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I listen to ~90 #Podcasts on a (semi) regular basis. Let me give you a rundown of ALL of them and why you should listen to some amazing #FOAMed, especially for all the new #EmergencyMedicine interns. #FOAMed #MedEd #medtwitter
First of all, you need a good podcast app. I absolutely love Downcast. Great app, gives you more control over playback, downloading, and allows you to categorize your podcasts into playlists (picture 2). This is where you get to customize your #FOAMed experience! #medtwitter
In no particular order,

- Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews and Commentary (ACCRAC). Great insight into Crit Care from an anesthesia perspective. Coming from EM, this is great to listen to- much different from my day-to-day! #FOAMed #FOAMcc #CriticalCare
- The Curbsiders (@thecurbsiders) As an EM doc, it's important to expand your medical knowledge on both the inpatient and outpatient sides of medicine! Always fun discussions w/experts on important topics. #FOAMed #MedEd
- EMCrit (@emcrit) Cutting edge critical care, not really for novices. Excellent thought leaders on here, most know about this already. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- EMCases (@EMCases) One of my absolute favorite podcasts. Deep dives into relevant EM topics, with special episodes dedicated to case discussions and "quick hits" of interesting topics. Must listen! #FOAMed
- ERCast with @emergencypdx Practical lessons to take on your next shift. Covers all the stuff you see daily and how to tackle them! Made for the community doc, but applicable to ALL docs! #FOAMed @HippoEducation
- FeminEM (@feminemtweets) A space to learn more about the experience, difficulties, and triumphs of women in medicine. One of the most insightful podcasts I listen to! #FOAMed #medtwitter
- Financial Residency. Your education needs to cover not only EM, but also financial literacy. This podcast is one of the many covering this topic, but does it better than most! #FOAMed #medtwitter
- FOAMFrat (@FOAMfrat) Weekly updates for the fast-moving EM world. Funny, entertaining, and topical. #FOAMed
- Harvard Chan: This Week in Health. Keep up to date with the larger public health and medical world with the folks at @HarvardChanSPH. Uniquely inspiring, and it reminders me of the bigger picture often. What we do is important! #FOAMed #publichealth
- ICU Primary Prepcast with @reflect_learn and All about ICU pharmacology and physiology. Covers the essentials of broad topics, perfect for board prep. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- The Internet Book of Critical Care (@iBookCC) with @adamdavidthomas and @PulmCrit Great resource, covering select aspects of their larger blog-based content covering a contemporary approach to ICU problems. Must listen+read to get the most out of this! #FOAMed #CriticalCare
- The Medutopia Podcast (@Med_Utopia) with @EM_Educator. Great #MedEd podcast covering a lot of ground. Great for budding clinician educators. #FOAMed #MedEd
- P cubed podcasting. Want to know how to give talks like @ffolliet? This is the podcast for you. #FOAMed #EndDeathByPowerpoint
- PedsRAP by @HippoEducation with @BeharSolomon. You can set up your account to get free episodes, and send them to Downcast. Always great content on all things Peds! #FOAMed #FOAMpeds
- Penn Medicine's TTM (@PennTTM) with @BenjaminAbella All about post-arrest care from the leaders in the field. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc #Resuscitation
- Primary Care RAP. Another @HippoEducation great. Entertaining, primary care focused segments. Free segment every month! Always something interesting to expand your horizons and understand what your PCP friends do! #FOAMed #primarycare
- The St. Emlyn's Virtual Hospital Podcast (@stemlyns). World class content on everything Critical Care, resuscitation, and emergency medicine, just like the blog! #FOAMed #MedEd
- Taming the SRU. Core EM content from @TamingtheSRU. One of my favorites. Short, sweet, covering a range of topics. Well worth a listen, high-quality stuff here. #FOAMed
- Teaching in Higher ED (@tihighered)by @bonni208. Definitely not a medical podcast, but has excellent discussions on pedagogy, teaching strategies, and insight into best practices for teaching adult learners. #teaching #Meded #FOAMed #education
- Ultrasound Podcast. Great #POCUS resource! #FOAMed #medtwitter
- Urgent Care RAP by @ HippoEducation with @embouncebacks @Rick_Pescatore and @mizuhomorrison Really excited about this recent find. More than "just" UC content, but really fundamental EM content for those challenging “fast track” patients! #FOAMed #urgentcare #EmergencyMedicine
- White Coat Investor Podcast. @WCInvestor One of the greats, covering everything you want (and need) to know about finances for high-income professionals. And read the books. #FOAMEd #financialeducation
- AAEM podcasts (@aaeminfo). Discussing advocacy and critical care in EM. Important topics, just not updated frequently enough. And a monthly summary of the Journal of EM. #FOAMed #MedEd
@aaeminfo - AAEM/RSA podcasts (@AAEMRSA) Leaders in EM sharing their knowledge with residents. Good discussions and insight. #FOAMed #residency #EmergencyMedicine
- Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (@ALiEMteam @DerekMonetteMD @M_Lin ) Another must-listen with content from their amazing blog. Truly great content! #FOAMed #Meded
- ACEP Critical Decisions in EM and ACEP Frontline (@ACEPNow). Covers the most recent issue of CD in EM and In-depth looks at the hottest EM topics, respectively. #FOAMed
- AEM Early Access Podcast (@@AcademicEmerMed) Early looks at new articles, with great summaries and breakdowns. One of the few EM journal podcasts I actually listen to. #FOAMed #MedEd
- Airway World Podcast (@AirwayWorld). Quarterly webinars examining the newest articles and updates in airway management. Deep dives here! #airway #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Anatomy for EM by @AndyNeill Not updated anymore, but amazing content covering relevant anatomy for the EM doc. Worth sharing. #FOAMed #anatomy
- Blood Bank Guy Essentials by @bloodbankguy One of my favorites. Great look "behind the curtain" of our transfusion medicine colleagues, and gives you a better understanding of things we use often. #FOAMed #transfusionmed
- EAST Careercast and Traumacast by @EAST_TRAUMA Interviews with physicians about their career trajectories and updates in trauma management primarily for trauma surgeons, but lets EM docs have a deeper understanding of the post-resus management of these patients. #FOAMed
- The Clinical Problem Solvers (@CPSolvers). An IM-based clinical reasoning podcast with excellent "walk throughs" of clinical cases. Improve your clinical reasoning! #FOAMed
- Combat Casualty Care (@MC4army). An in-depth look at all aspects of military medicine. Always learning something new, and always in awe of the work being done. #FOAMed
- CORE EM (@Core_EM) and CORE IM (@COREIMpodcast) podcasts from NYU. Short, digestible chunks of core EM and IM content! #FOAMed #MedEd #medtwitter shoutout to @doctormromeo and @EMSwami
- Crackcast (@crack_cast) by @WeAreCanadiEM. One of my favs. Dissecting Rosen's one chapter at a time, with some humanities-focused pieces thrown in. Excellent to follow along with Rosen’s. #FOAMed @Brent_Thoma
- Critical Care Perspectives in EM by @critcareguys Definitely worth the money. 30 min episodes where 4 EM/CCM greats discuss the newest trends in EM. And they once discussed an article of mine! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Critical Care Reviews Podcast (@CritCareReviews) One of my favorite web blogs in podcast form! Wish the podcast was more frequently updated, though. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- The Dantastic Mr. Tox and Howard (@dantastictox) Deep dives in interesting toxicology topics from two uniquely funny toxicologists. Always learn a million new things here. Excellent old-school radio vibe. #FOAMtox #FOAMed
- Don't Forget the Bubbles (@DFTBubbles). Perennially one of the leading Peds EM podcasts. Inspiring talks, core content, and innovations! #FOAMpeds #FOAMed @TessaRDavis
@DFTBubbles @TessaRDavis - The Downeast EM Podcast (@downeastem). Another fun EM-based core clinical content podcast. #FOAMed #medtwitter
- ED ECMO (@edecmo) with @emcrit @ZackShinar. Everything you need to know about #ECMO and more, not only for the ED providers! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc #ECMO
- The Elective Rotation with @PharmacyJoe. 2-4 minute snippets of pharmacology goodness. #pharmacology #FOAMed
- EM Basic with @embasic embasic An excellent med student and intern resource on core content for EM providers. I find myself re-listening often! #FOAMed
- EMCast: Monthly EM podcast w/ @amalmattu. Doesn’t interact well with Downcast, or any podcast app. It’s a shame, because this one is really fun! #FOAMed
- EM Board Bombs (@EMBoardBombs): Exactly what you need to know for the ITE and boards. 15 minutes, no filler, just the facts #FOAMed #WhoWritesTheseStems
- Emergency Medicine News podcasts (@EMNews). Discussions on everything EM, from #FOAMed to core content, always fun to listen to @AliRaja_MD and @Rick_Pescatore. #medtwitter #ListeningInMyCloset
- EMoverEasy (@EMOverEasy)with @MOX13 @dkalnow and @andyglittle Breakfast food and EM, from the experts. Love the discussions on the “softer” side of EM, not just clinical content. #FOAMed #Meded
- EMplify by @EBmedicine. Great podcast summaries of the new articles each month. Must read+listen for this one. #FOAMed
- EMRAcast (@emresidents and @miguel_reyesMD Made by residents, for residents. High quality, covering important topics for residents, including fellowship stuff, clinical content, teaching, etc. #FOAMed #Meded
- FOAMcast (@FOAMpodcast) with @jeremyfaust @LWestafer Another favorite. Delving into core EM content with two best friends. Always funny and relevant! #FOAMed #DontFOAMItAlone
- Free EM Talks. Now defunct, but an excellent resource for great lectures! #FOAMed #medtwitter
- iCritical Care- @SCCM #FOAMed outlet for CCM, peds CCM, and core content. Something for everyone here! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Intensive Care Network podcast (@I_C_N)- Wish it was updated more, but quality CCM content resides here. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- KeyLIME- One of my guilty pleasures. Expert dissection and commentary on key lit in #MedEd #FOAMed @sherbino
