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Food addiction is real and is related to #obesity and #diabetes

1. Food #addiction (FA) syndrome can be diagnosed by using Yale Food Addiction Scale (YFAS). There are 11 possible symptoms, which can be used to diagnose FA, as well as grade its severity.
#Diet #MedTwitter Image
2. Clinical diagnosis of food addiction (FA)
Individuals can meet a “diagnostic” score for FA on the current versions of the YFAS by endorsing at least two of the 11 behavioral indicators of addiction plus clinical impairment/distress.
3. Severity of Food addiction
Severity thresholds for this “diagnostic” score are defined by the number of symptoms endorsed
(mild: 2–3 symptoms;
moderate: 4–5 symptoms;
severe: 6–11 symptoms)
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Americans are facing a mental health crisis. Nearly one in five people suffer from a diagnosis every year.

Researchers are turning to possible correlations between the mind and body—including #metabolichealth.
Metabolic health has a significant effect on both #addiction and mental health.

Not only does being metabolically healthy reduce the risk of developing addictions, but evidence suggests it can improve mental health markers as well.
Many mental health disorders are correlated to the altered metabolism of glucose. Switching to a #ketogenic diet may be helpful.

Improved metabolic health also has clinical evidence for prevention, as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders may increase metabolic health factors.
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🉑 Acknowledge the problem and recognize that social media addiction can have negative consequences on your life.
🉑 Set specific goals for reducing your social media use, such as limiting your screen time or taking a break from social media for a certain period of time.
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#socialmedia #addiction
#mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness
#Thread 🧵🧵🧵
Behavioral changes in social media addiction Image
🐦 Changes in behavior are often one of the first signs of social media addiction. Individuals may start to spend an excessive amount of time on social media platforms, at the expense of other important activities, such as work, school, or spending time with loved ones.
🐦They may also experience a loss of control, feeling unable to resist the urge to use social media, even when it is inappropriate or interferes with their daily life.
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#socialmedia #addiction
#mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters
#Thread 🧵🧵🧵
Social media addiction refers to the compulsive use of social media platforms to the extent that it interferes with daily life and causes negative consequences.
🉑 Addiction to social media can lead to reduced productivity, procrastination, and increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.
🉑 Social media addiction can also lead to a decrease in face-to-face social interactions, as individuals become more reliant on online communication.
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Let's break down #TheGreatOpioidLie.
1-"Over-prescribing was the cause of the opioid crisis."
First according to the Medical Board of CA, there is no legal definition of 'overprescribing'.
Second, it is a THEORY that the mandate to treat pain led to the overdose crisis
cont... Image
2-The Gov's own stats disprove the access theory. As access to RX meds declines we continued to see a steady increase in drug deaths.
Seems something else might have been a the heart of why we saw a rise in ODs and continue to see record numbers of PEOPLE dying.
3-Could it have been the collective trauma we all experienced after 9/11, then we sent our loved ones off to war, and they were being sent home with broken bodies, then the financial collapse, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, retirement, investment accts... Image
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If you have Alcohol Use Disorder, consider speaking with a psychiatrist trained in the use of ketogenic diets. (1/7) #RecoveryPosse #Alcoholism #Alcoholic #metabolicpsychiatry
A 3-week RCT done by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that a ketogenic diet could reduce the need for detox medications. (2/7) #Journal #Research #PeerReviewed #ThisIsPublicHealth #RCT
They also found that a #ketogenicdiet reduced both #alcohol withdrawal symptoms and reduce alcohol cravings. (3/7)
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Brain on Porn & its side effects on person's personal life.

An informative thread

#porn #pornaddiction #addiction
1. Porn can negatively impact one's relationships. It can lead to a lack of interest in real-life sexual partners and create unrealistic expectations for sex.
2. It can lead to erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in men.
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There's no friendly way to put this:

The new CDC Opioids Guidelines are a farce when it comes to saving patients' lives.… #chronicpain #opioids #opioidcrisis #fentanyl #lawenforcement #drugs #politics #health #disability #disabled #cancer #addiction #pain
The CDC 2022 update is not meant to reform the guidelines

It's meant to absolve the CDC of guilt & wash its hands of an opioid prohibition & crisis it helped create… @elizableu @yashar @chadfelixg @conor64 @lhfang @stillgray @joerogan @TaylorLorenz
Christopher Jones, acting director of CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention & Control

Said the guideline is about "improving the lives of patients living with pain.”

