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@BetsyDeVosED No parent should send their child to any school until it is completely safe! We know kids can die from COVID-19. Yes, they are less likely to have major symptoms. But some will and some can/will die! How many student deaths are you willing to find acceptable...
before you put health and safety first? Serious question, how well do you think a child would be able to handle (mentally) the fact that they brought the virus home from school and it kills their grandparents, aunts/uncles, and/or siblings? You say the government will take...
charge and handle hot spots that flair up in schools. When this administration (including you) are ignoring the hot spots across the nation. I've yet to see a federal mandate to help local governments with a national response. And the @CDCgov has coward down to big businesses...
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Why haven't the @GOP apologized yet, for placing a racial bigot plantation owner in our White House? A #ManBaby that obviously believes the future of the Republican party should evolve around keeping the Confederacy movement alive! An #AffluenzaKid with the #IQof73 that...
listens only to the smartest business people, (instead of medical professionals) and ignoring a pandemic that continues to kill Americans.

This hasn't been a Presidency, just a 5 year campaign of "My sh!t don't stink." And Republicans are like "ya, we know you can smell his...
sh!t but we'll pretend we don't smell anything. Even though they have their noses ALL up his a$$."

#PutinsPuppet and his insider investment taskforce team (the CEOs he constantly parades across the Rose Garden lawn) are letting the pandemic run wild for 2 reasons. And they...
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Analysis | The Daily 202: Trump is running a negative campaign. For his own reelection. @glennkirschner2 @SteveSchmidtSES @JoeBiden @TheDemocrats @BarackObama @HillaryClinton @murray_nyc

1.We are LIVING the“American carnage” @realDonaldTrump spoke of in his 2017 inaugural
2. address BY HIS HANDS. Who celebrates Independence Day by STOKING DIVISIONS over a PERCEIVED "culture war" & dismissing 2 more immediate threats: massive resurgence of Covid cases & growing racial justice movement seeking end to police violence across nation?
3.He wrongly says that testing leads to more cases. I think that we’re not testing enough. If we were at war we would WANT THE INTEL. Finding those cases allows for the break up of chains of transmission & spreading of disease.#COVIDIOT #VoteOutTrump…
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1/ Want to know when that devastating second wave of Covid-19 in the UK will come? I am going to go out on a limb and say October this year. There will be several catalysts for it, but I am going to talk about the one I have some expertise in - the Higher Education system.
2/ Caveats: I am an academic working in a university. I am not an epidemiologist or a scientist. I study culture and meaning; how people communicate and behave. My observations here are anecdotal but they are informed by sociology and statistics.
3/ Let me tell you about Fresher's Flu.

By week two or three of every first semester of the university year, everyone gets ill. We call it Fresher's Flu. That's because every year, a soup of virii descends into this environment. Some years it's a cold, some years it's worse.
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Is Bill Gates the Worst Tyrant of Them All? April 10, 2020 | 
Or is he the Anti-Christ?… 

Or is he Satan incarnate?  Or merely an egotistical threat to world health?…
De media worden ook mede gefinancierd door Gates, de 'factcheckers' van 'fakenews' worden ook door Gates & Soros betaald. SocialMedia worden door factcheckers in de gaten gehouden op 'fakenews', etc. Zo is de illusie ontstaan waardoor Gates heilig is verklaard.
Ferguson #COVID19 computer model via Imperial College beloofde massale sterfte ook in NL!
Sponsor Imperial College is Gates Foundation. COMPLOT? 🤣…
Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection…
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@meijer just said I had to wear the mask... I am wearing it. #livingTogether #COVIDIOT
If people want to wear masks cool, some would have to wear a mask, I'm all for it. In fact, I am so supportive, I don't want any of the mask resources wasted on me.
Please save them for the folks who want or need them.
It is VERY unlikely I would require care should I get sick.
When I am required (specifically) to cover mouth and nose... My plan is to wear fatigues and open carry a hand gun and rifle... All masked up per requirement.
I'd wear my bullet proof vet, but that's illegal.
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Early on in this, I saw on Twitter a question: which would you rather overreact: (a) shutting down economy or (b) not reacting to the virus threat... I picked (a) because you can't fix dead.... let's unpack that. Thread. #CoronavirusUSA
When nascent tyrants ban fishing or buying paint in the name of medical safety, it's an overreach and a trampling of liberty, which is bad/stupid. But dead people have no rights to protect. 2/10 #LiberateAmerica
We can fix problems of infringement on liberty, but we can't resurrect someone who caught COVID-19 from a protestor at a state capitol who gave it to them unmasked and unaware they had the virus. 3/10 #COVIDIOT
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1. @jkenney is fucking little bastard weasel.

