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Hausa traditional architecture is a rich and vibrant form of architectural expression found in the Hausa-speaking regions of West Africa. Here are ten important things to know about Hausa traditional architecture: Image
1. Cultural Significance: Hausa traditional architecture reflects the cultural identity and values of the Hausa people. It embodies their history, traditions, social structure, and religious beliefs. Image
2. Mud and Earth Construction: Hausa architecture predominantly employs locally available materials such as mud, earth, and thatch. These materials are used to construct walls, roofs, and other structural elements. Image
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Today is #WorldMalariaDay.

#Malaria is transmitted through the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes 🦟. Nearly half of the world's population is at risk of malaria.

Here are 4 things you need to know about malaria ⬇️
The most common #malaria symptoms are:

🦟 Fever,
🦟 Chills,
🦟 Weakness,
🦟 Other flu-like symptoms.

Contact a healthcare professional if you are living in a malaria-affected area & experience these symptoms🔗 #WorldMalariaDay Image
#Malaria is PREVENTABLE. Lower the risk of getting malaria by using

✅ Mosquito nets,
✅ Mosquito repellents,
✅ Antimalarial medicines.

And don't forget to wear protective clothing. More about other preventive measures 👉 #WorldMalariaDay Image
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🔍Scouting Report of a very interesting Greek player who is eligible to play for both Greece & Ghana. A ST who is having an exceptional season with AE Kifisias in the 2nd division in Greece, fighting for their promotion.

🕵️Introducing: Andrews Tetteh ( 21 )

#scouting #Kifisia Image
ℹ️ Some personal information about the player to get to know him better.

#scouting Image
ℹ️ Some of this strengths

#scouting Image
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Exciting news 🎉 Ghana is the first country to approve the use of a new malaria vaccine developed by Oxford University 🎉

This is an epic step forward in the fight against the disease. Here’s what you should know👇 [Thread]
Malaria is a major health threat in Africa, with over 90% of all cases and deaths occurring on the continent (@WHO). #Ghana has been working hard to combat the disease, and this approval brings the country one step closer to defeating it.
The vaccine was developed by scientists at the @UniofOxford, and so far has shown to be up to 77% effective in early trials. However, more testing still needs to be done to determine its effectiveness in a larger population.
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Il est normal que la livraison d'armes de la #CIV225 à son voisin le #Burkina 🇧🇫 suscite des débats dans ces 2 pays et ailleurs. J'ai vu certains dire qu'il faut remercier @AOuattara_PRCI. D'autres disent que c'est tout simplement faux ou même que c'est un cadeau empoisonné. 1/7
Evidemment chacun est libre de juger comme bon lui semble. Mais pour ma part, il nous faut aller au delà des questions de personnes. En vrai je me fiche complètement des personnes d'Alassane Ouattara ou d'Ibrahim Traoré. Nos pays ont existé avant et existeront après eux . 2/7
C'est pourquoi je trouve que cette livraison d'armes n'est qu'un geste de solidarité d'un pays frère (pas des dirigeants). Cette solidarité a toujours existé et existera entre les peuples, n'en déplaise aux chauvins Ivoiriens et Burkinabè. 3/7
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A reflection on Western African illiterate women diaspora in Italy.
I want to share a reflection I made a while ago.

I'm a so-called second generation migrant in Italy if Ghanaian descent, working with asylum seekers and migrants as mediator and teacher.
#Ghanaians make a distinction between #wisdom (literally "home intelligence") and #education ("school intelligence").
Working with Africans, especially Ghanaians and Nigerians, as a mediator I can see too often there is a lack of the latter.
I have met several illiterate or poorly educated young women (25-35 years).
Illiteracy comes with early death, exploitation, abusive relations, early parenting and – on what concerns my job – a high difficulty to understand and adapt to Italian/European system.

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Applications for the 2023 SEO Africa In-Country programme – Ghana are open!
This programme will give you the opportunity to work with top firms in Ghana.
1/4 Image
You will also have the opportunity to receive world-class corporate training and mentorship that prepares you for a lifetime of career
Note that, final-year undergraduates in Ghana and any other African Country except Nigeria are eligible to apply for the Ghana Programme.

Visit: to apply.
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1. #China has been involved in illegal fishing in #EEZ of over 80 countries with over 10 million hrs of fishing.

This is a mega report and tweet thread on #Chinese illegal fishing in world's oceans and its impacts.

Read/download the complete report:…
2. The #Chinese fleet is often found guilty of #overfishing,
killing protected species,
falsifying licenses and docs,
seizing territories &
producing tons of sea #waste.

Read/download the complete report:…

3. IUU: #China has been consistently ranked num. 1 on various parameters of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU) rankings.

According to the IUU rankings report 2021, over 60% of its vessels are involved in IUU fishing worldwide.

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#ChocolateProduction thread!