Then why did the CDC push further & deeper restrictions against patients?
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Link below if you are able to follow along! I'll live tweet to help add some context. 🧵
#YYC #Alberta #Addiction #Incarceration
Coming out of the gates with addiction/mental health framing, which is extremely corrosive, as it ignores the primary reason why people are dying: a poisoned unregulated drug supply.
Milliken: "addiction, homelessness, and public safety issues" -- they're doing everything they can to conflate these three things.
This is wrong: by far, the people in greatest danger are those whose basic needs aren't being met, and it's because we turn our back on them.
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➕ ➖ CALCulated Thinking ✖️➗

Episode #6: Action Bias

Did you know that humans often favor action over inaction for the sole reason of doing SOMETHING?

A🧵on the behavioral phenomenon that could be costing your portfolio dearly 📉 Image
Let's begin by familiarizing ourselves with some typical -Action Bias- daily scenarios:

👉 The driver who is late to a meeting and is constantly changing car lanes in traffic when there is no clear indication that one is faster than the other.
👉 The desperate football coach making unplanned tactical changes during a football match to avoid the perception by fans and management that "nothing is being done".

👉 When we desperately smack our PC with the hope that the windows update goes any faster.
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#Food #addiction #recovery is about much more than the food.
We have been ‘using’ food as drug to make us feel better. Sugars, grains and processed foods give our brains
in unnatural amounts
The ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters.
A thread
If we don’t learn new ways to balance these brain chemicals naturally we are more likely to relapse at times of temptation, stress, loneliness, boredom or sadness. This means building some new habits.

How will you get your daily DOSE? ⬇️
The neurotransmitter of motivation, reward & MORE. Drives cravings. We can get dopamine from accomplishing tasks, exercise & doing unpleasant things like a cold plunge! Listen to Anna Lembke on the food junkies or read her book for more info.…
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It's @mariemcinerney on deck today, ready to live tweet Day 1 of #RethinkAddiction with @AlisonSBarrett. Program here:…

I'll be attending virtually: tweeting from Melbourne/Naarm, on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations
#RethinkAddiction - standing by for Day 1 to begin
Here's our preview of #RethinkAddiction, with thanks to @seselja_k for sharing her experience and calls for action on the commercial determinants of health - with stigma, shame, vested interests among many barriers to proper treatment/care of addiction…
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New in @NEJM: Most US hospitals do not offer evidence-based #addiction care. This missed opportunity harms patients, is an urgent need.

We describe how policymakers can incentivize & facilitate change. I'd love to partner w @CMSGov @samhsagov others 🧵/1…
WHY treat #addiction in hospitals? 1 in 9 hospitalized adults has SUD.

A rapidly expanding evidence base shows benefits of hospital-based addiction care, including ↑SUD treatment engagement, ↑patient-clinician trust, ↓mortality/ 2
Most efforts in hospital-based addiction care to date have been led by motivated clinicians making a business and quality case for improvement.

However, absent clear funding or financial incentives, most hospitals do not offer evidence-based care/3
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1/When insurers *deny* coverage of buprenorphine for OUD care based on "lack of documented counseling", they ENFORCE a policy that is opposite to national recommendations. #addiction #OUD
2/The @ASAMorg guideline (2020) for opioid use disorder lays out a strong case FOR "psychosocial treatment"
AND it ALSO declares that precluding bupe based on declining counseling puts the patient's life at risk ……
3/The reason is obvious. A patient with diagnosed OUD and loss of access to medication is at risk of use of illicitly sourced opioids and death.

Withholding the life-saving medication is a bad idea.

This doesn't mean "counseling is no good", but it's not "requirable"
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These are the 23 reasons why #TikTok is problematic in terms of #manipulation, #addiction and #privacy & why #children and #teenagers should be kept away from it:

(for those interested: the full article about the topic, with all relevant links:…)
1- Reduced space for #autonomy and #choice; videos are pushed to the user since 1st use. In a web that respects human dignity, people - especially #children and #teenagers - should get used to choose and think about what they want to be exposed to
2- Increased potential of #manipulation and #exposure of younger and more impressionable audiences, as the content will be pushed to them and they will be hooked by age-inappropriate content (and be recommended more content like this)
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The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race, gender, sex and disability discrimination.

