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Fred looked at his completely ruptured penis. The pain from the teeth marks inflicted on his machine gun by Lady Binta who laid motionless on the floor was excruciating.
Emeka’s laughter added salt to the injury.

Brethren grab your popcorns issa thread.
You may wonder how fred got himself into this mess.
Years back, Fred was a casualty of the mass sacking in banks during the economic melt down.
He struggled to get a job, after many failed interviews.
On this faithful day, after another unfruitful interview he was ramped into a mud of water by an SUV who had lost its brakes.
A woman in her early 40s stepped out.
“I’m sorry. Hope you’re not hurt?” she asked.
“I’m Ok. You should be more concerned about your car. ” He said pointing at the direction of her range rover whose fender was completely damaged by the fence on collision.
“I’m so sorry for ruining your day” She said.
“My day was already ruined before this incidence.”
“What could be worse than what just happened?” she asked.
Fred narrated his story. She felt sorry for him.
She looked at his CV, she was impressed.
Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a towing van.
“Call me tomorrow morning.” She said as she gave him her complementary card.
The next morning.
He called her.
“Meet me at the address on the card by 12noon.”
Fred arrived at a huge plaza before 12. The array of Gold accessories was enough to convince him she was a gold merchant.
“Its your turn. Madam needs you.” Said the receptionist with an awkward look
He stepped into the CEO’s office.
“Hey, Fred. Would you like to work for me?” Gold asked.

“Yes. But..”
“that’s all I want to hear.” She interrupted.
She picked up her intercom.
“Come to my office right now!” She commanded over the phone.

In less than a minute a man entered the office.
“You’re fired! I’ve found a replacement.”
Fred was startled. He didn’t know whether to rejoice for his new found job or feel sorry for the young man who just lost his.
The man left the office without uttering a word.
Fred was scared.

“Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy working for me. I trust easily and I loose trust at the snap of a finger.” She assured.
“Will 400k a month be ok for your remuneration?”
‘400k! Somebody pinch me! he thought to himself.


“how about 500k?” She interrupted.

‘Lord God! Don’t wake me up from this dream’ he thought.
“Yes ma! I’ll accept it.”
“This calls for celebration. You’ll get your contract tonight.” She said as she brought out a bottle of henessey with 2 glasses.
“Cheers! In fact we’ll go clubbing tonight. TGIF!” she said as their glasses clinked.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yeah, go home and rest meet me at Quilox tonight by 10. Come alone.”

“Thank you ma.”
“Call me Gold.” She winked.
“Yes Ma… Gold” he stuttered.
“Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.”
He got home and narrated everything to Emeka his roommate and best friend who was a banker.

“Oboy you don hammer! Which powder did you use? Me sef won rub am for face.” Emeka asked.

“My brother na God O!” Fred answered.
“Mek I sleep now. I dey go club with my madam this night.”
“Chai! Na this kind boss I dey find. No be that pot bellyed he-goat wey dey manage my branch.”

Fred laughed.
“God don do am for you. Enjoy!” Emeka Added.
That night Fred arrived at the club he met Gold at the VIP section.
She looked glamourous. She could pass for a lady in her early 20s as she fitted in a skimpy tube top that exposed her cleavage and thighs beneath.

Fred struggled to keep his eyes away from her commanding boobs.
“I am so happy tonight, Come and dance with me.”
Fred gave her a 1 yard distance as they hit the dance floor.

“Come on, loosen up! Hold my waist.” She said as she placed his hands on her hips. Damn she was burning hot. Fred battled with his erection.
She put her arms around him. She whispered sweet nothings into his ear. He could perceive the stench of alcohol under her breath. It was obvious she was drunk. As she took another step she fell on the dance floor.

“Ma… Sorry Gold, You need to go home you’re causing a scene.”
“Yeah, Let’s go. You’ll Follow me home.”
“But It’s late ma… Gold.”

“Don’t you want to sign your contract?”
“I forgot you said tonight.”
They headed home.
They arrived at a plush apartment, decorated with expensive gold fittings.

