data market with E-sim technology. Before E-Sim, mobile data was only available through corporations, locking people into fixed monthly contracts... 🔒 [2]
This meant people had no control over their data - If they used too much, they paid fees, if they had a surplus, they couldn’t sell it. This made data contracts very expensive and priced out millions of people, especially in least developed countries… Enter $DENT. 🤩 [3]
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Here's why everybody should be buying $pLUNA on @prism_protocol right now👀

A short 🧵, you won't regret💸
1/ Let's start with the basics: @prism_protocol let's you split ("refract") your $LUNA into two components:

- $yLUNA: representing the underlying $LUNA's yield (current APR 42 % on @prism_protocol) and
- $pLUNA: representing the principal

2/ The current ratio of these two components is heavily weighted towards $yLUNA, it representing around 87 % of $LUNA's price ($81), while $pLUNA is only capturing the remaining 13 % ($12). 🤔

That's no wonder as...
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#DeFi Daily 10/03/22

$BTC saw a breakout yesterday during Asian trading hours. Price cleanly broke above the $39.5k resistance line, while the hourly RSI moved into overbought levels, revealing a renewed short term #bullish momentum.

Read more: 🧵👇 BTCUSD Graph
$ETH had a similar move yesterday as it broke out of its inverted head and shoulders pattern. Looking at the daily time frame, ETH is forming a wedge pattern where the level to break above would be around the $2.85k level.

/1 ETHUSD Graph
#DeFiTVL rose about 10bn overnight to 204.5bn currently. This was again led by @terra_money and @wavesprotocol, with TVLs sitting at 26.4bn and 2.4bn respectively. #Terra’s #TVL has grown by 12.2% over the past 7 days while #Waves has grown by 48.5%.

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@MetisDAO: who are they, what is it, and why should you care? Read on for my first 🧵 on the $metis ecosystem

As a reminder, this series is meant to be a concise, practical primer for new investors to the metis space.

#metis is an Ethereum L2 using optimistic rollups. That means that some L1 computations happens in the L2 layer instead. Once L2 finishes, the results are rolled back up and sent back to the L1 layer for verification.

The result? Metis inherits the security benefits of ETH (better than some L1s like FTM and ONE) at a fraction of the cost and speed.

Seriously, $metis transactions are confirmed in ~1.6 seconds on average!

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