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1/10 🚀 ANNOUNCEMENT: Taking LCX Earn to the next level: Earn a 7% fixed yield on Euro $EUR, #Bitcoin $BTC, #Ethereum $ETH, or LCX Token $LCX and experience the future of investment with tokenized bonds. #LCXEarn #Crypto… ImageImageImage
2/10 🌍 Our offering is based on an approved security prospectus, available to verified retail users in 30 European countries. Dive into a transparent and secure investment process with LCX Earn. #Europe #EEA Image
3/10 🌕 EURt7 (Moon) - Invest in a stable and familiar asset with a 7% fixed yield. EURt7 is denominated in Euro $EUR and represents the security and reliability of this widely-used fiat currency. #Yield #Crypto #Investing ImageImageImage
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Like @CKJCryptonews was mentioning last night on @YouTube IYKYK $TEL is the real deal. Download the app & get started today 💯

#Earn $TEL by #staking & #referring in the #Telcoin App.


Referral Code: 2c2b637f6e0

BOOM 💥 @WUZZIDY with the first RT💯 IYKYK @CKJCryptonews reminding us how @telcoin gets things done in Nebraska 🔥
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It’s Saturday night #crypto is supposedly done for & going to zero 😂 DB is unfazed why? I know what I #HODL 💪

$TEL $DFX $MATIC #Web3 #Staking #altcoins #AI #100xgem #polygon #GSMA #Fintech #Defi #Crypto #Stablecoins @telcoin @P4Cap @DFXFinance @CotyKuhn @kevinzhangTO @0xNegi
I know @magnifintech knows what they #HODL appreciate your $TEL $DFX RT💯 my friend 🤝
I know @EddieSuarez70 knows we #HODL’s appreciate your $TEL $DFX RT💯 my friend 🤝 those bad a$$ $DFX socks 🧦 will be on the way soon my friend 🔥
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🚨Welcome To RabbitHole V2

Aside from having more #quests and #rewards in the future, we believe that on-chain work is going to be one of the most common ways to #earn income online.

⭕️Like & RT
⭕️ New Features in RabbitHole V2:
📜 Quest Receipts: Rewards from quests are now easier to claim thanks to Quest Receipts. Users can use the Quest Receipt to claim the quest reward. If users don’t want the quest reward, they can sell their Quest Receipt on a secondary like OS.
🔎 Goodbye Skills, Hello Beginner Quests: they decided to remove Skills from the platform and make RabbitHole accessible by having Quests that are open to all. If you minted a credential on RabbitHole, your proof-of-completion is still on-chain and lives in your wallet forever.
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Hi everybody🎙️

Welcome to ADA Digest - a mega thread where every day I deliver news from the #Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

In case you missed something I am bringing highlights of the day (wknd today actually)🧵👇🏼

#CryptoNews #CardanoADA
1/ @TeddySwap confirmed they will have yield farming since day one. Although some are saying Cardano doesn't have room for another DEX this one is doing everything right

2/ You definitely remember @MutantNFTs had problems a few weeks ago and it was because franked address attack. They fixed the problem, but we get something good from it - learning about it from @ElRaulito_cnft

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Let’s dive into one of our next features: The Mixing Bowl! 🥣

It's is a single asset liquidity optimizer which gives you up to 40%* as yearly average return 🫰

Put your #crypto at work and let us optimize your #earnings 🧑‍🍳


(*Depending on the asset and market conditions)
Our 🥣 according to your strategy will optimize your #DeFi position (#LP, #staking or #lending) to #earn more rewards without having to manage your strategy!

It can be plugged into any traditional system. 🌎🌐

DeFi, as simple as that. 🧠

Assets currently accepted: $DUSD - $USDC - $USDT - $ETH - $DAI - $WBTC.

Want to know more about Bakery Finance? 🧑‍🍳

- Make sure to check our docs:

- And to join us on Telegram:

$BKR #DeFi #realyield #arbitrum #lending

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What is a #DAO and how is it shaping the future of #Crypto and #finance?

This crypto guide as well as other free guides & project reviews can be read more clear on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- The whole #Crypto #DeFi community believes in a decentralised space with no centralised entities governing their finances. Users in the #DeFi world have complete control over their #crypto but do they have control over the future of the protocols they've invested in?
3- In some cases, yes! It is called a #DAO, which stands for 'Decentralised Autonomous Organisation'. A #DAO allows the community to make every future decision regarding the protocol through proposals and voting!
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🫣@Thinkin_xyz Open Beta is Live! 🚀

💡Every Beta tester will get reward.

