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"100+ Days After Hindenburg Report: Adani Group's Stock Market Review"📉


🔶Total Market Cap Loss: 🔻$120B
🔶Most Fallen Adani Stock: ATGL 🔻80%
🔶Most Resilient Stock: Adani Ports 🔻10%

Detailed Look at 9 Companies Under Adani🧵

#HindenburgReport #SEBI #AdaniGroup Image
1) Adani Ent

🔶Share price ~ 44% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~173,918 Cr($ 21.2B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 75% drop from 321 to 81

ATGL stands for Adani Total Gas Limited which operates in the natural gas distribution and marketing sector in India.

🔶Share price ~ 80% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~343,780 Cr($41.9B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 82% drop from 884 to 156
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#MintPlainFacts | Every Friday, Plain Facts publishes a compilation of data-based insights, complete with easy-to-read charts, to help you delve deeper into the stories reported by Mint in the week gone by.

Read here:… Image
#MintPlainFacts | India’s retail #inflation eased to a 15-month low of 5.66% in March, data released on Wednesday showed.

This is the first time in three months that inflation has come in below #RBI's upper tolerance limit of 6%.

Read here:… Image
#MintPlainFacts | The automobile industry recovered the majority of its lost ground in 2022-23, with sales of retail vehicles jumping by 21%.

Read here:…Image
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"Adani Group Two Months Post-Hindenburg: Standing at $116 Billion Value Loss"

A Look at 9 Companies Under Adani Group🧵👇

1) Adani Ent

🔶Share price ~ 50% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~194,489 Cr($ 23.7B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 69% drop from 321 to 101

#Adanigroup #Hindenburg #Adani Image

ATGL stands for Adani Total Gas Limited which operates in the natural gas distribution and marketing sector in India.

🔶Share price ~ 74% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~318,175 Cr($38.8B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 75% drop from 884 to 221
3) Adani Green

The company operates and develops renewable power projects in India, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plants.

🔶Share price ~ 45% lower
🔶Market Cap Loss ~138,912 Cr($16.9B)
🔶PE Ratio~ 53% drop from 558 to 264
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A #BRILLIANT move by the @FinMinIndia hit 4 birds with one stone by introducing 3 changes in the Finance Bill. The 3 birds..
1) Higher Tax Collections
2) Capital Controls
3) Bank Deposits
4) Lower cost of Govt funding.
What are the changes
1) End of LTCG on #debt, Gold ETFs, Overseas or Any mutual fund that invests in less than 35% india equity bought after 1 Apr-23
2) STT Raised by 25%
3) Tax Collected at Source (TCS) raised to 20% (5% earlier) & threshold reduced to Zero (Rs7 lac earlier)
TRIGGER POINT: The Banking system is facing a shortage of liquidity => PRIMARY motive for the Changes in the Finance Bill in my opinion.

WHAT CAUSED THE LIQUIDITY CRUNCH? Weak Deposit growth vs credit growth.... also reflected in rising Credit/Deposit ratio ImageImage
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Opposition wants #JPC on #HindenburgReport & #AdaniGroup
Experience says JPCs are a waste of parliament time let us see the outcome of all from the inception in below thread ....
1:Bofors Scandal 1987 The committee, held 50 sittings and gave its report on April 26, 1988. Opposition parties boycotted the committee on the ground that it was packed with Congress members. The #JPC report was tabled in the Parliament, but it was rejected by the Opposition.
2:Harshad Mehta Stock market scam 1992
The recommendations of the #JPC were neither accepted in full nor implemented.
3)Ketan Parekh Stock Market scam 2001
JPC held 105 sittings & gave a report on Dec19, 2002. Many of the JPC recommendations were diluted later in Stock Market
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कल से एक नाम बार बार सामने आ रहा है Sovereign wealth fund

मीडिया reports के हवाले से कहा जा रहा है कि अडानी ग्रुप ने sovereign wealth fund से 3 बिलियन डॉलर ऋण लिया है जो आगे बढ़ कर 5 बिलियन तक भी जा सकता हैँ, खबर
आने के बाद अडानी ग्रुप ने इस तरह के किसी ऋण से इंकार किया है.

