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Targeting a specific #keyword on multiple pages of your website may harm your #SEO and Google Ranking.


When you target a specific term on multiple pages, search engines become confused about which page to rank for a specific keyword.

That means your pages will
That means your pages will compete with each other. This is called Keyword Cannibalization.

Remember! If you are making this mistake, you are actually competing with yourself.

Resolve it right away!

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Click Models - What are they and why should you know about them as an SEO? Think about Clicks, Attention, and Satisfaction. I hope you'll get #satisfaction from this 🧵, too. (1/22) #EverythingSEO #SEO #GoogleSearch @MarketMuseCo
Click models are predictive probabilistic data models of search user behavior that aim to predict future user patterns by analyzing historical data. (2/20) #usability #behavior #SEO #SERPs @MarketMuseCo #DataScience #EverythingSEO
Basic Click Models for SERPs aim to understand the examination process of each link presented and understand the biases of other elements on the page like position, ads, and other features. (3/22) @MarketMuseCo #SEO #EverythingSEO #SERPs
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And to make sure users know what sites they are being directed to.

Better relevance

Second, the #searchengines have realized that including the context of a link in their algorithms helps weed out low-importance, low-relevance, and misleading links.… This is because search engines inherently keep user experience in mind, as they want to show people the best and most relevant links in their results.

Why is Contextual Link Building Important? The reason why contextual links are so important is that search engine algorithms give much greater weight to them compared to non-contextual links. The idea is that if you get a contextual link within a content piece,
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To improve a website’s ranking in #searchengines, you need to earn high-quality backlinks to the site. High quality backlinks are an important ranking factor that Google's algorithm takes into account when deciding where your page should appear in the SERPs. When many links point to a website, it signals to search engines that the page is essential, it has valuable information that people recommend, and it should appear as a primary search result. So, if you want to be on page one on Google Search for a query, you need diverse, high quality backlinks.

While there are many methods for building links, content marketing paired with strategic digital PR.
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Your site gains more recognition as it gains traffic with the links. #Google likes to see websites increase user experiences, this will surely increase your ranking when Google and other #searchengines see you provide relevant content. You gain trust and credibility… So to sum this all up, contextual links are great for bringing traffic into your website and gaining trust of search engines! Seeking relevant websites to link back in to your articles shows search engines you are associated with… websites that can improve your websites image and ranking. Search engines want websites to compete in providing the best user experience, with this competition websites are forced to provide valuable and credible content.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/24/2021…
Arctic warming three times faster than the planet, report warns…

#ArcticWarming #ClimateChange #consequences
Wild Bornean orangutans experience muscle catabolism during episodes of fruit scarcity…

#orangutans #borneo #FoodScarcity #catabolism #muscles
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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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