Pakistan has been at the highest level of alert after Pulwama. Was India probing the reaction time and air defence effectiveness?
Pakistan has confirmed an explosion/strike by IAF in Balakot
Eyes in the skies, just in case Pakistan reacts
From Pakistan's response, it seems that they are unwilling to escalate, just like they reacted after the surgical strikes. Their bluff has been called.
To detect any threat in the skies and eliminating it mid air, before it hits the target in India
Now that Pak has already confirmed that IAF violated the air space, it would be interesting what confirmation we get from official sources in India.
What is the importance of Balakot? It's the JeM fort. The JeM which carried out Pulwama
That IAF fighters not only breached the LoC but struck deep inside Pakistan speaks of the capabilities of Pak defence. JeM camps flattened. Har har Mahadev
ISPR's admission is as good as it can get. 3 takeaways:
1) Admission that IAF not only crossed the PoK but struck deep inside Pakistan and returned unscathed
2) Balakot, a big JeM camp was the target
3) Pak has no gumption to escalate
India has clearly taken the response to the next level. This time we did not sneak into the PoK, we dared and roared in the skies, we struck and we came back. Balakot #surgicalstrike2 #IndianAirForce #airstrike #IAFJets #Mirage2000 #Muzaffarabad
Thousand kilos of payload, flattening the JeM in #Balakot. Har Har Mahadev #surgicalstrike2 #IndianAirForce #airstrike #IAFJets #Mirage2000 #Muzaffarabad
Recall that even during Kargil, at cost of higher casualties of our men who were taking on an enemy entrenched at advantageous heights, India did not cross the LoC for fear of Nuclear escalation.

India's daring #surgicalstrike2 has called the Pak bluff. #Balakot #airstrike
By denying the surgical strikes earlier, Pakistan painted itself in a corner. Today it admitted the #airstrikes but denied casualties, dil ke samjhane ko.

If Pakistan is not escalating, it's giving up on its advantage that it held by a Nuclear blackmail. Suits India. Fir Marenge
Pakistan deployed all of its air assets. Many reports of its Fighter Jets patrolling the skies. But none crossed the IB or #LineofControl. In Modi-Raj, it dare not.

This is a big change in posturing. India's posturing used to be defensive and Pak's attacking. Now flipped
Indian Air Force for the first time has crossed the LoC. Against a Nuclear Armed Nation.

This is unprecedented, anywhere in the world, ever. India has truly arrived.
Kargil heights cud've easily been taken, if #IAFJets were allowed to bomb the positions & supply lines, by crossing the LoC. India sacrificed hundreds of men in taking Kargil heights but didnt cross LoC, as was too afraid of Nuclear threat.

A new India has reset the equation
#Mirage2000 are equipped with laser guided bombs for precision strike. That the 'payload' was wasted is a lame admission by Pak Army, that they have been bombed hard. #Surgicalstrike2 #Balakot #indianairforce #IndiaStrikesBack #airstrike
The new India under Modi has forced a tectonic shift in the Indo-Pak equation. Pakistan has been put in its place. #Surgicalstrike2 #Balakot #indianairforce #IndiaStrikesBack #airstrike
Make no mistake, this was a full blown attack by India. Pakistan Army has completely given away its myth of invincibility. Its bluff has been called.
Not just Balakot, but Chakothi and Muzaffarabad terrorist camps also flattened and completely destroyed.

Paradigm shift. The strategy of Pakistan, of fighting war with thousand cuts using proxies has been neutralized today. India will not take those cuts any more.
Very significant. Pakistan was ready to retaliate. India was ready to defend with its full might. India was ready for the escaation.

Pakistan blinked. Good sense prevailed. Pay the price of your Pulwama misadventure, learn the lesson and go home.
Seems beside the big ticket acquisitions, India was aquiring capabilities outside the gaze of Media and the opposition, which always leaks the information on India's defence armaments.

India blinded Pakistan's air defence for full 21 minutes!
World is only waking up to audacity, scale and unprecedented nature of India's attack:
-Pak air defences were on full and highest level of alert since Pulwama
-All air defence assets, all strike assets of Pakistan are on tht side which India breached deep
-Not one but 12 #IAFJets
Make no mistake, this had all the ingredients to escalate into a Nuclear War. We, in Delhi, may not have survived to see tomorrow.

Pakistan's Military leadership is not irrational as they project themselves to be. That gun pointed on the head has gone forever.
This facility at #Balakot was headed by Maulana Yousuf Azhar (alias Ustad Ghouri), the brother-in-law of Masood Azhar chief of #JeM: Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale

Confirmed killed.
Pakistan is not escalating either because it has no capacity to or because it is scared of escalation
-12 Nuclear capable Mirage 2000 breached Pakistan's airspace, stayed there for 21 minutes and returned unscathed.
- Pak's F-16 took off to strike back but returned to base after realizing the size of Indian formation.

So much for Nuclear parity. It's gone forever.
Calibrated statement by India. UN designated Terrorists. Non-Military, pre-emptive strike. Avoided civilian casualties.

Sending the message that India is not against Pakistan's Military or citizen, only striking at UN designated Terrorists

Yes, we have moved the needle. India is the emerging power.
Remember Modi's words

बहुत बड़ी गलती कर चुके हैं. इसकी बहुत बड़ी कीमत उन्हें चुकानी पड़ेगी.

And the price is not only a few hundred Terrorists killed, it's taking away the pride, the sense of Nuclear Parity of Pakistan Army. A nation humiliated. #indiastrikesback
Yes, the world now knows. The Nuclear blackmail is gone
The #SurgicalStrikes were done with the advantage of element of surprise.

This morning's #IndiaStrikeBack air raids are audacious and spectacular not only for the deep overt penetration and unscathed return, but also because they were done when Pakistan was fully alert and ready
No one expected that India can pull off a response at this scale and so successful. This is a black swan moment in India's strategic and political history. We are witnessing a paradigm shift.
And while there is every reason to celebrate #IndiaStrikeBack today, remember we are now in uncharted territory. IAF repulsed the F-16s today, but Pak Military will be under huge pressure to hit back.

This is not going to be very soon and can get ugly.
India must have war gamed every scenario of Pakistan's response. India's AWACS, its mid air refueling assets, its air defence and air strike assets were all deployed.

It's remarkable that Modi did not cancel the Churu rally, so close to Pakistan's airspace. Truly 57 Inch
PAF F-16s that took off for a retaliation
Good signs. Pakistan, by denying the attacks is minimizing the rhetoric and escalation. suits India.
Exactly. This is a big lesson for Pakistan and it will have to make a choice for its own existence.
And Pakistan was not a Nuclear power then. #IndiaStrikesPakistan is not just a game-changer, but a tectonic shift.
India has redrawn the red lines. Threshold for India's tolerance now far lower. Threshold for escalation now far higher than earlier thought.

Pak's war on India, by thousand cuts is no longer of low cost to itself. Every cut will have a progressively unaffordable cost on Pak
From sneaky Surgical strikes, to open and daring air raids. Pakistan may not change. Next time, it will be a Naval blockade, choking Pakistan to death?
This is what we must celebrate tonight.
India has crossed the Rubicon yesterday. We are in an uncharted territory. All the old war game assumptions, all the old bets are off the table now.

India has given up its doctrine of strategic restraint and a new doctrine is shaping up
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