- Maryland CC Project (@MdCCProject) Critical Care Grand Rounds at an amazing institution. Not for the novice! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Mastering Intensive Care with @AndrewDavies66 Wish you could ask those master intensive care clinicians how they got to where they are? Now you can! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Medical Education Podcasts (@MedEd_Journal)- Official Journal of #MedEd podcast with great interviews on relevant articles. #FOAMed
- Pediatric Emergency Medicine Playbook with @EMtogether Clinical cases, reviews, and best-practice guidance for Peds EM. #FOAMed #FOAMpeds
- The Poison Review- Not updated in a while, but excellent discussion on Tox topics. #FOAMtox #FOAMed
- The RAGE Podcast (@RAGEpodcast)- Everything Resuscitation, all the time. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Real Life Pharmacology- Quick looks at the basic pharmacology of drugs we use every day. Great refreshers! #pharmacology #FOAMed
- REBEL Cast (@srrezaie)- Of course. Core content from @jbeckesmay and @EMSwami. Always worth a listen! #FOAMed
- The Resus Room (@TheResusRoom) with @laing_simon @robfenwick @heli_med_james One of my favorites. Long reviews of clinical topics from Pre-hospital to the ED eval and management. Interesting UK perspectives! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc #FOAMems
@TheResusRoom @laing_simon @robfenwick @heli_med_james Resuscitation Conference Podcast. Short and sweet tidbits of resuscitation knowledge from Mike Winters and his conference! #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
- Rural EM Podcast- Monthly podcast focusing on the nuances and difficulties of rural EM. Love it! #FOAMed #RuralMed
- Special Operations Medical Association Podcast. Extending the discussions from the annual Special Ops Medical and Scientific Assembly, with an emphasis on prolonged field care. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc
PEM Currents. One of the best PEds EM content podcasts! #FOAMed #medtwitter
- Surgery 101 podcast (@surgery_101)- Ever wish you would’ve paid more attention during surgery in med school, because now you see those post (or pre) op patients in the ED? Well, this podcast is for you (and me), covering the basics of all sorts of different surgeries. #FOAMed
TOTAL EM. Core content for all levels fo EM providers! #FOAMed
- Talk EM Podcast- Uniquely combining evidence-based medicine with the realities of the clinical arena every day. #FOAMed
- This Week In Parasitism – Ever want to get inside the minds of the smartest docs we know (infectious disease)? Now you can, with clinical cases and their reasoning, all about parasites. #Parasites #InfectiousDisease #FOAMed
- Tox in Ten (@ToxInTen)- Quick tox-specific, core content lectures. #FOAMtox #FOAMed
- Ultrasound GEL- Amazing #POCUS resource, always a fan. #FOAMed
Plenary Session. (@Plenary_Session) Guilty pleasure. So interesting to listen to @VPrasadMDMPH discussing all things medicine, oncology, and health policy. #FOAMed #SocialEM #publicpolicy
- Pediatric POCUS. New one, but so far excellent #POCUS knowledge for peds! #FOAMed #FOAMpeds
- Honorable mention (because they should be able to integrate it with Downcast, but haven't yet) ECG Weekly (@ECGWeekly). $26 a year to have Amal teach you EKG interpretation for 30 minutes per week? Yes! #FOAMed
-EMRAP (@MelHerbert) is a goldmine, excellent core content for EM, relevant discussions, journal article summaries, and very entertaining. Works best through its own app. #FOAMed #CriticalCare #FOAMcc @JessMasonMD
Neurocritical Care Society Podcast (@neurocritical). Monthly updates and synopsis of cutting edge #neurocrit research from the journal Neurocritical Care. #FOAMed #neurology #FOAMcc #medtwitter
Med Inspired. All about personal and professional growth for healthcare providers through inspiring interviews with leaders in the field. #FOAMed #medtwitter #growthmindset
EM Pulse Podcast by @UCDavisEM. @UCDavisEMCast. Great interviews with expert clinicians, educators, and researchers from a great EM institution. #FOAMed #medtwitter
Emerging Infectious Disease Podcast. Another #publichealth podcast by @CDCgov. Interviews with specialists on the most recent publication of their journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases. #medtwitter #FOAMed
Infectious Disease Society of America Guidelines Podcast. The only #guidelines podcast, from one of the busiest societies, @IDSAInfo. #FOAMed #InfectiousDisease
Depth of Anesthesia podcast. Critically exploring dogma in #anesthesia with attendings and residents from @mghbostonanes. #FOAMed #medtwitter
Brainwaves Podcast (@BrainWavesAudio) Frighteningly (to me as an EM doc) in-depth discussions of all things #neurology including cases and topical reviews. #FOAMed #medtwitter
GeriPal podcast. @GeriPalBlog Experts in geriatrics, hospice, and palliative talk about the topics ranging from recently published research in the field to controversiesin their fields. #FOAMed #palliative #geriatrics
EM Clerkship. Helping medical students crush their emergency medicine rotations with core content appropriate for their level. #FOAMed #MedEd
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