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1/ C'était prévu... le #SBU @ServiceSsu & Podoliak avaient indiqué qu'allait survenir une longue/ tres structurée & violente campagne de déstabilisation (num mais pas que : psyops globale) afin de détruire la réputation des #Ukrainiens pour faire plier les volontés occidentales..
2/ Je pense qu'ils vont aussi essayé de déstabiliser des comptes ayant une certaines "importances", qu'ils ont préalablement bien identifiés & dont je fais parti.
pourquoi je dis ça me direz vous. simplement parce que depuis exactement 48h j'ai noté un afflux constant de nvx
3/ followers aux profils tres tres particuliers ; africain - avec tous une TL "à peu près clean" mais lorsque que l'on regarde les réponses ou like, bcp sont uniquement là pour rt des infox ou casser du "Fra" en Afrique etc.
d'autres part, ces comptes ont des dates de crea tres
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on October 28, 2022
The situation is evolving in a positive way for #UAarmy today in the #Luhansk area / some areas well defended by Ru.
but UA still moving forward!
2/ so 14 days ago The Kraken Regiment, SOF reported that they have officially liberated the settlements of #Kyslivka & #Kotlyarivka East of Kupiansk. now Ru r reporting that they r moving today on the line just before the main defense along a small river. heading Verkhnya Duvanka
3/ or #VerkhnyaDuvanka but frankly it's hard to assess as in the area there is no much communication right now.
we have some "noises" and Ru are expressing their concerns, for sure.. but we still are far anyway from a blitz to #Pokrovske or #NyzhniaDuvanka
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1/ Quick mid day update report:
#russian_invasion in #Ukraine on September 24, 2022
Diff Ru sources reports Ru counter attack is now almost breaking past #Oskil river in #Kupiansk. #UAarmy had suffered quite important losses there & maybe not enough troops now.
2/ but they still have to go through the Oskil obstacle, & go inside the city.. & that's going to be a all other story.
Also even if they retake the city they will put themselves in a very precarious position/maintain further operations
No Ukr com whatsoever which is never good
3/ Also Wagner shows and reports some breakthrough in the outskirt of #Bakhmut with some new "crazy" recruits and they are expecting to reach downtown if their advance goes on.
other places being under constant agression might "fall" soon...
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1/ #SBU counterintelligence do every day major work no people talk about because it's no "flashy" but it is crucial work. Today tehy detained Ru agents who were "hunting" for the coordinates of the positions of the Armed Forces & the passwords of checkpoints in the #Kharkiv area
2/ The Security Service of Ukraine exposed and detained two citizens of Ukraine who were "leaking" the positions of the Ukrainian military in the Kharkiv region to the occupiers.
The law enforcement officers established that these are local residents who, for ideological reasons,
3/ agreed to cooperate with the Ru.
Through her connections among Kharkiv residents, the woman (below) collected & passed on information to the enemy about locations of deployment, routes of movement of units and equipment of the Armed Forces.
Her accomplice is an employee of
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The #SBU detained a #RussianWarCrimes agent who launched rocket attacks on schools in Mykolaiv

"The SBU detained a Russian agent who provided the enemy with the exact coordinates of the city's educational institutions for so-called "intimidating" missile attacks, /1 ImageImageImage
as well as collected intelligence on the deployment, movement and armament of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the south.

It was established that on his "tip-off" in Mykolaiv and several objects of military infrastructure were damaged and a devastating blow was inflicted /2
on two schools," the SBU emphasized

Cyber ​​specialists of the Service established that the detainee was recruited by a staff member of the Russian military intelligence after the beginning of the invasion
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Darya, daughter of Alexander #Dugin was killed in a car bomb attack near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy. Sources speculate it could have been either the Kremlin or Ukraine responsible.
Who is Darya Dugin?
She was very outspoken about her hatred for Ukrainians.
"Ukrainians are not humans. They all deserve to die."
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🇷🇺 Où est passé le #FSB ?
C'est l'un des mystères de la guerre en #Ukraine.

Ses analystes ont-ils sous-estimés la réaction ukrainienne ou le savaient-ils mais n'ont pas pu ou voulu en référer à #Poutine ?

Récit de l'enquête du @washingtonpost.

