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I had a candid conversation about commercial #spyware proliferation. And transparency.

With @ODNIgov director Avril Haines, DHS @SecMayorkas & @Youtube CEO @nealmohan

Moderated by @MarietjeSchaake at the #SummitForDemocracy

2/ For a decade civil society sounded the alarm about commercial #spyware.

Great to see @POTUS' Spyware EO & yesterday's joint statement from 11 govs.

I think it's big progress!

But we're also not going to refrain from telling uncomfortable facts & calling for transparency.
3/ DHS @SecMayorkas asks me question of his own: impact putting NSO on the Entity List.

I was surprised by it's outsize impact.

Now that we know new bad players, we wonder: who gets listed next?

I also note Rep @jahimes questions about further actions that can be taken.
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COMING SOON | The Digitalization of Democracy: How Technology is Changing Government Accountability

In the lead up to the #SummitforDemocracy, we will be releasing an essay series examining how digitalization in government is transforming state accountability. Teasers below 🧵
Essays will be released weekly, starting tomorrow. In the first paper, author @K_Izdebski provides a big-picture overview of how tech is changing the equation for state accountability, and what democracy’s advocates can do to guard against digital risks in government.
The second essay, by @TeoTurashvili, uses the experience of @IDFIGeorgia to highlight obstacles to civil society oversight of #artificialintelligence tools in the public sector. (COMING IN EARLY APRIL)
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Despite @WhiteHouse45:… & @WhiteHouse acting "contrary to process":
in the last 2 cycles – which @OGP_IRM didn't sanction – folks voted to add the US to @OpenGovPart steering committee?
NB: #OpenGov 404:
I find it encouraging to see @USAID @StateDRL rejoining international open government circles.
It’s discouraging @OpenGovPart @OGP_IRM have said so little about @WhiteHouse45 @WhiteHouse acting contrary to process after @POTUS45 made a mockery of the US being in “good standing.”
In 2022, @WHOSTP didn’t reference @opengovpart or past US #OpenGov commitments in its press release…
In 2023, @opengov44 is history:
& @WhiteHouse never delivered any self-assessments for the 3rd & 4th plans:…
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On the first day of the #SummitForDemocracy, @ThinkDemocracy is releasing a series of documents characterizing key challenges to democracy and suggestions for response.…
Collaborative, cross-border influence operations by authoritarian regimes like China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela aim to prevent democracy where it does not yet exist and weaken it where it does. Read more on authoritarian influence here:…
Kleptocratic networks thrive in unfree contexts—and are often enabled by democracies. Dismantling #transnationalkleptocracy requires the development of international activist networks and resources to defend journalists who expose corruption. Read more:…
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📺 TUNE IN to @SFRCdems hearing on "U.S. Support of Democracy and Human Rights," featuring testimony from @leopoldolopez of @WLCongress, @Tsihanouskaya, and @DamonMacWilson of @NEDemocracy. #SummitForDemocracy…
@SFRCdems @leopoldolopez @WLCongress @Tsihanouskaya @DamonMacWilson @NEDemocracy "Democracies bring more wealth to people and bring more stability... Democracy is a practical engine of self-correction and improvement that empowers people to peacefully struggle to a better life," @SenatorMenendez.
@SFRCdems @leopoldolopez @WLCongress @Tsihanouskaya @DamonMacWilson @NEDemocracy @SenatorMenendez "What can the U.S. do better to support democracy and human rights around the world? ...Dictators keep inventing new ways to repress; we need to get creative," @SenatorRisch.
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Looking forward to Tuesday’s conversation with @LSRTweets @hoffman_bruce @GeorgetownICAP’s Mary McCord & Jen Johnson.

All part of #SummitforDemocracy events.

Register here:…
And for those who can’t make it in person on Tuesday, the event will be live-streamed here:…
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On the sidelines of the @WhiteHouse's #SummitForDemocracy, and in cooperation with @GloDemCoalition, we are convening several events that bring together government and civil society leaders to discuss how democracies can support each other. Learn more… Image
Register for an upcoming #DemocracySummitUSIP event below.👇
🌎Urban Peacebuilding: Lessons from Latin America’s Mayors

🗓️: Thursday, March 23
🕞: 3:30-5pm ET
🗣️: Guillermo Céspedes, Mario Vásquez 🇸🇻, @SoyOscarEscobar 🇨🇴, Alexander Mejía 🇭🇳, @Mineskw, @speckmary
📲: #UrbanPeacebuilding #DemocracySummitUSIP

