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Some day I will make up for not having visited the temples of Goa.

But this time, when visiting family in Singapore, I took the initiative to visit a few amazing temples.

I will cover one temple at a time to do justice to them.

Hope you enjoy.

#Singapore #Temples #Hinduism
Sri Thendayuthapani Temple:

Prior to 1859 Nagarathars worshipped a Vel (spear), a representation of Lord Muruga, under a tree. The Vel was kept under a Pipal tree (Arasa maram) at the bank of a tank (pond). Fresh water from the hill emerged as a waterfall and filled the tank. Image
The temple was built on 04.04.1859. Chettiars community bought the land, from the estate of Mr Oxley, the first Surgeon General of Singapore.

The temple in its original form was of a simple structure. In 1878, two separate sanctums were built for Lord Sundareswarar and
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Today - the most auspicious lunar day - Vaisakha Sukla Dasami, the sacred day Lord #Srinivasa (Venkateswara) married Sri Padmavathi Devi that is reckoned as Sri #PadmavathiSrinivasaKalyana

कल्याणाद्भुतगात्राय कामितार्थप्रदायिने ।
श्रीमद्वेङ्कटनाथाय श्रीनिवासाय ते नमः ॥ Image
ಕಲ್ಯಾಣಾದ್ಭುತಗಾತ್ರಾಯ ಕಾಮಿತಾರ್ಥಪ್ರದಾಯಿನೇ ।
ಶ್ರೀಮದ್ವೇಂಕಟನಾಥಾಯ ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸಾಯ ತೇ ನಮಃ ॥

కల్యాణాద్భుతగాత్రాయ కామితార్థప్రదాయినే ।
శ్రీమద్వేఙ్కటనాథాయ శ్రీనివాసాయ తే నమః ॥

kalyANAdbhutagAtrAya kAmitArthapradAyine |
shrImadve~NkaTanAthAya shrInivAsAya te namaH
Kalyaana means marriage/auspicious. When it is Kalyaana of the Supreme God, the auspiciousness will be in abundance and it will be for the universal welfare and well being of the humanity. +
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We had the pleasure of attending the “Hidden Temples Of Pune” Walk with @GodboleSandeep today.

Posting some photos from the walk.

Thank you Sandeep for introducing my beloved city to me.

Such hidden treasures we never were aware of!

#Pune #Temples #Heritage ImageImageImageImage
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Muslims and Christians in Kerala Temple festival committee: Have you heard of the popular Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy temple in Malappuram district of Kerala?
#Communists #Kerala #temples #pooram #Malabar #keralamodel #secularism #sickularism #Hinduism #sanatani
The Pooram (temple festival) this year is to be held between April 11th- April 23rd, 2023. This is purportedly a list of the temple festival committee members. For those of you who can’t read Malayalam, let me list the names in the highlighted boxes.
#Communists #Kerala
1) Honorable MP Abdussamad Samadani (Indian Union Muslim League)
2) Ms. Rafeeqa (District Panchayat President)
3) Ms. Shaharban (District Panchayat Member)
4) Ms. Saeeda teacher
4) Mr. Abutahir
5) Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali MLA (Indian Union Muslim League)
6) Mr. Jose Varghese
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Asta Lingams

Arunachala is surrounded by eight lingams (Asta Lingams) each residing in one of the eight directions of the four cardinal points (South - Yama, West - Varuna, North - Kubera, and East - Indra) and four intercardinal points (South East - Agni,South West-
Niruthi, North West - Vayu and North East - Esanaya Niruthi, North West - Vayu and North East - Esanaya

The guardians of the four cardinal directions are called the Lokapalas and are the deities who rule the specific directions of space. The name for the eight deities, four of
the cardinal and four of the intercardinal directions is 'Asta-Dikpalas.'

The Lingams have the dominant Navagraha of the God to whom they are associated. It is believed that placating a specific Lingam will bring various benefits that are associated with the respective Navagraha
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Harihareshwara Temple, Karnataka.

