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I enjoy supporting #crypto with utility because what happens when you set out to accomplish something without purpose or direction? You find yourself years later asking yourself what the point was.
$XRP, revolutionizing cross-border payments with absolute competitive advantage in the "On demand liquidity" sector to which is a term #RIPPLE PATENTED.

Say goodbye to high fees and slow Tx times, billions of dollars saved in rate changes by being a bridge currency.
$VRA Proof of View, ALSO PATENTED, solves a $160 billion dollar issue when it comes to ad monetization and Ad spend from companies. Will revolutionize the way gaming is done allowing players to form their own competition, autonomous from Google and Apple and so much more
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I started a #cryptotwitter account to be plugged into the community. I love #crypto, I really am horrible with people so I stick to research and deep dives, facts and occasional hopium opinions based on data.

I will say months ago, I knew there would be a major shakeout.
I've been a long-time advocate for $XRP and $VET. I immediately saw the value of #XRP due to the problems it solved within financial systems. The fact that anywhere in the world I could bridge #XRP to any currency I needed anytime, wish I knew about it when I was overseas.
#XRP can literally save governments trillions of dollars over time in transfer fees and rate changes, the current system doesn't work and the taxpayers are left to pay the difference.
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So a word to the #crypto skeptics and #tether truthers around:

I think it is good to be skeptical and there is literally no person with a brain in the entire industry who truly thinks that $USDT was not used to manipulate prices in 2017 or that it is backed with cash.
Everyone knows it is the biggest tail risk in this space and most people would probably rather it disappears.

However, recently more than before, I notice you guys are taking the high moral ground but you use the exact same “scam” tactics for your own arguments. You repost
articles without fact checking because they fit your bias, then ignore corrections, you don’t care about any use of #crypto because it seems you cannot stand the thought of it not all going to zero. Everything is a scam & everyone a scammer. You may not feel that way,
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Basel III could be a game changer, As of June 28, 2021, Europe will stop considering unallocated paper gold as a Tier 1 asset. There must be a 100% physical backing, which should lead to a gold market that is more dependent on the physical metal. #GoldStandard
This should simply be considered bullish for gold and all other precious metals. #XRP has been the cryptocurrency most correlated to gold and Bitcoin follows in second place.
Specifically, #Ripple enables the following cost efficiencies:
- Basel III : With no in-flight period for the cross-border leg, associated Basel III costs
can be reduced by as much as 99 percent.
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1/4 #XRPCommunity #SEC_NEWS v. #Ripple #XRP The #SEC_NEWS has filed another objection to the Motion to Intervene. The SEC's mission statement is among other things to "protect investors." The SEC has argued from the beginning of this enforcement action that XRP is a security,
2/4 thereby arguing that XRP holders are actually XRP "investors." In its latest filing, it attacks XRP holders. It says "[b]ecause Movants are not seeking to appear as objective “friends of the court,” but rather to advance their own interests—to pursue claims against the SEC
3/4 —Defendants’ request that Movants appear as amici should be denied." Its clear that the SEC is antagonistic toward XRP holders and has no intention of protecting them or advancing XRP holders' interests. Which leads to only one conclusion:
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Been right on all these mentioned $ALTS with 50-200% moves 🔥


$EOS #EOS Image
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"The Cross-Border Payment Lie"

If you were to do research on #Ripple (the company) and #XRP (blockchain/token) you would come to the conclusion that the goal is to replace "#Swift" as the worlds leading cross-border payment provider.

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What if I was to say that #Ripple does not care about cross-border payments and that replacing #Swift is only a short-term plan..
In the digital age you are able to connect with anyone around the world in seconds, for this reason using one #digital currency would be ideal. Not only is one #currency all that is needed, it would be more #efficient if we were to all use one single currency.
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"A Ripple Of Deception"

#JedMcCaleb, co-founder of #Ripple and #Stellar, supporter of #LucisTrust, has family ties connecting him to the #FederalReserve and #UnitedNations.

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In 2014 he moved on from #Ripple to create #Stellar, giving the illusion that the two organizations were separate entities. Ripple and Stellar are like brother and sister, each providing something of value in the new world financial system.
#Ripple is said to be a cross-border payment provider and with the use of #XRP it will be, for a short period of time. The world will not need a cross-border payment provider when we are using the #Lumen.
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"#Codius" What is Codius?

Codius is the most advanced smart contract platform that will ever exist. The project was said to be put on hold in 2015, that was a lie. It was never put on hold..

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#Codius will be smart contracts with integrated payment processing and a variety of privacy options. One more time.

Codius will be a smart contract platform that offers multiple privacy options (if required) and "payment processing integration".
No other platform can compare, no other platform will have a direct connection to the world banking system.

