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In Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, journalists were forced to a gas station “media checkpoint,” where the state patrol photographed their credentials & face. Many journalists had guns pointed at them & were harassed or arrested.

This is a violation of our civil liberties.
If you’re a free speech advocate, you don’t get to stay silent because it’s journalists covering a protest you don’t like or because the cops are doing it so you must “back the blue.” That makes you a goddamn hypocrite. We’re gonna spot the grifters real quick.
Not allowing protests or allowing filming of what’s happening is unconstitutional. So if you like the Constitution, ya better be pissed. Also this is exactly why #JulianAssange matters, why protestors should learn about him & why truly #WeAreAllAssange. This is an intersection.
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On my way to #Eros Piccadilly #FreeAssange Image
"There's only one decision, NO EXTRADITION!"
#FreeAssange #Eros
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Worldwide ppl demand #JulianAssange is freed on the 2yr anniversary of his kidnapping

11 APRIL 2021
LA 12h
DC 12h
LONDON 10-16h 🚌
LONDON 11.30-16h 📢

& more tbc

10-11 APRIL 2021
Sunset/Gower 12h
@CBS bldg⏯️ Hollywood Blvd⏯️
@CNN bldg.

@action_4assange @SlowNewsDayShow @drgloryjjjjj958

11 APRIL 2021
UK Consulate 11am

(2nd/47th Streets)

Rally and press conference for the international day of action for #JulianAssange

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Kapitalismus heißt Krieg und Krieg heißt Propaganda. ImageImageImageImage
Kapitalismus in der Krise heißt Faschismus. Die Superreichen sind die Faschismus-Macher. Auch Hitler wurde durch das Kapital an die Macht gebracht und diente seinen Interessen, was das Kapital vergessen machen will.
Kapitalismus heißt permanenter Klassenkampf von oben, ständige wachsende Umverteilung nach oben und immer größeren Massenarmut in mitten größtem Reichtums.
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Du bist weder links, noch progressiv, noch liberal, noch demokratisch, noch ein "guter Mensch", wenn du für Zensur bist. Zensur dient immer nur den Herrschenden
Alle die jetzt Zensur, Vorsicht Fakenews&Verschwörungstheorie schreien&Gesinnungswächter spielen dienen dem Großkapital
Wer entscheidet heute über den Sinn und den Nutzen von Corona-Maßnahmen? Die, die die Interessen aller Menschen im Blick haben oder die, die die Interessen der herrschenden Superreichen und ihrer Pharmaprofite im Blick haben.
Wer entscheidet heute darüber, was Fakenews und Verschwörungstheorien sind? Die, die die Interessen aller Menschen im Blick haben oder die, die die Interessen der herrschenden Superreichen im Blick haben?
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I was a legal observer at the #Assange hearings on behalf of @SocialistLawyer.
Here is a 🧵 capturing my feelings & impressions.

(I speak as an individual- my formal report will follow in a few weeks)


The daily experience was upsetting & sad.
For me there was physical tiredness from queueing (every day for 3 weeks in Sep) in the wee hours in the 🥶
Julian has a chronic lung condition; he’s depressed & has osteoporosis made worse by lack of sunlight.
He’s been MADE ill
Being driven over from Belmarsh in the early hours in a manky SERCO van after being strip searched and X-rayed was yet another brutality inflicted on him.
They seemed to use process at every point to grind him down & remind him that they didn’t find him worthy of humanity.
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Freiheit für Assange!
Heute zeigt sich wieder, was "Freiheit" in der angeblichen "freien" westlichen Wertegemeinschaft bedeutet, wie der Begriff verdreht, vergiftet und missbraucht wird im Dienste der Profitgier der Superreichen und aller am Kapitalismus erkrankten Mitmenschen.
Die Freiheit und echte "Politik beginnt immer damit, die Freiheit und den Wunsch der Menschen nach Teilhabe der Maschinerie der Macht zu entreißen"
Luisa Muraro
Warum leben ausgemachte Kriegsverbrecher und korrupte Politiker, die Millionen Menschenleben auf ihrem Gewissen haben in Freiheit wie Obama,
während die, die über diese Verbrecher aufklären von unseren Regierungen verfolgt, eingesperrt oder gar ermordet werden?
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Let's Be Absolutely Clear What's At Stake In The Assange Case

"For this reason, this isn’t just about journalism: we really are collectively deciding the fate of our species with our response to the prospect of Assange's extradition."
When it comes to human behavior, things only change for the better when there is a lucid and unobstructed perception of what's going on.
Whether you're talking about individuals or humanity in its entirety, the story of human progress has always been a story of moving from blindness to seeing. From unawareness to awareness. From the lights in the room being off to the lights being switched on.
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Our society is asking itself a very, very important question of the Assange case. The question we're asking is this:

“Should journalists be jailed for exposing US war crimes? Yes or no?”

