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மனுசனோட ஆதிகாலத்து ஆசை சாகாவரம். மனுசனோட ஆதிகாலத்து கற்பனை சொர்க்கம்.

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சாகிறது inevitable-ன்னாலும் வாழக்கூடிய வருடங்களை நீட்டிக்க கூடிய ஆராய்ச்சிகள் ஒரு பக்கம் நடந்துட்டு வருது. அடுத்த கால் நூற்றாண்டுக்குள்ள மனுசன் எப்படியும் 100, 150 வருஷம் வாழக்கூடிய அளவுக்கு வளந்திருவான்
அதே மாதிரி சமீப வருடங்களில் அதிகமா பேசப்படுகிற ஒரு விஷயம், நம் மொத்த மூளையையும் consciousness-ஐயும் மொத்தமா ஒரு கணிணிக்குள்ள இறக்கி, மூப்பு, பிணி, இறப்பு இல்லாத விர்ச்சுவல் உலகத்துக்குள்ள வாழ முடிஞ்சா அது ஒரு சாகாவரம் பிளஸ் சொர்க்கம் இல்லையா. #UploadTV
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Buying #Lularoe online. I don't recommend it, but based on a conversation with 4 of my friends this seems to be status quo:

Lularoe Shopping - How To! (a thread to confirm you are not crazy, the concept they have to shop is crazy)
Step 1: Find a consultant or join a group on Facebook.
Step 2: Read the extensive set of rules for buying. This requires more study and acumen than sitting for the California Bar Exam. Usually some language about shipping, paying, Lularoe Bless, Sonlet etc.
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Democrat #DanMcCready supposedly lost the special election in #NorthCarolina’s 9th Congressional District to Republican #DanBishop by less than 4,000 votes. However, racially biased #VoterSuppression schemes easily account for the GOP "victory" margin.…
Under the violently partisan Elections Board chief Kim Strach, #NorthCarolina targeted 561,693 voters based on the measurably racist and absurdly wrong #Crosscheck list created by the discredited #KrisKobach of Kansas.… #NorthCarolinaSpecialElection
The vote scam, which I exposed for @RollingStone and Al Jazeera, showed that well over 100,000 voters were wrongly purged for supposedly being registered or voting in two states.… #NorthCarolinaSpecialElection
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BREAKING: Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Block on Indiana #Crosscheck Voter Purge Law… #InterstateCrosscheck #VoterPurge #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #Election2020 #VotingRights #Indiana
Another bullet in #Crosscheck: Indiana can’t use the list without sending out postcards to victims. As students, people of color, and the poor move more than white suburbanites, this will still mean that nearly 100,000 Indiana voters who've wrongly lost their vote are in trouble.
Learn more about why #PurgeByPostcard is a problem, watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, available from — or stream it for FREE on #AmazonPrime!…
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The Habit
By @DickieArmour
A crime thriller


It was a clichéd habit.

He liked drugs & girls.

He was a monster too.

#CrimeFiction #fiction #crimethriller #thriller #mystery #writing #TheHabit…

A broker in The City.

Son of a famous F1 driver.

Best mates with a senior policeman.

Too many to name them.

Young women raped.

They were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

That place should have been somewhere safe.

The back of a black, London taxi
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My wife and I have different ideas about what happens to #TheAmericans tonight. Unfortunately we lost FX and won't see it tonight. But fortunately, we'll catch it before work tomorrow morning on #AmazonPrime.
Further, I've been forbidden from "watching" Twitter tonight during the show. But I might take a sneak peak, just for shits and grins.
Watched the "final" episode Thursday night on #AmazonPrime. Turns out wife was right: parents return to Russia but kids remain in the US. But how will they survive, parentless? The same way all other parentless children survive. #TheAmericanWay #YouCanMakeItIfYouTry
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