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Another Wake Up Call and Warning for America - A 50 Count Thread on the Deep Shades of Truth in the Age of Trump
1/50 Enough is enough. The State of the Union in the US is a staged shut (down) show of disunion, disunity & the defrauding of America w/ multiple power plays going on in public & behind the scenes - w/ real consequences.
2/ Now time to consider debilitating cut bait & switch controlled ‘chaos’ charade, driven by questionable allegiances, spin doctoring, dissembling, conflicting loyalties & playing out of high stakes rigged poker game of soap opera drama chicken thrones while crying Chicken Little
3/ Those same loyalties are too often enflamed by a mockingbird press, talking heads, craven cheerleading, conspiracy theory-laden confirmation & cognitive biased shaded narratives & mirrored counter-narratives...
4/ ...propagated from too much of the mainstream & even alternative trickle-stream media plus political parties & factions — delivered across 15 second sound bites & 15 minutes of fame hooked by circus crooks, lies & trolling sucker sinkers.
5/ There are many under covered & underreported stories, but much of press seem quite reluctant to pursue these public interest stories, since a few who do write about them are threatened into silence, pressured censorship, or have sources persecuted, prosecuted & even imprisoned
6/ In addition gov’t agencies & officials charged with protecting people & investigating threats to the public, as well as corruption, fraud and abuse...
7/ ...often seem reluctant to pursue investigations or prosecute obvious crimes or shut them down — even keeping them secret to protect privilege, power & the status quo.
8/ Many of the guardrails of democracy & human rights are now disappearing, removed, buried or simply run over thru webs of deception & deceit and...
8/ Many of the guardrails of democracy & human rights are now disappearing, removed, buried or simply run over thru webs of deception & deceit and...
9/ ...too often done in collusion with the lapdogs & gate guards who also subvert, go after & persecute the true watchdogs, truth tellers, whistleblowers & guardians of liberty & freedom, while...
10/ ...all too often sacrificed on altar of national security & the shield & sword sanctity of the ‘sovereign state’ snuffing out their individual sovereignty & personal & professional lives speaking truth to & about the abuse & pathology of power.
11/ Consider for a moment that what passes as Trumpspeak & Newspeak (or parroted in echo chambers to & from access press), is inversely proportional to the truth...
12/ ...where what Trump (and others) claim is fake is usually true & that he is deeply indebted to others based on his election as President with promises to keep vases on who he owes & who owns him, while hugely incentivized to obstruct any investigations of him.
13/ For example, Trump was point blank asked on Fox News by Jeanine Pirro if he was a Russian agent & he could not say no, nor wouldn’t say he wasn’t.
14/ So who really occupies the White House?

Because temper tantrum tweets do not a President make, but they do make for obsessive politically drunk junkie must watch entertainment via his ‘all about me’ #TrumpTweetTV.
15/ Yet the looking glass Con is still on.

And it’s way past time to stare the grift horse in the mouth.


Because hard questions still remain unanswered or obscured beyond conventional wisdom & orthodoxy...
16/ ...hidden behind walls of silence, mirages, halls of mirrors, active enablers, sycophantic defenders & misdirection protected by a fawning bodyguard of lies.
17/ The gravity of the underlying clandestine ties that bind Trump, his associates & surrogates to foreign influence, rigged corruption & organized crime...
18/ ...is still not fully understood, although much is in plain sight & the public domain from decades earlier exposures & ongoing investigative reporting.
19/ Nor is it fully appreciated in terms of just how far the US was & still is head faked out with all the disinfo & infoprop ops in play (& corrupt campaign financing & current coverup ops) in run up to Trump’s election & time as President...
20/ ...taking place from all sides — & now further eroding & pulling democratic governance & civility in US apart.

