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See, #TrumpRussiaMatrix Maps
Washington wants him – and so does Putin. Who is the Russian hacker jailed in Israel?…
CardPlanet in the #TrumpRussiaMatrix Maps...

...but there is much more than just these
...and it grows...
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#WWG1WGA #8chan #8kun

So what does Kun mean? It’s a more formal term than Chan.
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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"What is a map?"
A map is a schematic representation of reality itself.
"Learn to read the map."
You learn to read a map when you can use the map to move about in reality.....
..... October = 8-month.
(It is really 8-month, no matter the "fact" that it is the 10th month…)
8 for 8chan = infinitychan = Wonderland..... october = Read October = when 8chan has learned and "read" the map.

The Hunt for red october = the effort to get there....
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1. Quite the to do, red carpet and all for Australia's prime minister Morrison. 170 invited guests. Rare state dinner hosted in the Rose Garden. But, is there more to it?

This is only the 2nd state dinner Trump has hosted. The 1st was for France, 514 days ago on Apr 24th, 2018.
2. Brainstorming... Yesterday @POTUS and @Scavino45 hosted Mark Zuckerburg, executives and attorneys from #Facebook at the #WhiteHouse. I posted a silly caption on the photo of that meeting. Though, it was a surprising sight to see in my opinion.

3. Highly interesting that Zuckerberg's meeting with @realDonaldTrump had very little press lead in and I haven't seen a single post-meeting statement by Zuckerburg of any weight. Somewhat ironic when compared to the massive hype around #8chan's debacle.

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FLOTUS gift to Scott Morrison's wife is a nod to Q/8chan

Just like the NSA 'hacker' software Ghidra

Scott Morrison is a patriot

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #8chan #ScottMorrison #FLOTUS #POTUS
China’s state media has warned Australia risks “100 years of solitude” if it continues to strengthen military ties with the United States following Morrison's Trump meeting…

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #8chan #ScottMorrison #AusPol #China
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Another #Qproof from @POTUS today with the Prime Minister of Australia.

Tippy Top Shape.

@POTUS A refresh of "Tippy Top"

As requested by an anon from January 2018.

@potus WRWY

@POTUS Here is the first #Qproof direct comm from @potus during Easter complete with a white rabbit.

@potus WRWY

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Neon Revolt is another #PAYTriots Don't forget to donate to Neon Revolt's Propaganda 🤡🌽💰🤑
These people have taken advantage of the Q movement to ask for money. There are many like these people all over the internet and in YouTube. They came out like cockroaches in the dark.
Forget about the title.

No #8chan, we need to get it from here.

Do you know that we know?
Do you know that we see all?
Do you know that we hear all?

@realDonaldTrump Clowns & more Clowns 🤡🤑💰

Do not fall victim to con artists.
Stay on point.
This is NOT about a single person.
This is NOT about fame, followers, or profiteering.
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#QAnon Sorry for the ↗↖↘↙↔↩⤵↕↪but this #QProof is worth looking at long enough for your eyes to uncross.
"Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.
#NothingIsRandom #EverythingHasMeaning #LogicalThinking #TheyWantYouDivided #StayStrong #StayTogether #Q
Let's break it down....
NSA Tweet on 9/6/19 @ 9:49 pm EDT
The article uses a stock photo featuring prominently on the calculator the number "123" which brings us to Q post #123 from 11/6/17:
"Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.
🔼Exact 22 month delta from 9/6 NSA Tweet
[+++ is a calculator function]…
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I been looking for Articles on 8chan and now they show up so conveniently on the Search Engines! wtf ever. LIES! 8 chan is not where hatred and violence is its a Forum board. #FreeSpeech smh.. Now MSM gonna start more trouble with lies give more fuel to Dems. lol
Thread 1
2 Here's one of the Articles I found Claiming @CodeMonkeyZ Platform is VIOLENT HATE SPEECH * Implicated all the shootings? Are you Serious?…
3. I have Warned my Friends to Not post on 8chan, 4 chan, go to Discord and such. Its all a Trap. Just lurk the boards and get info.
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Lindsey Graham urges Bill Barr to release the FISA.

Jim Watkins, owner 8chan testified to Congress yesterday.
He choose to where a Q pin.

#8chan may be back online as early as next week.

Unfortunelly it will be targeted by bad actors to shut it down.
Racism, anti-Semitism and calls for violence are some tactics they use.
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1. What if #Q set a special marker, something hidden in plain sight...that would tell us what to share with others? I've been advised of a little marker on 15 #QDrops that I never would've seen on my own. What does "pb" mean to you? I believe this is a meaningful message.
2. So, after being compromised a couple times and having serious attacks on my devices, I usually don't click on DM's from people I don't follow. But, someone sent me one tonight that was incredible. Unfortunately I deleted the message so I can't give credit where it is due.
3. I was told certain QDrops contain a marker, pb, and, I found out there's a possible set of instructions that if followed in whole, basically summarizes the entire QAnon big picture. Maybe it's a message for those new to the movement? Perhaps "pb" stands for "play back".
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1/ And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. When I saw her, I marveled greatly - Rev. 17:6

2/ Today's story begins with a mad Welshman who moved to SC when he was 10. He was a regular on /k/, the 4chan image board dedicated to weapons and warfare, and a namefag: HighwayPatrolman.

3/ HP is 6'7", 240 pounds. He used to be part of his State's Bureau of Investigation as well as an impressive record in military service. He and his wife adopted four orphaned #Boer children in addition to their own kids which prejudices me heavily in his favor.

