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(1/4) This #SundaySpotlight, I want to highlight a new @CDCgov MMWR report that finds a series of social gatherings likely contributed to the rapid spread of #COVID19 in a rural Amish community in Ohio.
(2/4) #COVID19 outbreaks in communities where social gatherings are common might be prevented by:
-Creating strong collaborations
-Distributing culturally appropriate health messages
- Ensuring timely access to testing.
(3/4) That is why it is so important that we continue to double down on the public health measures like
• Wearing a 😷
• Washing your ✋
• Watching your ↔️
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Lidiya T @KitchaFitFit1 in acknowledgment of her consistent, creative and pragmatic actions that she undertakes to support #Eritrean refugees in #Libya.

#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome #Eritrea2020 ImageImage
Lidiya is a 21 years old prominent activist & organizer who has been passionately involved with her Eritrean community from a very young age.

Ever since she witnessed the daunting & overwhelming plight of Eritrean refugees in Libya, Lidiya got determined not to sit back & watch.
Instead, she picked up the slack left by the organizations which simply abandoned these refugees, and found a way to provide financial and moral support to these refugees and make meaningful contributions to help ease their suffering.

#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight #WeAreComingHome ImageImage
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Habtom Yohannes (@Kinzareb) in acknowledgment of his long-standing unwavering advocacy for Eritrean Prisoners of Conscience and his passion to support Eritreans with his expertise in journalism.

#Eritrea2020 #WeAreComingHome ImageImage
Habtom Yohannes is an Eritrean-Dutch human rights activist, a senior editor with extensive experience within the Dutch media, lecturer, advisor & moderator. He continuously raises the issues of #Eritrea|n prisoners & uses every opportunity/platform to demand that they get justice Image
As a passionate activist, he has been putting the violation of human rights in #Eritrea on the agenda of the Dutch parliament, the European Parliament, the African Union and the United Nations. @Europarl_EN @_AfricanUnion @UN
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(1/4) For this week’s #SundaySpotlight on #publichealth science, I’m highlighting a #PublicHealthReports article about recent trends in childhood #flu vaccination.
(2/4) New research shows that influenza vaccination coverage among children has plateaued at unacceptably low level: in 2017-18, only ~1/2 of american kids were vaccinated
(3/4) As #infectious diseases, such as measles, flu, and even #COVID19, threaten impact our communities, it’s imperative that we protect our children’s health
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to the organizers of
@RemEPOC in acknowledgment of their important initiative to help keep the memories of disappeared Eritreans alive until they get justice.

#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight #WeAreComingHome #September18 #19StolenYears ImageImage
Remembering Eritrean Prisoners of Conscience
@RemEPOC is a social media campaign that is dedicated to daily remembering at least one Eritrean Prisoner of Conscience and an accompanying daily narrative of the human rights situation of #Eritrea.

#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight Image
#Eritrea today is a country where its best daughters & sons, including its sheiks, priests, pastors, ministers, diplomats, civil servants, army leaders, teachers, conscripts, poets, newspaper editors, singers, merchants, veterans and faith communities are illegally disappeared.
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(1/4) Good #SundayMorning! This week’s #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is focused on staying safe & protecting loved ones from #COVID19 as the weather cools down.
(2/4) As the temp goes ⬇️, we are more likely to spend time indoors again, & we know #COVID19 spreads more easily inside—so it’s even MORE important to #WearAMask 😷 & stay six feet apart from those outside your household.
(3/4) Remember that if you want to socialize, it is safest to do so outside 🌳🏞️, where the risk of #COVID19 is the lowest—so put on a sweater & hat and head outdoors! #CovidStopsWithMe
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Tsedal Yohannes in acknowledgment of her perseverance, commitment and courage to advocate for #Eritrean prisoners of conscience.

#Eritrea #SundaySpotlight
#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome #19StolenYears ImageImage
@TsedalYohannes is a passionate and very committed London based #Eritrea|n activist who has been fighting for the release of her sister Aster Yohannes and other Eritrean prisoners of conscience for over a decade. #Yiakl
#Eritrea #SundaySpotlight
#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome Image
Despite the emotional toll, Tsedal is a very determined woman who is oftentimes seen in the streets of London, Geneva, Brussels and other parts of the world campaigning for the rights of #Eritrea|n prisoners.
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(1/7) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is in honor of #SuicidePrevention Month. #SPM20

#DYK that in 2018 over 1.4 million Americans attempted suicide?

Let’s discuss how YOU can #BeThe1To help someone who may be thinking about suicide.
(2/7) #BeThe1To ask. “Are you thinking about suicide?” is a direct, unbiased way to begin a dialogue and to gauge their pain and determine what next steps might be needed. #SPM20 Image
(3/7) #BeThe1To be there. Identify ways you can support the individual – and follow through on those efforts. It’s important your friend knows you’re there for them and are listening to them. #SPM20 Image
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Ahmed Raji in acknowledgment of his consistent work as a citizen journalist and his commitment to highlighting and archiving the stories of disappeared #Eritrean|s.

