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Hi tweeps! Remember back in March, I made a mega-thread of amazing #WomenInSTEM that you should follow, especially for #IWD2018? If not, here's the 'moment' I made from it…
Well, today (19 Nov) is #InternationalMensDay #IMD2018, and I wanted to mark the occasion. So here are SIXTY men working in STEM who also happen to be some of my favourite tweeps. This is by no means an exhaustive list - please don't be offended if you're not on it!
PS: I have some actual (paid) work to do today, so I'll update the list when I can, in between all my other commitments. Please be patient 😊
1. I've decided to start with @edyong209 - my absolute favourite science journalist, and just an all-round excellent human. He writes for @TheAtlantic and his articles regularly blow my mind. His book 'I Contain Multitudes' is an absolute MUST-READ #InternationalMensDay
2. @rjallain - physics professor @oursoutheastern and a long-time contributor to @WIRED. He picks apart topics like nobody else - have a look at his column to see what I mean… #InternationalMensDay
3. @Prof_GD_Foster is a Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology @BristolBioSci He regularly shares interesting science news and gives great insights into what life is like in academia #InternationalMensDay
4. @BMatB Ben is a material scientist @imperialcollege. He explores the performance of alloys in challenging conditions - e.g. nuclear power and aerospace applications. He's an incredible ally for #WomenInSTEM and #DiversityinSTEM of all kinds. He's ace #InternationalMensDay
5. @iangriffin is the Director of the @OtagoMuseum here in NZ. His feed is usually stuffed full of incredible #aurora photos. I suggest you ask him about the #flighttothelights... though his answer might make you very envious! #InternationalMensDay
6. @DrPaulDWilliams if you're interested in atmospheric science, Paul is your man! He's currently doing some fascinating work on improving aviation turbulence forecasts, so I think of him every time I'm on a very bouncy plane 😀 #InternationalMensDay
7. Next up is Alex, aka @thermoflynamics. He's the creator of the fantastic @whynotadoc podcast and is co-founder of @MinoritySTEM (another brilliant account to follow). He does stand-up comedy, and his feed is hilarious. Oh and he's doing a biochem PhD too! #InternationalMensDay
8. I was lucky enough to meet @davidjamesweir at #scifoo17 - a cosmologist by trade @KumpulaPhysics, his feed is full of great science on a wide range of topics. He's also another active campaigner for making STEM a more diverse place #InternationalMensDay
9. @mcnamadd is a structural geologist who after several years here in Welly, recently moved back to Ireland. I say 'back' because we also went to @tcddublin together 😊If you want to know what life is like as a geologist, definitely give Dave a follow #InternationalMensDay
10. @PeterGleick is a legend in the world of water - he's was the first to fully analyse the impact of climate change on water resources. His feed is one of my go-to places for news on sustainability. I also highly recommend his book 'Bottled & Sold' #InternationalMensDay
11. David, aka @WhySharksMatter, is a shark man (unsurprisingly), researching shark fisheries @SFU. On his feed, he talks about everything from marine conservation to politics, and tonnes of science! #internationalmensday
12. Next up is my book-dad @JimSpim. Along with his team @sigmascience, Jim made SATC happen, and has taken the punt on #Stickybook too. I owe him a lot, as do the many other science writers he has helped 😍 #internationalmensday
13. Jim also introduced me to some awesome dudes, including @juleslhoward. His books #DeathonEarth and #SexonEarth are both fantastic. And how could you not love someone who regularly talks about a VR duck vagina app? #InternationalMensDay
14. @whereisdaz is a cancer biologist @UNSW. He regularly rips apart 'wellness' fluff and debunks misinformation on all things health. And as a non-Aussie, his feed helps me to understand the science landscape there & the challenges faced by many academics #InternationalMensDay
15. @GlobalEcoGuy is an environmental scientist and expert in our changing planet. He also recently became Director of @ProjectDrawdown, which has gathered existing plans for climate change mitigation, and aims to turn them into a unified global effort #InternationalMensDay
16. @AdamRutherford is a geneticist-turned-author-and-broadcaster. He is the host of one of my favourite shows, BBC Inside Science, and I love his book A Brief History of Everyone who Ever Lived. I haven't yet read #BookofHumans, but it also looks ace! #InternationalMensDay
17. @DrRichJohnston leads an imaging research group @SwanseaUni. He's also a fantastic communicator of his work, and recently chatted to BBC about #ResearchAsArt… #InternationalMensDay
18. @petertgallagher is a Solar & Space Weather Researcher @DIAS_Astronomy. He also runs the huge radio telescope @BirrCastle And he's probably still recovering from Ireland's #ScienceWeek2018 😊 #InternationalMensDay
19. @alomshaha is the science teacher I wish I'd had. An incredible communicator, he worked with @Ri_Science to produce science demo videos for families… If you have a kid in your life, buy them his book 'Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder' #InternationalMensDay
20. @pierreroudier is a soil scientist @LCR_NZ @mwlr_nz @PunahaMatatini. He recently returned from a research trip to Antarctica, where he shared lots of cool pics like this #InternationalMensDay
I'm a third of the way through - woohoo! Hope you're enjoying my thread. Anyway, time to get back to actual work. The benefit of being on NZ-time is that, for lots of people, it's actually only 18 Nov. So, if I don't get all 60 done today, I can finish them tomorrow 😊
Ok, are you ready for a few more awesome STEM-tweeps-who-happen-to-be-men? Here we go.... #InternationalMensDay