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#Q told us a day was coming for an independent social media. A White House controlled platform for REAL news/videos without foreign influence.

#QAnon has pushed for this. No #DeepState influence.

#QDrop 2973

Think [H]ere.

H = 8


New WH site?
Thank you to those who have pointed's QDrop 2793, not 2973.
With this QDrop for perspective, look again at @CodeMonkeyz's post. If the #FakeNews pushes for a major smear campaign against #8Chan, it'll be discredited before the White House could take it over, if that's in fact the plan. #FreedomOfSpeech

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.@CBS chose @discordapp bc it's used by video gamers, and we all know gamers are losers and completely violent to their core and more than likely male and incel. (/sarcasm)
This plays on mass shooter propaganda they want to push. #8chan #QAnon #FakeNews
@CBS @discordapp Incidentally, I do not use Discord. I've never been fond of Discordianism either.
It's quite amusing that they want to mobilize attacks by the media on gamers and tie them together with 8ch. Their logic IMO plays into a possible #MKULTRA scheme I suspect has been in play starting this year.
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1. Today could be a BIG day folks. If we were right, today marks the last day of the 10 days of darkness.

#8Chan could announce the #8ChanShutDown is over today or tomorrow.

#Q could have posts for us.

#DECLAS could officially hit today or tomorrow.

2. At least 2 #QDrops are satisfied today if not more.

#282 and #3570

#8Chan went down on the 5th, Today is the 15th. 15 - 5 = 10 days of #Q comms blackout / darkness.

Today is also resignation day for #DNI Dan Coats and #DeputyDNI Sue Gordon.

[C]oats before [D]eclas.
3. Remember, @POTUS circumvented DNI Coats and have direct authority to #DECLAS to #AGWilliamBarr. Now we know why @realDonaldTrump didn't include Coats on the DECLAS. Coats won't be in office to be a part of the DECLAS process!

It's amazing how Q drops become so relevant.
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Is it possible UNICEF was founded expressly to facilitate child trafficking by the elites?

Naah. That's a conspiracy theory. It's #8chan where we hunt down sick evil bastards like this that's the real problem.
Red Cross, refugee children, Bangkok, Chad, worked with renowned Illuminati tranny 'Mother' Teresa - it's all here hiding in plain sight:…
And don't forget he got the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian award and is good friends with @JustinTrudeau!

It's rather like knighthoods: MI5 vets you and if you're NOT a pedo then you have no chance.
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1/ White supremacy and the #ElPasoShootings.

It's a psyop and not a very good one.

Let's dig in.
2/ First - and most important - question: who is the shooter? That's ... not an easy question to answer believe it or not. There are FOUR different photographs floating around of him.


3/ I haven't seen any cross references to the first two anywhere so I'm going to narrow the possible Patricks down to the last two - the Hispanic Patrick and the Jewish Patrick. The NY Post did post their pics on Saturday a few hours apart.

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1/ THREAD: The crumbs I’ve gleaned about the #8Chan takedown.
2/ To me, both 8Chan and 4Chan represent one of the last remaining pockets of free speech on the internet. It’s like the Wild West, in the sense that liberty and freedom thrive amongst unsavouriness. You’ll find nuggets of gold in a big pile of cow turds.
3/ Anonymous speech is free speech. This hails back to the earlier days of The Republic, when the Founding Fathers debated using pseudonyms to help buffer against potential wrath from the King.…
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1/ Some thoughts on #8chan's move to ZeroNet.
2/ First point: this is not official. Some users set up something very like #8chan on Zeronet a while ago just in case 8chan was targeted and then forgot about it. I laughed: this is exactly what I did with 8chan /cbts/ when #qanon was still on 4chan /pol/.
3/ So this is just another exodus to a different platform in response to a crackdown. But there's a big difference: ZeroNet is not a website - it's a bunch of data files shared by people all over the world using the bittorrent protocol. Those data files are images and comments.
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1) Two shootings.

Immediate politically motivated, reactionary, responses from the #Leftist minority.

Two Leftwing radicals found 2be the culprits, that is, if the disbursed facts(?) are true.

As per tired, aged #OldGuard playbook, the grandstanding 4 #GunControl began before
2) the casings were cold.

Next, the spin began...

#8chan became the focal point of allegedly intelligent, well versed, research persons in media(?), politics & more. A narrative, that this was a grooming ground for these #HomeGrownTerrorist's, ensued.

#FakeNews stated, likely
3) knowingly, in the least due 2a profound ignorance of #8chan, that the #ElPasoShooter had filed his "Manifesto" there. This, as is known now, is a fabrication, doubtlessly created 2drive talking points that repeatedly become core motivators, catalysts, of hatred parroted by
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1) Here's a graphic re: how to 8chan using #ZeroNet.
2) @realDonaldTrump
Just so it's being spread, the #ElPasoShooter, 1st uploaded his "manifesto" to IG.

He then put it up on #4chan...

Yep, more #FakeNews to cover the move to #Censor #QAnon & actually, in their minds, to divide.

Has IG or 4chan been de-platformed?
@realDonaldTrump 3) The Q keeps coming up: Where's Ur proof that the #ElPasoShooter didn't post to #8chan.

Here's some sauce from the old #QResearch board which @8Notables had sent along.

The goal wasn't quelling "#Hate", save #TPTB's hatred of exposure do 2 #QAnon, @realDonaldTrump & #Anons!
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