1/ #Chocolate is a beloved treat enjoyed by people around the world, but did you know that a few countries dominate global chocolate production?
2/ The top chocolate producing countries are the Ivory Coast, #Ghana, #Indonesia, and #Brazil. Together, these countries account for over 60% of the world's chocolate production. #ivorycoast
3/ The Ivory Coast is the largest chocolate producer in the world, with over 1.5 million tons produced annually. Ghana is a close second, producing around 1 million tons per year.
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"We made significant tangible progress across every one of our priorities this week," says @SecBlinken at conclusion of #USAfricaLeadersSummit.
America will not dictate Africa's choices but will work relentlessly to expand their choices of partnerships, says @SecBlinken.
Additional $1.1 billion to be invested by the US for rising leaders and youth in #Africa, notes @SecBlinken.
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#Fulani herders are once again being threatened with expulsion in central #Ghana. Here’s some context on what’s going on, based on some of my work over the last year.
Earlier this week Tabital Pulaaku Ghana, a civil society group focused on issues affecting Fulani communities, issued a statement “pleading” with a paramount chief in Ashanti region to not evict Fulani herders from his area.
The expulsion order was issued in response to a surge in crime around Ejura which is being blamed on Fulani herders. “We’ll kill any cattle found in any village,” he told a gathering of chiefs, elders and security services. “We don’t want any Fulani herdsmen to live among us.”
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A video is circulating showing the Italian PM criticize the #CFA franc in very harsh terms. Wow! Has the Far Right suddenly become “anti-imperialist”? Does this criticism make the Far Right an ally for our long time struggles? Below our take with @fpigeaud
Every time the Italian government has been lectured by its French counterpart, especially on migration, raising the CFA franc has been a convenient way for Rome to “retaliate”. This was already the case on January 2019.…
The #CFA #franc has been a kind of shameful and dirty secret for France. With limited exceptions, the French Left and media have always been silent on this harmful colonial relic and on French Imperialism more generally.
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1/25.📜It’s day twelve of #COP27 and here is your daily #LossAndDamage focused thread. The intense negotiations on “funding arrangements" continue today after the release of a new text which contained a set of three options for a decision on a fund to address #LossAndDamage. 🧵
2/25. As summarised by @YebSano of @GreenpeaceSEA during @CANInt press conference these options equate to: “Option 1, we have a fund here. Option 2, we have a fund next year, Option 3, we don't have a fund, let's talk some more.”
3/25. However, it is very important to note — as we did earlier in an extensive thread— that “option number 1” is not in line with the G77 and China’s current proposal for an operating entity (be it a fund or facility) under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC.
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⚽️ Avec @PierreGodon, nous sommes arrivés à Doha pour #WorldCup2022. On va chacun faire un thread pour vous partager nos instantanés de ce qui nous surprend, nous étonne ou nous amuse. Ah, et on a évidemment trouvé un nom : ça s'appellera #QatarPostale
Vous venez ? Image
Coucou les "coussinophiles" (bref, les collectionneurs de coussins) : voici une pièce rare. C'était dimanche matin, dans l'avion pour Doha. #QatarPostale Image
Et puis on est arrivés à l'aéroport de Doha. Si Deschamps manque de joueurs, les tapis pour les bagages sont disponibles. #QatarPostale ImageImage
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La storia di Enrico Mattei 🇮🇹👨‍🚒🏭🇷🇺🏗 🕵️‍♂️🇺🇸🇬🇧📞💣🛩☠⚰
Comm #Mitrokhin Audizione Col #KGB Leonid #Kolosov
#Mattei è stato ucciso..voleva rendere più strette le relazioni tra #UnioneSovietica e #Italia e mi disse "#Confindustria ed i nostri padroni non sono molto contenti delle mie iniziative con l'oleodotto"…
Il Dip Stato #USA e il problema inerente a Mattei sulla sua "apertura a sinistra"
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 852,789 signatures
Previous: 616,389 signatures.
Difference: 236,400 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #GTTO
1) #UnitedKingdom 842,029 (+232,982)
2) #France 2,298 (+660)
3) #Spain 1,285 (+361)
4) #UnitedStates 840 (+283)
5) #Germany 798 (+279)
6) #Australia 773 (+262)
7) #Netherlands 423 (+133)
8) #Canada 402 (+138)
9) #Ireland 387 (+130)
10) #Switzerland 320 (+110)
11) #NewZealand 306 (+113)
12) #Italy 233 (+79)
13) #Belgium 209 (+64)
14) #Portugal 206 (+71)
15) #Sweden 192 (+70)
16) #Denmark 131 (+47)
17) #Japan 113 (+34)
18) #Greece 106 (+33)
19) #Norway 104 (+33)
20) #IsleofMan 97 (+33)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 616,389 signatures
Previous: 606,921 signatures.
Difference: 9,468 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
It is sad that a time like this a poll like this doesn't get millions of signatures 🙁
1) #UnitedKingdom 609,047 (+9,327)
2) #France 1,638 (+25)
3) #Spain 924 (+24)
4) #UnitedStates 557 (+7)
5) #Australia 519 (+8)
6) #Germany 511 (+10)
7) #Ireland 290 (+5)
8) #Canada 264 (+3)
9) #Netherlands 257 (+11)
10) #Switzerland 210 (+2)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 15th October 2022

Current: 606,921 signatures
Previous: 570,208 signatures.
Difference: 36,713 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
Parliament will debate this petition on 17 October 2022.