21. @paulcoxon Here are just a few reasons why I love Paul: 1. he's a physicist in #matsci, working on energy storage. 2. His feed is often the first place I read about a breakthrough. 3. He works hard to make STEM a more inclusive place. 4. He loves tweed #InternationalMensDay
22. I've followed @Stephen_Curry on here for ages, so when I met him at #scifoo17, I acted like a weirdo. He's a structural biologist and is also very politically-active (which I admire hugely). He stands up for his colleagues across all disciplines too #InternationalMensDay
23. @nic_rawlence_nz is a palaeoecologist @otago who's interested in everything from ancient DNA to conservation biology. If you don't know what #taxonomy is, head over to his feed #InternationalMensDay
24. @Joshinano is a researchers @UNSW who is currently working on making using graphene oxide to make wastewater a bit less smelly. I interviewed him for @MaterialsToday… #internationalmensday
25. @GarethDennis might love trains even more than I do. And public transport. And sustainability. Lucky for him though, he gets to do all of these things as his day job 😊#internationalmensday
26. Chris, aka @seis_matters is a geologist @basinsIC. I found him on here via the aforementioned @BMatB and I'm very glad I did. He shares interesting research, tales of outreach, and general life as an academic #InternationalMensDay
27. @shaunoboyle is a #scicomm-er extraordinaire, and has worked on everything from huge events to radio shows. He's also a team member of @houseofstem and @queeringmuseums #internationalmensday
28. @icey_mark is a profof polar oceanography @OpenUniversity. As you might expect, his feed mostly focuses on ice 😊 and he shares really interesting research that I wouldn't come across otherwise. Oh and he worked on #FrozenPlanet & #BluePlanet2! #InternationalmensDay
29. @orzelc is a physicist and science writer. He's been a @ForbesScience contributor for a while (that's where I first found him), but he's also written some fantastic books on a range of different physics topics. #internationalmensday
30. Another @ForbesScience contributor whose writing I read and share a lot is @DrShepherd2013 - he's a professor of atmospheric science, so he shares stories on all things weather and climate #InternationalMensDay
31. @mcnees Robert's feed is one of my absolute favourites. As well as all the physics and the cool stuff on black holes, he regularly shares stories of people - very often women - in STEM whose work / legacy has been overlooked #InternationalMensDay
32. @gboeing Geoff is a map / cities / data nerd, so OBVIOUSLY I follow him. Be prepared to see loads of cool data visualisations on his feed. I also interviewed him for @ForbesScience last year:… #InternationalMensDay
33. Another Geoff - this time @geofftech. The guru of trains / tube / Crossrail. As part of @allthestations, he visited all 2563 railway stations in GB in just under 15 weeks. His YouTube is #transportnerd goals too. #InternationalMensDay
34. @samillingworth is a keeper of science poetry and excellent bow-ties. He's a lecturer in #scicomm @ManMetUni, and was also part of #scifoo17 😊#InternationalMensDay
35. @bat__go seems to be the most well-connected #matsci around! Every time I put a call out for interesting people to interview, Bat suggests some serious crackers 😊 His feed is also full of brilliant science #InternationalMensDay
36. After following his career for years, I finally worked up the courage to email @markmiodownik in 2014. He suggested a coffee &ever since, he's been a big supportr of mine, and was the first person to review the final draft of SATC. He's my #matsci hero #InternationalMensDay
37. @JamieBGall and I have inhabit a similar nerd universe - science, public enagagement, sci-fi and dancing - AND, like me, his research focused on thermoelectrics. But we've never managed to meet in real-life! One day, I'm sure #InternationalMensDay
38. @REasther quite likes space. So much so, he's a professor of it (well, of the physics of the very early universe) 😊 He was one of the first NZ sci tweeps I followed & he always seems to have something interesting to say about the research landscape here #intenationalmensday
39. According to The Observer, @robinince is a "becardiganed polymath". He is the co-presenter and creator of the Infinite Monkey Cage, amongst many other shows / projects. He's also a supporter of a campaign very dear to my heart, @LetToysBeToys #InternationalMensDay
40. (Two-thirds of the way there!) Jonathan @planet4589 is an astrophysicist who regularly live-tweets launches. He also wrote a lovely thread on the #SIRedefinition that buries into the technical implications of the changes #InternationalMensDay
41. If you're interested in all thing microbial, you'd do well to follow @phylogenomics. He tweets a lot about academia, politics, diversity, and, of course, SCIENCE! I got to meet him at #scifoo17 and he was even cooler in real-life than he is on Twitter #InternationalMensDay
42. @SaifulChemistry was the @RI_science Christmas Lecturer in 2016, where he talked about all things energy - mainly on how we can store it and use it more efficiently. He's really interested in batteries and solar cells, so is a great person to follow #InternationalMensDay
43. @takapodigs started life as an astronomer, but is now a conservation biologist. He works with two of NZ's most precious native birds - Kākāpō and Takahē. Here's one of them - follow Andrew for more on both species! #InternationalMensDay
44. Bridge nerd, sorry, engineer, @markhipwell1990 is a recent (but v.welcome) addition to my Twitter-fam. Not only does he share infrastructure content, he's also a talented artist, and recently ran a workshop on #mentalhealth in the construction industry #InternationalMensDay
45. @MichaelEMann is a climate scientist and author, who regularly speaks out when misinformation on all things climate hits headlines. I recently quoted him in an article for @ForbesScience… #InternationalMensDay
It looks like I might power through the final 15 tonight, rather than leave them til tomorrow. So, stick around!
