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Al empezar una campaña, desde @OniriaTBWA lo primero que hacen es conocer cuál es el objetivo del negocio del cliente y a partir de allí decantan en los objetivos de marketing y los de comunicación...
🚀Seguidamente se inicia el proceso creativo con la identificación de las #fortalezas de la marca, la empresa o el producto que protagonizará la campaña...
🚀Luego, alrededor de ese diferencial, desde la agencia buscan otras observaciones o #insight de cómo ese producto o servicio mejorará la vida de las personas.
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The slides from a presentation I did recently on seeking to understanding and #insight in today's world...(1/30) #Thread Image
2/30 Image
3/30 Image
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Connect with our Resource Leader Shashi Shekhar, Managing Director, Camfil India, at #IshaInsight Online 2021, a four-day #business #leadership intensive, to learn the finer nuances of managing risk effectively.
Shashi says, “For every fundamental decision, here is the question to ask — what will help my business grow and what will interrupt its progress? And then work on aligning people, processes and the environment. "
"We restructured our regional and area network in a way that our sales and marketing workforce could be seamlessly engaged with our customers even while they began operating from their homes.”

#entrepreneurs #leadershipdevelopment #businessowner #growth
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Wisdom that cuts across industries! Here is your chance to learn the exceptional art and science of business stewardship in an in-depth discussion with our Key Resource Leader, Dr. Rupinder Singh Sodhi, Managing Director, GCMMF (Amul).
He shares the principles of building a trusted and enduring business, whether it is via consistency or execution rigor or securing credibility in small geographic pockets before considering to scale.
Join us at Isha Insight Online 2021, a business leadership intensive, for some compelling interactions that will propel you to rediscover the pulse of doing business in these rapidly changing times.
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Just 12 months back, it was unthinkable that a COVID vaccine of proven efficacy could be developed, let alone administered, in anything less than 3 to 4 years. Vaccines took years, sometimes decades to develop and stabilize.
Fast forward to today — more than 10 reliable vaccines, more than 50% of the world’s population vaccinated with one dosage, vaccines developed for different strains of the mutating virus — it’s a truly remarkable achievement.
And also reflective of the enormous changes sweeping vaccine development technologies in particular, and healthcare in general.
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Join us at Isha Insight Online 2021 for an engaging discussion with our Key Resource Leader @Nithin0dha, Founder and CEO, @zerodhaonline. #IshaInsight Image
@Nithin0dha @zerodhaonline Nithin says, “We always knew that there is an opportunity to disrupt the existing trading space given the way businesses operated, and the fact that incentives were not aligned to the customers.
Generally, in a broking firm, a broker makes money by getting people to trade, though the customer should in fact not be trading. Not only is there a conflict of interest, but also a massive exposure to risk. A lot of first-timers get misled.
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For the longest time, machines have been the favorite accessory of the human species — you programmed them, told them what to do, and they dutifully went about following instructions, without error, fatigue, or tantrums. Image
Machines are quietly transforming from inanimate slaves to intelligent agents, analyzing more data at a faster pace and with lazer-sharp accuracy to increasingly take on decision-making roles.
By the end of the decade, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and self-learning algorithms, are predicted to take over more than 90% of decisions being made by business executives. What does this shifting human-machine balance mean to you and your business?
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An impactful program that offers insights for #business leaders, #IshaInsight has been blessed and guided by @SadhguruJV at every milestone over the last 10 years since its inception.

#ADecadeOfInsight #ishafoundation #sadhguru #Insight #leadership
This is an effort to constantly assess the evolving 'DNA of success' vis-a-vis the business #leadership paradigm, and can be truly transformative for #entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across India and globally.

#leadershipdevelopment #growth #networking #entrepreneurlife #impact
Join us at #IshaInsight Online 2021 and make it a turning point for the way you reset the radar of your life and business in these times of accelerated change and the Decade of Possibilities that awaits you.

