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I witnessed the outrage against #Sadhguru's take on #MahaShivratri and this is what I feel is going wrong.
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1. Hindus need to realise the difference between Abrahamic faiths and Sanatan, and find out the reason for the decline of Sanatan. It all comes down to Sanatan's failure to propagate.
2. While Islam propagated using force and later victim hood, Christianity used force and greed to proselyte massively. Sanatan on the other hand played by ideals and watched itself being gobbled up by the base human needs.
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Desinformationsverbreiter #FaktenFriedenFreiheit hat ein Video mit einer "9,5 Hz Alpha Frequenz" und Zitaten vom indischen Guru #Sadhguru gepostet.

Die Abonnenten fanden es nicht gut.

Seine Erklärung:
Der Guru spricht sich für Impfungen aus.
Darauf wird er direkt gecancelt. :D
Am 07.07.2019 trat Sadhguru übrigens bei den Vereinten Nationen auf und sprach u.a. zum Thema Impfungen in #Indien.

In seiner Jugend gab es noch Kinder, die an Polio erkrankt waren. Heute gibt es das selbst in entlegenden Dörfer nicht mehr.

Im Oktober 2021 gratulierte #Sadhguru der indischen COVID19-Impfkampagne zu 100 crore ( Impfungen.

In der Welt von Sebastian Verboket (alias #FaktenFriedenFreiheit) geht sowas natürlich gar nicht.
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(1/n) What is Samyama? Thread 🧵 #Osho #Sadhguru #Meditation Image
(2/9) Image
3/9 Image
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🔴What does globally renowned Indian🇮🇳 mystic @SadhguruJV think about his title as a #guru🧘‍♂️?

FRANCE 24's @DelanoDSouza speaks with #Sadhguru in an exclusive #interview, as he rides a motorcycle from Europe to India to raise awareness about soil degradation⤵️ #savesoil
@SadhguruJV @DelanoDSouza 🔴Indian🇮🇳 mystic @SadhguruJV counts #WillSmith among his followers... what does the famous #guru🧘‍♂️ think about the infamous #Oscars🎬 slap, and #nonviolence in general?

FRANCE 24's @DelanoDSouza speaks with #Sadhguru in an exclusive #interview⤵️
@SadhguruJV @DelanoDSouza 🔴📲Watch FRANCE 24's exclusive #interview with @SadhguruJV in full
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#Sadhguru #Mahashivratri
"Why Sadhguru being targeted than any One else?"
இதனை புரிந்து கொள்ள தமிழகம் தாண்டி மக்கள் சத்குருவை எப்படி பார்க்கிறார்கள் என்பதனை விருப்பு வெறுப்பின்றி அமைந்த ஒரு தேடல் வேண்டும்! ஆயிரம் குருமார்கள் இன்றைக்கும்,
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உண்டு ஆனால் சத்குரு மீதான தாக்குதல் பல் முனைகளில் இருந்து இருக்கும் அதற்கு @Swamy39 அவர்கள் அதற்கான பதிலை கீழ் கண்டவாறு குடுத்திருப்பார்!
"இங்குள்ள குருமார்கள் ஏதேனும் ஒரு வட்டத்திற்குள் சுருக்கப்பட்டிருப்பார்கள், அது மொழியாக, தான் இருக்கும் நில
(2/N) Image
பகுதியாக (geographical area), அல்லது ஏதேனும் ஒரு சமயம் சார்ந்து, இதில் எதுவாக வேண்டுமானாலும் இருக்கலாம்! ஆனால் நன்றாக யோசித்தால் சத்குரு மேலே குறிப்பிட்ட எந்த வட்டத்திற்குள் அடைக்க முடியாது! அவர் பல மொழிகளில் நன்கு தேர்ச்சி பெற்றுள்ளார்
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🔥🌺𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐫 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐫 𝐓𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐂𝐚𝐮𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲🌺🔥

💥𝗦𝗮𝗱𝗵𝗴𝘂𝗿𝘂💥: The Nattatreeshwarar temple is a very wonderful temple located at the midpoint of Cauvery river. ImageImageImage
It is on an island in Cauvery exactly halfway along the river’s course from Talacauvery to the ocean, so it is seen as the navel of Cauvery. It is said that the linga at the temple was consecrated by Agastya muni over 6000 years ago.
It is made of sand mixed with some traditional compound of those days. This sand linga is still physically intact, and in terms of the energy, it is explosive! Though it is 6000 years old, it feels like it was just consecrated yesterday.
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Connect with our Resource Leader Shashi Shekhar, Managing Director, Camfil India, at #IshaInsight Online 2021, a four-day #business #leadership intensive, to learn the finer nuances of managing risk effectively.
Shashi says, “For every fundamental decision, here is the question to ask — what will help my business grow and what will interrupt its progress? And then work on aligning people, processes and the environment. "
"We restructured our regional and area network in a way that our sales and marketing workforce could be seamlessly engaged with our customers even while they began operating from their homes.”