Plus the use or threat of using emergency powers & exceptional authority by the executive makes more ‘emergencies’ normal - powers he inherited from Bush & Obama.
21/ This normalizing of governance through a state of exception thru the use of extraordinary means...
22/ ...and extra-legal claims justified by manifest necessity —due to a legal sleight of hand called exigent conditions, grants the gov’t the fiat power to legally license any action or order authorized by the executive.
23/ Do we really want to lose our national character & subvert national interest in the interests of national security — a state religion cloaked in self-serving narcissistic righteousness from the high priests cloaked by robes of secrecy & seal of special access to know it all?
24/ This happened after 9/11 with all the ‘legalized’ extra-legal & extra-Constitutional command & control unitary executive national security-driven governance by rule of exception fully implemented by VICE-eroy & shadow President Cheney.
25/ This hijacking of the Constitution through subversion & deceit was expanded by Bush in secret & then in closed door collusion w/ a complicit Congress & NatSecState establishment...
26/ ...and subsequently extended by Obama with his normalization of governance by exception via legalized frameworks...
27/ ...and then handed off to Trump on a secret Presidential platter— as I know & experienced all too well under Bush & Obama.
28/ Yet what if there remain real legitimate national security concerns about the Office of the current President & questions about whose interests he & his current & former associates really serve?
29/ A lot of both circumstantial & material evidence has piled up in plain sight going back years. Alarms were sounded, but too much of the media, Congress (remembering RNC was also apparently hacked, but nothing was leaked)...
30/ ...and yes, US intelligence & law enforcement — failed to expose, let alone stop, Trump’s ascendancy to the pinnacle of US power.
31/ However, Trump’s Twitter timeline and history to date with Russia, Putin and oligarchs — along with ‘alone meetings’ taking place with Putin & even other oppressive heads of state...
32/ ...are stark historical & contemporary eyewitnesses to an orchestrated showboating huckster pulling off a massive con job.

33/ The primary bore tunnel of the con job turned a RealityTV pretender contender & debt-ridden & debt-driven businessman into the pretense of a President...
34/ ...and a cunning cult of personality operating as an authoritarian agent of influence, while leveraging the willing complicity of sympathetic media outlets & proxy sock puppets.
35/ Trump took America on a carnival barker ride & suckered US onto a daily burning blowtorch of a platform spewing lies. And this platform was ignited by gaslit propaganda as a willing stooge of foreign asset manipulation & collaboration...
36/ ...with massive projected insecurity, bribery, money laundering & collusion working in play and pay to play debt for the benefit of others from ill gotten gain & doing the bidding of those he owes fealty & spoils.
37/ He did this while currying favor, seeking succor & receiving overt & covert influence ops & material support from foreign powers & international criminal elements with complicit & compliant US political allies going along for the heady power ride.
38/ And doing so with abject seemingly servile deference to autocratic foreign states & adversaries thru official & unofficial acts, while selling out the US to oblige cutouts & kleptocrats...
39/ ...with profound implications & consequences not yet fully understood — further destabilizing US governance structures & democracy in a Constitutional Republic appearing to increasingly disappear stage right.
40/ Let’s not forget #Trump framed his entire life on exploitation, projection, litigation, extortion & abuse of people for profit & gain. He abhors boundaries & constraints, except when he imposes on others & will not accept consequences for his actions, even when consequential.
41/ As a chronic, narcissistic tall tale confabulator, #Trump also continues to engage in deliberate concealment, suborning perjury, coverup, misdirection & willful obstruction & destruction of evidence to hide the truth from the public & fool his followers.

42/ Through fabulist narratives & playing joker to the press & the people as a three ring circus through the sowing of non-stop ad hominem attacks on any real or perceived opposition to him, while allergic to his own truth.
43/ He does this while pulling the rug out from under what law is left thru political & personal intrigue combined with threats of executive action (or inaction) to create more chaos & confusion that simply feed the frenzy of the 24-hour Trump newspeak cycle.

44/ Because establishment power & press conveniently looked the other way & preferred the ratings spectacle & excuse that ‘now my turn’ Hillary Clinton (highly compromised herself), would win anyway...
45/ ...instead of calling him & his shadow connections & minions out to account for the treachery that goes deep & how much he is owned by others. Real national security is at risk from both Trump & ‘deep state’ enabling behavior & failure to prevent rapid rise of Trumpocracy...
46/ ...in addition to mainstream press & political pundits failing to inform the people of clear & present danger to democracy. And I am well familiar with intel/law enforcement framing & their excesses that give rise to legitimate distrust of those same agencies & institutions.
47/ Maybe Pogo was right? We have met the enemy, and it is us. So what future do we want to keep & who do we trust to keep watch over that future?
48/ It is high noon for radical transparency. Too many are burning the candle of democracy from both ends in & the middle out by fomenting flares of tribal fanaticism, deep division, fear, political uncertainty & doubt.
49/ Emergent autocracy & authoritarianism is cutting deep into heart of American democracy as a Republic riven w/ corruption - a condition utterly anathema & stark antithesis to oath I took 4 times to support & defend Constitution of the US against all enemies foreign & domestic.
50/50 Will the will of We the People prevail along winding arc of human history? Or is future one of pathological power & politics, shaded dystopia & technocracy? Where law ends tyranny begins. When rights fail injustice prevails.

America? Or Amerika? Which do you want to keep?
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