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Saturday, 5th September 2020

#Moon is transiting through the Revati, the 27th nakshatra ruled by #Mercury. Mercury is exalted in #virgo which is directly aspecting the moon. Moon- mercury opposition makes us quite calculative & the free flow of emotions is not there. However Image
#Revatinakshatra gifts prosperity and nourishment. The month of #september is filled with many planetary transformations. #Venus has changed house and is currently transiting #cancer. Mercury is in its exalted state in #Virgo. #Jupiter is going to become direct on Sep 13, 2020.
#Rahu and #ketu are changing signs on Sep 23, 2020. As ketu will leave Mula, Major relief from Corona can be seen. Also,we can expect some good news regarding vaccinee in coming days due to changing cosmic weather.

#Astrology #astroquote #SaturdayVibes #SaturdayMorning
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Yesterday was Varalakshmi Vritham
And everyone who has taken up this Vritham welcomed her.
India is land of colours
Not one Varalakshmi Matha looks identical
Everyone has used their creativity to their best & did awesome Alankaram to her
Just sharing those photos which Image
I received from family, Friends & Acquitance
#SaturdayMotivation Image
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#DoYouKnow October 3, 1978,Dr Subhash Mukherjee became the first physician in India and the second in the world to create a test tube baby.
#India #IVF #TestTubeBaby
Kanupriya Agarwal(Durga)was born in 1978,just 67 days after the first IVF baby in United Kingdom.#Thread Image
#DoYouKnow There is a #hindi movie based loosely on Dr.Subhash Mukhopadhyay which went on to win National Award @themoviemystic @VintageMuVyz @FilmHistoryPic #SaturdayVibes #Trivia @nfdcindia @shahidkapoor @AzmiShabana #IVF #India Image
#DoYouKnow Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay was harassed by the then West Bengal state government and Indian Government and not allowed to share his achievements with the international scientific community. Dejected, he committed suicide on 19 June 1981. #IVF #testtubebaby #India Image
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@drzvq @CountryTisOThee @Dbargen @Savingrace_ @merlins_girl @garway95 @Greybeardbiker @laridious @Lynnoftrumpland @mcpaintdoctor @Pat_riots2KAG @KarmaLovesTrump @KathiCupidsmom @Laura4_45 @Leigh95907624 @MagaDiva1 @MaryUlinger @mclaren_roberts @Pawleybaby1999 @FairyQ15 1)

To register & vote in the
reconstructed system as a 14th Amendment Federal citizen(U.S. Citizens) puts you in direct violation against the law of your independent nation 👉(state constitution) & makes you a belligerent enemy combatant to your own nation of birth. Image
@drzvq @CountryTisOThee @Dbargen @Savingrace_ @merlins_girl @garway95 @Greybeardbiker @laridious @Lynnoftrumpland @mcpaintdoctor @Pat_riots2KAG @KarmaLovesTrump @KathiCupidsmom @Laura4_45 @Leigh95907624 @MagaDiva1 @MaryUlinger @mclaren_roberts @Pawleybaby1999 @FairyQ15 2)
Furthermore by voting for governance (Federal Officers) in the eyes of law you have proven yourself to be an infant with no ability to govern yourself. FOOTNOTE: As people of the several American republics(states) has submitted to the Federal Corporation (lord), they are..... Image
@drzvq @CountryTisOThee @Dbargen @Savingrace_ @merlins_girl @garway95 @Greybeardbiker @laridious @Lynnoftrumpland @mcpaintdoctor @Pat_riots2KAG @KarmaLovesTrump @KathiCupidsmom @Laura4_45 @Leigh95907624 @MagaDiva1 @MaryUlinger @mclaren_roberts @Pawleybaby1999 @FairyQ15 3)
...deemed children of the state, see case of: Late Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints v U.S.  478 (1889) 

Image: The current system treats people as incompetent adult children that needs to be governed & all by your CONSENT! Image
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The United States of #America/The United States is NOT A #COUNTRY, IT IS A FOREIGN CORPORATION to the several states. And it had been so since 1789!
FOOTNOTE: United States Code Title 28 § 3002 (15)(a) § 3002. Definitions (15) "United States" means-(A) a Federal corporation.

Look up this Federal statute at
When you say The United States/USA is your country, it is no different than you say Burger King is your country or any other corporation.

You will not find the United States/USA a country & a Union as a "one nation" in any of the founding documents.
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9-15feb 1
It's your #Bonkersbrexit weekly roundup of just how much #Brexitnotdone we've had over the past week.

And wow what a week it was. Crazy actually.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's not us they're trying to convince but themselves...

9-15feb 2
First, we had the endlessly entertaining Barry from Basildon. Who (un)fortunately is a parody

Then like a gift from #Brexit Gods, we got the very real (confirmed by Indy) clueless Colin reinforcing all stereotypes

9-15feb 3
Then we had Dr Sune's informative ad-lib history of populism, with a detailed description of the Danish Brexit and how they had managed to step back from the breach away from their Siren's call.

Sadly we looked painfully naive in comparison.
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I’ve really enjoyed being at #RNA2019, making some new connections and getting to know some people irl I’d only connected with online and/or over the phone before. Special shout-outs to fellow social media panelists @liamsadams, @ayshabkhan, and @sophiasgaler!

And by the way, look what a certain notorious party left behind, perhaps in his haste to avoid answering journalists’ questions after spewing fascist propaganda. If anyone has any good ideas for what to do with this unique, erm, souvenir, please do share them. #RNA2019
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Happy birthday to H.G. Wells, born today in 1866! #SaturdayMotivation
"This story must be read by everyone who esteems thrills."

Publicity notice for War Of The Worlds by HG Wells (1898).
The Things That Live On Mars, by H. G. Wells. Cosmopolitan magazine, March 1908.

Wells speculates on Martian evolution and culture...
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