“Welcome mum, I guess you had fun” A young lady in her early 20s showed up.
The voice sounded familiar as Fred struggled to see the face in the dark.
“Yes dear we had fun” Gold replied.
They got in.

Behold it was Cindy. Cindy was a girl he had a one Night stand with years back as a banker.
“Meet Fred, my new staff. Fred, meet Cindy my daughter.”
“Nice to meet you.” She gave him a wink.
Fred smiled in affirmation.

“Enough of the pleasantries, follow me upstairs.” Gold said as she dragged him seductively.
They arrived at her room.
Gold planted a kiss on him and grabbed his crotch.

“I want you to make love to me right here, right now.” She said seductively.

Fred’s reaction.
He could not imagine the level of temptation. She was old enough to be his mum.
“Don’t be silly, or am I not attractive enough?" She asked.

Anything for the contract he thought. As he approached her, she pushed him back.

“Not so fast.” She said.
Fred was puzzled.
“I think we should spice it up with some youthful energy.”
“Cindy! Cindy darl!” She called out.
Cindy entered.

“Can you take on both of us?” They asked Fred.
Cindy gave an inviting smile.
Fred’s reaction.
“Cindy, Get the contract.”
Cindy gave him the contract.

He was glad he would kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

He quickly flipped the pages to the remuneration clause and saw he was to be paid 500k with allowances and an official car. He grinned.
As he glanced through the bulky contract which had about 27pages, Cindy gave him a sensual massage.

He lost coordination and quickly signed the contract without a thorough check.
“Nice, Lets get down to business.” She said.

There’s still someone below 18 peeping at this thread. Please send him out.

We don’t care if you’re 17years, 11months and 30days. Just GET OUT!
Lets continue.
Gold and Cindy knelt down and pulled out his rod.
They took turns giving him a BJ. Fred was already in high ecstasy.
He could envision his ancestors giving him a thumbs up from above.
Seeing Mother and daughter scrambling for his rod like a hotdog was beyond belief.
He wondered if they were deported from Sodom and Gomorrah.
Brethren samankwe was in session.
With power and might vested on him, He was able to satisfy both.
The next morning he rushed home and narrated everything to Emeka.

“O boy! Wonders shall never end. How can I apply for this Job?” Emeka asked.

“You’ll have to get hit by a range rover driven by a hot 40year old cougar.” Fred joked.
Fred resumed work on Monday.
He saw his name boldly crested on his office door.
‘Alas! My own personal office. What a time to be alive.’ He grinned.
He opened the door and to his greatest surprise there was no computer or table in his office, just a couch and a massive bed.

‘This must be the wrong office’ he thought.
He headed to the receptionist.
“Why is there no table or computer in my office?” He asked.
“You wouldn’t be needing that.” She responded.

“I don’t understand.”
“Meet Madam Gold to explain things to you.” She said
He headed to Gold’s office, He saw her with a visitor.
“I’m sorry to interrupt you, I’ll check back later.”

“No, come in, she’s your client.” She said.
“Comfort, meet Fred. Fred meet comfort.” She added.

“He’s very cute. I like him.” Comfort said giving him a seductive wink.
Comfort was an elderly woman in her Early 50s, adorned with expensive jewels. She was annoyingly ugly and her heavy makeup complicated issues.

Her seductive wink almost made fred throw up.
“He is tested and trusted with lots of experience.” Gold said.
“hmmm! I can’t wait.” Comfort grinned.

Fred was puzzled.

“Follow him to his chambers.” Gold said.
Fred escorted her to his chambers.

He quickly rushed back to Gold’s office
“What do I do with her?” He asked.
“What a silly question. Didn’t you read the contract?”

“I…I. did.” He lied.

“Go back there and do what I pay you to do.”
‘Hope Its not what I’m thinking.’ he thought.

He headed back to his office.
He opened the door.