#WeAreComingHome #Eritrea2020 #Eritrea ImageImage
Ahmed as a citizen journalist and a strong advocate for #Eritrean prisoners of consciences is a frequent writer at @awate2 and archives disappeared Eritreans stories on his Facebook page - "Eritrea's Disappeared".…
Ahmed started writing at @awate2 in 2003 while still living in Asmara, #Eritrea. In order to protect his identity, the Awate Team gave him the name “Events Monitor”.
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(1/4) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth shines a light on the #COVID19 vaccine process, which is being driven by science. @US_FDA’s gold standard will ensure it is safe and effective.
(2/4) Earlier this week, @CBSThisMorning profiled Jacob Serrano, a 23yr old who is the first American to be dosed with the vaccine or placebo in a clinical trial. Read/watch the story here:…
(3/4) Despite losing 7 family members to #COVID19, Jacob told @CBSThisMorning “he wants to be part of the solution to save lives…”.

If YOU want to volunteer to participate in a clinical trial and help find a vaccine for #COVID19, visit:
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight is dedicated to Eritrean activists and campaigners who have actively been addressing the very urgent issue of famine happening in #Eritrea.

#SaveDankalia! ImageImage
This is an acknowledgment to the organizers of #EritreanHiddenFamine and #SaveDenkalia of their quick action in raising awareness to the famine brought by the Eritrean government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ImageImage
After the government of Eritrea announced a lock down of many parts of the country due to COVID-19, reports of people starving and pleading families in the diaspora for help started surfacing. #EritreanHiddenFamine #SaveDankalia ImageImageImage
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(1/6) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is all about masks – a key tool we can all use to prevent the spread of #COVID19 and protect those around us. Image
(2/6) There are a lot of different masks out there today. When you #WearAMask, follow these do’s and don’ts! ImageImage
(3/6) When you #WearAMask, be sure to do so correctly. Both your nose and mouth should be covered. Your mask should fit snugly against the side of your face and be secure under your chin. Image
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Kiki Tzeggai in acknowledgment of her grit to create an #Eritrean Veterans Day; and her relentless advocacy for justice, through her powerful never flinching pen. #Eritrea
#WeAreComingHome ImageImage
Kiki Tseggai is an #Eritrean writer, who is known for her perseverance, courage and strong desire to see a vibrant and prosperous Eritrea. She goes by “Fikrey Birhin” on Facebook, in honor of the love of her life - Birhin. Image
Her husband Berhane (Birhin) was imprisoned and murdered by the Ethiopian gov't 41 years ago. Berhin, the love of her life, was tragically taken away from her and her children and to this day, she shares the pain and grief her family and families like hers continue to endure. Image
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(1/5) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is all about YOU and the 3⃣ things YOU can do to prevent the spread of #COVID19. Because we all have a role to play in this shared fight. #COVIDStopsWithMe
(2/5) Wash your hands: It’s true what our parents and teachers told us when we were kids – #handwashing is one of the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Here are 5⃣ tips to make sure you’re washing your hands correctly:
(3/5) #WearAMask: We know now that you can have #COVID19 without experiencing symptoms. Wearing a mask is an act of kindness, that can also help prevent the spread of the virus should you have it.

@CDCgov answers #FAQs here:… Image
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Semhar Ghebreslasie @semharnay in acknowledgment of her leadership and commitment to fighting injustice in #Eritrea with courage, compassion and resilience.

#WeAreComingHome #Eritrea2020 ImageImage
Semhar started her activism in 2013/2014 when she was still in Asmara working in an Internet Cafe. Her courage and access to the internet gave her the opportunity to air her frustrations and post about the situation in #Eritrea on Facebook.

#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome #Eritrea
In 2014, when she decided to leave #Eritrea by crossing the border, she was caught at one of the Tesenei checkpoints until she finally managed to escape from the temporary prison by running for 3 hours & eventually making it to #Sudan.

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(1/5) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth looks at our partnerships with states to stand up surge testing for #COVID19. @11AliveNews in #Atlanta covers my recent visit for the opening of a new site w/ @GovKemp at the @ATLairport.…
(2/5) These partnerships have been critical in helping increase access to #COVID19 testing. As @11AliveNews reports, “…on Wednesday, before all the totals had been calculated, the state had already scheduled nearly 1,800 appointments.”
(3/5) Testing is:
▪️ Available regardless of your symptoms
▪️ Can be scheduled ahead of time via Results back in 48-72 hrs.

