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1/ Moving to more equitable Championship:

Squad market values (as measured by @TMuk_news) are a useful proxy to measure the value of football squads, in the absence of reliable current wage bill data.

Looking at this data can provide insight into how ‘equal’ the division is… Image
2/ …is at any given point in time. Putting this data, for the past 8 @SkyBetChamp seasons, into a box & whisker plot (below) shows the distribution of ‘wealth’. This type of chart shows how wide that distribution has been (esp. 20/21) but that it’s slightly calmed down since… Image
3/ …the highs of 20/21. This data can also be used to show the ‘skew’ of squad values across the division, for each season.

Again, this has decreased (slightly) since the high point of the pandemic, which helped create a ridiculously inequitable league…

#SkyBetChampionship Image
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Also, if your child encounters these games whilst at their friend’s house, it can be difficult to stay in control of what they play.

The best way to manage this is to talk to their parents to explain why you have set boundaries for your child so that #QPR #BLACKPINK #Bitcoin… this respect as far as your child is concerned. Lastly, trying to steer their attention towards age-appropriate games that offer the same amount of excitement is a good way to keep engaged and widen their view of what games are available for them to play.… Although only 19 percent of parents enforce or set controls to manage screen time for their children, there are some great tools available on most platforms and devices to help set digital boundaries on games children can play any time they can play.
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QPR’s 10-match rolling xG & xGA since Mark Warburton arrived in 2019. The blue shaded areas show the periods where the xG was above the xGA, i.e when #QPR were good. It’s hard to overstate how volatile last season was, and it’s no surprise that we went into this season with…
…elevated expectations. ‘Playoffs’ was a word used by many prior to a ball being kicked last summer. In that sense it’s not massive a shock that, having fallen short this year (and badly so), a change has been made. #QPR currently sit in 17th based on xG Difference (xG - xGA)
Whenever I’ve talked about #QPR ‘overachieving’ this season it’s always been based on these xG numbers. It’s not based on whether this squad is good enough (or capitalised enough) to achieve a top 6 place. I, like many others, believed that was a realistic aim this season
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The value of possession (or otherwise). The chart below shows the rate of chances created vs average possession, so far in this season’s @SkyBetChamp. Top left corner is reserved for the true ‘wasters’ of possession. @QPR are nowhere near @SwansOfficial levels, but of the… #QPR Image
…other high-possession teams, they are a little more pedestrian in terms of chances created. Chart below shows rates of chances created vs xG (there’s obviously a very strong correlation here). Another chart distorted by @FulhamFC, so let’s illustrate in another way… #QPR Image
The table below is ranked by the rate of chances created. The xG is colour-coded which makes it easier to show who’s over/under performing. @QPR on the low side of xG based on their rate of chances created, so the inference would be that we’re not creating ‘good’ chances… #QPR Image
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Queens Park Rangers 2020/21 financial results covered a season when they finished a creditable 9th under Mark Warburton, their highest in the Championship since 2013/14, though the campaign was badly disrupted by COVID. Some thoughts in the following thread #QPR
#QPR pre-tax loss narrowed from £16.4m to £4.5m, despite revenue falling £3.8m (21%) from £18.3m to £14.5m, as profit on player sales rose £11.7m to £17.6m and there was no repeat of prior year’s £4.5m write-off of previous training ground development.
#QPR £3.8m revenue reduction was entirely due to the COVID driven £3.8m fall in match day income from £4.0m to just £207k. Broadcasting rose £0.1m (2%) to £8.6m, including iFollow streaming income, while commercial was flat at £5.8m, thanks to furlough payments.
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There's lot's of things that just don't add up in the #DerbyCounty story (not just the balance sheet)!


Fortunes squandered
Rules bent/broken
Financial Engineering

It's not the first time the poor DCFC fanbase have been exposed to these c*nts
I was reminded of this incredible story from the mid 2000's that had passed me by at the time... but could be instructive of things to come.

- MD Nissan
- Fraud/Financial Engineering
- Offshore
- Loans/Mortgages on the stadium
- Dodgy solicitors & administrators

The story about #MichaelHunt the biggest (uncovered) theft in the UK from #Nissan

Money Laundering through Swiss Trusts & banked in #Panama then loaned back to #QPR and #DCFC is the stuff of Spy movies!