#XRP and #Codius are going to be used to manage the entire 1+ Quadrillion Dollar derivatives market. XRP is not a "currency" it is a store of value, digital #gold.
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• Bitcoin Nedir?
• Token nedir?
• Erc-20 & Erc-721 Token nedir?
• Arasındaki fark nedir?
• Token Swap Nedir?
• Coin nedir?
• Altcoin Nedir?
• Coin ile Token'ın arasındaki fark nedir?

#Bitcoin Image
• Bitcoin nedir?

#Bitcoin 2009 yılında Satoshi Nakamoto tarafından deneysel olarak başlatılmış, P2P yani kişiden kişiye elektronik para sistemi olarak tanımlanmış, merkezi otoriteden bağımsız bir dijital paradır.

Bitcoin’in sembolü ฿, kısaltma ise $Btc ‘dir. Image
#Token Nedir?

Kendi #BlockChain sistemi olmayan, başka bir coinin ağı üzerine yerleştirilen bir dijital varlıktır.

Token'lar yardımcı bir aracı veya bir varlığı, bazen de ikisini birden temsil eder. Coinlerde olduğu gibi, Token'lar da bir proje ürünüdür. Image
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Nuevo #HiloInstintoFinanciero 36

📅 | 27/04/2021 | #MundoCrypto

🔸@echave_nicolas = $ADA
🔸@AgusMartinezBH = $OCEAN
🔸@JuanAranguez1 = $MATIC
🔸@LibertarianLoki = $BNB
🔸@flmealla = $MITH
🔸@gabisantillans = $XRP
🔸@GusiSarich = $ANK
🔸@mxgxe = $LTC
🔸@VdeValentino = $WIN
🚀 | $ADA | Cardano

🔸 Es el rival directo de #Ethereum

¡OJO! a tener cuidado, no es lo mismo Cardano que Ada

🔸 Cardano es una cadena de bloques de código abierto, así como una plataforma para ejecutar contratos inteligentes
🔸 ADA es la criptomoneda de Cardano
Pero, ¿en qué se diferencia #Ethereum de #Cardano?

🔸 El creador de Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, era uno de los creadores de #Ethereum pero su objetivo para el proyecto era que sea rentable, pero a los otros dos creadores no les parecía correcto. Por ende, crea su propio proyecto
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-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 1) /1 --

Content in Part 1:
🔹What is a #Cryptocurrency?
🔹How many Cryptocurrencies are there?
🔹Types of Cryptocurrency
🔹What are real world applications of Crypto?
🔹Pros and Cons of Crypto?
🔹Crypto, the future of Finance?
-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? /3 --

🔹A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers
🔹Decentralization allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities

-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? Cont'd /4 --

🔹Cryptocurrencies have many real word applications, i.e. secure payments online
🔹"Crypto" refers to the various encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques that safeguard the entries
🔹The most widely known Crypto is #Bitcoin
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I hope to be proven wrong but as I’ve said before I do not believe that @coinbase @krakenfx @binance etc. are going to re-list or un-suspend #XRP until the @SEC_Enforcement comes out and issues a no-action declaration or we get clarity from the SDNY Court.
Let me explain how the SEC Attorney misled the Court when answering Judge Netburn’s question regarding whether anyone selling #XRP would be violating Section 5 of the Securities Act.

This will also help me prepare for our brief (due in 8 days). 😥😫

Attorney Tenreiro said that
Section 4 exemptions would apply and therefore retail holders would not be in violation. Not true. If the purpose and intent is to have #XRP distributed by purchasers into a secondary market no exemption applies under Section 4, as Tenreiro suggested to Magistrate Netburn.
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Twitter thread . #RedevelopmentScam #HousingSocietyScam .
Scam explained
1. A shady builder's lady accomplice purchases a flat in Stone Castle CHSL, Borivali.
2. She makes friends with corrupt people in society and they all become committee members since no one knows of their devious plan. The lady becomes Chairman and starts execution of their plan to handover redevelopment DA to her builder.
3. They are all promised huge gains by shady builder
4. For demolition and giving building to this shady builder, In 2019 corrupt committee calls for Structural audit of building.
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#XRPHolders 🆚 @SEC_News Thread:

@HesterPeirce was interviewed by @ThinkingCrypto1 and said that she was trying to get people at the @SEC_News to stop thinking about the token as a security but instead on how the token was being packaged and sold.
I tweeted out, in disbelief, saying “that’s only been the law for 75 years.”

The Supreme Court in #Howey didn’t conclude that the oranges 🍊 were Securities, but it was the “scheme” and the totality of circumstances surrounding the transactions between the parties that was held
to be an investment contract. But it’s not just the #Howey case that has made it crystal clear that the token itself IS NOT a security.