The temple was built in c. 1223–1224 CE by Polalva, a commander and minister of the Hoysala Empire King Vira Narasimha II. In 1268 CE, Soma, a commander of King Narasimha III of the same dynasty made some additions. The temple houses ImageImageImage
the deity Harihara, a fusion of the Vishnu and Shiva. The image of the deity is a fusion of the right vertical half of Shiva and left vertical half of Vishnu. The image holds in its right hand, the attributes of Shiva and in the left hand, those of Vishnu. ImageImageImage
According to a Hindu legend, a demon named Guha (or Guhasura) once lived in these parts and a considerable surrounding region, from Uchchangi Durga in the east, Govinahalu in the south, Mudanur in the west and Airani in the north was under his control.
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Shree Umiya Dham Hindu Temple in Edison, NJ vandalized with “Free Palestine” graffiti. CoHNA strongly condemns this & stands with the temple in demanding that the perpetrators be brought to swift justice! Happened yesterday, when…1/n
…the Indian American community held a "March for Unity" event with several organizations participating. Unfortunately, in this peaceful event, bigots and racists like Pieter Friedrich intruded, trying to paint the community as extremist and intolerant. 2/n
But, why “Free Palestine” on a Hindu temple? #Hinduphobic narrative peddled by “academics” portrays Hindus as “colonizers” of Kashmir and draws false parallels with Palestine. The recent bulldozer controversy in Edison, NJ also provides fodder to push hatred against Hindus. 3/n
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Tirthankar Parshwanath idol being worshipped as Pareshnath 'Shiv/Mahadev' in Mukutmanipur, Bankura district, #WestBengal

Pareshnath Shiv Mandir is an open air temple & a holy place for locals.

#jainism #jain #Temples #Hindu
(1) ImageImage
During the construction of the Mukutmanipur dam, this idol was found while digging the Earth. It is an evidence of Jain religion flourishing in this area. There are many stone idols there & people strongly believe that some of the idols are Jain deities.
(2) ImageImage
However this is developed as a #Hindu temple and revered by locals. Many people come here to celebrate ‘Maha Shivratri’ festival. People do come here to see the mesmerising Sunset.
(3) ImageImageImageImage
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Next 3 days visiting #Temples in and around Trichy, Tanjavur & Kumbakonam. #WalkToTemple @veejaysai garu appreciate any special tips..
Started auspicious Vijaya Dasami day with Darshan of Supreme Mother Goddess Arulmigu Mariamman, Samayapuram. The main idol is made of Sand & Clay. As per Wikipedia this is the second most richest temple in TN after Palani.

Our next stop is Tiruvanaikaval, had darshan of Arulmigu Jambukeswarar and Arulmigu Akhilandeshwari. This is one of the the Pancha Bhoota Lingam and it represents water. With this we have seen all the 5. There was an massive golu in the temple.

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We’re going to be posting pictures from our first batch of Anveṣi’s Karnataka chapter in this thread!

Journey with us as we travel westward towards the beautiful Karnataka coast visiting gorgeous temples!
Day 1: Chennakeśava Temple at Belur, Karnataka is one of the largest and oldest of the Hoyaśala temples and has had active worship for over 800 years even after extensive destruction during the time of the Sultanate.

#temples #history
The gorgeous symmetry of the Hoysaleswara Temple, Halebidu! The grandest of the Hoysala temples ever built, featuring almost all the deities of the entire Hindu pantheon, arranged in the most spectacular display of symmetry, mathematical precision, and magnificent aesthetics.
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#Temples: Supreme Court to hear plea seeking direction that Hindus, Jains, Sikhs & Buddhists be permitted "have similar rights to establish, manage & maintain their religious places like Muslims, Parsis, Christians" & formulate a 'Uniform Code for Religious-Charitable Endowments
Raising questions about equal treatment of temples, gurudwaras at par with mosques, churches etc, the plea asks whether a "Secular State" can make laws to abridge rights of Hindus @AshwiniUpadhyay…
Senior Advocate Arvind Datar: This is a case in which we have challenged the Endowments acts in all states. What came from the Madras HC is that endowments of hindus come under concurrent list. We are saying that either you regulate all endowments or regulate none
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A Delhi court is set to hear/pass orders today in a case where a plea seeks restoration of Hindu and Jain temples at the Qutub Minar complex. The order was deferred on the last hearing an intervenor claimed ownership of the monument.

#qutubminar #temples #Delhi
Previously, Archaeological Survey of India told court though there was no denial about existence of Hindu sculptures inside the complex, a fundamental right to workshop can't be claimed with respect to the protected monument.

