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Now for a #Ghana 🧵 as this keeps being raised and I want to discuss two big shifts in JNIM strategy since 2021: /1
1) from the west, Katibat Alidougou has moved into Cote d'Ivoire's NE Bounkani and Zanzan Depart in 2020/2021 where there is some early evidence that they are penetrating Ghana’s Upper West region (ungoverned space around Dollar Power) and then freely move up to Burkina Faso. 2/
2) Meanwhile, JNIM is moving westward from the WAP park complex; in May JNIM moved their Ansarul Islam factions into the Koulou triangle, in presumably a deliberate move to localize the insurgency, and free up their katibats to move westward towards SW Burkina and Ghana /3
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros.…
"I am concerned that cases of #COVID19 continue to rise - putting further pressure on stretched health systems and health workers - and deaths are unacceptably high"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The Emergency Committee on #COVID19 met on Friday last week and concluded that the virus remains a Public Health emergency of International Concern"-@DrTedros
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A working 🧵 to track #inflation-related #protests around the world

Some mvmts are learning from others (Canada-Dutch-Italy-Germany), and some are more extreme than others (Sri Lanka vs. Peru).

MSM isn't reporting, but you can be sure Western govts are watching

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If there was no @FIFAWorldCup, and just an #AFCON, would he have switched, #Ghana folks? Just wondering…
This is what Inaki said to @guardian_sport in September 2021: "Ghana tried to convince me, but I was born in Spain, in Bilbao. I won’t ever forget my family roots, but I feel Basque and can’t con anyone. I would be comfortable with Ghana, I’m sure, but I shouldn’t be there …”
"My parents are from Accra and I really enjoy going. But I wasn’t born or raised there, my culture’s here, and there are players for whom it would mean more. I don’t think it would be right to take the place of someone who really deserves to go and who feels Ghana 100%.”
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The controversy over the absence of #TeamZambia’s  Barbara Banda from the #WAFCON2022  in Morocco, for unexplained “medical reasons” continues, as @FAZFootball President Andrew Kamanga confronts @CAF_Online President Motsepe for his comments on the matter, made on Sunday.
Kamanga, according to @bedjosessien (who eye-witnessed the discussion) spoke directly with Motsepe and chastised him for speaking on the Banda issue, when he was clearly not briefed on the matter, telling Motsepe that he shouldn’t have commented on the matter.
It is alleged, but there is no confirmation of it, that gender DSD issues are at the root of Banda’s strange absence from the #WAFCON2022 . Her participation at the @Tokyo2020 @Olympics, where she played without problems for #TeamZambia, only heightens the controversy.
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Ready for a #WHA75 tweet thread recap?!

We're about to tweet it all Agenda Item 15 #WorkingforHealth #Healthworkforce

Recordings, Committee B,…

@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/1 #WHA75 #Working4Health #USA "We are interested in co-sponsoring the resolution! The Biden Initiative will focus on protecting #healthworkforce, advancing digital tech, e.g. telemedicine and there must be equity" @USAIDGH @POTUS @Atul_Gawande @IFMSA
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/2 #WHA75 #Working4Health #China "Welcomes the progress on the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030 and is interested in co-sponsoring the resolution"
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @GeoffreyOnyeama @Sarpong_KA, @UstaNcusta, Dammu Ravi, and Omneya Ghamry

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@GeoffreyOnyeama: #Nigeria & #India share a special relationship in this age of #globalisation. #India has a comparative advantage in the #health sector. Its role during the #COVID19 outbreak attests to this point.

.@GeoffreyOnyeama: The #IndiaAfrica Forum Summit (#IAFS) process is aimed at developing a precise roadmap that responds to the priorities of #African countries. #India can share its technological know-how which will boost our substantial partnership.

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Today is #WorldMalariaDay.

#DYK: we can prevent and cure #Malaria?
Learn about the symptoms so you know when to get help from a healthcare professional
#Malaria is transmitted through the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes🦟
In 2020, nearly half of the world's population was at risk of malaria
Early diagnosis & treatment of #malaria reduces disease, prevents deaths and contributes to reducing transmission
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#US offering intel, weapons, eyes from the sky and mercenaries to #Ukraine.

A couple of maps of the latest developments in #Ukraine. Not much advance yesterday and #Russia announced a ceasefire and safe corridors in many cities, allowing diplomacy and civilians evacuation.
To stop buying oil from #Russia, #US no longer recognises Juan Guido as #Venezuela's President and visit @maduro_en to ask for the return of relationship and oil. It is also trying with #Iran for the same objective, after decades of sanctions on the people of Iran and Venezuela.
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India is first non-NATO country to speak on #Ukraine in #UNSC tonight. Lots of talk about the need for diplomacy, de-escalation, etc. But no reference to Ukraine's sovereignty or condemnation of Russia.
Brazil expresses "extreme concern" about Ukraine in #UNSC, and calls for diplomacy for peace. Does raise sovereign equality of states and territorial integrity.

