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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange
By @khrafnsson
Émile Zola changed public perception in the Dreyfus Affair w J´Accuse..!This ExcellentWriting is the equivalent for Assange.Zola may have helped the release of Dreyfus from DevilsIsland. I hope this 1will help secure Assange doesn’t go there
Via @Colmogorman
Assange must not be extradited to the US. Whistleblowing is not a crime.
By @eldiarioes
✍ OPINIÓN | La temible cruzada del Gobierno de EEUU contra Julian Assange y Chelsea Manning eldiario.es/internacional/… … Por Amy Goodman y Denis Moynihan
By @TheRealNews
“[Assange] didn’t have an opportunity to defend himself. And that’s the first major issue here.He doesn’t even have a computer.He doesn’t have access to documents. He’s kept, a lot of the time, isolated”-@johnpilger
#FreeJulian #FreeAssange bit.ly/2WQLBfR
By @JulianBurnside
19 June 2012:Julian Assange entered the 🇪🇨Embassy in London, in his attempt to avoid ending up in #USA where he would be treated as badly as Manning was.
Now he's in prison in🇬🇧& they are looking to send him to🇺🇸.
#Australia has done nothing to help its citizen
By @DefendAssange
The late Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings did one of the best interviews with Assange-the proof is it is highly relevant once again, six years after Hasting's death.

A must-read for everyone covering Assange and Wikileaks.
By @djlange
The fact that this received so few ‘likes’ is why I’ve almost given up hope on society.
There is nothing but logic calling for the CRITICAL support for Assange.
Assange stands up for all of us against the evil running society.

Via @DefendAssange
Essential reading - the Assange case, the Espionage Act, how this case breaks new legal ground and why it matters.

By @MiguelUrban
La extradición de #Assange a EEUU mandaría un mensaje muy peligroso:si denuncias los abusos de poder, atente a las consecuencias.Hoy 30 eurodiputadxs mandamos esta carta a @TimmermansEU para reclamar el derecho a la información #FreeAssange
By @MiguelUrban
El Derecho a LaInformación es un PilarFundamental de la democracia. Las mismas InstitucionesEuropeas que se llenan la boca hablando de transparencia y defensa de filtradores NoPuedenQuedarseCalladas ante este atropello.Aquí se lo exigimos👇
By @NewhouseSU
Prosecuting #JulianAssange has troubling implications for journalists in general, & the verdict could have an effect on the legality of journalism. Professor @rsgutter takes a deeper look at this consequential case.
Members of the European Parliament call for the protection and no-US extradition of Julian Assange to the US. 😊👇🏼
By @NilsMelzer
Adams was right, and that's exactly what is at stake here: nothing less than democracy and the rule of law, our only protection from unchecked power. Time to stand up and take responsibility!
By @wikileaks
Julian Assange: In his own words:

The US Is Applying its Jurisdiction To Other Countries.

Via @wikileaks
"Within moments of #JulianAssange entering a🇬🇧courtroom on 11 April 2019,what has been obvious for almost a decade was confirmed: the🇺🇸Govt has always intended to extradite & prosecute this publisher for publishing"@FlickRubicon @Scottludlam
By @DefendAssange
Don't miss this excellent piece by @FlickRubicon and @Scottludlam:

‘May Curious Eyes Never Run Dry’ by Felicity Ruby and Scott Ludlam | Arena

Via @AssangeLegal
EU Parliament Left group call for Assange to be protected from US extradition, invoke the inviolable and inderogable international law principle of non-refoulement.
By @NilsMelzer
#HRC41: Join us on 27/06 at the UN Human Rights Council for this important side-event discussing why the case of #JulianAssange should be alarming to anyone concerned with the protection of #HumanRights and the #RuleOfLaw!
By @NilsMelzer
What media mobbing looks like: Thanks to @medialens for taking this up! Important account of an exemplary failure of media to see through their own instrumentalization during the arrest of #JulianAssange.
Via @NilsMelzer
At the same time, UK insists on prosecuting and imposing maximum sentence on #Assange for violating bail 6yrs earlier in order to seek asylum from US persecution for exposing #WarCrimes & #Torture. Is this equality before the law?
By @greekemmy
Extremely important to correct the record in the Julian #Assange case: “Media Lens - The Shaving Kit - Manufacturing The Julian Assange Witch-Hunt” #WikiLeaks medialens.org/index.php/aler…
By @FreedomofPress
Important speech by @WashingtonPost executive editor @PostBaron about how the Trump admin's indictment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is an unprecedented and dangerous threat to press freedom. rappler.com/thought-leader…
Good News 😊🙏🏼
By @telesurenglish
#Ecuadorian justice accepts habeas corpus to free software developer, Ola Bini. Tomorrow he will be released. #FreeOlaBini
By @EbravoteleSUR
Habeas corpus has been granted for Swedish computer programmer #OlaBini. He will leave jail tomorrow. @teleSURtv @telesurenglish
Via @NilsMelzer
#AfghanFiles whistleblower #DavidMcBride: “If the government breaks the law, something needs to be done about it. You can’t have it like in Nazi Germany, where people said, ‘I was just following orders.’ That’s how we get holocausts.” bit.ly/2XxVQFD
Via @couragefound
Chelsea Manning seeks relief from contempt sanctions:

The court is fining Manning $500 every day until she testifies before a WikiLeaks grand jury -- that amount will double next month

Via @couragefound
The @GreenPartyUS Peace Action Committee "calls upon the US Justice Department to drop all charges against Julian Assange, and we call upon the UK government to release Assange from prison."

Via @couragefound
A cross-group of MEPs are calling on the European Commission to intervene and stop the extradition of Julian Assange from the UK to the US

Via @couragefound
Tech journalists troubled by Assange computer intrusion charge

"The thing the CFAA and Espionage Act have in common is criminalizing regular processes of journalism" - @quinnnorton

By @WilliamAJM
“Julian Assange’s freedom must come from below. Moral appeals to the Govts that are persecuting him are less than useless. Assange’s freedom must be fought for independently of, & in opposition to, the political agents of the ruling class.”
By @telesurenglish
#Ecuador's Provincial Court of Pichincha granted the habeas corpus request for Swedish programmer and digital privacy activist #OlaBini.
"We were offered this material for €3m or else so we reported it to the police" says Wikileaks Kristinn Hrafnsson as new details of 'blackmail' attempt against Julian Assange."

New details of 'blackmail' attempt against Julian Assange emerge
"A lawyer for WikiLeaks’ #JulianAssange has confirmed that the Pentagon – not the White House or any other Govt agency whose secrets he leaked – was driving the nearly decade-long campaign to destroy the publisher."
Via @DefendAssange
Julian Assange: Countdown to Freedom with Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation) & @georgegalloway on @kpfa

By @wikileaks
Tapes of Spaniards’ attempt to extort Julian Assange: “This material is worth €3m”
By @SeanLoveMD
More details from ⁦@elpaisinenglish⁩ on how the medical evaluations of #Assange were spied on using audio and video recording equipment. This represents a categorical violation of the right to privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality. elpais.com/elpais/2019/06…
By @wikileaks
37 MEPs call on the @EU_Commission to prevent the extradition of Assange to the US:"his detention constitutes not only an attack on the right to information, which is a fundamental pillar of democracy, but also contravenes both international & European legislation."
Via @AssangeLegal
Interview avec Christophe Marchand, avocat de Julian Assange | Nawaat