The @ATLairport site is open through 8/26, so if you’re in the #Atlanta area, make your appointment today! Image
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Yohannes Tseggay Berhe, the designer & webmaster of, for his pioneer work in creating a platform that accommodates all Eritreans to foster their unity & his strong sense of purpose to serve the Eritrean community ImageImage is an Eritrean hub with rich informative & entertaining content that was founded in 2013 whose aim is "to cultivate peace, harmony & reconciliation among all Eritreans, by involving Eritreans from different walks of society, without discrimination."
Yohannes joined the struggle for independence at a very young age when he was just 16 and was assigned to work at the front lines as a medical team member. During the 6th offensive, he got severely injured and was later assigned to work at Eritrea Relief Association (ERA).
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(1/6) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth highlights 2⃣ journal articles I recently penned on opioid use disorder (OUD).

In my #PublicHealthReports perspective, I make the case for comprehensive syringe services programs (SSPs). Read it here: Image
(2/6) Increases in both substance misuse & injection drug use have led to ⬆️ rates of infectious diseases. In 2018, there were nearly 70,000 drug overdose deaths in 🇺🇸 along with a staggering increase in #hepatitis cases.
(3/6) Similarly, the longstanding decline of #HIV cases among people who inject drugs has stalled. Comprehensive SSPs are a vital tool that can provide a range of services and care to those in need. More via @CDCgov: Image
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to the campaigners & supporters of #EndHighSchoolInSawa in acknowledgment of their concerted efforts to resensitize #Eritrea|ns on the hideous policy of sending students to Sawa military camp to complete their final year of high school. ImageImage
#EndHighSchoolInSawa campaign started in June 2019 by a group of former Sawa high school students and activists in support of ZurFenkil movement at home with the objectives of: Image
- Ending societal numbness towards the immoral & illegal policy.

- Denormalizing conscription of child soldiers, separation of families & mixing of education and military.

- Relatively easily activating resistance by refusing to comply with the destructive policy.
#Eritrea Image
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(1/5) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is focused on a way to give back to your community during #COVID19. If you’ve tested positive for the virus & have beaten it, donating your plasma can help others battling the virus.

More via @NXSTMediaGroup:…
(2/5) If you’ve beat #COVID19, donating your plasma can be a lifeline for someone else.

You can find a plasma donation center at Image
(3/5) Need inspiration? @GMA featured this Texas couple who have both been donating their plasma after beating the virus. To date, they’ve been told they have helped 68 people!…
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Dr. Mohammed Kheir Omer (@mkheirom) in acknowledgement of his invaluable contribution to the fight for justice and the overall enlightenment campaign by consistently providing historical knowledge and archiving #Eritrea|n history. ImageImage
Dr. @mkheirom grew up in Agordat, Eritrea & joined the Eritrean struggle for independence at a young age. He is an author, activist, bloggers who got his doctorate in Veterinary Science from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. #Eritrea Image
During the Eritrean struggle Dr. @mkheirom was a member of the central committee of the General Union of Eritrean Students (GUES) that was affiliated to the ELF 1977-1979. #Eritrea Image
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(1/5) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth marks Nat'l #MinorityMentalHealth Awareness Month, and gives us all an opportunity to support the mental & emotional well-being of racial and ethnic minorities - particularly now as we see #COVID19 impacting the #MentalHealth of many. Image
(2/5) Individuals, families & communities can share adverse experiences that lead to trauma and impact well-being. This #MinorityMentalHealth Month, make a point to visit @MinorityHealth’s resources page to help support #EmotionalWellness & recovery.
(3/5) If you or a loved one are looking for help with #MentalHealth issues or substance misuse, @samhsagov can help you find a treatment center confidentially and anonymously. Use their services locator to find a treatment center near you:
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to @hanibalndaniel in acknowledgment of his unwavering, consistent & passionate advocacy to the Eritrean victims of religious persecution along with his work in journalism & video editing services in the #Eritrea|n Communities in diaspora. ImageImage
Hanibal Daniel studied journalism at Habari Maalum College in Tanzania in the early 1990's and served as the program producer at Radio Selamna (ራድዮ ሰላምና) until around 2010. He also studied IT at a College in Vancouver, WA after his resettlement in the US. #Eritrea
Hanibal's articulate series of posting titled ስቓይ እታ ጎርዞ about the true story of an Eritrean victim of atrocities due to her Christian faith has touched 1000s of readers & consequently earned its translation into English & publication as a book. #Eritrea Image
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(1/5) This #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth focuses on our efforts to fight #COVID19 in communities in color. I recently penned an op-ed with @SecAzar detailing our efforts throughout @HHSGov.

Read it here in @dallasnews/@DMNOpinion:…
(2/5) #DYK: Black Americans & American Indians and Alaska Natives are being hospitalized for #COVID19 at 5⃣x the rate of non-Hispanic white Americans, and Hispanic Americans are being hospitalized at 4⃣x the rate.…
(3/5) We know that people of color are often at higher risk of contracting #COVID19. Image
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