Avoids using the word "Russia".
Mexico (3rd non-NATO speaker on Ukraine in UNSC) does call out Russia -- a little more gingerly than NATO members but by name -- and talks about Ukrainian sovereignty. Notably firmer than India and Brazil, although also pivoting to diplomacy and dialogue.
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The illegal union between British #Somaliland and Italian #Somalia.


1/12. A pan-Somali dream to step-over colonial borders separating the 5 Somali inhabited territories (Djibouti, NFD, Ogaden region) has brought Somaliland and Somalia together but was the union legal?
2/12. Protectorate Somaliland achieved its independence on June 26, 1960 and received international recognition from 35 countries such as #China, #Egypt, #Ethiopia, #France, #Ghana, #Israel, and #theSovietUnion. There were numerous congratulatory messages notably from #USA.
3/12. The independence of Somalia was guided by the Italian Trusteeship Administration. On April 1960, officials from protectorate Somaliland and trusteeship Somalia met to create the illusion of the so called ‘Somali’ dream and on July 1, 1960, joined to form the United Republic
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#Russia/#Ukraine Thread 🇺🇦 🇷🇺 [1]
#Russian news agencies are reporting that #Luhansk separatist region prevented a terrorist attack on a soldiers rally. #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #Ukraine #Crimea #Donbass #Donetsk #EU #Europe #NATO #US #Russia #Belarus [2]
Elements of #Russian forces in #Crimea are reported by #Russian media to be returning to North #Ossetia and #Dagestan, following the end of special exercise in the region. #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #EU #NATO #US #Europe [3]
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‼️ En #España hay más de 3.600 niñas en riesgo de sufrir mutilación genital femenina (#MGF)
Hoy, 6 de febrero, se conmemora el Día Internacional de #ToleranciaCero con la Mutilación Genital Femenina
Abro🧶con más datos
➡️En #España viven casi 70.000 mujeres procedentes de países donde se practica la mutilación genital femenina
➡️De ellas, más de 15.000 son menores de 14 años y 3.600 están en riesgo de ser mutiladas cuando viajan con sus familias de vacaciones a sus lugares de origen
➡️Según datos de @FundacionWassu y @DelGobVG estas niñas proceden principalmente de zonas del África subsahariana: #Nigeria, #Senegal, #Gambia, #Guinea y #Ghana
➡️En #Europa la cifra ronda las 500.000 niñas, según datos de @parlamentoUE y de varias oenegés expertas en la materia
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Thread/ #Wetlands may seem off-topic for an organisation based in #Africa's #drylands, but the protection & restoration of river ecosystems makes up a big part of our programmes at Tree Aid

Learn more this #WorldWetlandsDay 👇
2/When it does rain in the #Sahel, it often pours, leading to destructive flash floods, riverbank damage & #soilerosion. #Siltation is a major problem in the Sahel too, making rivers dry up quicker in the dry season, and flood faster in the rainy season too

3/ Our riverine projects work with local communities to restore & protect existing #trees along river banks, and adapt #farming methods to reduce siltation

Rivers & streams are a lifeline for these areas, and provide vital many services - read on to learn what we've been doing👇
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It's World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day!
Chagas disease
River blindness
Sleeping sickness
& other neglected tropical diseases affect 1 BILLION people 🌍!
Neglected tropical diseases are:
1️⃣Responsible for thousands of preventable deaths
2️⃣Found in🌍's poorest regions
3️⃣Caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi & toxins
4️⃣Associated with stigma & social exclusion
5️⃣43 countries eliminated at least 1 of these diseases

It's World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day! DYK:

🔺River blindness
🔺Intestinal worm infections

are treatable & preventable when detected early! Delay in seeking treatment & care can result in life-long disability & death. Let's #BeatNTDs!
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1. Selon mon grand frère @dembadiopci on est libre de faire des affaires en #CIV que dans les autres pays Africains sur la base de cette carte. Cette nouvelle nous donne une joie au coeur mais ces statistiques sont trompeurs et abusivement en faveur de Ouattara.
2.Cette analyse est tirée de l'indice des libertés économiques publié par Heritage Foundation. Un Think Tank conservateur de Washington DC.
3. Ce rapport est bien mensonger en ce qui concerne la Cote d'Ivoire dont les Lobbyistes ont travaillé au bidouillage des chiffres. Plusieurs phases et plusieurs autres sources le démontrent .
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My friend in Kenya has a son who will be finishing high school next year. The son would like to pursue post-secondary education outside Kenya. They were asking for my advice. Here are some of the things I said:

My advice is personal opinion based on my experience – I came to Canada as an international student. I graduated with degrees from three Canadian universities in three provinces. I now work as a university professor. I mostly tweet about education.
2017: Top destination countries for international students. Of all these, Canada stands out because of its high quality of education, and a clear and straightforward pathway for international students to obtain to Permanent Residence status @CBIE_BCEI
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🔴. 1️⃣. #الساحل #مالي 🇲🇱 :

⬅️. إليكم البيان الصحفي الأخير للقمة الاستثنائية لرؤساء دول وحكومات المجموعة الاقتصادية لدول غرب إفريقيا @ecowas_cedeao التي عقدت هذا الأحد، 7 نوفمبر 2021 في #Ghana 🇬🇭، حول الوضع السياسي في #غينيا و #مالي
2️⃣. اعلنث فيه مجموعة الإيكواس عن فرض عقوبات على القيادة الحالية في #مالي 🇲🇱 بسبب تأخر الانتخابات
3️⃣. و جاء في اليبان إن العقوبات تشمل حظر السفر وتجميد الأصول على جميع أعضاء السلطة الانتقالية وأفراد أسرهم ، مضيفا أن إيكواس ستدرس فرض عقوبات إضافية في شهر ديسمبر إذا لم يتم إحراز تقدم.
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60 years ago, #Mexico and #Ghana formally started an intense journey together. Our governments decided to intensify the diplomatic dialogue and putting our societies closer together. What an amazing journey it has been!. @SRE_mx @GhanaMFA
The governments of #Mexico and #Ghana are determined to take the bilateral relation where it rightfully belongs and to gain traction based on our complementarities, common objectives and goals to create conditions for our people to thrive. @SRE_mx @GhanaMFA
Our business communities have discovered the potential they have to develop synergies to increase our trade and investment flows.The interest and the determination are real and they are renewed every day.There’s only one possible outcome: SUCCESS. @GITFiC2021 @ghamexco @GhanaMFA
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‘Decrypting #ICMPD: How a Vienna-based organization coordinates & facilitates for the expansion of a restrictive multi-stakeholder border control regime in #Tunisia & beyond’

Report for @FT_DES about ICMPDs Tunisia operations 1/ #Migration #EUBorderRegime…
ICMPD’s expansion substantially accelerates since its current director #Spindelegger took over in 2016. Under his leadership, #ICMPD-s staff almost doubled, its annual budget trippled and the number of duty stations rose from 19 to 30’ 2/ #EUBorderRegime…
Spindelegger called ICMPD an ‘intergovernmental mediation platform & think tank for future migration policy issues. In contrast, others refer to it as a ‘leading consultancy institution that aims at the Europeanization of migration policies’ & a ‘neoliberal political project’ 3/
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The Sharia discussion is necessary because it shows how low the level of trust is in #Nigeria.

It also shows the hypocrisy of many of its proponents. How many of them will gladly, today, pack their bags and move to Zamfara, the state that started political Sharia in Nigeria?
But this Sharia debate, as important as it is, overshadows an even more important issue.

It is, perhaps, a coincidence that Zamfara that did something this past week that bears a long discussion when @GovMatawalle revoked all land titles in the state.
This is a most important story because property rights in #Nigeria are insecure, one of the banes of our economic development.

I stand to be corrected, but the issue of the Land Use Act was not brought up in any of the constitutional hearings this week.

That is a problem.
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Everyone, everywhere can support the vaccines initiative #COVAX to help:
✅ vaccinate the world 🌎🌍🌏
✅ achieve #VaccinEquity ⚖️
✅ end the #COVID19 pandemic 🔚

Find out how YOU can contribute:
#COVAX is the vaccines ‘pillar’ of the @ACTAccelerator. It is driving #VaccinEquity by working to deliver at least 2 billion doses in 2021, with a special mechanism to provide access to vaccines for lower income countries.


The first international delivery of #COVID19 vaccines from #COVAX arrived in #Ghana 🇬🇭 in February 2021, with essential workers & other at-risk groups prioritized in the roll-out. Worldwide, over 49 million doses have been distributed so far.

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Singapore’s former Prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, the father of the country’s economic miracle of the last 50 years, was a frequent visitor to Africa in the 1960s.
On one such trip in 1964, he visited 17 African capitals to acquaint himself with what the newly independent African countries were doing to lift themselves from economic backwardness, itself a legacy of European colonialism of the previous century.
From what he saw, Lee Kuan Yew was not best impressed. “I was not optimistic about Africa,” he confessed later. So, what informed his thinking? He explains in his fat book, published in 2000, From Third World to First – The Singapore Story: 1965-2000, that certain things were...
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