You'd think this would be the first time a sitting president, erroneously believing he's exculpating himself, casually admits committing a crime to a reporter, but no.
I haven't watched the interview, but here are follow-ups I'd expect to see asked:

"Are you aware that's a crime?"
"If you knew about the payments, why did you say you didn't?"
"Why did you lie about your relationship w/Daniels?"
"What do you think this does to your credibility?"
How is it that Trump isn't spending every single moment of his life being forced to explain the *endless* cases where he's told us one thing and is now telling us something else?

Society is terrified of calling a rich white guy a liar. Our institutions have no mechanism for it.
15 years ago a bunch of people lied us into war. They started a surveillance program. They started a torture program.

They lied. They lied and lied and lied.

The lies were exposed.

Nothing fucking happened to them.

They're still on TV. They still write op-eds.
10 years ago a bunch of people defrauded the world economy and crashed it. The whole ship nearly sank. Millions lost their savings, houses, lives. A few made off with billions.

They lied.

The lies were exposed.

Nothing fucking happened.

They're still out there, talking.
These days lots of us talk about George W. Bush fondly. Those of us who do should be ashamed.

He betrayed our troops into death and dismembership and PTSD, and abandoned them. He scorched our good standing.

He should be in prison until he dies.
Why is David Frum still talking?

Why is Dick Cheney a free man?

Why do we still hear from Ari Fleischer?

Why does Sean Spicer have a book? Why does he get booked?

This is a world in which a Trump is inevitable. It's optimized for the most corrupt white rich male liar.
And the wheel keeps turning, and the clock keeps spinning, and we all just go on pretending, I guess, because we have literally no mechanism to deal with a guy who just lies right to your face, a big dumb obvious stupid lie he's too dumb to even know makes him look worse.
Yes, and after whatever this is ends, and we go to whatever's next, all the assholes who made it happen will go on all the shows and everyone will just pretend the people giving their opinions on the matters of the day didn't deliberately make the matters of yesterday happen.
In an age of corruption, politeness is a curse and comfort is a trap.

Tell the uncomfortable angry truth.
Because someday, and soon, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will condemn about President Alex Jones' mass graves, and everyone will retweet her, and she'll write a book w/a big advance.

And the graves will keep getting filled.

Next up on the show: "never-Jones" conservative David French!
It is our patriotic duty to never stop throwing spoiled cabbages at these people for the rest of their lives.
Every time a Republican gives their opinion in public, it carries the tacit implication, understanding, and expectation that everyone will politely pretend their worldview doesn’t work in service of this and thousands of other ongoing atrocities.

Every time a Republican gives their opinion in public, it carries the tacit implication, understanding, and expectation that everyone will politely pretend their party didn’t lie our country into a bloody war.

It’s considered extremely rude to fail to honor that expectation.
To understand how pervasive the idea is that our systems should have no way of challenging shameless rich white guys: Trump presents the fact he’s being effectively investigated as *evidence* of unfair bias against him, and that idea goes unchallenged.
It makes instinctive sense to today’s conservative mind that the very existence of an investigation into Trump by itself discredits the investigation, simply for the crime of introducing a rich white guy to procedural accountability.
The more they find, the more biased they seem.

If they didn’t have it in for Trump, why would they keep finding so much damning evidence against him and his associates?

Meanwhile in Trump’s mind even exculpatory evidence isn’t enough to stay the Central Park 5’s execution.
And this is one reason it's so corrosive for Trump to repeat Nazi and white supremacist propaganda.

Our institutions then treat Nazi propaganda as if it were just another legitimate idea.

Because our system has no mechanism to correct a rich white guy.
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