On @PnPCBC he was asked directly about his reckless and dangerous decision to not wait for Health Canada vetting of tests, test vaccines, and medication before unleashing them on Albertans.

2. His reply: "Is Dr Tam suggesting that the European Union's regulator of medications or the FDA would approve things that are dangerous for public use?"

3. "The same Dr Tam who was telling us that we shouldn't close our borders to countries with high levels of infection and who in January was repeating talking points out of the PRC about no evidence of human-to-human transmission?"

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'This is what a #PoliceState is like'
Special 360-degree camera-cars in City of Rotterdam, checking group forming regarding #COVID19 measures.
The statue text on WW II Resistance say's 'unbroken resistance 1940-1945😉'…
In Tunisia you must show your “papers” to patrolling robots if you are on the streets during their #COVID_19 lockdown!
Get used to it people(or not!)
#Agenda21 #NWO #1984isTRUTH #auspol #Coronavirus
Former Supreme Court Justice: 'This is what a #PoliceState is like'
The former Supreme Court Justice Jonathan Sumption, QC, has denounced the police response to the #coronavirus, saying the country is suffering 'collective #Hysteria'.
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#chloroquine, #Hydroxychloroquine or #Mefloquine?
“Particularly among military veterans, in whom these drugs have been widely used for decades as prophylactic antimalarials, these symptoms can mimic and be mistaken for those of #PTSD and traumatic brain injury.”

Chloroquine (US Brand Name Aralen Phosphate) was discovered in 1934
#chloroquine is a medication primarily used to prevent and treat malaria in areas where malaria remains sensitive to its effects.
Hydroxychloroquine (brandname #Plaquenil )
Approved by FDA 1955, is being studied as an experimental treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). As of March 23 the benefits versus harms of treatment with hydroxychloroquine are UNCLEAR.
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#COVID19 #Fascism / #Communism has arrived and you expected #Hitler or #Stalin, didn’t you?🤣
Our civil rights are being trampled by lying politicians, cooperating police and military.
Worst part, the public ‘thinks’ it is OK 😁😉

21Day #SouthAfricaLockdown - Police & Army brutilize civilians
Mind you, if the Police & Army were White the whole leftist world would demonstrate shouting "RACISM or FASCISM".
Are black Communist Police & Army allowed to do this?🤔
Status of COVID-19
As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the #UK. Mortality rates are low overall, #COVID19 should no longer be classified as an HCID 🤔…
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Danger associated with #ModiVideoMessage of turning-off all household light's at #9PM9minute on 5th April.
Why it is nothing lesser than a "barbaric madness"?
By simultaneously turning off 24.6% power demand in country? 1/n
A thread..
367GW power is generated in India by various means, which is then fed into all power transmission networks by Generating Stations, which is being distributed by 33Kv, 11Kv supply system to our households for domestic needs & lightings.
2/n Data
#9PM9minute #COVIDIOT
Power supply & demands is maintained at 50Hz frequency in India. If a sudden demand increases then this cause frequency⏬ drops & if demand is reduced den frequency⬆.
Out of 367GW, 24.70% is lighting household demand
41.1% is industrial demand
Thread. 3/n
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1-Dear @narendramodi ji,

Updating some more inputs, we have gleaned from health policy researchers and first responders to the #CoronaCrisis all around the world.

We urge you to share it with your team to inform the forward strategy on #Coronaindia

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan
2-As we begin April – almost everyone agrees that it will be a hard month as the #CoronaPandemic spreads across the globe.

The epidemic may calm down by July and August, but #ChinaVirus is likely to be seasonal and could return with a vengeance in the fall.

3-The next challenge then becomes - How do we crack the current outbreak, develop a plan to return to normal life, and ensure that the #wuhanvirus never poses the same threat again?