Let Our #Blockminati team take the part.

🧐Why Should you Join this #Airdrops ?

1. they are providing1,000,000 $INK token reward pool to all users.

2. This is based on #Algorand & Social Media Project Image
👉Step By Step Guide

1. First create a wallet on @myalgo_

2. #Testnet Faucet link:

3.Now Open the thinkin website and connect your wallet. Image
4. Set the wallet to test network.

5. Now Register with your email.

6. Click on your profile and set your username and profile picture.
7. Now post something in your own. (like in the image) ImageImage
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There is more than enough gold to give EVERY SINGLE FAMILY ALL AROUND THE WORLD ENOUGH MONEY to start their lives over
For MANY MANY MANY generations to come !

Those who want to buy back into A better country they live in can do so, those who want to open up more “MA N PA” shops can do so, those who want to quit their jobs to travel for A few years before finding something new they enjoy doing
They can do so, those who want to continue working stacking on top of that GINORMOUS nest egg they have—They can do so, those who never thought they would be able to retire THEY CAN FINALLY DO SO & THOSE WHO NEVER WANT TO WORK ANOTHER DAY IN THEIR LIVES—THEY CAN DO SO!!
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Our frens over at @SubQueryNetwork are killing it with partnerships
This is truly how to scale #web3 and enable #interoperability in full
Truly inspired by this team and full support @JamesABayly and @SubQueryNetwork vision
Am here with full support
Anything can do to help
Amazing #community we have in #Discord too so come and join us help us grow the @SubQueryNetwork together

Thank you in advanced
Have a thread 🧵 coming soon! 👀🥂
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Imagine getting paid for asking @Google a question...

I will leave all the official links at the end.

Please like, retweet and follow if you enjoyed this thread!

Have a look at our website for more guides & much more!👇

Imagine no further.

#Presearch is a decentralized search engine that not only rewards users for exploring #Web3 on their platform but aims to bring security and privacy to its users.
@Presearchnews launched their search engine and token $PRE in 2017.

In October 2020, @Presearchnews established that its users made over 10 million monthly searches. Today, 21 months later averages over 150 million user searches!
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Here I am proving to the world that the future has the ability to come back to the past & help create A world around everyone to where they don’t keep falling into the same traps, make the same mistakes or ones are able to help their loved ones from being hurt/taken away &
All anyone has to do is EARN IT to be able to be one of those individuals in the near future who can sign up voluntarily to come back to the past helping those in need to better The future …

FORGIVENESS brings PEACE within allowing ones to HEAL & see clearly..

The very same
Way the world around everyone has been created, YOU in the not to distant future can be one of those individuals who comes back to A selected timeline to help stop family member from hurting each other & also help create A world around everyone for when that timeline awakens.
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Presenting: @0xPolysynth DeFi Option Vaults 🏛

A new dawn for #DeFi and @0xPolygon Ecosystem 🌅

Simple #oneclick strategies to #earn in all market scenarios 🌈

Plus, you get to choose, which #DOV gets unlocked 🗝

Wanna earn for choosing? Read along...
@0xPolysynth DOVs democratise sophisticated strategies that were otherwise only available to Hedge Funds & HNIs 🌈

Simply: #Stake. #Earn. #Repeat ♻️
Even in a rather dull market like right now, we have dedicated strategies to earn high yields 💸

Some of the DOV Strategies on @0xPolysynth are:

🤑 Covered Call/Put
🤑 Short Call/Put
🤑 Bull/Bear Spread
🤑 Long/Short Iron Butterfly
🤑 Long/Short Iron Condor and more
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[#THREAD] @StepApp_ , un concurrent sérieux pour @Stepnofficial ?

Aujourd'hui je vous invite à venir découvrir un projet qui fait couler de l'encre depuis quelques jours, StepApp.

Il s'agit d'un #MoveToEarn qui s'oppose au très connu StepN !

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes Image

StepApp est un projet qui s'inscrit dans la #Fitness Finance (#FitFi).

Il s'agit d'un nouveau type de finance décentralisée qui s'appuie sur l'univers du sport pour proposer des rendements plus ou moins élevés.

Les plus connus actuellement sont StepN et @genopets . Image
Là où StepN repose essentiellement sur la dépense de points d'énergie au travers de la marche et de la course, StepApp propose de gamifier ces disciplines.