Our answer to this question will determine the future of our species.

Make no mistake, this question is all the Assange case is and has ever been about.

“Should journalists be jailed for exposing US war crimes? Yes or no?”

Do not let the narrative managers twist it into being about anything other than this, because it isn't. This is the question.
Do we want truth, or lies?

Do we want light, or darkness?

Do we want freedom, or slavery?

Do we want the right to know what the powerful are doing, or do we want to give them a private space to abuse us in?

Should journalists be jailed for exposing US war crimes? Yes or no?
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Y’ know how folk say that certain things happen in the news to keep us distracted & so that we don’t fight for the most important things?
Let me be honest with you. I am MASSIVELY distracted, to the level of ‘my house is on f’ing fire’ but still let me gasp out: #WeAreAllAssange
Because that is the bigger picture & ultimately why I am awake to my house burning in the first place. If it wasn’t for #Assange maybe I & my whole family would have thanked the arsonists & then obliviously succumbed via smoke inhalation. I saw them come for him & I realised if..
...I didn’t protest, didn’t try to raise awareness, I’d regret it forever as we’d all be next if things weren’t set to rights where power, corruption, mass surveillance & no transparency or accountability from our govts were allowed to continue. And here we are.

But it’s not...
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1/ The case of #JulianAssange can be depressing & overhwhelming. The persecution has cost this man & his family a decade of their lives. So here is a short thread (with cartoons) summarising the key reasons, Britain must not continue to be America's lapdog Image
2/ This prosecution is politically motivated. The US wants to hide its horrendous record of murder, rape & torture of innocent civilians like ElMasri… .
It does not want to be embarrassed for the incompetence & warmongering that destroyed entire nations. Image
3/ It is astounding that even though the defendant's conversations with his lawyers were spied upon and the prosecuting team is revealed to have conspired to kill / harm the defendant, the trial continues without any impediment.…

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Hanno detto che era un uomo violento:


Che le rivelazioni di WikiLeaks hanno causato morti:


Che aveva aiutato un hacker ad accedere a server USA:


Eppure hanno passato 10 anni a torturarlo ed inventare bugie su di lui


Perché Julian Assange ha pubblicato su WikiLeaks le PROVE INCONFUTABILI degli orribili crimini di guerra commessi dagli USA.

#WeAreAllAssange🎗 #GiornataDeiDirittiUmani
Grazie a Julian, il mondo ha le prove incontrovertibili che gli USA sono solo una dittatura imperialista pronta a commettere qualsiasi crimine pur di mantenere il proprio dominio economico e politico sul pianeta. E che l'UK ne è l'avamposto in Europa.

#WeAreAllAssange 🎗️
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They said he was a violent man:


They said WikiLeaks revelations caused deaths:


They said he helped a whistleblower hack United States servers:


#WeAreAllAssange🎗 #HumanRightsDay
Yet they have spent 10 years torturing him and inventing lies about him. And now still imprisoned in a High Security prison in London UK, freezing in solitary confinement, surrounded by people infected by covid (...)

#WeAreAllAssange🎗 #HumanRightsDay
(...) waiting to be extradited to another High Security prison and appear before a court and judge in the states with a 100% conviction rate. So he will essentially disappear and die there.

#WeAreAllAssange🎗 #HumanRightsDay
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thread con la traduzione in italiano dei tweet per la tweetstorm di #weareallassange
Quando @Wikileaks pubblicò il video di Collateral Murder, venne elogiato dai media e condannato dal complesso militare-industriale e politico. Ma da allora i media e tale complesso si sono unificati sempre di più, e nel 2016 hanno trovato un nemico comune. #WeAreAllAssange
Il più di coloro che contano, e che plaudono l'arresto e la reclusione del giornalista Julian Assange o serbano ancora rancore per la sconfitta di Hillary Clinton nel 2016 o, peggio ancora, erano implicati direttamente negli affari rivelati da WikiLeaks #WeAreAllAssange
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#JulianAssange #Assange
1/ Today, I went to a court for the very first time & I’d like to share some thoughts.

Let me start by talking about the courageous, ordinary citizens who protested outside and/or queued from the early hours in the cold & rain to support Julian
#JulianAssange #Assange

2/ In the crowd you could hear people speaking in South American Spanish, German, French, accented English from New Zealand, Australia, the Americas& the Uk, Polish, Greek and more!
Some were supporters who have stood outside the Ecuadorean embassy for years recognising early how Julian was being framed .

Others were those who stand outside Belmarsh today shining a light on the UK govt’s role in torturing the world’s most important political prisoner
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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