Now सबसे बड़ा सवाल यह है कि ये sovereign wealth fund है क्या चीज?? किसने बनाई कब बनाई क्यूं बनाई औऱ अडानी को कौनसे sovereign wealth fund ने पैसे दिए??
Sovereign wealth fund हरेक देश का अपना एक अलग विशेष fund होता है जिसे आपातकालीन स्थिति में use लिया जाता है. मतलब यह हुआ कि इस fund से कोई गारंटी या बांड यदि जारी होता है तो मतलब यह हुआ कि उस देश की सरकार यह जिम्मेदारी खुद पर लेती है उक्त गारंटी की.
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#AdaniGroup #GQGPartners $2Bn Block Deal is FAILSthe SMELL TEST in my opinion….. here is why

1) Avg PE Multiple of all the PUBLIC Portfolios of #GQGPartners is 7 to 8X …. Adani Stocks bought are at 25x, 144x, 89x & 77x.
2) NO MONEY goes to the Co. ONLY PROMOTER margin call
Let’s look at #GQGPartners in more detail. Here is an interesting Interview & Bloomberg

On the 3rd Minute he discusses Adani. Does not matter in my view & I will explain in new few tweets…
Average Price Earnings (PE) of EM Portfolio is just 7X … all Adani Stocks are 26X to 144X Image
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News of the day:

1. #AdaniGroup Debt : एक दिन पहले खबर आई थी कि अदाणी ग्रुप ने संभवतः मिडिल ईस्ट के एक सॉवरेन वेल्थ फंड से 3 अरब डॉलर का लोन जुटा लिया है। हालांकि, अभी आधिकारिक बयान का इंतजार है लेकिन ब्लूमबर्ग ने खबर दी है कि कंपनी ने साफ कर दिया है कि कर्ज से जुड़ी यह रिपोर्ट
सही नहीं है 2.जापानी इनवेस्टमेंट फर्म सॉफ्टबैंक (SoftBank) ने एक बल्क डील में लॉजिस्टिक फर्म डेल्हीवेरी (#Delhivery ) के 954 करोड़ रुपये के शेयर बेचे हैं। इन शेयरों को 340 रुपये प्रति शेयर के भाव पर बेचा गया है। #BSE पर मौजूद आंकड़ों से ये जानकारी मिली है। जापानी फंड ने आईपीओ स
े पहले डेल्हीवेरी में करीब 38 करोड़ डॉलर (3,100 करोड़ रुपये) का निवेश किया था

3.फाइनेंशियल सेवाएं देने वाली देश की सबसे प्रमुख कंपनियों में से एक बजाज फिनसर्व (Bajaj Finserv) अब जल्द ही म्यूचुअल फंड (Mutual Fund) बेचते हुए दिख सकती है। सिक्योरिटीज एंड एक्सचेंज बोर्ड ऑफ इंडिया
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#AdaniEnterprises Gentle REMINDER ...
Chart shows there is Absolutely NO VOLUMES between Rs1000 and Rs500.... So if #AdaniEnterprises breaks below Rs1000... it will be a free Fall.... Just a word of caution. Not a RECO.
At this rate MSCI, NIFTY and FTSE could all remove the stock …. That will be a disaster for @LICIndiaForever and @socialepfo

#PUBLIC Money at Risk ?
Who is Selling #AdaniEnterprises day in and Day out? Here is the shareholding.... you can guess who it is... Its quite obvious. REMEBER that ETF, Index funds cannot Sell. Image
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२४ जानेवारीला हिंडेनबर्गने #AdaniGroup च्या विरोधात एक रिसर्च रिपोर्ट पब्लिश केला आणि या ग्रुपमधील स्टॉक्सच्या प्राईज धडाधड कोसळल्या. हा रिपोर्ट पब्लिश होऊन आता एक महिना उलटून गेला आहे. या एका महिन्यात घडलेल्या घडामोडींचा थोडक्यात गोषवारा. #Thread #HindenburgReport #म #मराठी
२४ जानेवारीला या अमेरिकन कंपनीने आपला रिसर्च रिपोर्ट पब्लिश करत अदानी ग्रुप दहा वर्षांपासून 'स्टॉक मॅनिप्युलेशन आणि अकाऊंटिंग फ्रॉड' करत असल्याचा दावा केला. #LIC ची #AdaniGroup मध्ये ३०,००० कोटी रुपयांची गुंतवणूक असल्यामुळे तेही यात ओढले गेले. #Thread #HindenburgReport
२६ जानेवारीपर्यंत अदानी ग्रुपमधील कंपन्यांचे शेअर्स मोठ्या प्रमाणात विकले गेले आणि ब्लूमबर्गनुसार त्यांनी १०० बिलियन डॉलरहून अधिक मार्केट व्हॅल्यू गमावली. त्यानंतरदेखील अदानी ग्रुपची संपत्ती घटतच राहिली आणि त्यांचा FPO फक्त १ टक्के सबस्क्राईब झाला. #Thread #HindenburgReport
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People in affluent Nation slog their entire lives and allow governments to deduct Income Tax at very high rates (50 to 60%)

This money, their Government hands over to investment bankers. With the profits they maintain a social security system that helps people in their old age
@gautam_adani developed a sense of credibility with the fund managers who manage these pension funds by leveraging on the @PMOIndia.