@david_conn Nissan don't come out of this well - Anyway, moving on...💸⚽️
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Queens Park Rangers 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished 13th in the Championship, an improvement on the previous year’s 19th place, though the campaign was disrupted by COVID-19. Some thoughts in the following thread #QPR
#QPR loss widened from £10m to £16m, as revenue fell £16m (47%) from £34m to £18m, though expenses were cut £11m (24%) and profit on player sales increased £3m to £6m. Also impacted by £4.5m write-off of previous training ground development.
The main reason for #QPR £16m revenue reduction was broadcasting, which dropped £14m (62%) from £22m to £8m, as parachute payments stopped, though gate receipts were also down £1.4m (25%) from £5.4m to £4.0m, while commercial fell £1.4m (19%) from £7.2m to £5.8m.
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1/ With the playoff teams confirmed for this season, I wanted to look at how many points @QPR need to be targeting in order to break into the top 6 next season... #EFL #QPR
2/ Taking data from the last 5 @SkyBetChamp seasons (including this season, with points per game used to account for 46 matches), we can use logistic regression to determine the probability of finishing in the top 6, based on number of points won... #QPR #EFL
3/ The chart below illustrates this relationship between points and probability of top 6, i.e. if a team achieves 80 points (for example), then they’re almost certain to finish in the top 6. A team will likely need to achieve somewhere around 73 points to give themselves... #QPR
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1/ Fancied illustrating how much @QPR have improved in the second half of the season, and in context to the rest of the @SkyBetChamp division. The chart below shows the difference in average goals scored per match between Matches 1-23 & Match 24 onwards... #EFL #QPR
2/ Goals scored per match increased from 0.96 to 1.31. Goals conceded per match (chart below) improved from 1.30 down to 1.00 between those periods. Both charts illustrate that @QPR are one of the most improved teams in the second half of the season... #EFL #QPR
3/ Obviously #QPR still have 7 games to play and things can change between now and the end of the season, but it’s a nice illustration of the improvement nonetheless #EFL @SkyBetChamp
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Any reason to be nervous tonight? Shouldn’t be, given that @wwfcofficial are by some distance the worst team in the division. However there’s a sense that this is the sort of team we tend to struggle against... #QPR #QPRWYC
As of Week 35, @wwfcofficial have only scored 23 goals (and 4 of those were penalties). However, 35% of this meagre total were from set-pieces, significantly above the league average of 24%. So if there’s any threat, it’ll likely be from these #QPR #QPRWYC
Despite a massive improvement in our defending this season, @QPR still ship a decent share of goals from set pieces. But, is this enough to make anyone nervous? Against the worst team in the division? #QPR #QPRWYC
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In the run up to the #USPresidentialElections2020 when the characters & stories seem more mind-boggling than ever, it can be difficult to discern...
'How the fuck did the world end up here'?

Some great answers/insight here #Kleptopia 👏📕
Uncivil & Outright Criminal Behaviour seems to have been normalised throughout societies everywhere;

- Politics
- Crony Capitalism
- Social Media
- Reality TV
... Even Sport 🧐

I've tried to get my head around it with the help of some good books & following smart journo's Image

To understand the rise of;
-Strongman leaders
-Shady financiers

& other maniacal actors worldwide, there's some good reading in the pics below & above👀

#politicains #bankers #crooks #spooks #crime #money #power Image
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🗣️ "When QPR came calling, I couldn’t say no. They’d been my love for 20 years."

A THREAD! 👇 Gerry Francis on managing QPR, telling Les Ferdinand he could play for England, leading the club to 5th and why he resigned.

🔵 #QPR
🗣️ "On my first day, I called Les Ferdinand into my office. I told him I thought he could play for England.

"He burst out laughing.

“'What the fuck are you laughing at?' I said.