#qutubminar #temples #Delhi…
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Nova entrega del gran Phil 🧶 sobre l’#Arqueologia!
Recordeu que els dies 9 i 10 de Juliol la @Vineaetalni 2022 organitza el primer Taller d’Arqueologia!

Al capítol 1 us vam explicar la importància dels estrats per a poder fer una bona excavació arqueològica.
Avui al capítol 2.1 passem a una altra pregunta: què apareix a un #jaciment arqueològic #romà 🏺?

Bàsicament apareixen dos grans tipus de restes: les mòbils, majoritàriament els objectes 🏺; i les immòbils, és a dir, les #estructures 🏛️.
Les restes immòbils són les més fàcils de trobar, perquè es tracta dels murs, les #columnes, els paviments i la resta d’elements constructius dels #edificis. Per les seves dimensions no solen passar desapercebudes…
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Many know where Bengal’s bravest son, #SubhasChandraBose - Netaji – lived in #Calcutta, as he famously escaped house arrest from his home at Elgin Road, in 1940. But not many know where Netaji’s ancestral home or ‘Desh-er-bari’ is. 1/10
Now called ‘Subhasgram’ in honour of #Netaji, it is just 25 km south of #Kolkata, in a village formerly known as Kodalia. Simple and elegant, the two-storey homestead is being restored. 2/10
Among Netaji’s ancestors was Mahipati Bose, who was granted a jagir by the Sultan of #Bengal, Hussain Shah, near the Bose ancestral home in the early 16th century. His grandson Gopinath Bose was also granted a jagir in Purandarpur, named after his title ‘Purandar Khan’. 3/10
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A Delhi Court is hearing a plea against an order which dismissed a plea seeking restoration of Hindu temples at the Qutub Minar complex in the capital
Advocate Hari Shankar Jain is arguing. He is submitting before the court that the right to worship requires looking into and any public order which says otherwise is in the teeth of it #qutabminar
Judge: What is the purpose of the Places of Worship Act 1991.

Hari Shankar Jain is arguing, the Judge however asks one of the persons present there, “Mr. Ali, you cannot record these proceedings”. He asks him to delete them
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Starting a 'Historical places to visit in India' thread! 😊❤️
Buland Darwaza (Door of victory) at Fatehpur Sikri, UP, India. Built by Emperor Akbar in 1601 to commemorate his victory over Gujarat #india #historicalplaces #BulandDarwaza #sightseeing #Akbar Image
Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1632. ❤️😊 It took around 22 years to build this magnificent structure. Made of white marble. #TajMahal #Agra #India #ShahJahan #MumtazMahal #historicalplaces Image
Agra Fort, Agra, India 😍 Built by Emperor Akbar in 1565. Fun fact- it is built entirely of red sandstone.😊 #Agra #AgraFort #India #UNESCO #historicalplaces Image
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Adv. Puneet Kumar Gupta appears for the parties contesting the Gyanvapi mosque being situated on the land in dispute.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Gupta reads out the relief sought in the suit by Ancient Idol of Swayambhu Lord Vishweshwar filed in 1991 for restoration of performance of rituals at the principal seat of Asthan of Lord Visheshwar and other gods within the precincts of temple complex known as 'Ancient Temple'.
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-: फलटणचे श्रीराम मंदिर :-
              एखाद्या गावी आपण पहिल्यांदा जावं आणि तिथे जाऊन आपल्याला खंत वाटावी की अरे..! आपण इथे यायला इतका उशीर का लावला..! तसच काहीसं मला फलटण गावी जाऊन वाटलं. तेथील शहररचना,
@ShefVaidya @authorAneesh @MulaMutha
#Temples #मंदिर #राम
जुनी पण नावीन्यपूर्ण अशी बांधकामं आणि एकंदरीत वातावरण ह्या गोष्टींनी मला प्रचंड प्रभावित केले. त्यात अजून आनंद वाढवणारा 'दुग्धशर्करा योग' म्हणजे फलटणमधील अतिशय सुंदर अशी मंदिरे..! पुरातन असे जब्रेश्वर महादेवाचे मंदिर, गिरवीचे श्रीकृष्ण मंदिर आणि फलटणचे प्रसिद्ध राम मंदिर..!
या सर्व मंदिरांना उत्तम स्थितीत पाहून मनाला अतिशय संतोष वाटला.