His proximity and intimate relationship with @narendramodi gave a message to the investors that they can trust Adani
@narendramodi extracted his piece of flesh by making Adani pay for his political career which involved full throttled use of free cash to buy MLAs, topple democratically elected governments, fund Election Campaigns, hacking EVMs, bribing & build a war chest at their Party office
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‘LIC investments in #AdaniGroup now turns Negative’ 🚨

Initial investment: ₹ 30,127 Cr

December: ₹ 62,550 Cr
January: ₹ 56,142 Cr
Now: ₹ 29,721 Cr

#LIC has lost more than ₹ 30,000 Cr in just two months & is now valuing less than its initial investment.
The tweet is from date: 10th Nov 2022,

Months before the @HindenburgRes report. Bhakts mocked telling that #Adani group is one of the most profitable investment for LIC. Look what has happened now 🙏

@KTRBRS @pbhushan1 @prakashraaj
Minister @KTRBRS have pointed out the same & seriously addressed the threat in January.

Look at the responses given by bhakts. Can anyone answer today?
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⭐️Wikipedia accuses Gautam Adani and Group Staff for ' Manipulated Entries!!!
1. In the latest incident, The Signpost, an online newspaper of the Wikimedia movement has hinted that Gautam Adani, or his employees could've "improperly" edited Wikipedia.
#Adani #wikkipedia #India
2. Even while making this allegation in The Signpost, the author of the article, Smallbones, has given a plausibility of a Wikipedia editor's identity being non-authentic.
#Adani #wikkipedia #India
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Enticement of #SanjivChadha, CEO & MD Bank of Baroda, to continue providing fresh loans to the tainted #Adani group, which lost over 50% of its net worth during past 4 weeks, could be whatever.

India, Remember it's not personal money… via @businesstoday
@bankofbaroda is playing with your money.

While every global financial institution has issued a Red Alert on #AdaniGroup and its devious methods, Mr Sanjiv Chadha proudly announces his resolve to pour more of your money to a group that the entire world sees as a fraudster
Dear India
We have 2 Options

1. Kick out CEO & MD of @bankofbaroda and replace him with a person of Integrity

2. Close your accounts with BoB and shift it into a bank which is not compromised

Can Banks who have nothing to do with Adani kindly raise their hands please 🖐️
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The Indian investment pipeline is very large at about Rs.240 trillion in nearly 28,000 projects.
The Adani-group projects account for a miniscule 3% of this potential investment. But, they have the largest share in India's investments pipeline compared to any

other large private business group in India.

Adani group is currently implementing or has announced intentions to implement 191 large projects in India involving investments of over Rs.7 trillion. It has also completed 123 projects worth another Rs.1 trillion.

To place these numbers in perspective, the total investments on hand by the Adani group is equal to all projects in the CapEx database that are usually completed in a year. The ongoing Adani projects would take several years to complete but the comparison indicates the
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🚨"Adani Group Pledges More Shares: Unraveling the Reason Behind the Move"


1) SBICAP Trustee said that 3 Adani companies(Adani Transmission/Adani Green/Adani Ports) have pledged additional shares for lenders of Adani Ent.

#AdaniGroup #AdaniEnterprises #AdaniFiles
2) This could be because of Margin Call from the lenders to Adani Group.

3) What is Margin call?

When company's shares go down below a preset value that can cover bank's loan value, the bank will ask for more money or shares as a guarantee that the loan will be paid back.
4) Given the recent decline in Adani Group's stock prices, it is possible that the lenders may have requested additional margin for security.
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🚨: The #AdaniGroup has hired ‘#Wachtell’, one of the Wall Street's fiercest defense law firms to take on US short seller #HindenburgResearch, which accused the Indian conglomerate of stock manipulation and fraud.