You'll be able to watch online on the #UK #Parliament #YouTube channel

Need the petition to be at least 1 million signatures by then.
1) #UnitedKingdom 599,720 (+36,255)
2) #France 1,613 (+88)
3) #Spain 900 (+45)
4) #UnitedStates 550 (+43)
5) #Australia 511 (+24)
6) #Germany 501 (+36)
7) #Ireland 285 (+23)
8) #Canada 261 (+28)
9) #Netherlands 246 (+16)
10) #Switzerland 208 (+16)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 9th October 2022

Current: 570,208 signatures
Previous: 555,757 signatures.
Difference: 14,451 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
1) #UnitedKingdom 563465 (+14286)
2) #France 1525 (+36)
3) #Spain 855 (+14)
4) #UnitedStates 507 (+17)
5) #Australia 487 (+15)
6) #Germany 465 (+13)
7) #Ireland 262 (+6)
8) #Netherlands 233 (+7)
9) #Canada 230 (+5)
10) #Switzerland 192 (+5)
11) #NewZealand 177 (+4)
12) #Italy 143 (+4)
13) #Portugal 132 (+5)
14) #Belgium 125 (+1)
15) #Sweden 107 (+3)
16) #Denmark 79 (+1)
17) #IsleofMan 72 (+3)
18) #Norway 67 (+1)
19) #Greece 66 (+1)
20) #Austria 58 (0)
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We’re celebrating #WorldNewsDay! The theme is ‘Journalism Makes a Difference’ & throughout today we'll be highlighting some of our members' stories.

Each one showcases different themes but all demonstrate good journalism & why it's worth promoting + defending #JournalismMatters Image
🇬🇭Firstly, we feature @thegbcghana whose journalism makes a difference when it galvanises citizens to address societal issues.

Most recently, a news piece on the state of neglect at a rural primary school yielded positive results...

#WorldNewsDay22 #JournalismMatters #Ghana
“Travelling across rural Ghana reveals a huge disparity in accessing education for the rural and urban child,” GBC News Coordinator Peggy Ama Donkor explained.

“The aid makes a difference in the lives of the [students] in terms of enrolment and retention.”
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International food commodity prices are retreating but simply not enough to dent food inflation!
Hundreds of millions of people remain crippled by the toxic combination of tumbling currencies and high food inflation.
See evidence ⬇️🧵
1/15 #Lebanon
2/15 #Zimbabwe
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#WestAfrica: THREAD - "Militarized Border Security Will Not Stop the Spread of Extremism into Coastal States."
My latest with @lmcsanders and Jordon Moss for @PolicyCenterNS where we provide some suggestions to avoid/limit the spread to #Benin #Togo #IvoryCoast and #Ghana 1/
#WestAfrica: Border strategies must enable trade, communication, and travel. Increasing the burden
of legitimate behaviors will make communities more vulnerable, alienate essential allies, and
lead people to see border officers as the enemy. 2/
#WestAfrica: Border security must serve & engage border communities and their leaders. Those who
live in border zones understand local dynamics better than external forces. They have critical information of what is changing, and have the most to lose from extremist influence. 3/
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1/5 On #NationalPeacekeepersDay, it's important to confront the myth that #Canada is a #peacekeeping country - it's not. Canada is ranked #71 in world w only 54 soldiers wearing @UN blue helmets, according to @UNPeacekeeping statistics: ⬇️ 🧵 Image
2/ In 2015 @JustinTrudeau govt came to power promising more peacekeeping, but didn't. In 2017 govt also launched #ElsieInitiative to increase women in @UN #peaceoperations, but only 18 Canadian ♀️ are on #peacekeeping. #Canada doesn't do peacekeeping because it doesn't want to. Image
3/ So what countries are doing #peacekeeping & helping the @UN? Global south countries: #Bangladesh ranked #1 w over 6K peacekeepers, #Nepal, #India, #Ghana, #Senegal & #China is ranked #10.
How about the #US, the world's biggest, most well-funded military? What's its ranking❓🤔 Image
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Now for a #Ghana 🧵 as this keeps being raised and I want to discuss two big shifts in JNIM strategy since 2021: /1
1) from the west, Katibat Alidougou has moved into Cote d'Ivoire's NE Bounkani and Zanzan Depart in 2020/2021 where there is some early evidence that they are penetrating Ghana’s Upper West region (ungoverned space around Dollar Power) and then freely move up to Burkina Faso. 2/
2) Meanwhile, JNIM is moving westward from the WAP park complex; in May JNIM moved their Ansarul Islam factions into the Koulou triangle, in presumably a deliberate move to localize the insurgency, and free up their katibats to move westward towards SW Burkina and Ghana /3
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