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#ProjectCassandra... It’s not r/t the Iran Nuclear Deal and the $1.7bil CASH payment of US taxpayer $$$ to Iran, is it? 🧐…
#ProjectCassandra...the lying Herman Munster look alike @JohnKerry said it was a “little bit” of money that saved US taxpayers interest by settling a debt in CASH on multiple ✈️ landing in multiple locations...or was it? How would 🇺🇸be indent to a country we send $bil’s/ur?
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Professor Bruce Bagley, who’s also a CNN pundit& has also served as an “expert” for the UN, US Gov, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia Panama & Mexico, was charged in an international $2 Million #MoneyLaundering scheme. Funds were stolen from people of #Venezuela.
Here’s his profile at UK’s Swansea University…
He also wrote a book about drug trafficking, LOL.

Wonder if he was laundering money or getting paid off to support drug traffickers. Sounds like he was also helping to hide bribery money and money stolen from Venezuela. The overseas bank acct was owned by a Colombian.
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Thread: Harold Finch Exposes Lil Ben Rhodes

1. Democrats and their lick-spittle media allies are madly flailing about now that it is confirmed that DoJ really *is* looking into the origins of the 2016 counter-intel investigation on candidate Trump.
2. And that includes those who have a lot to lose, such as failed fiction writer Ben Rhodes. They all are tweeting a lot lately and making public statements that smell of fear now that the Ukrainians and Australians are cooperating in the DoJ investigation!
3. Intrepid independent researcher NameRedacted was suspended multiple times here on Tw@tter for exposing much about those two, as well as key members of the seditious cabal. In a previous incarnation, he posted the following information that was web-archived.
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The DOJ’s OPDAT had a course for various law enforcement from Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay about terrorist & transnational criminal org firearms trafficking. 👍

I’ll bet Iran and Hezbollah in the tri-border area were included in that class.
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Nader Mohamad Farhat, a Lebanese national who ran a large, currency exchange biz in Paraguay, who has suspected ties to Hezbollah, was just extradited to Miami to face money laundering charges.

#ProjectCassandra #ButNothingsHappening…
So far, he's been charged with various money laundering offenses related to proceeds from drug trafficking and for transmitting unlicensed currency in the US. It also looks like he's being charged in Miami AND New York.
He was originally arrested by Paraguay with help from the DEA on May 17, 2018. The Lebanese embassy there tried to pressure Paraguay NOT to extradite him, but obviously that didn't work, LOL.
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And around that same time, in January 2018, Sessions announced a new team, the Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team, to investigate people & networks involved with supporting Hezbollah, which included #ProjectCassandra cases.
Here's the DOJ announcement by Sessions on January 11, 2018:…
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News Analysis 🔎 by Jeff Carlson @themarketswork | Terrorists linked to #Hezbollah were stockpiling bomb-making ingredients—including 3 tons of ammonium nitrate—in #London in 2015 in what was described as a “secret British bomb factory.”

Thread 👇…
The 2015 case was kept “hidden from the public” until now.

The decision to hide the information occurred during a period of intense public debate over the @BarackObama admin's #IranNuclearDeal.

Obama hailed the deal, claiming, “Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off.”
Notably, Obama never submitted the #IranNuclearDeal to Congress because he knew it had no chance of passing. The #Iranian parliament also never approved the deal nor did #Iran's president sign it.
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US State Dept is going after Hezbollah’s money laundering network & shell companies. Hezbollah has been linked to a variety of Swampy deals as middlemen moving the cash around. #ButNothingsHappening
A few days ago it was revealed that banks in Brussels & Luxembourg were connected to Hezbollah & other criminal networks.

The activity against Hezbollah is happening because former AG Sessions ordered DOJ to reverse decisions made by the Obama Administration to kill the #ProjectCassandra investigation! #ButNothingsHappening

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Wow, BIG ONE! 👇👇👇👇👇

Another part of worldwide cartel taken down!

Hugo Armando Caravajol Barrios, who was a former high-ranking #Venezuela Military Intel officer, was arrested in Spain for conspiring to traffic almost 6 TONS of cocaine into the US.

Oh wow, this looks like the same guy. In February, Barrios allegedly turned against Maduro and urged the military to do the same.

It seems he was also willing to provide evidence against Maduro!

#Venezuela #ButNothingsHappening…
He also said the former Vice President was courting Hezbollah. He traveled to Iran and Syria with him to talk about plans for Hezbollah militant to go to Venezuela to work with FARC fighters.

#ProjectCassandra anyone?
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Standard Chartered Bank is back in trouble again. Already part of an agreement with the DOJ, they allowed the laundering of $240M in Iranian cash from 2007-2011 through their Dubai, UAE branch. #ButNothingsHappening…
Looks like their total hit in fines & surrendered assets is $1.6 Billion.
The UK penalty is $477M, NY $292M, & DOJ 292M
They also have to add 2 more years onto their cooperation agreement that was filed for charges from before 2007. Now they get to cooperate on crimes after 2011
An unidentified bank employee has plead guilty in DC & is cooperating with authorities. I'm sure the timing of this announcement is connected to the designation of IRGC as a terrorist organization yesterday. DC US Attorney Jessie K. Liu says this harmed US national security.
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President of Gambia exposed in a 22 year effort to steal $1 Billion from his impoverished nation. Global money laundering networks are under sustained attack! #ButNothingsHappening!
Sweetheart deals to energy & mining companies. Shady shipping & communications companies. Wow, this sounds so familiar! #ButNothingsHappening
Huh, a Hezbollah money launderer handling the transactions. This sounds like something that might have been exposed by #ProjectCassandra if Obama hadn't killed it!
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Looks like Tajideen tried to get released from prison while awaiting trial back in May. Thankfully, his request was denied.…
In case you don’t know or forgot about Project Cassandra, here’s a refresher.

