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Here are a series of tweets with American content. Bernie vs establishment Democrats.

I’m putting them here so you can use them to compare how similar in content, and intensity they are to corresponding Canadian tweets between a divided left.
Take any Canadian thread that has Green or NDP ideologues arguing the merits of voting your conscience over voting strategically in the next election.

Examine the rationale Singh and May use to gain votes.
Take a step back from the rhetoric and look at the strategy. It’s Exactly the same as Bernie.

Take another look at the narrative progressive supporters are using to argue the merits of a Green or NDP vote. It’s exactly the same strategy.
If you are a Green or NDP who’s carrying this torch, ask yourself when you picked it up. When did the words you type on twitter become exactly the same rhetoric you’ve been fed to believe is a unique Canadian experience and become the same jargon uttered in the US?
It’s no accident this is happening. This is achieved by coordinated manipulation and disinformation campaigns. Whether the leadership of the parties (candidates for president in US) are complicit or unwitting is irrelevant. The result is the same. A divided progressive/left vote.
A cleared path to a conservative majority victory.

Don’t ask yourself if what you believe and value is valid. Ask yourself why you’re so angry about defending it. Ask why your desire for climate action is so strong and your level of fear of catastrophe is so high.
What are the triggers that have emotionally triggered such a vehement emotional response?

Climate inaction?
Broken promises?
Liberal support for oil industry?
A Pipeline?
Scandal and crime?
Immigration and asylum seekers?
Feminism & JWR?
Indigenous reconciliation?
Everyone of those uniquely Canadian issues is inundated daily with emotionally charged rhetoric and polarized for public consumption & manipulation.

Progressives are being provoked into questioning their morals, ethics, beliefs & values to elicit an extreme emotional response.
Repeated provocation is being used to manipulate an emotional decision on who best represents their beliefs & values.

It’s a false choice. They all do. Look at the platforms of all progressive political parties in Canada. They are all practically identical.
Then examine any other of the various progressive platforms in a democracy under attack by the same authoritarian surge. They are virtually the same policies.

60% of Canadians want the same policies.

Manipulation of our emotions divides us into tribal entrenchment.
Divide and rule.

That is the strategy being used by the far right to win a majority government.

The far right don’t represent a majority of the popular vote. At most, fear mongering will give them 35-40%. Including centre right who are fooled by Scheer’s reassurances.
Only through manipulation by eliciting guttural, visceral emotionally charged voting behaviour can they win. It divides the left & clears a path to a majority government.

All progressives are on the same side. We all want the same actions. So why are we divided?
Ask Singh and May why they attack the PM and LPC rather than the far right.


It’s an addictive and alluring drug.

They both seek to increase their personal power.
If they were fighting for Canadians & progressive beliefs & values, they’d be aiding LPC get policies in place. Not seeking to undermine the Leader of a party that is implementing policy that represents everything they want to protect.
They’d be focussed on the authoritarian threat from far right ideologues. They’d call out the personal attacks and character assassination of Trudeau. They’d reject the degradation of public office by Con MP’s and Senators and the use of utterly baseless accusations and smears.
Instead, Singh and May have joined the fracas and pile onto Con accusations of impropriety and alleged criminal behaviour. They ignore the Senate is obstructing climate action, blame LPC & claim only they could traverse the road to royal assent by the use of force or sheer will.
The rhetoric used by Singh & May indicates where their respective loyalty lies.

The leadership of both Greens and NDP, through their own attacks, give implicit permission to malign a progressive PM who represents almost everything they claim to support; progressive values.
Neither the Greens or NDP leadership is campaigning for Canadians, they are promoting their own interests above all other Canadians by attacking the very beliefs and values they claim to support.

Greens and NDP are sailing a rudderless ship that will ensure a CPC majority.
Look at the tweets again. It’s the same cyclical, inane arguments repeated ad nauseam to fight the emotionally charged battle to ensure a far left victory.

Also known as the Finkelstein Method.
I found this video on my suggested viewing list of YouTube. It’s a tutorial how to see the world through objective eyes.

Please watch it. It’s short and quite informative.

It describes awareness. This is the first step to critical thinking.

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