Everybody say behold!
He saw Comfort lying seductively, half naked on bed With wrinkled breasts looking like mashed potatoes.
Fred’s reaction.
“I’m ready.” she said.
What kind of contract did I sign. He thought to himself.
He rushed to the bathroom and vomited.
He got back and summed up courage to do the unimaginable.
“I like it rough” Comfort grinned.
Fred’s reaction.
If you were in Fred's shoes, what would you do?
Brethren, the worst version of samankwe I have ever written was in session.
He closed his eyes and proceeded.

Her moans were like a scrambled channel on a transistor radio.
“Go Harder and faster!” she screamed.
Fred had never seen an old woman exert such youthful energy.
He suspected she exchanged her beauty for strength.
“I was an athlete in my teens and twenties, 3 olympic gold medals is not beans” she boasted.
“Wow.” Fred said wryly

They got back to Gold’s office.
“I’m Impressed with him. I’ll be coming three times a week.” Comfort said.

‘3 times a week! I’m doomed!’ Fred thought to himself.
“I told you he’s good.” Gold winked at him.

“Take a break, your next client comes by 2pm” She added.
Fred wanted to faint.
By the end of the week he had satisfied 10 different cougars.

Though he was unhappy after each sexcapade, The allowance and freebies were his only source of motivation.
With time he got used to his new found profession. Giving pleasure to all kinds of cougars, tall, short, fair, black, local, Foreign, name it. He also provided home services.
Within a short period he had amassed great wealth, riding flashy cars and living the life everyone dreamed of.
On this faithful day.
He received a message from Gold showing a google map location.
"Go to this location a client awaits you."

He arrived at a plush apartment in Ikoyi.
Welcome, and old frail lady in her late 60s welcomed him.
“I am Lady Binta, Gold has said lot about you.”
“Thank you Ma.”
“You see, I have been told by the doctors that I have just 1 week to live. I cant live this world without having one last sexperience. I want it to be remarkable.”
Fred was shocked.
‘No be me go kill you.’ He said to himself.
“Apart from the payment I have given Madam Gold, I’m willing to include you in my will.” She added.

Fred’s eyes brightened up.
‘Anything for the money’. He thought.
“Lets get down to business.” he said.
He undressed her.

Fred was already used to the sight of wrinkled bodies.
“Let’s take it one step at a time.” She said.
“Bring out your rod, I want to give you a BJ.” She added.
“It will be a pleasure.” He said.
He brought it out.
“Hmmm! Its big.” She said as she thrusted it in her mouth.


Everybody say suddenly!
Lady Binta started vibrating uncontrollably. Fred tried to remove his dick from her mouth but her teeth clamped it.

He screamed in pain.
He tried pushing her but she was motionless. She had given up the ghost with his penis in her mouth.
He didn’t want to raise an alarm as the sight was abominable to behold.

He quickly dialed Emeka’s number.
Emeka arrived in 30 mins.

Emeka burst into uncontrollable laughter on seeing the sight.
As Emeka struggled to pull the dick from her mouth he felt severe pains.

“Oboy, The only way this penis fit commot na by force o!”
Fred’s reaction.
As Emeka pulled her head backwards Fred screamed!
He woke up from his nightmare screaming at the reception.

All the customers were starled. He grabbed his crotch and realized it was all a dream.

He had dosed off while waiting for Madam Gold who promised him a job offer the previous day.
He knelt down and thanked God it was a dream.
“Its your turn. Madam needs you.” Said the receptionist.

He stepped into the CEO’s office.
“Hey, Fred. Would you like to work for me?” Said madam Gold
“Yes. But..”
“That’s all I want to hear.” She interrupted.
She picked up her intercom.
“Come to my office right now!” She commanded over the phone.
In less than a minute a man entered the office.
the resemblance with the man in his dream was striking.

“You’re fired! I’ve found a replacement.” She said. Just like the dream.
Everything looked like a Dejavu.

He looked at the picture hanging on her wall and saw Cindy’s picture.
He took to his heels to the surprise of Madam Gold.

He even left before the guy that was fired.
***The End.***
If you received such a revelation and you were offered a similar contract would you still go ahead?
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