#IranDeal #Obama…
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This thread relates to recent #Q posts and gives a big-picture explanation of the massive #Treason that #POTUS and #WhiteHats have been fighting. This almost led to a military #Coup against #Traitor44's regime.

Graphic below acts as a map to clarify key elements.
Many of the crucial components of the #Treason are contained w/in the "Shell Game" report compiled by #Patriot #ScottBennett. This was recently publicized on the internet, explained in this thread:
Ever wonder why #DEM AND #GOP leadership opposed #Trump w/such animus? #Flynn and #Trump knew about the level of #Corruption/#Treason involving the elite, on BOTH sides of the aisle. Trump would discover, reveal, and punish their crimes (#DrainTheSwamp).
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When government #Corruption involves an #AttorneyGeneral, #SpecialCounsel, former #CIA agent, former #FBI agent, & dozens of govt officials...shouldn't the media be interested?

They were w/#Watergate. Why not #FISAGate?

1. To translate for those blocked from #TRUTH in the #LSM bubble, the above tweet references media silence on MASSIVE state-level #Corruption. Synopsis of key people involved in #DeepState #Treason is in this thread.

For more info, read this mini novel:…
2. Chapter 1: #Treason involving spying+ on Americans and #POTUS.

Cast of characters:
DOJ: #LorettaLynch, #EricHolder, #RodRosenstein. #JohnCarlin
FBI: #Comey, #McCabe, #BillPriestap, #LisaPage,
#JamesBaker, #AndrewWeissmann, #JeannieRhee, #BruceOhr
CIA: #Brennan
DNI: #Clapper
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There's arguably a far bigger Obama admin scandal relating to #IranDeal appeasement than shutting down the #ProjectCassandra investgiation into the #Hezbollah financing cars-for-cocaine, one involving upwards of $100bn flowing into the mullahs' coffers…
As @FDD's @JSchanzer detailed in a must-read @TheAtlantic piece "The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History" (…) #Turkey-#Iran concocted a "gas-for-gold" trade yielding $bns as part of an effort to wage "economic jihad"…
The success of that effort, which surely funded detrimental activities to US while keeping the Khomeinists afloat during a time of econ duress was bad enough. Worse was that "NATO ally" #Erdogan AND THE OBAMA ADMIN whitewashed the scheme AND enabled it…
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It appears @ThomasWictor has had his account limited by Twitter for - get this! - quoting an antisemitic troll he was arguing with back in....2015.
: "My account is limited for 12 hours.

What happened is that I QUOTED a Jew-hater who used the word that rhymes with "pike" to describe Jews.

So as a result of quoting a Jew-hater, my account gets a strike."


So about 46 hours ago a Twitter engineer wrote a gay slur tweet for Thomas and posted it in his timeline, he gets his account limited for quoting a Jew-hating troll 2 years ago.

Raising your profile has consequences.

You become a target of smaller minds.
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The Obama administration reversed all previous policy in dealing with the outlaw thug regime that runs Iran. Instead of isolating it & choking it off, they gave it billions of dollars & free reign to spread terror all over the region.
So I'm not interested in hearing one goddamn thing Obama, Rhodes, Kerry or Samantha Power have to say about the #IranProtests.
We just discovered about a week and a half ago the policy decisions by this group of so called elite geniuses included sabotaging #ProjectCassandra & giving Hezbollah free reign to traffic in drugs and weapons to keep the #MullahMafia happy & help get the Iran Deal done.
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Reminder: @JoshMeyerDC pulled back the curtain not just on Obama's sabotaging of #ProjectCassandra with is investigative report; he also helped clarify exactly what this Iranian regime really is: a gang of criminal thugs.
Not only has the Iranian regime been exporting terrorism by shipping weapons & manpower to various proxy wars around the region; it's also been funding & supporting itself through a very lucrative world wide trade in illegal narcotics such as cocaine.
Before Obama, this criminal regime was being held in check. Obama spent 8 years implementing a radical policy in which an Iranian backed nuclear hegemony over the Middle East was forgone conclusion; it could only be 'managed' or delayed, not stopped.
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#TheStorm #TheStormIsHere #TheStormIsUponUs

Literally the next day after Sessions ordered the public reopening of the #UraniumOne investigation, we get this:…
Within 2 weeks of Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce & Nellie Ohr & McCabe getting dragged into the daylight, leading to the exposure of a DOJ/FBI plot to use a fake dossier to manufacture a scandal around an incoming Presidential administration....
....we also get the BEGINNING of the reopening of ALL the compromised/sabotaged FBI investigations/programs under Obama/Holder/Comey.

1) #HillaryEmailServer
2) #UraniumOne
3) #ProjectCassandra
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This is a pretty significant slam against Obama... considering the source is @politico ... I'm providing the source link so that others can read the full report as written (No, Im not a fan of politico, but in fairness, posting it)…
Obama officials defend their complicit actions of not pursuing Hezbollah aggressively by offering up 8 arrests of evidence that they did?

THAT is funny right there! Weren't there 19 people arrested in the #BundyRanch incident? Thats more than 2x the # of Hezbollah
OF COURSE!!!!! Obama Administration falls back on "... but but but... we can't just arrest major drug-smugglers / sex-traffickers / terrorists... what if MOSSAD had an inside lead?"

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