Les plans du #FSB et les efforts des agences de sécurité ukrainiennes pour les contrecarrer - avec le soutien de la CIA, du MI6 et d'autres services de renseignement occidentaux - font partie d'une guerre de l'ombre qui s'est déroulée parallèlement à la campagne militaire russe.
Nous sommes quelques jours avant l'invasion de l'Ukraine, le #FSB a commencé à envoyer des instructions cryptées à des informateurs à Kiev. "Faites vos bagages et quittez la capitale", a-t-on dit aux infiltrés du Kremlin, "mais laissez derrière vous les clés de vos maisons".
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Thread: 15 August 2022: Day 173 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update on #Russia's plans to completely conquer Donetsk Oblast in eastern #Ukraine and then stage a referendum to annex the zone to Russia. Image
#Ukraine fighter pilot, Anton Lystopad, recognised in 2019 as the country's top pilot and who had been awarded an Order for Courage by President Zelensky, was killed in combat against #Russia |… ImageImageImageImage
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Reports emerging that #Ukraine, apparently believing itself to be 1960's Israel, and #Russia 1960's Iraq, (not to mention Russian pilots to be Christian Assyrians in Iraq), tried to recruit #Russian pilots to defect with their planes (ie SU-24 / 34). The failed UA intelligence
operation was busted and "flipped" by a successful Russian FSB counter-intelligence operation. The UA intelligence agents were reportedly lured to identify themselves, other trusted sources, and UA anti-aircraft systems details & positions. A defecting pilot for example would
reasonably need to know many such details in order to fly over Ukrainian territory with a reasonable assurance of not being shot down and killed. This was a creative idea, one I could see coming form the likes of #Arestovych or other Ukrainian well read in history, specifically,
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By #SBU ( Ukraine secret service )

The #Russians cannot come to terms with the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine totally destroys their troops near #Kharkiv
This reality contrasts sharply with the pseudo-victorious pictures of the Russian army that are shown to them on TV.

This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation intercepted by the #SBU.
"Well, that's how they paint you on TV. In fact, everything is completely different here. This will not be shown on TV and the truth will never be told. We are losing..." - the occupier tells his relatives in the #Moscow suburbs.
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According to #SBU ( Ukraine secret service ) materials, another #Russian agent received a prison term of 7 years

The #Svalyavskyi District Court of the #Zakarpattia Oblast issued a guilty verdict against a Ru agent who collected social and political informa in Ukr for the FSB/1
This FSB ( KGB ) agent was exposed by SBU counterintelligence agents in #Transcarpathia in March.

The pre-trial investigation established that the attacker under the pseudonym "Helen" passed the collected information to his curators
for the preparation of enemy sabotage and special information operations aimed at destabilizing the situation in the border areas of Ukraine.
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The #SBU established that #Russian commanders invaded Ukraine using maps from the last century
Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine established that some of the Ru commanders who invaded our territory in February were guided by topographic maps of Ukraine from 1969
/1 Image
This is evidenced by the documents of the invaders, which the #SBU seized on the spot of the districts of the #Kharkiv region temporarily occupied by the Rashists.
/2 Image
In particular, the information on the documents of the Russian motorized rifle battalion of the 138th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade was not updated for at least 53 years.
/3 Image
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❗️ Currently, there is no question about the dismissal of #SBU head Ivan Bakanov and prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova, Deputy Head of the President's Office Andriy Smirnov said on the air of the national telethon. According to him, /1
Zelenskyi's decision provides for the temporary suspension of officials from performing their duties.
💬 "It is about the fact that the Prosecutor General has been removed from his post, and the head of the SBU has been temporarily removed from his duties," he said
/2 Image
Further, as Smirnov noted, official inspections and investigations will be conducted, based on the results of which a final decision will be made. According to him, Zelenskyi's decision was made "to prevent the potential influence of these two officials on criminal /3
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Från #SBU ( Ukrainas säkerhetstjänst) fritt översatt från Telegram ( läs med egna ögon...)

Ockupanterna dödar civila och förstör ukrainska städer med förbjudna vapen. De är också rädda för att gå i krig mot Försvarsmakten och letar efter sätt att desertera/1
. Rasisterna talar öppet om detta i sina telefonsamtal. Mer information i urvalet av toppavlyssningar och specialoperationer av SBU för veckan:

🔹 Ryska ockupanter fortsätter att använda förbjudna vapen i Ukraina och skjuter civila ➡️
🔹 Ryska inkräktare är så rädda för Försvarsmakten att endast 1 av 10 är redo för en direkt konfrontation med ukrainska soldater ➡️

🔹 Ockupanterna i Kherson-regionen kommer inte upp ur skyttegravarna, blir gråa av rädsla och ser en korrigerare /3
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Starting a new Rus - Ukr thread as requested by a lot of people. I'll aim to start a new one every week.

End of previous thread
Town itself is a gray zone. Rus are pushing from Dolgenkove towards Dolyna. There are also clashes for control of the forest. Both of them need to be secured before moving onto Bogorodichno from where Ukr positions on the hills can be attacked from the flank
North #Kharkov Area
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"Now while public attention is distracted by the surrender of the #Azovstal bastards, I would like to remind you of another center of Ukrainian neo-Nazism that has blossomed in the city of #Kharkov.
And while the #Azov bastards are already testifying en masse, the #Kraken detachment from Kharkov is still waiting for retribution.
Kraken differs from the neo-Nazis from the Azov group because Kraken is made up of the most fierce ghouls, rapists and criminals.

