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Questions to ask on your virtual #residency interview (a thread with anxious #medstudenttwitter) in mind. This recruitment season looks incredibly different and it's had to get a good sense of a place/people/program without that in person experience. These questions may help!
1) What would you describe the focus of this residency program to be? // I used this question on my interview cycle. It's helpful to hear the first word/concept brought up by people in the program. How does the PD's response compare to interns & residents? Ask: everyone.
2) What changes do you anticipate for the residency in the next few years? // I also used this question and it's helpful to get a sense of how the program (anticipates) it will change. Do they plan to grow? Are they revamping their educational curriculum? Ask: leadership.
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#Tweetorial on best practices for #residency interviews

⭐️This year there will be some nuanced challenges of virtual interviewing⭐️

So it will be even more important to be intentional about #interview practices

#MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter
Since the pros/cons of virtual interviews has been written extensively by others including @jbcarmody in his blog post below, I won’t cover it here
What do we hope to learn about applicants during interviews?

🎯Get to know the applicant beyond what’s in the file
🎯Part of the holistic review
⭐️Communication skills
⭐️Professional interests
⭐️Goals, values, aspirations

AND give them a chance to learn about the program
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The journey to medicine was long, but I received tremendous support from Black women peers who showed me the way. One is my high school friend Dr. Elodi Dielubanza, the first woman #urologist at @BrighamWomens…
Another is @pre_rad who is a #radonc fellow at @harvardmed @Harvard_RadOnc. Before finishing medical school, she wrote this beautiful #narrativemedicine piece in @jama - a great example of the power of narratives to bring healing to the medical profession…
They both took the time to advise me on applying to #medicalschool and #residency, review and edit my statements, and give me encouragement and inspiration even when hope seemed lost. This is how it’s done, and I aim to pay it forward. -M.H.
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@Adamhill1212 shares how his journey into medicine stemmed from listening to emergency calls that his father took as a substance abuse and mental health counselor. He wanted to be a healer, too. #wellness #HAPC #PedPC
@Adamhill1212 shares rates of depression in medical school are upwards of 30%, and when we throw in social and personal isolation, academic leveling, fatigue, & perfectionism, and it is the perfect recipe for depression. #wellness #residency
For Hill, the feeling of being “the dumbest kid in the row” was compounded by his new roommate who became the top student in the class, so he became the “dumbest kid in his apartment”.
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#Hahnemann is a cautionary tale of for-profit companies plundering a #SafetyNetHospital for a land deal. After speaking with several former physician trainees and the Internal Medicine PD @DaveAizenberg. The stories were disheartening. We must do better. #HahnemannStories 1/
#Hahnemann #tweetorial-In all the talk of policy changes and corporate malfeasance, the personal impact cannot be undersold. One story that needs to be shared is that of Erika Correa (permission given to share her experience). #HahnemannStories #medtwitter #MembersMoveMedicine 2/
Dr. Correa was starting #HemeOnc fellowship orientation at #Hahnemann when the closure was announced on June 26. She was suddenly without a program, funding, or health insurance. She had bought a house in Philadelphia, planning to stay at least 3 more years. #medtwitter 3/
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I listen to ~90 #Podcasts on a (semi) regular basis. Let me give you a rundown of ALL of them and why you should listen to some amazing #FOAMed, especially for all the new #EmergencyMedicine interns. #FOAMed #MedEd #medtwitter
First of all, you need a good podcast app. I absolutely love Downcast. Great app, gives you more control over playback, downloading, and allows you to categorize your podcasts into playlists (picture 2). This is where you get to customize your #FOAMed experience! #medtwitter
In no particular order,

- Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews and Commentary (ACCRAC). Great insight into Crit Care from an anesthesia perspective. Coming from EM, this is great to listen to- much different from my day-to-day! #FOAMed #FOAMcc #CriticalCare
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10 things IMG (and USMG) applicants should know for the 2020 residency MATCH: I can’t help but recall how stressful the application journey was one year ago. I hope this thread helps out (instead of adding stress)! @ERAS @AAMC
Build your CV: it helps as you are requesting letters from mentors, or basically any email you're sending. Have a clear CV that speaks of your accomplishments. Do not miss a certificate or work in progress. Here is a link to how to do a cover letter.
Before programs see your application & statement letter, look at it yourself. Know your goals, or at least outlines of your goals. Know your weaknesses and SHOW that you are working on them. Practice your ONE LINER. This will improve your statement letter and application.
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Thread: Tell me about the good times (#residency)
1/Obviously, so many threads about the tough times in training. Neg experiences, disrespect, fatigue, depression. I began to wonder if I had imagined having a great residency experience. How could mine have been so different?
2/I wouldn't put it past me to have amnesia about the whole thing. So I texted some of my co-residents? Was I seeing things thru rose-colored goggles? Nope-they all said "Great time and Hard Work." Which is what I recall. With so many new interns preparing to start....
3/ Can you share with me some of the good times you remember? Because we surely don't want them all to start a new experience expecting doom and gloom. #MedTwitter #Twitternist #ProudToBeGIM #TipsForNewDocs
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Cardiologists of tomorrow. A three-year journey begins: our new cardiology fellows at @Cardiologia_Mx. Do you remember your first day of residency?

#Cardiotwitter #cardiology #residency #Mexico #MedEd #MedicalDevices Image
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every year I give my #neurology residents a very personal talk on how I sought to overcome #burnout during #residency. I call it “finding the good.” I gave that talk to my residents today, and it contains my core beliefs as a clinician educator. #meded 🧠
(these are some realizations that helped me, and your mileage with them will vary. not all will resonate with all, of course. I welcome your comments, anecdotes, and additions. but, for what it’s worth, here are my educational mantras)
“finding the good” is a creative, proactive endeavor composed of generosity of spirit, cognizance of the gravity of others’ situations, deep listening, and creative thinking. there are no protocols or algorithms for finding the good, though a few pointers follow...
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On the unofficial start of #residency, here's what I've learned about the crisis of #mentalhealth and #suicide for docs in training.

At the end, I'll share solutions #meded #medtwitter 1/
We think about #depression as an individual problem, but this is a systems problem. Med students are healthier than their peers. Training makes them sick. 2/
At any point in time, 1 in 4 med students is depressed and 11% have contemplated suicide. Only 1 in 6 get help, largely because they fear discrimination. 3/
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