****** Q-Thread 2/22 ****** 2862-
#FakeNews media has been discredited
#QAnon is dropping headlines lately
#WWG1WGA has been building memes, writing articles, & RT truth on SM
#JohnQPublic is waking up to our movement
#WorldWide there are MILLIONS Tuned in to Q.
Got popcorn?

@POTUS points the WORLD toward a tweet with Tons of Q-Messaging. Not direct- YET- but this is a sign that it's coming.

Q linked us to this tweet last night. Bunch of Q people went there and did a bunch of stuff that Q people do- Comments loaded w/ memes etc
There sure are a lot of 'Q' comments on that Tweet POTUS just referred to.- Q confirms that the @POTUS tweet tag was them showing us some love and opening that door just a little bit more.
Happy Friday!- The next 3 days should be most interesting. Stay tuned.

Memes, memes, & more memes!- There are some really freaking AMAZING memes/video work going on out there.

Just stop and think about the impact we are having against a media machine that has a MILLION times our budget.

Another Phenomenal Q-Proof dropped on us.
@POTUS aboard AF-1 and the Call Sign is Q-0.
Look at the 0 on your phone & tell me what symbol is under that 0.
Q-0 = Q+
Motorcade Honk Referenced in QAnon Drop 1691

Are we having fun yet?- We are on the verge of throwing a party like its 1999.
The best is yet to come.- NO DOUBT.

It's amazing what a person finds when they simply 'research'.
Praising Castro?
Will the next wave of [D] 2020 candidates begin to push the 'everything will be free' 'reparations for all Black Americans' 'more gov't control will save us' etc. etc. etc. (broken record) lines in order to 'buy'/'con' voters?- They will try- but my brothers & Sisters are WOKE!!
More talk?- 50 yrs of promises broken
More claims?- 50 yrs of promises broken
No facts?- 50 yrs of promises broken
No plan?- The #Demos NEVER have a plan- they ALWAYS run on the 'Hate the enemy platform.'
No details?- No ideas, much less details.
What happened re: Bernie's wife 'fraud' case?- 'Quid pro Quo for Bernie's acquiescence.
washingtonpost.com/politics/feder…📁- I would tell you what this article is about but I REFUSE to sub to #FakeNews. Hey Q- can you start using a different source?

The More You Know.
Super Bowl (winners)?- Patriots- specifically the owner Robert Kraft
Puppy (sex_urban dic)?- Sex Puppy- Defined in the urban dictionary in the next drop (2870)
Sex Puppy
A very sexy person who does nothing all day but follow around his/her master in a sexual manner, always happy for intercourse.

Apparently this is what very rich widowers do with prostitutes. Kind of like 'Pretty Woman' I guess.
Anon asks a Question: DeGenova says 'sedition' not 'treason', is that delineation accurate on those who were involved to frame Trump and the American people?

#QAnon responds:
Crimes against Humanity.

There will be many in each category.
Anon posts a reminder of the OIG findings on the Wiener laptop.
#QAnon responds:
Hillary Clinton & Foundation.- WORLD WIDE- Esp Africa
Crime Against Children.- Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Central America

FAKE NEWS ONLY DIVIDES.- Narrative-Trump's a racist- #FakeNews Check out my tweet to @realDonaldTrump last night:

DIVIDED YOU ARE WEAK.- Think grasshoppers
📁- Epstein case from D-2848. miamiherald.com/news/state/flo…

How do you fill your admin if majority of those 'in politics' are corrupt?- Family, Military & a VERY extensive vetting process.
DRAINING THE SWAMP.- Reconcile- LOOK 👀at all of the housecleaning
📁- Trump admin. moves to cut off some Planned Parenthood funding.

One step closer.- #WeThePeople MUST DEMAND that our tax $$ stop funding this political slush fund, killing machine. American tax $$ should not be funding POL campaigns/ #AbortionMill

For those who think this war is fake, or we are not a considered a major threat, this is a direct attack by Hillary Clinton on 'Q' & 'PRO POTUS' PATRIOTS.- F.E.A.R. makes people desperate.
The article referenced has an embedded link that literally TARGETS PRO POTUS/Q Twitter accounts that have been IDENTIFIED by CLINTON/DS as serious threats (ability to shift the narrative).- iwr.ai/voterfraud/ind…
We know many of the people on their list of 200- NOT BOTS. JS
Twitter has already begun to remove targeted accounts (stages) under false pretenses.- Tick Tock.
The war is real.- Information War
The threat is real.- They cheat
CLINTON PANIC.- Grasping for straws.
JUDGEMENT DAY COMING.- #QAnon, DM me the date please- I wont tell
Q corrects the errors.
Disregard all spelling/other errors.
On the move.
iwr.ai/voterfraud/ind…📁- this is the same link I gave you above.

Link embedded in article.
CROOKED [[[HILLARY]]].- Triple killboxes for HillDawg.

Tools of prevention online.- Good guys are preventing take down.
List of the Targeted accounts: Attached
Patriots, you have been selected as ‘threats’ and falsely labeled as ‘Foreign Disinfo’ agents (though they attempt to disguise at the bottom as 'not all').
This is an attempt to target & remove by false pretense all threatening voices (ELIMINATION OF FREE SPEECH TO PREVENT LOSS OF CONTROL). These actions are now being monitored & would strongly encourage forwarding this info to the appropriate members of Congress, Senate & media.
We believe this is a ‘test run’ to effectively silence the opposition while testing the potential media backlash and/or 'official' response.
This attempt to remove/silence (‘FASCISM’) those who oppose their view/narrative should further demonstrate their resolve to control the ‘message’ / ‘narrative’ (win at any cost).
Coincidence days after this post? Re: D-2715
We have everything.- Foreknowledge?
(1) Info
ncc.gov.ng/documents/297-…📁- A fairly simple explanation of how the internet works.

(2) Remove Control from Gov't and provide to CA (who controls CA?)- This link outlines how Hussein transferred control of the internet to a CA 'non profit'.
(3) Significant Risk? Cover? Control?- It really seems insane to me- but I know little about it.

Why would [HUSSEIN] transfer US Gov't control of the internet to a non-profit CA co?- I am going to wait for the Anons to answer this.
You are the news now.
Here are some of the responses of the Anons. I am sure there is much more to be found in this dig.
📁-The @EdKrassen @krassenstein brothers are on video admitting they're spreading misinformation & being paid to divide Americans. Evil people PAYING evil people to do their evil deeds.

Nothing to See Here.- Justice?
You are the news now.- Let's GO
More from the Anons on ICANN
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