The handlers of the #SBU (Security Service of #Ukraine) who command this unit are as scum as their subordinate criminals.
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To all "Slava Ukraini" supporters, you are facilitating torture of Ukrainian people who have resisted fascism, you are enabling Nazi torture of civilians, rape, waterboarding. #NATO proxy war crimes.

Laurent Brayard

#Donbass #Mariupol
These crimes are known to #UN and @RedCrossUkraine who remain silent to cover up extent of horror inflicted upon Ukraine by NATO.

Laurent Brayard #Donbass #Mariupol
Mass graves & mobile crematoria in #Mariupol used by #Nazi brigades & #SBU to cover up genocide & mass reprisals against Russian speakers & civilians who reject fascism.

Laurent Brayard #Donbass
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FSO officers during the May 9 Parade in #Moscow Image
Lets continue
🇷🇺⚡️The issuance of Russian passports to residents of the liberated Kherson region will begin before the end of 2022.

As in the People's Republics of Donbass, the process will be purely voluntary.
⚡️The #Kherson civil administration has announced that the region will fall under full Russian legislation before the end of 2022
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152mm Giatsint-B Howitzers in #Lugansk
Chechen Special Ministry of the Interior Regiment soldiers in #Popasnaya, Donbas region, a city where a battle is currently ongoing ImageImageImageImage
#RussiaUkraine #Mi8
Reportedly remains of one (of the two) UKR Mi-8 helicopters that took part in the attack on a village in #Bryansk Region (Russia) on April 14, was shot down by a S-400 SAM system on it's way back
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- Nicht zimperlich - 🔞
Eine seit Jahren bekannte kriminelle ukrainische Bande ist heute in Dnipro von ukrainischen SBU-Kräften festgenommen worden. Die Kriminellen hatten vorher in einem Geschäft einen Soldaten geschlagen.
#Ukriane #SBU #Dnipro
Unter Umständen des verhängten Kriegsrechts in der Ukraine wird der Angriff auf den Soldaten im Geschäft ziemlich hart bestraft, Physisch und Psychisch!
#Ukriane #SBU #Dnipro
Bei der Kriminelle Gang
wurden Handgranaten und vieles weitere gefunden! Außerdem wird ihnen Waffenhandel vorgeworfen.
#Ukriane #SBU #Dnipro ImageImageImage
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🇷🇺Les Russes ont ils réellement tués froidement des civils à #Bucha ?
Explications et Thread !

Crimes de l'#AFU à #Bucha, dans la région de #Kiev.
Révélation d'une attaque de propagande sous #FalseFlag contre la Russie (Photos et Vidéos).

Déroulez ⏬
— Toutes les unités des troupes Russes se sont complètement retirées de #Bucha le 30 mars, et ces coups de feu sont apparus le 4ème jour après, lorsque des officiers du #SBU et des représentants de la télévision ukrainienne y sont arrivés.
— Pendant le séjour des soldats russes à #Bucha, pas un seul civil n’a été blessé.
— 452 tonnes d’aide humanitaire ont été livrées et distribuées à des civils par des militaires Russes dans les colonies de la région de #Kiev.
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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Después del resonante incidente con la ejecución de los prisioneros de guerr@ #rusos, el liderazgo de #Ucrania ordenó estrictamente a sus militares y nacionalistas armados de batallones de voluntarios y defensa territorial que no mataran a los capturados.
🧵 Image
El #SBU llamó la atención de los comandantes de todos los rangos, así como de los jefes de las administraciones militares y civiles, la demanda de salvar las vidas de los soldados #rusos.
Al mismo tiempo se ordenó extraoficialmente lisiarlos de manera reveladora para intimidar a sus colegas como a los habitantes #rusos

En particular se recomienda d*sparar a los prisioneros capturados a través de la rótula o el tobillo, cortar el dedo índice de la mano derecha
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🧵A good recent example of #Ukraine contesting the Mobile Network / InfoSec battlespace.

Multiple #SIMBox seizures as part of an "enemy bot farm" network were announced yesterday by the Security Service of Ukraine. 1/6…
Technically this is a much bigger setup that the #SIMBox relay discovery from 2 weeks ago, (see my previous thread) which is not surprising as these are more traditional ‘bot farms’ used for signups for social media 2/6
According to the #SBU, the 5 enemy bot farms in the network used social media (including some banned in Ukraine) to “spread disinformation about a full-scale Russian invasion of our state and spread distorted news from the front”.

This network used 100,000 fake accounts 3/6
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