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Many including @ShefVaidya criticized the pvt authorities running #Padmanabhaswamytemple for the poor state of gaushala which hit the headlines last week. But no one noted that since the SC takeover of temple admin, the funds have stopped being utilized for dharmic purposes
Leave alone funding the gaushala which is run by 3rd parties near its premises.. The temple could not even fund the Shankaracharya associated with its rituals, when he was thrown out of his matha
As a result, the Pushpanjali swamiyar of Munchira Mathom had to spend nights in Trivandrum Central Railway station for 2 months when he was evicted from his matha premises by certain powerful encroachers
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@jsaideepak 141A. which they haven't performed for several decades in thousands of Temples. And yet the government has continue to collect that cut.
@jsaideepak 142. Mr. @jsaideepak pointed out that such a fee was justified by the State Government of TN in the Shirur Mutt case as not being a tax within the meaning of Article 27,
@jsaideepak 142A. - and only a fee for performance of administrative and audit services. And yet, the State has proved to be most incompetent and disastrous for Temple administration since 1951
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82. Mr. Dattar requested that the proposal which will be submitted tomorrow by Mr. Venugopal, would require suggestions from the Bench as well.
83. To this, Justice Lalit responded that the Bench would only require inputs from all counsels and proposals that are made keeping everyone's interest in mind.
84. With this Mr. Dattar ended his final submissions.
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Here are the updates for today's hearing in the #padmanabhaswamytemple case.
2. State's counsel submitted copies of the Expert Committee Report to the Bench. Mr. Venugopal, then started his final submissions.
3. Mr. Venugopal submitted that with respect to the accounts of the Temple, the reason why revenues have gone up after 2014 is that the appointed administration has doubled the charges for everything.
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1. Here are the updates of hearing held on 28th March 2019 in the #padmanabhaswamytemple case.
2. Mr. Krishnan Venugopal continued with his submissions. He addressed the Court's query on whether the Thanthri was consulted by the Amicus while making recommendations w.r.t religious practices at the Temple.
3. He said that the Amicus had not consulted the Thanthri while making any suggestions w.r.t religious practices and observances in the #padmanabhaswamytemple .
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1- Here are the updates in today's (March 27, 2019) hearing in the #PadmanabhaswamyTemple case.
2- Mr. @jsaideepak began with a recap of his submissions of March 12, 2019.
3- Mr. @jsaideepak recapped his submissions on the bar under Article 363 on the jurisdiction of the High Court and Supreme Court in relation to any dispute arising out of a right that flows from the Covenant or from the Constitution of which has a nexus to the Covenant.
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1. Mr. Gupta has resumed his submissions in the #PadmanabhaswamyTemple case. Mr. Gupta is taking the Court through the orders passed by the Supreme Court in matter.
2. Mr. @jsaideepak drew attention to the orders passed by the Court on April 27,2018 and November 14,2018 wherein he had appeared on behalf of intervenors to highlight the damage to heritage structures in the #PadmanabhaswamyTemple during the restoration work.
3. Mr. Jaideep Gupta has completed going through the orders of the Court and has now commenced his submissions with respect to Mr. @jsaideepak's submissions.
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1. Here are the updates of the hearing of February 14, 2019 in the #PadmanabhaswamyTemple case.
2. Mr. Jaideep Gupta resumed submissions on behalf of the State Government of Kerala. He submitted that the scope of endowment/dedication made by Raja Marthanda Varma in 1750 to Lord Padmanabhaswamy did not satisfy the requirements of Shebaitship under the law.
3. Mr. Gupta submitted that the position enjoyed by the Travancore Kings was only by virtue of their positions as Rulers. Post the enactment of the TCHRI Act 1950, the position is governed by the statute and has become a mere statutory office
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1. Here are the updates in yesterday's hearing in the #PadmanabhaswamyTemple case
2. Mr. @jsaideepak resumed his arguments by submitting that he would slot the remainder of his submissions into 3 baskets- limits imposed by judgments of SC on State interference with Temple Administration, denominational status of Padmanabhaswamy Temple & law on rights of Deity.
3. Mr. @jsaideepak walked the Court through Paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Impugned Judgement of the Kerala High Court to demonstrate the glaring inconsistencies, factual inaccuracies and legal infirmities in the fundamental assumptions of the High Court.
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1. Here are the updates for todays hearing in the #Padmanabhaswamytemple case. Mr. @jsaideepak commenced arguments by placing on record an additional compilation of documents on history of the temple and legislative history of the TCHRI act of 1950.
2. Mr. Jaideep Gupta, counsel for the state govt of Kerala, opposed the submission of additional documents on the ground that new material is being placed on record in intervention applications which are yet to be allowed
3. Justice Indu Malhotra observed that given the nature of the proceedings and the manifest public interest involved, the court would hear all parties before taking a call on the relevance of the information.
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1. Arguments in the #PadmanabhaswamyTemple case resumed before Justices U U Lalit and Indu Malhotra
2. Mr. Krishnan Venugopal is reading out portions from the impugned judgement of the Kerala High Court
3. Mr. Venugopal is drawing attention to the fundamental error in the judgement of the Kerala High Court which forms the basis of its findings and directions.
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1. The #PadmanabhaswamyTemple case was taken up by Justices U U Lalit and Indu Malhotra today for final hearing. The Bench has positively indicated that final arguments will commence today at the end of the board.
2. The Counsel for the State Government of Kerala and other Respondents wanted the issue of Kallara B (Vault B) of the Temple to be resolved before the commencement of final arguments.
3. Mr. Krishnan Venugopal, Counsel for Shri Marthanda Varma, drew attention to the order of July 4, 2017 wherein the Court had indicated that the issue of Vault B would be taken up after final arguments in the matter.
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