It is the same firm that Elon Musk hired to fight Twitter.
The development comes as billionaire Gautam Adani remains focused on reassuring investors that his business empire has been built on a strong foundation and faces no financial risk.
“For decades, Wachtell has been among the most sought-after advisers by besieged corporate boards at some of the largest US companies trying to fend off activist investors or hostile takeovers,” the FT said in its article.
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Dalit writer & poet Sukirtharani has refused to accept the Devi Awards citing that the main sponsor of the award ceremony is the #AdaniGroup & accepting any awards sponsored by them is against her ideology. Sukirtharani, who is known for her literary works on Dalit women's rights Image
The New Indian Express group presents the 'Devi Awards' to 12 women personalities who are selected from across the nation for their contribution to their respective fields of work....
"I learned that the main sponsor of the event is Adani only yesterday. I don't feel happy to receive an award from an organization or at an event that is financially supported by the Adani Group, for the politics I speak about and the ideologies I believe in. So, I refuse"
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Unable to counter the @HindenburgRes allegations against #AdaniGroup, the Indian rightwing zealots, probably with support of the Govt, ios seeking to rope in the #SupremeCourt to shield #SEBI fromthe need to investigate.
1. They first want to go after #Hindenburg
Next, they want to gag any discussion of the stock valuation problems of the #AdaniGroup.
Botht are misguided. The Supreme Court should take a straightforward approach.
1. The Courts cannot prevent investors from losing their shirts in the stockmarket. They must be allowed to lose their investments just as they are entitled to keep their gains.
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#IMPORTANT The #MSCI Weight Reduction in #AdaniGroup is Just the Start of more events to come.

I highlighted the likelihood of #MSCI in the #THREAD BELOW
1/n what did MSCI Say ?
"MSCI has received feedback from a range of market participants concerning the eligibility"
“Characteristics of certain investors have sufficient uncertainty that they should no longer be designated as free float pursuant to our methodology.”
=> basically MSCI felt there is truth in what #Hindenburg portrayal of a "Close Relationship" with the FIIs
MSCI Also Said
"This determination has triggered a free float review of the Adani Group securities" which will be informed in Mid-feb and implemented by End-feb
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📢Adani Bonds worth $1 Bn finds Buyers in international market

This comes after bonds were being hammered in the international market as institutions started rejecting them as collateral

Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL) scrip is ~15% today
Covering all news about the Adani group

Sharing only facts. No biases

Follow me (@BahlKanan) and hit the bell icon to stay updated
#Adani #AdaniGroup #AdaniGreen #AdaniPorts #AdaniTransmission #AdaniEnterprises #AdaniEnterprises

Disclaimer: Not investment advice

Disclosure: No position held
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📢Adani Transmission with a PE over 100 posted Revenue Growth of 16%

Q3 Result [THREAD🧵]

1) ATL operates in 2 segments:

a) Transmission: Power transfer from generating station to substation

b) Distribution: Power distribution from substation to consumers

#AdaniGroup #Adani
2) The company's profits, not including a one-time gain of 240 Crores, fell 14% compared to last year, making it 238 Crores.

However, if we include the one-time gain, the profit becomes 478 Crores."
3) The company's revenue increased by 16% to reach 3,037 Crores Rupees, with distribution business contributing 69% and transmission business contributing 31%
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🚨 2 Benefits of Paying Back 9,100+ Cr Worth Loan by Adani group


1) This loan is taken against pledged shares that can trigger margin calls if the share price goes down beyond a point.

#Adani #AdaniGroup #AdaniEnterprises
In case of a margin call, Banks can sell those pledged stocks to recover their money.

This can further intensify selling pressure on Adani stocks in the market.

Hence, releasing those pledged stocks will reduce the risk of margin calls and further selling.
2) Paying back the loan amount will also give a message in the market that Adani group has the cash to pay back its dues so they are not at default risk.

This can create a positive sentiment among investors toward Adani group stocks.
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📢 Adani group prepays bank loan against shares worth ₹9,174 Cr. ($1.1 Bn) in:

👉 Adani Green Energy
👉 Adani Ports
👉 Adani Transmission

"This is in continuation of promoters’ assurance to prepay all share backed financing", the Group said

What are your thoughts?👇
Covering all news about the Adani group

Sharing only facts. No biases

Follow me (@BahlKanan) and hit the bell icon to stay updated
#Adani #AdaniGroup #AdaniGreen #AdaniPorts #AdaniTransmission #AdaniEnterprises #AdaniEnterprises

Disclaimer: Not investment advice

Disclosure: No position held
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