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Thread 2.17.2019!! Q Day!
He Knows My Name!
Eph. 1:4 He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy & without blame before Him in love!

#HeKnowsMyName #Chosen #Redeemed #Loved #QDay #QAnon #Pray @realDonaldTrump
President Trump and General
Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
!!NEW Q - 2745!!
00:39:30 EST
Information waterfall.
Buckle up!
#QAnon #Traitors #BuckleUp #InformationWaterfall @realDonaldTrump
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In response to my collage memes
I often get asked
"ya, but what does it mean?"
Allow me try to explain
I like to use symbolism
Attempting to draw in viewers
Compiling a variety of
representing mish-mosh of current events
Look at this meme
What do you see?
Research #FujiWater
Are you aware
of the immense BIG BROTHER 💩 in China?
The social scoring
that effects every aspect of their lives?
THEY are wearing these masks
to avoid being identified
This collage (to me)
represents the SJWs
pushing an insane leftist agenda
into every aspect of our lives
Nothing will be the same
if we do not push back
trans & UGLY women
Be allowed 2B included as
Victoria secret models
This is not okay with *me
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Thread 2.9.2019!!
Who Am I!!

Ephesians 2:8-10 For by grace are ye saved through faith; & that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.
#WhoAmI #Chosen #Forgiven #Redeemed #AmazingGrace @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s Tweets 2.9.2019!!
1. 8:56:24 EST [13.6] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray Adding Q Drops 856 & 136!
President Trump’s Tweets 2.9.2019!!
2. 9:30:36 EST [34] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray Adding Q Drops 930 & 34!!
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On May 5, 1978, with a $12,000 investment, the two business partners, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, opened an ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

In 2018, #AOC took $1,676,051 of other peoples money to acquire a seat in the congress...
… Both loves Bernie. Ben and Jerry's are very rich and still are involved in the Waterbury Factory (great place to visit!) in my home state, making and sampling ice cream flavors.

They have done far more for left wing philanthropy with their wealth, than #AOC will ever do ...
… in her congressional seat.

Capitalism beats socialism on social issues every time!
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1) Let’s talk about the #NewGreenDeal
Bill McKibben and Van Jones are pushing a new scam called the Green New Deal and are using the super-flaky Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the face of it. #AOC #Fraud…
2) Here are four facts you need to know about the Green New Deal:
1 – The Green New Deal is the latest incarnation of the “Keep It in the Ground” movement.
@SenSanders introduced the “Keep It in the Ground Act” but protests at Standing Rock—turned violent. @POTUS
3) Because the protests at Standing Rock—which were supposed to galvanize public support behind the “Keep It in the Ground” movement, became violent, public support wasn’t there.
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AGAIN, Warning: This thread is likely to trigger known social media ailments inc, but not limited to, faux outrage, mad Bros, gaslighting, and more. Those experiencing such will be ignored and/or laughed at.

Now, let's talk about how we're already fucking up 2020, part deux.

Yesterday I explained why I believed our overcrowded candidate field for 2020 is not good thing. In this thread I will focus on what I think the candidates themselves are getting wrong.

Hold on to your hats kids, this might get a little bumpy.

1. I belong to the largest and most dominant political coalition in the United States. And we are being ignored.

It is a real tragedy, because it signals that the candidates are either buying into the negative propaganda out there, or they lack confidence.

Neither is good.

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#SOTU What an emotional rollercoaster. I don't think I could handle more than one of those a year. Sadness, joy, drama, comedy, heroism, patriotism, crime, triumph, this speech had it all.
I got a little emotional for Alice Johnson and the little 10-year old with brain cancer. I could see their happiness to be there at the #SOTU
The veterans of WWII and holocaust survivors together was another emotional moment and a joyous celebration of heroism and patriotism. #SOTU
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Thread for 01.23.2019!!
#QAnon #WRWYPresidentTrump #BuildAWallAndCrimeWillFall @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s Tweets
1. 7:48:55 EST
2. 7:57:29 EST [9] min Delta
3. 7:59:50 EST [2] min Delta
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #WRWYPresidentTrump #BuildAWallAndCrimeWillFall @realDonaldTrump
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@SpeakerPelosi , 9 other democrats & 90 other family members!! That's all on our Tax Dollars!! This is Worse than Obama fake family did upon us!! #wtf
Call Congress now (202) 224-3121
@SpeakerPelosi , 9 other democrats & 90 other family members!! That's all on our Tax Dollars!! This is Worse than Obama fake family did upon us!! #wtf
Call Congress now (202) 224-3121
@SpeakerPelosi , 9 other democrats & 90 other family members!! That's all on our Tax Dollars!! This is Worse than Obama fake family did upon us!! #wtf
Call Congress now (202) 224-3121
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#AOChampion is the MVP!

Ringling Brothers Circus ended
'Cause the Dems are the New Circus today. Keep up the good Clown work
Your rationality is.. is.. 🤔


Just Please don’t stop.
Even her maids think she not all there
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New Thread on #FakeNews
Everyday running new #SmearCampaigns
There narratives are failing BIGLY!
NO ONE CARES what CNN,NYT, & Others say everyday on News
Called em out like he sees them!
Here is the video @SpeakerPelosi guiding you on how to work a #SmearCampaigns
What #SmearCampaigns mean
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MSNBC's Anchor Stephenie Rule implying @realDonaldTrump is Blackmailing @LindseyGrahamSC
#Fact Linden Graham is freed from his ball and Chain NO NAME.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
#Q we r tired of waiting Show us a sign of some #arrested at #GITMO drop names of #MilitaryTribunals list. #DarkToLight
#GreatAwakening #QAnon #QArmy
@madmandave1011 @arresthrc @fedupwarriorq17
Remember when John Kasich on CNN with CC said 4 months ago?? Right after John McCain died? 8.25.18
I remember!! Pmsllol
#QAnon #QArmy #GreatAwakening #MilitaryTribunals
LEAKER but from the #CONSERVATIVES side?
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