“'Play for England?' he asked. 'I can’t even get in the team here.'"
🗣️ "I told him I thought he had all the attributes to make it and I could help him. I’d got used to working on making players better from my time at Bristol Rovers." Image
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Queens Park Rangers 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 19th in the Championship and reached the FA Cup 5th round. Manager Steve McClaren was replaced by Mark Warburton in June 2019. Some thoughts in the following thread #QPR
#QPR loss significantly decreased from £38m to £10m, largely due to no repeat of the previous season’s £20m FFP fine, though there was also operational improvement: revenue rose £3m to £35m, profit on player sales was up from zero to £3m, while expenses were cut by £7m.
All three #QPR revenue streams were higher. Main increase was in Broadcasting, which rose £1.8m (9%) to £22.0m, due to slight uplift in parachute payment and FA Cup run. Commercial was up £0.9m (15%) to £7.2m, while gate receipts were £0.5m (10%) higher at £5.4m.
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Watching the #SCFC #QPR game back from yesterday and unsurprisingly, all of the back four have had an absolute shocker. Strap yourself in for some graphic content! There’s a lot of horrific defending to be analysed... (1/11)💀#stokecity #stoke #football #analysis
We start with the first #QPR goal. Things look good from here. Two banks of 4 and in a fairly decent shape. I’ve circled Smith but also look at Chester and BMI’s position in relation to Batth. Should give you a clue about what’s about to go down... (2/11)
Play develops and Smith is the free player. He has to block the pass behind the defence. It’s literally his only job here. His effort is weak. Chester and BMI are 5 yards behind Batth, allowing space for Hugill to move into. Butland not covered himself in glory either! (3/11)
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Leeds United have been very poor recently but today was another example of the handicap that’s been forced upon them this season 🤔

The @EFL referees have cost #LUFC a minimum of 15 points since the start of the 2019/20 season 👀

Full thread below 👇
Game 2: #LUFC vs #NFFC

Stuart Dallas hacked down in the final minutes with both referee and his assistant in a perfect position. Penalty not awarded for some unknown reason.

Points Deduction: -2
Game 11: #MFC vs #LUFC

Clear dive in box which leads to goal from a penalty and Leeds forced to play with 10 men for over 80 mins.

EFL later agree it was given in error. Leeds denied a pen when Harrison taken down at other end.

