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The best thing about #InternationalMensDay is all the free toxic masculinity lectures
it really is quite remarkable…
On #InternationalMensDay let us remember that the suicide rate among men is unacceptably high, and that the leading cause of men's suicidal thoughts is people who won't STFU and go bother somebody else
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Happy #InternationalMensDay to all International Mens of Mystery
It's #InternationalMensDay, so suck it John Deere
To commemorate #InternationalMensDay I will be doing manly things, like not asking directions and dying early in some violently humorous fashion
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Being a man is not about being the one that sleeps with the most girls, but the strongest or the smartest

Its not even the one that has the most accomplishments.

In fact, it's the men who run after such things that are trying to cover up some insecurities
A man loves others deeply
Loves himself deeply
Has a dream that inspires him and others around him

He does not judge his life or that of any one else by a score

He does not not use money as a replacement for emotional connection

He doesn't judge his life by the things he owns
He does not see manhood as the number of women he has conquered

He does not always fight, sometimes peace is what matters

He does not take risks just because he can, he understands he is human also and can bleed
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It's #InternationalMensDay and I see a lot of men sharing that image of all the problems men face (high rates of suicide, violence etc.), but not sharing any solutions. But hey, I guess it's cool that we got a day where we can point at feminists and yell: "I told you so!" Go us!
And yes, I have some ideas on how to try and start solving some of these issues. However, I guarantee, if you're the type of person who read my first post and got defensive because it felt like an attack on men, you're really not going to like what I have to say.
Because it's men whose shoulders the responsibility falls upon. Only we can fix this. Not feminists like Clementine Ford. It's not on them. It's on us. Toxic masculinity is one of the causes of high male suicide rates. The high rates of violence against men, well, that's men too.
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It's #InternationalMensDay.



Don't @ me.
I know that the pressure to conform to masculine stereotypes can engender existential crises in men and boys. I am not without sympathy.

But I've taken my last 'patriarchy hurts men equally' lecture from men who can't find the toilet cleaner.

Seriously. Stop it.
Patriarchy benefits men. It benefits poor men and it benefits men of colour. It benefits disabled men and it benefits unhappy men.

Benefitting men is its raison d'etre.

That doesn't mean I don't love my brother, stupid.
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Hi tweeps! Remember back in March, I made a mega-thread of amazing #WomenInSTEM that you should follow, especially for #IWD2018? If not, here's the 'moment' I made from it…
Well, today (19 Nov) is #InternationalMensDay #IMD2018, and I wanted to mark the occasion. So here are SIXTY men working in STEM who also happen to be some of my favourite tweeps. This is by no means an exhaustive list - please don't be offended if you're not on it!
PS: I have some actual (paid) work to do today, so I'll update the list when I can, in between all my other commitments. Please be patient 😊
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How childhood gender-stereotyping damages boys: a THREAD for #InternationalMensDay
In recent years, the toy industry has heavily segregated toys for boys & girls with the latter becoming VERY pink #InternationalMensDay
Little boys who naturally adore pink in the early years of their life now often reject it at the point when they realise it is seen as a colour for girls #InternationalMensDay
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