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1/19 Medical experts agree that a major requirement to contain the coronavirus pandemic is inceased testing & contact tracing.

The Trump regime is not only doing the exact opposite of that, it's actively hindering that effort.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1 #WhereAreTheTests
2/19 Early on in March, while the numbers in some countries were under-reported due to them being overwhelmed, U.S. intelligence accused China of intentionally under-reporting its total coronavirus cases and deaths.

What country would do such a thing?…
3/19 It turns out we would.

Even as we accused China of doing so, the coronavirus was spreading through U.S. military overseas, and the Pentagon ordered installations to stop reporting coronavirus cases.…
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That’s the WH #Covid patient, lecturing, btw. 👆🏼👆🏼🍊
@BrianKarem remember this. 🙄
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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South Korea is having to re-institute #StayAtHome measures because ONE 29-year-old who had the virus went to three night clubs this weekend, resulting in them having to trace 1500 people.


2/11 70-year-old preacher Baldev Singh returned from Italy & refused to self-quarantine.

He died, 14 members of his family tested positive, & 40,000 people from 20 villages had to be quarantined after he attended a major festival.

3/11 Baldev Singh’s family is getting over the virus, but face a new stigma from his actions.

#ItOnlyTakesOne via @timesofindia
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Today, the President said the U.S. will be able to perform 5m tests/day in the "very near future."

That’s about 150m a month.

@ArdenFarhi points out just yesterday, the task force said the goal was 8m for the month of May.

Where will the 142m come from?
.@PressSec tells @CBSNews:
“The US has done double the # of tests of any country in the world. We have exceeded all expectations and continue to lead the world in testing capacity as we assist governors in ensuring they have the capacity to reopen their states in a safe manner.”
Update: Trump says he did NOT say U.S. will be able to perform 5m #coronavirus tests a day, and calls the figure a “media trap” per @benstracy.

Yesterday he said U.S. will soon do even better than that, prompting @kwelkernbc to follow up.

Here’s the official WH transcript: Image
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⚠️New #coronavirus deaths per day in the US have flattened, but are NOT yet declining.

@realDonaldTrump keeps pushing to reopen in defiance of experts, who advise that new #COVID19 cases must decline substantially BEFORE reopening. Otherwise, cases and deaths will soar again.
‼️>47,000 Americans have died from #COVID19 in *only 1 month*, and the real death toll is higher, because MANY #coronavirus deaths were not recorded due to lack of testing.

If Trump reopens too early without testing, MORE American lives will be lost.🤬

#WhereAreTheTests #PPENow
🚨Although new #coronavirus cases per day in the US have flattened, they are NOT declining substantially.

We still average >20,000 new #COVID19 cases every day, so if we reopen too early without sufficient testing, new #COVID19 cases will EXPLODE.

#WhereAreTheTests #StayHome
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🚨BREAKING: New #coronavirus deaths per day in the US *appear to have peaked* ~10 days after new #COVID19 cases flattened.🙏🏼

If @realDonaldTrump reopens too early, new cases will soar again, especially because he *still* hasn't ramped up sufficient testing.🤬

‼️~40,000 Americans have died from #COVID19 *in 1 month*. And the real death toll is higher, because MANY #coronavirus deaths were not recorded due to lack of testing.

If Trump reopens too early without testing, MORE American lives will be lost.🤬

👏🏼Good news! New #coronavirus cases per day in the US have *appear to be DECLINING*.🙏🏼

We *still* have >20,000 new #COVID19 cases every day, so if we reopen too early without sufficient testing, new #COVID19 cases will explode again.

#WhereAreTheTests #TestingTestingTesting
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⚠️Good news! New #coronavirus cases per day in the US have peaked and *may* be starting to decline.🙏🏼

If we don't continue #PhysicalDistancing, new #COVID19 cases will explode again, especially because @realDonaldTrump *still* hasn't ramped up testing.🤬

While new #coronavirus cases per day have peaked, our cumulative total number of cases continues to rise, now >690,000, higher all other nations (#China NOT accurate).

And we know that we've *MASSIVELY undercounted* due Trump's FAILURE to roll out adequate #COVID19 testing.🤬
Now that daily new #coronavirus cases have finally flattened, the daily #COVID19 death toll *may* be peaking.🙏🏼

~2,000 American lives are still being lost each day, and if @realDonaldTrump gets his wish to reopen too early, MORE lives will be lost.🤬

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🚨BREAKING: 2.5-4.2% of 3,300 people in Santa Clara County #CA tested positive for #coronavirus antibodies.

Researchers believe that 48,000-81,000 residents had #COVID19, **50- to 80-fold more** than the ~1,000 in the official tally.