On parle donc de compléter des quêtes et missions ou de lancer des challenges à ses amis. Image
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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📢 #Avalant - Upcoming updates

At time of writing, 1800 holders earn 2000% APY playing Avalant 📈

We are focused on improving the gameplay while making the economy sustainable, and growing the team to fulfill our vision🔭

Let's break it down!
So far, 2.2M (2,200,000) $ANTG have been burned digging and fighting 🔥

AntGold is worth 200% of its initial price, offering a comfy 40 days ROI for players.

The price is expected to rise as we add many burn mechanics and incentives to add $ANTG liquidities in the pool 📈

✍️ Naming Ants - THIS WEEK

The QUEEN now allows Ants to wear names! You'll be able to choose epic names for your Ants for some $ANTG.

Names are displayed everywhere, and more importantly.. in the leaderboard also released this week! 🏆

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[#Thread] Mesdames et messieurs, devant vos yeux ébahis (musique de cirque), nous allons aborder le thème :

Comment gagner de l'#argent avec les #cryptomonnaies

Thread à déguster très frais accompagné d'une coupe de Dom Pérignon bien assis dans votre fauteuil préféré. ⬇️
Avant de commencer, sachez qu'il n'existe pas de méthode miracle et chaque #investissement vous demandera du #temps ou de l'#argent.

Certaines méthodes vous permettront de gagner de l'argent de façon passive, d’autres demanderont un peu de travail et certaines compétences.
Ensuite, mon but est de simplement "donner des pistes" au travers de ce #thread.

Les caractères étant limités, des exemples ainsi que d'avantages d'#explications seront disponibles sur l'#article complet en fin d'article sur @AuCoinduBloc.

(L'article est un pavé)
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La campagne du projet #crypto @MarsEcosystem ($XMS) "Learn & #Earn" vient de démarrer et se terminera le 28/11/2021 à 01h59 sur

Cette #campagne va vous permettre de (peut-être) gagner 5$ en répondant à des questions.

Voici la liste des Q&R pour participer ⬇️
1. Where can you buy an $XMS token?

2. Mars Ecosystem consists of three parts. Mars Treasury, Mars Stablecoin, and What is the last part?
Mars #DeFi Protocol

3. Which tokens are deposited into mars treasury to mint USDM in the genesis launch?
4. On which network is the $XMS Token traded?

5. In which month is @MarsEcosystem selected as the MVBIII Monthly Star?

6. How much percent of the revenue that Mars Ecosystem ... in the form of $BTC, $BNB, $ETH, $CAKE via the XMS staking Pool?
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{Thread] Comment générer 20% d'APY sur le #stablecoin $UST avec @anchor_protocol

Toutes les différentes étapes pour savoir comment faire pour déposer sur la blockchain @terra_money

Enfilez votre maillot de bain de #yieldfarmers, mouillez vous la nuque, c'est parti ⬇️
Qu'est ce que @anchor_protocol ?

C'est un protocole de #lending/#borrowing, c'est-à-dire de prêt et emprunt.

L'application est basée sur la #blockchain @terra_money et son but est d'offrir à ses utilisateurs des rendements d'environ 20 % par an.
Comme la majorité des app du secteur comme @CelsiusNetwork, elle permet à ses membres d’emprunter/prêter de la #crypto via la technologie #blockchain.

@anchor_protocol va ensuite verser une partie de ses profits aux personnes ayant prêtés leurs #cryptomonnaies.
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Who wouldn't want an extra source of income? #passiveincome

Here, are the top 8 ideas for Passive income 💰

A Thread 🧵👇
1/ Graphic Designing-
Today, content is the new king. Everyone on social media are creating hell no. of contents and require people who can create attractive images, posters, etc for them. Demand for graphic designer is increasing. Learn graphic designing and work as a freelancer
2/ Web Development - 🕸️
If you know how to develop websites or apps then you are gold. You don't have to create huge website, just some simple template-based websites.
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Please find below all presentations of CoinGeek London conference day 2 (21feb2020)

Enjoy and learn.

#BSV #BitcoinSV #CoinGeek #Build #Use #Earn
Dr. Craig S. Wright,
Satoshi Vision: A correct understanding of Bitcoin
Jimmy Wales, Dr. Craig S. Wright,
Can digital currency or blockchain technology improve thhe quality of online information?
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