By @jaraparilla
Video of Ola Bini after judge orders release from jail: #FreeOla #FreeOlaBini
By @EbravoteleSUR
Swedish privacy advocate & free software developer Ola Bini’s first words after having just been released from jail in Ecuador.
By @RTUKnews
According to police recordings, 'extortionists' revealed that the Embassy of Ecuador, London spied on Julian Assange AFTER the election of @Lenin.
By @EbravoteleSUR
Swedish Programmer Ola Bini has appeared before the Ecuadorean prosecutors office as part of the alternative measures given by Ecuador's Provincial Court of Pichincha. #FreeOlaBini #OlaBini @telesurenglish @teleSURtv
By @Alfreddezayas
Interview on the arrest of Julian Assange
By @democracynow
"If the government succeeds w the trial against Assange...that will mean that it’s criminalized the news gathering process," says @JamesGoodale1, author of "Fighting for the Press: The Inside Story of the Pentagon Papers & Other Battles." bit.ly/2IRCRfF
By @democracynow
Ecuadorean Judge Orders Release of Detained Internet Activist democracynow.org/2019/6/21/head…
By @intercepted
“It is absolutely critical the media not act as a conveyor belt for the lies of an administration,” says @democracynow’s Amy Goodman. interc.pt/2MWYoZw
By @BarnsGreg
My piece today #Assange Stop denying Assange is a journalist dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/n…
By @NilsMelzer
Why did🇸🇪RefuseQuestioning #Assange in🇬🇧2010-15 only to agree in 2016?A torn CondomPlanted as evidence Against him in 2010 showed NoHuman DNA at all.This'False Accusation'proving his innocence could have been prosecuted until its expiry 2015 bit.ly/2N603fF
By @jaraparilla
Why did UK tell Sweden not to come to London? Why did Crown Prosecutors destroy emails? Why do media always overlook these facts (and UN rulings)? #FreeAssange
By @LeeCamp
Remember when Julian Assange revealed that Barclays Bank was dodging £1 BILLION pounds in tax a year?

No one was arrested!

But now, Julian Assange is facing up to 200 years in prison for telling us about this type of corruption.
By @democracynow
The espionage charges against Julian Assange "are absolutely novel in the history of this country," says @JamesGoodale1, former general counsel at the New York Times who helped get the Pentagon Papers published in 1971. bit.ly/2IRCRfF
By @Myrnastwit
James Goodale, Esq., landmark First Amendment case, New York Times Co. v. US. Julian Assange is being persecuted by the military industrial complex he exposed for corruption & war crimes against humanity. We need to fight w Julian Assange.
By @markcurtis30
The UK govt's treatment of J.Assange, a shame on the country and all of us believing in democracy and the rule of law, correctly captured by a UN Special Rapporteur no less.
Via @Jonathan_K_Cook
An article outlining 'damning proof of the Guardian’s total integration into the propaganda wing of the Ministry of Defence following the paper's involvement in the WikiLeaks and Snowden files releases' wsws.org/en/articles/20…
By @couragefound
Julian Assange is an international symbol of the struggle for political transparency, 37 MEPs say wiseupaction.info/2019/06/23/ass…
#FreeAssange #NoExtradition
By @telesurenglish
Watch our live interview with digital activist Ola Bini, here: tinyurl.com/yxu5q2bf
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Ola Bini: "The only question the prosecution ever asked me was to provide the passwords for my devices"
watch here: tinyurl.com/yxu5q2bf
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | Ola Bini pledges to continue his work fighting for digital privacy, despite the persecution he has faced for it.
watch here: tinyurl.com/yxu5q2bf
By @democracynow
Ola Bini, Privacy Activist and Julian Assange Friend, Speaks Out After Release from Ecuadorian Jail bit.ly/2WZuVmq
By @Underground_RT
The US:

-Trying to sentence #Assange to 175 years in prison
-Lets 🇸🇦get away w butchering a journalist (CIA conclusion)
-Prolonged crackdown on whistleblowers

Yet we're still using labels such as'beacon of freedom'to describe the US?🙃
By @Underground_RT
Did you know?

"Obama prosecuted +whistle-blowers under the Espionage Act than all previous Presidents COMBINED"

-@wikileaks' Julian Assange as he faces 175 years in prison in the🇺🇸

Our full interview w Assange:
By @Underground_RT
"They came to FRAME #Assange & @WikiLeaks & I have info from within the🇮🇸administration that this was the case!" ⚠️
Ögmundur Jónasson,🇮🇸’s Ex-Minister of the Interior reveals how the🇺🇸 tried to frame Assange in🇮🇸

Via @couragefound
As a press release announcing the award explains, "The charges against Assange make the ultimate targets of his prosecution clear: journalists worldwide."