#entrepreneurs #leadershipdevelopment #businessowner #growth
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Wisdom that cuts across industries! Here is your chance to learn the exceptional art and science of business stewardship in an in-depth discussion with our Key Resource Leader, Dr. Rupinder Singh Sodhi, Managing Director, GCMMF (Amul).
He shares the principles of building a trusted and enduring business, whether it is via consistency or execution rigor or securing credibility in small geographic pockets before considering to scale.
Join us at Isha Insight Online 2021, a business leadership intensive, for some compelling interactions that will propel you to rediscover the pulse of doing business in these rapidly changing times.
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Just 12 months back, it was unthinkable that a COVID vaccine of proven efficacy could be developed, let alone administered, in anything less than 3 to 4 years. Vaccines took years, sometimes decades to develop and stabilize.
Fast forward to today — more than 10 reliable vaccines, more than 50% of the world’s population vaccinated with one dosage, vaccines developed for different strains of the mutating virus — it’s a truly remarkable achievement.
And also reflective of the enormous changes sweeping vaccine development technologies in particular, and healthcare in general.
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Join us at Isha Insight Online 2021 for an engaging discussion with our Key Resource Leader @Nithin0dha, Founder and CEO, @zerodhaonline. #IshaInsight Image
@Nithin0dha @zerodhaonline Nithin says, “We always knew that there is an opportunity to disrupt the existing trading space given the way businesses operated, and the fact that incentives were not aligned to the customers.
Generally, in a broking firm, a broker makes money by getting people to trade, though the customer should in fact not be trading. Not only is there a conflict of interest, but also a massive exposure to risk. A lot of first-timers get misled.
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For the longest time, machines have been the favorite accessory of the human species — you programmed them, told them what to do, and they dutifully went about following instructions, without error, fatigue, or tantrums. Image
Machines are quietly transforming from inanimate slaves to intelligent agents, analyzing more data at a faster pace and with lazer-sharp accuracy to increasingly take on decision-making roles.
By the end of the decade, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and self-learning algorithms, are predicted to take over more than 90% of decisions being made by business executives. What does this shifting human-machine balance mean to you and your business?
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An impactful program that offers insights for #business leaders, #IshaInsight has been blessed and guided by @SadhguruJV at every milestone over the last 10 years since its inception.

#ADecadeOfInsight #ishafoundation #sadhguru #Insight #leadership
This is an effort to constantly assess the evolving 'DNA of success' vis-a-vis the business #leadership paradigm, and can be truly transformative for #entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across India and globally.

#leadershipdevelopment #growth #networking #entrepreneurlife #impact
Join us at #IshaInsight Online 2021 and make it a turning point for the way you reset the radar of your life and business in these times of accelerated change and the Decade of Possibilities that awaits you.

Learn more about the program:
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Spirituality and Science behind Amavasya/No moon/New moon day. #Meditation
"Amavasya is a day when one can become easily aware of, ‘What is me n what is not me,’ n from there on, the journey from untruth to truth begins" .. #Sadhguru
There are several spiritual effects of Amavasya on human n human behavior as an individual tends to act restlessly n become ill-tempered n irritable which depicts the signs of lunacy.
The word lunacy even has been originated from the word moon or luna.
Amavasya has colossal effects on human and human behavior in general. On the day of Amavasya, it is believed that the subconscious mind becomes vulnerable.
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Whatever Sadhguru speaks makes news these days. Some people are bent on making controversies though out of his statements.

One such vermin started spreading a news that Sadhguru has asked for closing of Government schools.

#FakeNews #FraudShankar
This thing started after today's Pongal Satsang at Isha Yoga Center.

As is the wont, more vermins started spreading this garbage around.

What basically happened is Sadhguru was talking about how to choose who to vote for and was speaking about the right for education to all.
Sadhguru suggested that instead of Government trying to run schools & not maintaining them properly, they can let schools be run by top educationalists and instead sponsor the fees required for underprivileged students.

Anyone who has seen a Govt school in TN knows the truth.
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#Sadhguru has most of India's self-proclaimed #liberals with their underwear twisted when he said he is far more #leftist than most. Recently Mr TM #Krishna launched into a media rant protesting this but with zero factual basis. (1/n)

Social Upliftment - Check
Individual Empowerment - Check
Promoting Gender & Social Equality - Check
Providing Free Education & Healthcare - Check
Erasing Social Inequalities - Check

If all these does not qualify Sadhguru as a leftist, I do not know what will! (2/n)
Here is my post on why I consider India's spiritual gurus as the true #leftists and why TM Krishna is completely wrong.

Unlike Mr TM Krishna, I am presenting only logical arguments without resorting to name calling or abuse. (3/n)
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