46. Do you like gorgeous astronomy images? Head over to @DavidBflower's feed. He's also great for general science news! #InternationalMensDay
47. Another recent follow is @HeckPhilly @HeckPhysics- he shares stories of everything from science and faith, to race, politics and basketball on his two feeds, and both are worth a follow #InternationalMensDay
48. @DoctorKarl is an absolute legend in this part of the world - the author of MANY pop-sci books, and a regular contributor to radio & TV shows. I got to hang out with him for an afternoon last year, and it was ace. Also, look at that spectacular shirt 😍 #InternationalMensDay
49. @jamesbatteas is a professor of chemistry and nanotechnology from Texas. He's particularly interested in friction and wear at the nanoscale.... so, expect him to make an appearance in #stickybook! #InternationalMensDay
50. You might know @StephenMcGann from #callthemidwife, but did you know he's also a fantastic science communicator? He's passionate about the intersection of art, science and culture, so always has something interesting to say. #InternationalMensDay
51. (we're on the home run now!) @ndbrning is the brains behind another of my favourite accounts, @compoundchem. He produces utterly brilliant graphics that showcase the role of chemistry in everyday life #InternationalMensDay
52. Oh how I love @sbarolo. Together with @shrewshrew, he developed #9replyguys -a handy summary of the responses #womeninstem regularly deal with online! He's also an Assoc Prof of equity in STEM, so he knows what he's talking about! #InternationalMensDay
53. @Jobium is a planetary scientist postdoc @NASAJPL, currently working on the Mars 2020 mission. Do you need more of a reason to follow him?! Really?! Ok, he's a trustee for @PrideinSTEM, runs @LGBT_physics & is friends with @jesswade 😊#InternationalMensDay
54. @BWJones is another of my #scifoo17 classmates, and is a retinal neuroscientist. He's also a talented photographer, and shares some of his images on his blog #InternationalMensDay
55. @benstill is a big fan of LEGO (I mean, who isn't?!). But unlike most of us, Ben uses the tiny bricks to talk about complex physics. His research focuses on neutrinos, and he's written two pop-sci books #InternationalMensDay
56. The lovely @dallascampbell is next on the list. He's made TV shows on everything from cities and energy, to Egypt and the search for life. He's got a book out too, and also owns a replica of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit. So that's cool, I guess 😉#InternationalMensDay
57. As a former Londoner, @GilliCosm's brilliant science doodles in @MetroUK always brightened up my commute. Since then, Ben has gone on to write brilliant books and graphics - his recent one on fireworks was particularly cool #InternationalMensDay
58. @jimalkhalili is the host of the superb BBC radio show, The Life Scientific. He's also a professor of theoretical physics, President of @BritSciAssoc, an author, and all round good egg. #InternationalMensDay
59. @standupmaths is 1/3rd of the excellent @FOTSN and is absolutely flippin hilarious. He also makes totally brilliant YouTube videos about maths (yes, that is possible) and he wrote a great book.… #InternationalMensDay
60. AND FINALLY, it's @RogerHighfield, former science editor of New Scientist. Now he is Director of External Affairs at the @sciencemuseum Group, where he works from a treadmill desk (yup!). Roger is an excellent source for science news #InternationalMensDay
And I'm done - woohoo! I hope you've enjoyed this random collection of men-in-stem-who-I-follow-on-twitter. If I didn't mention you, I'm sorry. The list could have been much longer, but I only have so many hours to spare.
Just like I did with my #iwd2018 thread, I'll turn this into a @TwitterMoments to make it a bit easier to share. But that'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm off for a cuppa 😊 #InternationalMensDay
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