#BTC, #ETH, #XRP, #Gold, #Soybeans, #copper, #coffee and any other product or commodity can be marketed, packaged, sold and distributed
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Fee comparison, mini-research

(Based on Binance withdrawal transactions, 03/2021)

@Bitcoin : 0.0005 $BTC
≈ $27.02

@ethereum : 0.008 $ETH
≈ $14.56

@Polkadot : 0.1 $DOT
≈ $3.61


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Polkadot #DeFi #fees
@OntologyNetwork :1 $ONT
≈ $1.19

@Cardano : 1 $ADA
≈ $1.18

@Dogecoin : 20 $DOGE
≈ $1.14


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ontology #Dogecoin #Cardano
@Dahspay : 0.002 $DASH
≈ $0.475380

@avalancheavax : 0.01 $AVAX
≈ $0.273549

@binance : 0.0008 $BNB on #BSC
≈ $0.218595


#crypto #Binance #BinanceSmartChain #BSC #BNB #Avalanche #Dash
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#Ripple recently announced partners MercuryFX & @Xago_io were admitted to S.Africa's Intergov. sandbox. MercuryFx is known, but Xago, built on the XRPL, trading #XRP, needs some exposure.
A thread, 1/x :……
2. Last week Xago partnered with BEQUANT to offer cross border trading facility for institutional investors based in Africa.
"Xago will now be able to access liquidity from Europe that institutional investors have been seeking in Africa"…
3. Also last week, they partnered with Paxful, Africa's largest P2P BTC marketplace w/mobile app.
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An @SEC_Enforcement 🆚 @Ripple Thread:

The most important decision a prosecutor makes is at the very beginning when he decides who to charge and what to charge.

@MrFreshTime showed us the video of Clayton favoring going after the individual executives and not just the company.
I called it a bullying tactic.
When I was @on_the_chain recently and weeks ago I said charging @bgarlinghouse and @chrislarsensf would prove to be a mistake.

If the @SEC had sued only #Ripple, then it would be a strict liability case and all the @SEC would need to prove is
that #XRP was a security when #Ripple sold it. No need to prove any level of intent or state of mind. But by alleging that Brad and Chris aided and abetted Ripple in selling unregistered securities, the @SEC must prove:

“they knew or recklessly disregarded” that Ripple’s sales
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#SEC v. #Ripple #XRPCommunity SEC Opposition to Letter Motion to Compel filed March 22, 2021
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#XRP #Blockchain #Ripple

"Who will win the #ISO20022 Hackathon?"

Let`s take a look at some of the speakers of the "BIS Innovation Summit" #BISInnovationSummit.

Attended #Swell2020

You sure know this guy :)

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1. XRP holders just decided to crash the #SEC's enforcement action against #Ripple. A thread:
2. Back in January, a group of six XRP holders filed a petition for writ of mandamus in Rhode Island federal court against the SEC. A writ of mandamus is basically a request for a court to order a government official to take a particular action.
3. The XRP holders asked the RI federal court to certify a class action against the SEC, order the SEC to exclude their XRP tokens from the case against Ripple, and create a constructive trust for XRP holders to receive whatever the SEC recovers in the Ripple enforcement action.
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1. The #SEC is missing a nuance to #Ripple’s due process defense. Ripple’s point is not (just) that the Securities Act/Howey test is vague. It’s that the SEC is directly responsible for #XRP’s uncertain status as a security.
2. Constitutional due process generally requires that persons/entities must receive fair notice of conduct that is legally forbidden. This applies to criminal laws and civil laws imposing penalties.
3. Defendants making a due process challenge usually argue a statute fails to give fair notice because the statute is vague.
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Cryptocurrencies Thread
$BTC $XRP $XLM $ADA $VET #cryptocurrencies #cryptotwitter Image
$XLM #Stellar "to bank the unbanked population as well as to compete directly with the likes of SWIFT and Ripple in the space of cross-border transactions." Image
$XLM #Stellar Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations:
IBM, Smartlands, Stripe, HTC Exodus, Franklin Templeton, Wirex, Baracoin, Novatti Group, Saldo, Tempo, Bitbond, SureRemit, .... more
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Based on the recent revelations coming from the PreTrial Hearing articulated by @XRPcryptowolf, I intend to repost my Tweet Threads discussing the possible corrupt motives behind Jay Clayton authorizing the @SEC_Enforcement action against @Ripple,
@bgarlinghouse and @chrislarsensf.

Please understand that the possible alternative corrupt motives that I discuss isn’t me just Tweeting things that people want to hear or for attention - as a few have claimed. The corrupt alternative motives I discuss in my tweets are actually
contained in my Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Memorandum of Support that I

So, to my critics, I’m not tweeting or saying anything that I’m not willing to say ON THE RECORD in OPEN COURT to a federal judge.
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