त्यात मला श्रीराम मंदिराची भावलेली भव्यता,सुंदरता आणि रमणीयता इथे शब्दात मांडण्याचा प्रयत्न करत आहे.

फलटण गावात स्थित असणारे श्रीराम मंदिर हे श्रीमंत निंबाळकर यांच्या राजवाड्याच्या परिसरात आहे.
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On the banks of Vennar River, in the districts of Thanjavur, lies a small village called Kallaperumbur, home to two temples of antiquity - Brihannayaki Sametha Kailasanathar (A Shiva Temple) and the Varadaraja Perumal (A Vishnu Temple). (1/6)
With the inscriptions found in the dilapidated gopuram of the Shiva Temple (Image 2), we can trace back this temple to the period of Kulottunga Chola of the 12th /13th century. (2/6)
The Temple is a vast complex with sanctums for the Parivara Daivatas including Nruthi, Vinayagar, Subhramnaya and a separate sanctum outside the main complex for the Goddess. A small niche on the outer walls of the Maha Mandapa has a sculpture of Natraja and Parvati. (3/6)
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Shree Raja Rajeshwara Swamy temple located in Rajanna Sircilla district, Telangana. One of the oldest temples in India constructed around 760-800 CE. This temple is also known as "Dakshina Kasi". Lord Shiva is worshipped as Sri Raha Rajeshwara Swamy at this place. ImageImage
And Maa Parvati is worshipped as Raja Rajeshwari devi. Inscriptions on rocks around the temple states that the place was capital of Vemulawada Chalukyas that ruled present day Telangana, parts of Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra between 7 and 10 century CE
#Temples #India
And there is a dargah within the temple. ImageImageImage
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Sri Surya Mandir is located at JhalraPatan, Jhalawar district of Rajasthan, India.This Hindu shrine is primarily dedicated to Lord Surya (the sun god).
This temple was constructed by Maharaja Nagbhatta II , Pratihar #Rajput in 813AD for propagating his religion and culture. ImageImage
The temple follows Pushti Marg traditions of worship.
The huge Sun Temple of Jhalrapatan is also known as Padmanathji Temple, Bada Mandir, 7 Saheliyon ka Mandir etc.The temple is built in Khajuraho and Konark style. Image
This style was developed between the 10th to 13th century AD. This temple built in the chariot style reinforces this belief.
Lord Surya is seated on a chariot of seven horses. The foundation stone of the temple corresponds to a chariot carrying seven horses. Image
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#MadrasHighCourt issues notice in plea against HR&CE 2020 Rules in so far it allows “fit persons” (appointed in the absence of temple trustees) to select archakas to #HinduTemples. Petitioner argues that archakas not trained in agamas relevant to temples may be thereby appointed
Any appointments made will abide by the result of the petition since it prima facie appears that the appointment by a fit person may not be the appropriate form under the (HR&CE) Act of 1959: #MadrasHighCourt

@tnhrcedept #HinduTemples
It would do well for the positions of trustees lying vacant or unfilled to be filled up in the appropriate manner and in accordance with law so that such trustees can, in terms of the (HR&CE) Act of 1959, choose the archakas: #MadrasHighCourt adds in interim order

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Mannarpolur Azhagu Mallari Krishnaswami Temple Mannarpolur is a small village on the banks of ‘Kalindi’ river near Sullurpeta in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. There is a very ancient temple in this village, which is almost a sleepy little village. Once upon a time, this Image
must have been an important village, certainly far more important than Sullurpeta which must have been of a fairly recent origin. The basis for saying that Mannarpolur must have been an important village is the fact that this temple is believed to date back to the 10th century Image
and is the only important temple in a radius of about 40 kms. There is no other important temple apart from this temple until Srikalahasti in Chittor District or till Nellore.
The temple itself has many unusual features. The main shrine has Lord Krishna with Satyabhama and Image
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In batch of pleas along with one by activist Rangarajan Narasimhan over the alleged inhumane treatment of elephants kept in temples across the state of Tamil Nadu, Madras High Court orders Forest Dept to prepare catalogue of all captive elephants in TN.…
The court has directed the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests to prepare the catalogue alongwith their video recordings.
The plea was being heard by a bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice PD Audikesavalu.
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