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Dear @nytdavidbrooks,
Democracies *have* been teetering for over a decade, & have not stopped. Authoritarians continue to be on the march, from Russia to China to Iran to Myanmar to the streets of our union.
Please review the evidence:… & write a followup In an opinion column, David...ImageImageImage
"Advances in global levels of democracy made over the last 35 years have been wiped out."
"The world has more closed autocracies than liberal democracies for the first time in more than 2 decades"
Global level of democracy "back to 1986"
@vdeminstitute:… Image
Each bullet @katieharbath breaks out from the @vdeminstitute report could be a headline about the state of democracy on Earth:…
EDEM ranks USA 23rd globally on key democratic indicators - & falling. cc @MeetThePress @FaceTheNation @nytimes @USATODAY @WSJ ImageImageImageImage
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On this week's @techpolicypress podcast:

@CenDemTech President & CEO @AlexReeveGivens on the #SummitForDemocracy

@UUtah economics professor @Econ_Marshall on "Establishing Market and Monopoly Power in Tech Platform Antitrust Cases"

@techpolicypress @CenDemTech @AlexReeveGivens @UUtah @Econ_Marshall Background reading #1: @AlexReeveGivens wrote for @techpolicypress to call for"tech governance that addresses inequality, supports healthy online civic spaces, protects users’ privacy, and addresses abusive online content while protecting human rights..."…
Background reading #2: @Econ_Marshall's draft paper on Establishing Market and Monopoly Power in Tech Platform Antitrust Cases:…
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Just published my first piece with @nybooks (honored!): "Why the US Is a Failed Democratic State" Here's a thread outlining the piece.…
The essay was inspired by the State Department's "Summit on Democracy" — which commits to "openly and transparently" "confront" "acknowledged" "imperfections." Let's: #SummitForDemocracy
The US was constituted as a "Republic," by which was meant a "representative democracy," by which was intended (and in 1800 they had to fight for it expressly) a MAJORITARIAN representative democracy.
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The global Summit for Democracy, led by U.S. President Joe Biden, has begun. What are the challenges of fighting against autocracies worldwide? Is the United States equipped to lead this matter? We asked our contributors to weigh in. [Thread]

📸 | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images U.S. President Joe Biden sits in a chair and looks at a larg
Democracy in its current form may not actually be giving people power. @landemore argues we should build new models of democratic decision-making and nudge the old ones aside.

“That, I believe, is our best hope for renewing democracy.”…
Having a clearer idea of what an authentic democracy should look like can guide institutional reform in ways that are compatible with current power structures and prevailing ways of thinking, @landemore writes.…

📸 | Terri Lawrence/istock Photo A black and white photo of the ekklesiasterion (or assembly
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We have our doubts about whether the #SummitForDemocracy will produce any real progress on human rights.

Many of the nations invited are human rights abusers, and we don’t yet know what commitments they've made to improve their records.
The Summit will be an abject failure if nations make human rights commitments that are weak or if they make commitments they don’t live up to.
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Boom—@POTUS opens the #SummitforDemocracy by unveiling his Initiative for Democratic Renewal—a plan to invest $424mn in a flotilla of 29 funds/programs to support independent media, anticorruption, democratic reformers, free internet, & electoral integrity!…
1⃣ Independent Media

@USAID will:
✅ Give $30mn to @FundFreeMedia
✅ Spend $5mn launching a Media Viability Accelerator
✅ Spent $9mn on a Defamation Defense Fund

@StateDept will:
✅ Dedicate $3.5mn to a Journalism Protection Platform
✅ Engage with the Media Freedom Coalition
2⃣ Anticorruption

@USAID to launch programs w/ $5mn protecting whistleblowers/activists, $16mn on transnational corruption, $12mn on resilient policy, $18mn on rapid response.

@StateDept spends $15mn against safe havens, $7mn on PPPs.

@USTreasury makes real estate transparent.
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Starting tomorrow, President Biden will bring together leaders from 110 countries and governments for a virtual #SummitforDemocracy.

ASD experts lay out what to watch over the next two days. 🧵👇

Director @LauraLThornton will be looking out for several big picture things at the #SummitforDemocracy, including:

👉how inclusive the event is
👉how much the summit focuses on innovation and sharing solutions
👉how countries crafted their "commitments"
If handled carefully, the #SummitforDemocracy could tighten relationships based on shared values, but if handled poorly, it could prove divisive. "The messaging will have to be perfect if the Biden team is to walk this tightrope successfully," @ZackCooper says.
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34 international multi-faith human rights NGOs have written a letter to @POTUS & @VP expressing deep concern that #SummitforDemocracy will ignore widespread HR violations & persecution of minorities in India as govt devolves from democracy to fascism.…
The letter provides details and indisputable facts for 14 instances in which democracy is under attack or being abused by the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and members of his BJP/RSS party.
The letter expresses regret that more members of international civil society were not included in planning for the summit, & those who were involved were warned that specific instances of member nations’ internal affairs, abuses, discrimination & persecution will be off limits.
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Just yesterday, the US government released its first ever strategy to combat corruption and kleptocracy. And in the last hour, Treasury has released new regulations on beneficial ownership.