@AmitShah @myogiadityanath @SharmaBpv @shashankupadhy_
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Good morning from #Pokhara.
Day 8 of #covid19 #lockdown
Day 9 of #lockdown. No mountains seen. #Pokhara
Day 10 of #lockdown. #covid19.
Good morning from #Pokhara
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My sister has been badly sick with #COVIDー19 symptoms for almost 4 weeks. She’s “presumptive positive” because there aren’t enough tests.

I began displaying symptoms yesterday. Waiting to find out if I “qualify for testing”, because there aren’t enough tests. #WhereAreTheTests
I should have been tested weeks ago after known contact with an infected person (my sister).

But the #COVIDIOT was scared of how a pandemic would hurt his image, so he squandered our lead, refused WHO tests, and called it all a hoax.

So there aren’t enough tests.
I have compromised lungs.

I have a compromised immune system.

So, it’s possible that these symptoms are just “Thursday” for me.

It’s possible I have the garden variety bronchitis I get most years around this time.

If there were tests, I could know for sure. #MyCovidStory
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MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo Live Updates (Note they are posted by time, and I post time w each.)
but HERE are #US NUMBERS (Note ARCGIS is wrong) #SPAIN DepPM #CarmenCalvo 62, POS and HOSP Sunday. #Madrid turned ICE RINK to MORGUE
MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: FYI folks.
The Definition of #COVIDIOT .. essentially same as #MAGA. In addition I found DATA on States TEST # on 1point3acres site. HERE are #AZ and #OH w 19MILLION People
AND only 700 tests. Each so BOTH GOV are #COVIDIOTS #maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Yes I am MD and can give #MedicalAdvice to anyone.
#DrTrump CANNOT, his junk is called #PracticingWithoutALicense and any MEDIA who quote him are too, and can be sued for any harm he causes @maggieNYT @FoxNews @maddow @CNN @HuffPost @EllenShow @Oprah
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Step 1. Modi gave a 29 minute speech on #coronavirus pandemic.
Step 2. Modi urged people to express gratitude thru #ThaliBajao.
Step 3. WA messages started making rounds correlating thalibajaoing to spiritual, cosmic, heavenly angles invoking religion, civilization,science/1
Step 4. Godi media started getting orgasms about Modi's 14 hour #JantaCurfew killing all '12 hour old' #coronavirus in India.
Step 5. WA messages of Modi's masterstroke in full swing urging all to make the event a huge success.
Step 6. Strict Curfew took place during the day.
Step 7. Celebrities, industrialists, BJP leaders, police officials took part in #ThaliBajao event which was broadcasted all over.
Step 8. The whole of India went into a frenzy, a celebration, group gatherings on streets as #Social_Distancing went for a toss.
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'Go Corona' Masterstroke by Modiji today

Entire India was united today at 5 PM, banging utensils in support of Doctors & Nurses

To chronicle this great moment of history in the middle of a pandemic, making this thread

Pls do share & support with your videos🙏

Corona Garbha 👇
Entire Mohalla's Corona died after this passionate appeal

Bike and Car Rally by Indore's #COVIDIOT in honour of those fighting the Corona Virus in the frontlines

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Holy Hell!
From the NYT:
"Employees received an email Thursday from the Uihlein Family, owners of the $5.8 billion company and big donors to Republican causes, thanking them for their efforts and saying that the “White House called upon us twice with huge orders” this week.
2-"The same day, a manager at one Uline call center sent a note to employees.
“If you, or family members, are under the weather with cold/allergies — or anything aside from Covid-19,” it read, “please do NOT tell your peers about the symptoms & your assumptions.
3-"By doing so, you are causing unnecessary panic in the office.”
This is absolutely unconscionable arrogance, and this is what Trump is ENCOURAGING.
#SundayThoughts #StayHome #COVIDIOT…
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Benefits of PHD studies in New Zealand.

●If you’re accepted for enrolment as a PhD student, you’ll pay the same fees as New Zealand domestic students.

Tuition is between $6k-$9k NZD
(Retweet for everyone to see👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻)


●Enrol your child in school
You'll be able to enrol your children as domestic students in New Zealand's free state schools

●Be able to work full-time
PhD students usually have unlimited work rights, so working full-time may be possible

●If you wish to work in New Zealand after study, you can apply for a 3 year post-study work visa.

●Partners can apply for an open work visa
Your partner or spouse will be able to apply for an open work visa for the duration of your studies

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