🔥“Our findings suggest that there is somewhere between **50- and 80-fold more (#coronavirus) infections** in our county than what’s known by the number of cases...reported by our department of public health," Dr. Eran Bendavid (@StanfordMed).

#WhereAreTheTests #COVID19
Dr. John Brownstein (@Harvard epidemiologist) says this confirms "what we've expected...a MUCH LARGER number of cases than we ever anticipated."

"There has been wide recognition that we were undercounting infections because of *lack of testing* or patients were asymptomatic."💥
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Someone to tell Nadine that letting asymptomatic key workers know they are infected actually would help stop others catching #coronavirus/cut the number of death?
Hey "Media hype" also tell her that the reason why antibody tests are not enough and swab tests are (urgently) needed
Reposting my "Why different types of tests are needed" thread here 👇
What Nadine is showcasing here is how to gaslight you by explaining antibody tests cannot spot asymptomatic contagious carriers, but that is the moment you tell them: "Yes swab tests are the tests needed for that. Where are those tests?"
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Twitter, I need to tell you about the dystopian nightmare I'm living, here in Ohio.

I did everything right, Twitter. The university where I teach (and where my partner also works) was one of the first in the nation to shut down, so we were home full-time weeks ago, before there were documented cases in Ohio.

But the university that my youngest child attends did NOT make good decisions. They allowed students to return from Spring Break, and THEN shut the campus down a week later. This meant I had to make two road trips in two weeks, and then be exposed to Spring-Breaker contagion.

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I am beyond furious to learn @ChildrensMercy does not have enough PPE and they have to choose whether to protect the staff or wait for the outbreak of the pandemic!
Do your damn job & get the equipment released to those hospitals who needed now. It is not fair you're playing Russian roulette with children's lives!

@HawleyMO @RoyBlunt @GovParsonMO @USRepLong
@RepJasonSmith @RepHartzler
@GOPLeader @SecPompeo
@VP @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
@ericstonestreet @jasonsudeikis @RobRiggle @DavidKoechner @BigSlickKC

Hey gang @ChildrensMercy needs your help now!

MO politicians are not doing enough to protect our kids & the ppl who care for them in the hospital environment!

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My sister has been badly sick with #COVIDー19 symptoms for almost 4 weeks. She’s “presumptive positive” because there aren’t enough tests.

I began displaying symptoms yesterday. Waiting to find out if I “qualify for testing”, because there aren’t enough tests. #WhereAreTheTests
I should have been tested weeks ago after known contact with an infected person (my sister).

But the #COVIDIOT was scared of how a pandemic would hurt his image, so he squandered our lead, refused WHO tests, and called it all a hoax.

So there aren’t enough tests.
I have compromised lungs.

I have a compromised immune system.

So, it’s possible that these symptoms are just “Thursday” for me.

It’s possible I have the garden variety bronchitis I get most years around this time.

If there were tests, I could know for sure. #MyCovidStory
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@LauraKellyKS @BWhippleKS @KDHE
From son's mother-in-law. Father-in-law died Wesley immediately after making it 2 hospital of pneumonia! "I spoke with the coroner's office just now. It turned out Mike was NOT tested for the virus; They said, "We didn't have enough test kits""
"Fortunately, just to be on the safe side,TWO of the coroner's MD Pathologists examined Mike, and along with the hospital lab work and X-rays, they reported NO findings to believe he had the Coronavirus. The hospital physician at Wesley also did not suspect it was Coronavirus."
"Mike's double pneumonia and COPD engaged acute cardiac symptoms that Mike could not resolve; finally, he succumbed to heart failure. He death was officially ruled as natural causes. The coroner's investigator told me  the strongest viral samples lasted 72 hours on the surface"
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I’m currently on hold for the coronavirus hotline (888-364-3065) hoping to get tested at Jones Beach. I’ve been waiting on hold for 15 minutes and dealing with strange migraine-inducing feedback/interference every few minutes on the line.
Unfortunately the recording didn’t capture the sound (I posted it while I was on hold so didn’t have the chance to listen.) But suffice it to say it was really bad.
After 20 minutes of holding with the crazy interference sounds, I was asked a series of questions about Josh. I gave all the information, including the fact that he recently traveled to Seattle and Sacramento for work.
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Coronavirus outpaced SARS and Ebola in its first 55 days to sicken 81,000+ people worldwide.

President* Trump appears to prioritize protecting markets over protecting lives.

PLEASE wash your hands often...

President* Trump says coronavirus is a hoax.

Coronavirus shows us that President* Trump is a hoax, too.

Mike Pence touches his face and shakes hands too much to lead a #COVID19US crisis response.

If you have the bad luck of being near Pence, don’t shake hands, don’t touch your face, and WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN.

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