Our panelists will break down what this means over the next hour!
"American law firms have really transformed into what I describe as 'first among equals,'" @cjcmichel says, referring to enablers of malign finance. "They're attempting to cloak so much of this under the guise of attorney-client privilege."
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Join ASD tomorrow as we set the stage for Biden's #SummitforDemocracy with events on:

💻 foreign information operations
💵 enablers of malign finance
🗳️ securing democratic elections
🇨🇳 China's economic coercion

Details 👇🧵

#GlobalDemocracyCoalition #DemocracyDecember
Join ASD tomorrow at 10 am EST/ 4 pm CET to discuss which tools are effective at combating malign information operations and which ones could potentially damage the open information space.

Ft. @ahonen_anneli @pumashen @LeeFosterIntel @noUpside

Register👉 Image
Tune in tomorrow at 1 pm EST/ 7 pm CET as @WillFitzgibbon, @spfreedberg, Neil Jeans, @LaksKumar_GFI, @cjcmichel, and @JoshRudes explain how democracies can build resilience to enablers of malign finance.


#DemocracyDecember #SummitforDemocracy Image
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BOOM—@WhiteHouse publishes the first-ever US government strategy on countering corruption!

It's two weeks ahead of Biden's 200-day deadline, impressively broad in scope, and powerfully strong in details, setting a fierce tone for the #SummitforDemocracy!…
It's esp. focused on the transnational dimensions and ability to launder the proceeds of corruption (pillar 2⃣ is the most important), but it's a whole-of-government strategy with five pillars:

1⃣ US government
2⃣ Illicit finance
3⃣ Accountability
4⃣ Multilateral
5⃣ Foreign aid
1⃣ Elevating efforts across the US government

This puts @USTreasury, @StateDept, @CommerceGov, @USAID, @TheJusticeDept, and @ODNIgov on the hook to dedicate more resources and stand up coordinating bodies to raise their game on fighting transnational corruption.
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📣 PROJECT LAUNCH: @ThinkDemocracy launches the Sharp Power Research Portal, a resource hub cataloging research and reporting on authoritarian #sharppower in 134 countries.

View the interactive map and database: Image
Global interdependence between autocracies and democracies has made open societies vulnerable to authoritarian manipulation in unanticipated ways, and the impact can be difficult to measure.
A clearer pattern emerges when incidents like the recent disappearance (and reappearance) of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai are viewed in the context of broader censorship and other influence efforts, @JesLudwig writes for the Power 3.0 blog.…
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Today's meeting virtual public Meeting for the US Open Government National Action Plan has begun. @philipashlock kicked off. He notes is the first #OpenGov meeting in many years. (True!) Justin Vail says @WhiteHouse is excited to re-engage on @opengovpart & #opengov more broadly ImageImage
"Open government is a priority of the Biden-Harris administration," says Justin Vail, who says the work to rebuild an opengov community in US government is underway & continuing, & that a "year of action" will follow the #SummitForDemocracy & #OGPSummit, including 5th NAP for OGP
Vail acknowledges that it's been "years" since a @WhiteHouse met with US civil society groups around @opengovpart.

That's true – as is the fact that the Biden-Harris administration has neglected re-engagement in 2021 until weeks before the #OGPSummit.… Image
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Nat'l Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne issues readout of Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Ukrain's head of presidential office, #AndriyYermak.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden talks with journalists re: #Ukraine.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden says re: potential invasion of #Ukraine by #Russia:

"We’ve been aware of Russia’s actions for a long time and my expectation is we’re going to have a long discussion."

He adds that "won't accept" #Putin's red line in Ukraine. Image
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I feel deeply humbled by the opportunity that I could participate and talk at this weekend's #FutureofDemocracy Forum, the official side event of the #SummitforDemocracy organized by the @LithuaniaMFA in Vilnius.
A rather long THREAD 1-10.
My main message was that a #DemocracyAgenda focusing mostly on the malicious external interference of #authoritarian great powers and #AuthoritarianEncroachment can be easily doomed to fail for a simple reason.
External #ForeignMeddling is only in a small-part responsible for #autocratization and #illiberal developments in the Western World. The main drivers of autocratization in #EU & #NATO countries are overwhelmingly domestic.
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THREAD/President #Biden is getting ready to deliver on a campaign promise — to hold a Summit for #Democracy. But rights groups are worried if the event will go beyond being a talk fest, fearing the inclusion of some countries w/problematic human rights track record casts a shadow
An invite list, first reported by Politico & confirmed by a source familiar, shows that the event will bring together mature democracies such as #France and #Sweden but also countries including #Philippines and #Poland, where activists say democracy is under threat.
Just think about this — Philippines’ Duterte, who in the past stated he does not "care about human rights" & #India’s Modi, who Freedom House said is driving India toward authoritarianism, will be among those virtually discussing with Biden how to help democracy flourish globally
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