Via @couragefound
Julian Assange receives 4th Annual DANNY Award for Journalism


Via @paulbris2010
Julian Assange's situation, what UN experts said from 2012 to the present wiseupaction.info/2019/06/25/jul…
By @couragefound
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture @NilsMelzer:Demasking the Torture of #Assange
"it finally dawned on me that I had been blinded by propaganda, & that Assange had been systematically slandered to divert attention from the crimes he exposed"
Via @couragefound
A War on Press Freedoms in the Name of National Security

"Successfully prosecuting Assange and WikiLeaks for espionage would be a devastating threat to a free and independent press in the United States."

#FreeAssange #NoExtradition

Via @paulbris2010
'Decriminalising journalism': Media chiefs demand new laws to protect journalists from police raids theage.com.au/politics/feder…
By @paulbris2010
I wonder if journalists here in Australia realise that if they publish something the USA does not like then they could also be extradited to America just like Julian.
By @paulbris2010
Our govt. puts it's relationship with USA above any loyalty or concern for it's own citizens....they seem willing to let the U.S. take Julian so I have no doubt they would extradite anyone to the #USA if requested....wake up journalists, you could be next!
By @AloysiaBrooks
Today is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: The Australian Government Must Protect Julian Assange aloysiabrooks.com/publications-2…#auspol #HumanRights
May Curious Eyes Never Run Dry: On The Courage of Julian Assange arena.org.au/may-curious-ey… "The indictments repeatedly attempt to imbue these words w qualities that would transform them into solicitation when all #Assange is guilty of here is aphorism"—@FlickRubicon @Scottludlam
Via @couragefound
The Espionage Act and a Growing Threat to Press Freedom | @JameelJaffer in the @NewYorker


#FreeAssange #NoExtradition
By @FreedomofPress
The 17 Espionage Act charges against Julian Assange are an incredibly dangerous threat to press freedom. But the 18th charge, "conspiracy to commit computer intrusion," ⁠is also a major problem that should worry journalists. cpj.org/blog/2019/06/t…
By @FreedomofPress
Read this thread about whistleblower Chelsea Manning—on her 100th day behind bars for resisting the grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks that threatens press freedom—which includes many ways everyone can help.
UN Rapporteur questions Assange judge’s role as more conflict of interest evidence emerges

By @Undercoverinfo1
Via @TheCanaryGlobal

By @LeeCamp
I am utterly DISGUSTED with all my fellow media personalities who are not standing up for #JulianAssange.

If you won’t do it to defend freedom of press, do it to defend your own damn job!
"The UN rapporteur on torture has written a scalding op-ed in support of Julian Assange, in which he says the publisher was the victim of a smear campaign. Now he claims many leading MSM outlets are snubbing the piece."
"Melzer describes his personal path to the realization that Assange,is not a rapist, not a hacker, not a🇷🇺spy & not even “a selfish narcissist, skateboarding through the🇪🇨Embassy &..Western media & officials have claimed that Assange is all of those things"rt.com/news/462805-as…
Via @21WIRE
Another great piece here by @NinaCross25 exposing the spurious nature of European Arrest Warrant (EAW) the ever-changing legal widget used to capture #JulianAssange @WikiLeaks in the first place...
#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW #WikiLeaks
By @AudreyAurus1
"The thing about Wikileaks is that they bring out information which is in the public interest but is not in the interest of the Govt."
#FreeAssange #FreedomOfInformation
Tony Benn's last interview w Afshin Rattansi:
"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is being deprived of the right to properly prepare himself for defence in court, since he has been prevented from spending enough time with his lawyers & has no proper access to relevant documents"
-Nils Melzer-
Via @sahouraxo
11 different mainstream media outlets refused to publish this piece on #Assange’s psychological torture.
But when WarCriminals like John McCain or Bush Sr. die, these very same corporate press outlets celebrate them & whitewash their crimes. medium.com/@njmelzer/dema…
By @0neLove0neLive
Jo dirí sa què això és una afirmaciò.
"periodistes d’🇦🇺s’adonen que si publiquen alguna cosa, els🇺🇸no els agrada, llavors també podrien ser extraditats a🇺🇸= que Julian"i d'arreu del món.
Altres professions incloses. D'aquí ningú s'escapa
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