Points Deduction: -3

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Sunderland’s 2017/18 financial results covered a second successive relegation. Having finished bottom of the Premier League in 2016/17, they repeated this feat in the Championship to drop into League One. Some thoughts in the following thread #SAFC
This was the last season under former owner Ellis Short before Stewart Donald bought the club in May 2018. Since then, the financial picture at #SAFC has greatly changed, but it is still instructive to look at these financials to understand the reasons for their fall from grace.
Following relegation #SAFC loss almost doubled from £10.2m to £19.9m, as revenue basically halved from £123.5m to £63.7m and profit on player sales fell £26.5m to £6.6m. Offset by once-offs: £8.2m profit on sale of Charlie Hurley Centre; no repeat of 16/17 £9.7m Alvarez payment.
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Although Derby County’s fans will be bitterly disappointed after losing to Aston Villa in the 2018/19 Championship play-off final, it might still be worth looking at their 2017/18 accounts to show how the club is trying to meet its financial challenges. Some thoughts follow #DCFC
#DCFC went from a £7.9m loss to £14.6m profit, mainly due to £40m from selling & leasing back Pride Park Stadium. Revenue was only up £0.6m (2%) to £29.6m, though this was the club’s highest in the Championship without parachute payments. Profit on player sales fell £12m to £4m.
Main reason for #DCFC revenue increase was an away FA Cup game at Manchester United, which meant match receipts were up £0.5m (5%) to £9.1m. Broadcasting also rose £0.2m (2%) to £8.1m, due to higher Premier League solidarity payment, but commercial was down £0.1m to £12.4m.
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Brentford’s financial results for 2017/18 covered “yet another season of consolidation and progress”, when the Bees finished 9th in the Championship under head coach Dean Smith, their fourth consecutive top 10 place. Some thoughts in the following thread #BrentfordFC
#BrentfordFC loss widened from £1.0m to £3.9m, due to “increased football related costs”. Revenue was stable at £12.7m, due to ”similar on-pitch performance and attendance year-on-year”, while profit on player sales rose £1.3m to £14.1m.
#BrentfordFC revenue was flat at £12.7m, as ticketing income fell £0.4m (12%) to £3.1m, offset by increases in commercial, up £0.3m (15%) to £2.3m, and broadcasting, up £0.1m (2%) to £7.3m. Other operating income dropped £0.3m to £0.2m.
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Aston Villa’s 2017/18 financial results covered their second season in the Championship with Tony Xia as chairman following relegation from the Premier League. They finished 4th, but narrowly missed out on promotion after losing in the play-off final. Some thoughts follow #AVFC
Following that defeat, #AVFC “experienced significant liquidity problems”, including a missed tax payment to HMRC, which led to a rescue by billionaire businessmen Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, who injected £68m of funding with NSWE SCS becoming the club’s controlling owners.
#AVFC loss increased by £21m from £15m to £36m, as revenue dropped £5m (7%) from £74m to £69m and profit on player sales fell £11m from £27m to £16m. On the other hand, the club received £3m compensation for HS2 rail project, which will go through part of the training ground.
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Wolverhampton Wanderers 2017/18 financial results covered a successful season, when the club was promoted to the Premier League as champions after a six-year absence, led by head coach Nuno Espirito Santo under the ownership of Fosun International. Some thoughts follow #WWFC
#WWFC loss shot up from £23m to a breathtaking £57m, largely due to increased expenditure on players and wages plus an estimated £20m on bonuses and additional transfer fee payments following promotion.
#WWFC revenue rose 11% (£2.6m) from £23.8m to £26.4m, as commercial increased £1.4m (15%) to £10.6m and gate receipts were up £1.3m (20%) to £7.8m, but broadcasting was flat at £8.0m. Profit on player sales was £5.9m higher at £8.1m.
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Preston North End’s 2017/18 financial results covered a season when they finished in an impressive 7th place in the Championship , just missing out on the play-offs. Alex Neil replaced Simon Grayson as manager in July 2017. Some thoughts in the following thread #pnefc
#pnefc made £2.6m profit before tax compared to a £0.4m loss the prior season, even though revenue fell very slightly (1%) to £13.3m. In contrast, profit on player sales increased £7.5m to £9.7m. Profit after tax up from £0.9m to £2.6m, as there was a £1.3m tax credit in 2016/17.
#pnefc £0.2m revenue decrease was due to falls in both match day, £0.3m (8%) to £3.4m, and commercial, £0.2m (6%) to £2.8m. This was partially offset by a £0.3m (5%) rise in broadcasting, due to a higher solidarity payment.
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Nottingham Forest’s 2017/18 financial results covered the first full season under the ownership of Evangelos Marinakis (80%) & Sokratis Kominakis (20%), who bought the club in May 2017 from Fawaz Al-Hasawi, when they finished 17th in the Championship. Some thoughts follow #NFFC
#NFFC reported a £6m loss before tax compared to a £32m the prior season, though the £38m drop is a bit misleading, as it was largely due to loan write-offs decreasing from £40m to £5m. Revenue rose £1.9m (9%) to £22.7m, but profit on player sales fell £4.7m to £10.1m.
#NFFC £1.9m revenue increase was due to more broadcasting revenue from the EFL, up £0.8m (10%) to £9.0m, and higher ticketing income, up £0.9m (14%) to £7.4m, as attendances grew by 21%. Commercial income was flat overall at £5.2m, while player loans rose £0.2m to £1.1m.
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Sheffield United’s 2017/18 financial results covered their first season back in the Championship after six years in League One, when they mounted an unlikely challenge for a play-off place before finishing a creditable 10th. Some thoughts in the following thread #SUFC
#SUFC reduced the loss from £5.7m to £1.9m, highlighting the “significant impact” of promotion. Revenue rose 76% (£8.7m) to £20.0m, but this was more than offset by the cost of operating in a higher division, as wages rose £8.9m (89%) to £19.0m & other expenses up £1.9m to £8.5m.
However, it is worth noting that #SUFC lower loss is essentially driven by higher profit on player sales, which rose £5.6m to £8.4m. If this is excluded, loss was actually larger in the Championship than League One. In addition, no repeat of prior season £0.6m player impairment.
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Middlesbrough’s 2017/18 financial results covered the season after relegation from the Premier League when they reached the Championship play-offs by finishing 5th before losing in the semi-finals. Tony Pulis replaced Garry Monk as manager in December. Some thoughts follow #Boro
Following relegation #Boro moved from a pre-tax £6.9m profit to a £6.4m loss, as revenue halved from £121m to £62m, though profit on player sales was up £4m to £15m. After tax, the decline was even steeper (from £11.5m profit to £6.6m loss), due to prior year’s £4.6m tax credit.
#Boro £59m revenue decline was very largely driven by broadcasting’s £55m fall from £102m to £47m, as the £42m parachute payment was much lower than Premier League £99m distribution. Commercial also decreased £2.9m (26%) to £8.3m and match day was down £1.6m (18%) at £7.1m.
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