1st target #Pain management
2nd target Gender Affirming Care
3rd target #Abortion
What will they target next?

#StopCriminalizingPatientCenteredCare The intrusion into the practice of medicine is based on race
Misinformation & propaganda is being disseminated by the government and still floods the media. The #Gaslighting of America has been extremely effective.…
Individuals with incurable chronic illnesses, #RareDiseases #Disabilities that involve severe pain as a component are being deprived of appropriate medical treatment.
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Thread: At 2pm eastern the White House @ONDCP will answer lawmakers' questions about a plan the @JoeBiden team says will cut drug overdose deaths by 13% by 2025. Goals are ambitious. Some Senators and drug policy experts are skeptical 1/ @npr
@ONDCP @JoeBiden @NPR I'll live tweet as much of today's Senate hearing as I can and I'll have a report on the White House drug control strategy later today on @npr and tomorrow on @MorningEdition. More soon 2/
Hearing now underway with @ChuckGrassley suggesting that White House "harm reduction" strategies could actually make dangerous drugs more widely available. Points to deep ideological differences between "drug war" and "harm reduction" approaches. 3/
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Today, concerned people across Alberta are demanding transparency around #addiction treatment. Many of these people have undergone treatment or had loved ones who did.

Here is a story I've never told that helped inform my views on treatment. 🧵 1/12
#ableg #abpoli
The first person I ever knew to die of a drug overdose (i.e. known substance, excessive dose) had attended an expensive, faraway addiction treatment facility just a couple months before. I'll call them Terry. 2/12
When the grieving family tried to piece together what had caused Terry's death - Terry had been treated for their addiction, after all - the family was told by the treatment facility, on no evidence, that Terry had likely succumbed to the "kindling effect". 3/12
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@ademillo Please STOP #Stigmatizing patients who are being experiencing systemic Disability Discrimination to *cough* save them from a 1% risk of #Addiction

Since the 2016 Guidelines were issued there have been 3 of these cases from the millions of suffering CPP

@ademillo What we "Don't" read about in the News...

"For more than a decade, millions of Americans were misled into believing that—as a White House report once characterized it —‘‘opiate overdoses, once almost always due to heroin use, are now increasingly due to abuse of prescription
@ademillo painkillers’’. Little did they know or suspect that the CDC’s coding of prescription painkillers included non- prescribed illicitly manufactured fentanyl and fentanyl analogs and non-prescribed methadone administered or dispensed to patients being treated for opioid use disorder.
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[A découvrir] 31/05 > Journée mondiale sans #tabac via @WHO #LaMethSci
[A découvrir] > La plateforme Transparence Santé pour se renseigner sur d'éventuels conflits d'intérêt d'entreprises ou de personnes via @Sante_Gouv #LaMethSci
[#Infographie] Prévalence du tabagisme en #France entre 2014 et 2019 #LaMethSci
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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The head of a particular department called me last week to inform me about a staff in his department. He was surprised to note that I knew the person and had referred him for more detailed work. I then told him where I see staff in his campus (without regn) to decrease #stigma
Today I saw three patients from his dept. He had sent them. He had enough trust. Would continue to work with all of them.
It is a great joy when people in your hospital start recognizing your work. Nothing pleases a clinician more than referrals from colleagues.
One of the three had optic neuritis. He is off #alcohol now. He is struggling with #tobacco. I told him it is understandable that he couldn't stop even though he knows the price he is paying is hugh. This is how #Addiction is. Told him to consider a quit date.
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I commented on the CDC's rewrite.
For whatever that's worth.
I'm exhausted, angry, & now grieving a loss that no parent should ever have to face.
I've had my health & ability to live stolen and lost far too many people I love and care about to this #OpioidInsanity.
2- My comment?
You have no intention of ending this atrocity. You have had people in the pain community chasing their tails for years while asking for our input and 'comments'.
3-We've explained over and over that we are suffering and dying out here in the real world. That MDs tell us to our faces that they are AFRAID of the DEA, and that we are not worth risking their licenses over.
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