Learn more about the program:
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Apapun alasannya dengan menjastifikasi bahwa Bahasa Arab itu terkait Bahasa kaum Teroris adalah salah karena penggunaan Bahasa Arab tidak sebatas sebagai Alat Komunikasi semata melainkan sebagai Bahasa Ilmu Pengetahuan dan juga Bahasa Bacaan Kitab Suci #hening @asboedionoid
Menurut pendapat saya, mereka yang mengatakan bahwa Bahasa Arab itu Bahasa Teroris apapun alasannya harus dapat mempertanggung jawabakan pendapatnya didepan Sidang Pengadilan agar supaya kedepan menjadi sebuah Kepastian Hukum bahwa Bahasa adalah Bahasa #hening @asboedionoid
Pernyataan tentang Bahasa Arab sangat mengusik Kerukunan Umat berAgama, Masyarakat yang tidak paham substansi menganggap pernyataan itu benar. Jadi seperti yang saya sampaikan diatas agar supaya semuanya menjadi Jelas maka Pengadilan adalah tempatnya #hening @asboedionoid
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Ready to organize for #disruption? Start here (and now). by @charleneli via @LinkedIn…
Great theme, @charleneli ! #TMO #Leadership is even more essential at this highly anxiogenous times of sanitary and economic upheavels. Had a chance to #brainstorm a few thoughts with my son, @Leo_Ferret, here:
Back in Dec. 2017 we conceived a #branded #message to stimulate commitment towards “Resolution Quotes” to help people think about their own and help them start off to a New Year by revisiting and strenghtening your #purpose, #mission, #vision & #values.

And, most importantly...
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First reading in 2021: ⁦@QCassam⁩ on #ConspiracyTheories #52papers /1 Image
Third reading (courtesy of our #PhilMHRG): Neil Levy on the (ir)rationality of conspiracy theories #52papers… Image
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1-Through the #Grace of the #Godeess ,we have been on a cosmic #Joyride since quite some time now!

Let’s continue with the same with the discussions on some more #Shakti #Mantras! (1/21)

2-Let’s begin today with #Klim

Klim – pronounced as #Kleem is about the wonderful, seductive #God - #Krishna

#Klim is blissful and full of #Ananda – because Krishna is #Bliss (pure #Ananda!) (2/21)

3-#Klim also relates to #Sundari the #Goddess of #Love, #Beauty and #Transcendence

#Klim activates #Desire, #Love and #Attraction

In #VedicAstrology #Klim is used to invoke #Venus and sometimes #moon. (3/21)

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After much contemplation, I finally wrote about my experience with #Vipassana meditation.…

Sharing some quotes/excerpts/concepts in the thread below.
#Vipassanā in Pali means “#insight” or “seeing deeply”.

The practice of Vipassanā meditation, thus, revolves around training your mind to observe reality as it is, and not as you wish it to be. And in the process, overcome #suffering.
It is a #meditation technique that the #Buddha mastered over time and found to be the most effective in eradicating all kinds of suffering in the world.
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1/8 Ve snaze zjistit, jak to vypadá s Krtkem na Marsu, udělala v posledních dnech americká sonda @NASAInSight celou řadu kroků, které měly ozřejmit, proč se Krtek nezahlubuje pod povrch rudé planety tak, jak bylo plánováno. Image
2/8 Asi se k vám už doneslo, že se Krtek z neznámých důvodů zasekl, namísto plánovaných 3 až 5 metrů se byl schopen dostat do hloubky přibližně 35 cm. Stále nevíme, proč po dosažení této hloubky přestal pokračovat v postupu pod povrch.…
3/8 Ve hře byla trojice hlavních teorií - že se zasekl v držáku HP3, že narazil na kámen bránící jeho povrchu či že okolní materiál, do kterého se zahlubuje, má příliš malou soudružnost, takže neklade Krtkovi dostatečný odpor.…
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Hi, hello, I’m reporting from the media room at JPL for the #InSight #MarsLanding. From now on until it’s over I’m going to keep my Twitter feed clean of anything except landing-related news. I’ll likely do a Q and A on Twitter today after the post-landing press briefing.
Here is my landing timeline:…

You can watch the uncommented feed (just the control room) here:…

And the commented feed (with talking heads) here:…
Julie Werz Chen reports from mission control they've heard from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and are in telemetry lock with both MarCO-A and -B. This is promising for receiving telemetry from InSight via the cubesats live throughout the landing. #InSight #MarsLandingDay
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La France sur Mars. A Thread.
#SEISsurMars #Insight #MarsLAnding
Comme vous le savez certainement, ce lundi un instrument français🇫🇷, SEIS (@InSight_IPGP) se pose sur Mars, amené par la sonde américaine @NASAInSight. Mais ce n'est pas le premier œil français sur cette planète.
Soyons honnêtes, si la France a rapidement eu une fusée en état de marche, l'exploration planétaire c'est compliqué. Du coup, Mars est resté très longtemps la chasse gardée (et l'objet d'une rivalité) des américains et soviétiques.
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