No deal with NK. Trump got played. Kim was legitimized by the POTUS flying around the world to meet with him. Muh photo ops. Trump is an idiot. Blah Blah Blah

Remember these words: You must not get emotionally committed to 'making a deal' for sake of the deal.
Lead up to the 1st meeting with Kim, there was nuclear war rhetoric, missile tests, and my button is bigger than yours. Upon 1st first meeting, an ultimatum was delivered: 'Cut the crap or we will make you a big hole in the ground', ...."to the likes this world has never seen."
Between the 1/2 meetings, there was still a very strong stance taken by @POTUS with clear expectations being set. Then in Singapore, within hours, there was a clear picture painted for Kim on his choices.
Kim was freed during that meeting in Singapore. Remember the pictures of joy on his face? Kim had been a prisoner in his own country and was now meeting with the leader of the free world. The agreement came quickly and the timeline was set in motion. #QAnon
During the time between meetings 2/3, the 'Intelligence Community' had spent months attempting to tell the world how NK/Kim were NOT holding up to that agreement, with fabricated satellite photos, false reports, leaks to the media etc. - Propaganda cnbc.com/2018/04/22/tru…
So let's fast forward to February 27th- Vietnam Summit with NK/Kim. All tones were positive from the meetings- both sides. Kim even took questions from foreign reporters, a first. When asked if he was ready to denuclearize: msn.com/en-us/news/vid…
So all systems were go. A signing ceremony was scheduled, a press conference to follow- all was well. Then not long after the video from the previous tweet, an announcement came out that POTUS would be doing a press conference, but no signing ceremony. The left rejoiced. #QAnon
Type "no deal trump got played" into your twitter search box and read how much hate there is toward @realDonaldTrump. They don't care what happens to America, as long as Trump fails. These people HATE AMERICA! Welcome to the #Demo crat party. #QAnon
So while the #Demos are rejoicing over the 'failure' of this summit, let's look at how far we have come in the past 15 months. Below are the rocket tests done by NK since @realDonaldTrump was elected. 16 tests in 2017. No missile launches since Nov, 28th 2017. What changed?
When Trump met with Kim in the Forbidden City, in China, November 7-8 2017, the agreement was made and Kim was turned from cabal puppet to an actual leader of his country. BUT, what about the missile launch on November 28, 2017? Why would Kim launch AFTER being freed by @POTUS?
Remember the secure comms set up by Eric Schmidt in NK 2013? theguardian.com/technology/201…
This was a cabal control installation. What if the cabal global shadow government now had access to NK arsenal? They still maintained operational control even though Kim had been turned. #QAnon
So, as far as that launch POST-CHINA meeting- Nov 28th. D-234 addresses this.
"Snow White utilized/activated to silence.
This was not anticipated.
Control / protection lost.
Routing through various networks ('jumpers') randomly has created connection/sec issues."
Snow White- Is the ClA supercomputer system used to launch undetected.
D-235 elaborates and clarifies the reason for the ROGUE launch.
Where is BO?
What is the purpose?
Who fired? <<<<<---------------------------------------
Anyway, since the first meeting with Kim in China, there have been no REAL NK missile launches. The rhetoric has completely changed and think about this.... Does it NOT take NK off the board for the cabal when Kim/POTUS are publicly meeting and talking nice to one another? #QAnon
So when the news broke of 'NO DEAL' last night/this morning, I was a little bummed. How was this part of the plan? Why would Trump go to the summit without a deal basically already done? Why send in the closer unless the deal is ready to close? #QAnon
I believe that this play is being made for a couple of reasons.
1. Let the msm and #Demos dig their hole a little deeper, including all of the deep state talking heads that are part of the msm now. This deal not being done during this summit has the entire world's attention.
2. Think prize fighting. When you want MAXIMUM attention, have the champ 'lose' to the challenger, schedule the rematch and watch the money change hands. I know this seems like cheating, but in politics it's called gamesmanship. Things are being done for MAXIMUM impact. #QAnon
The left, the traitors, the corrupt, the never trumpers, the deep state, the cabal, the America haterz- all wanted @realDonaldTrump to lose last night, and they are all cheering like crazy today. They HATE our Country and our President. #QAnon
So for the next ___ weeks, they will be playing this NK thing up like the Russia Hype Job of 2017. This is ALL part of the plan. 'They' will spin the propaganda at 1000mph trying to tear down the Trump/Kim relationship, in order to put NK back on the board for the cabal. FAIL.
So let me tell you what I think happened last night between the video and when the announcement came out that there was no deal....

In the press conference last night, Trump said 'We know every inch of NK like the back of our hand", why did he say that? CONTROL acknowledged.
Kim wants sanctions lifted for obvious reasons. However if sanctions are lifted without NK being completely cleansed of cabal operatives, they will be able to move $$, equipment, people etc in/out of NK easily again. So the sanctions MUST stay in place. #QAnon
So, Trump/Kim decide to make a verbal agreement and not announce it. NK begins working on all of the denuke measurable activities of the verbal agreement, the US continues to help cleanse the cabal from their country and when the timing is right, the deal will be publicly signed.
Deal or no deal, NK still remains off the board for the cabal. They can't use Kim/NK as cover for their ROGUE operations & THAT is what is important. Like @POTUS said "We're in no rush". In the big picture all that matters is keeping the cabal from starting a nuclear war. #QAnon
WE are in this fight together- #WWG1WGA
We TRUST @POTUS and #QAnon - #TrustThePlan
We LOVE our Country- #AmericaFirst
We are FULLY engaged- #PatriotsFight
#WeThePeople are getting WOKE- #TheGreatAwakening
The STAGE has been set- #CBTS
Enjoy the SHOW- #JusticeIsComing
This is a post from an Anon on 8-Chan. I think it's spot on within the context I laid out in the thread.
Here is where I leave you for today.
A GREAT prospective from Thomas Wictor.
I trust Thomas and his observations.
Enjoy: quodverum.com/2019/03/60/it-…
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